January 21, 2007


TRS has launched a wonderful monthly blog event called "Little Chefs in the Kitchen"! We are supposed to cook something simple and kid friendly which involves kids to participate in the culinary arts! Doesn't that sound wonderful?!:)

I was not exactly thrilled at first!You see, I am very possessive of my kitchen but now I am glad to found out that he is great cook too!
Thank you sweet TRS, I credit this to you!!

Well,I thought why not LET my almost tween son to make Waffles for us all by himself on Saturday for breakfast instead of me doing most of the work! He happily did it too although it was VERY hard for me just stand around and watch him make a few "not so perfectly shaped" Waffles! But then,it is MY problem,isn't it? :D

He did make some great looking Waffles.They came out very well and tasty with all the gooey Chocolate oozing out of them! Here they are with Maple syrup:

How he made Waffles: Makes about 10

Take 1 cup Waffle mix (or 1 cup plain flour,1 tsp Baking pd,1/4 tsp salt), 2tbsp Hershey's Cocoa powder,1 tsp Vanilla essence, 1 Egg(optional),1 tbsp Brown sugar,2-3 tbsp Chocolate chips in a bowl and mix well with enough milk to make a thickish pourable batter.Must not be thin.

Heat a Belgian Waffle Iron until hot,spray lightly with no-stick oil.Pour a ladleful of batter into each until they are filled unlike my son's first two Waffles with holes but he learned very quickly with the other two!:D Close the waffle iron and cook until you don't see the steam coming out from the sides of the iron.

Open the Waffle iron's lid and lift all four of them onto a cooling rack.Repeat the same until all batter is done.
SERVE: with Butter Pecan Maple Syrup and a cold glass of Orange juice. You can add some fruits on top but with chocolate oozing out of those Waffles,you don't need anything else!:))

Enjoy the Chocolate chip Waffles!!
Thank you TJ for a wonderful breakfast! You have made me a very proud mommy to have a son who is a good cook as well!!:))


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha and TJ,

Awesome looking waffles! I bet my kids would love with all that chocolate, even if they are "big" now. Never too big for chocolate! ;)
Good going, TJ, thanks for sharing!

FH said...

Thanks Linda,I will let TJ know.He did a good job!Chocolate is Chocolate indeed!:D
Hope you could access to the link now,I fixed it yesterday,new Template problems!
About Cinnamon,you could toast it crisp ,cool and powder rather than soaking.I forgot to tell you yesterday!:)

TNL said...

Awesome entry...I like this blog of yours Ashaji..what a great idea!


FH said...

Hi Trupti,I had great fun watching my son make Waffles,thanks to you!
I like this blog too,now I can participate in all these blog events.It's great fun!:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cin. tip, Asha. I know about mixies and I'd love one, but oh, $200!? If I keep cooking Indian as I have this past year, I will probably invest in one. Right now I'm using a little kitchenmate grinder -- you can see it here. It's better than the coffee grinder I had -- but cin. still causes a bit of problem. Not a big deal, but will try the toasting first and see what that does :)

Pooja said...

this is going on great .why didtn I got his idea yet to start a separate blog for all entries, I feel it must for me when now i think to blog once in a week with all entries :) .

this one is a neat idea -LCIK, I already told trupti , so many times :)). its fun for me to be a part of all of you when you all share your experience here , I think I will come up with some kids friendly recipe :) .
I love watching the pics too :)
thanks for sharing .
(p.s. - t tried your recipe of corn fritter for coffee's MBP, it turn out to be simply great, thanks for that too )

Deepak Gopi said...

I am seeing the making of wafers for the first time in my life.
good day :):)
Happy republic day in advance :):)

FH said...

Linda,I saw and love your KM grinder! A beauty and perfect for grinding.It's bigger than B&D coffee one's too.If you buy Indian grinder,best one is Sumeet.
After I replied to your comment,I thought about it and realized I always toast Cinnamon(Cassia Bark or Dalchini),cloves,Cardamoms before powdering them.Better toasted, cooled and crisp than soaked.Hope it works for you!:)

FH said...

Hi Pooja,I love this idea of blogging just for events too!:)
Kids in Kitchen is a great idea.TJ loved it and Tr wants to do it next.T should have a theme like Appetizers this month,lunch items next, like that.It is fun.I am glad you are all doing these events.Enjoy the corn fritters!:))
Thank you Pooja!Hugs!
Love the R day theme Btw!I am thinking something colorful!!

Hi Deepak,thanks man.They are Waffles.I don't know whether you get the Waffle Iron in India.Hope you try and get one.Makes a good breakfast for adults too!:))

Anonymous said...

AWE!!!!! That is awesome!!!! What can be better than those waffles Asha!!!!! ?????
Quite a perfectionist mom I must say ;)

FH said...

Thank you R!:))
It was VERY hard not to reach out and make them myself but I didn't!! YAY!!:D
Kids are so capable,if only we let them do it often!:)
Next my other kid!;)

Unknown said...

wow..such good kid...i bet the waffles were delicious..i keep going to foodie's hope for the update, keep missing aroma...:))

FH said...

Thanks Mahesh! He did very well to my surprise!:) You have such a cute boy,I don't even remember when my kids were 3!;D
I am so glad I opened this blog,lot of fun participating in the events!

Seema Bhat said...

Yummy yummy Waffkes. Beautiful. Love it. Gotto make it sometime for my craving stomach.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Nice looking waffles. Kids favourite chocolate flavour.Thanks for sharing. Having new blog for entries is good idea.

FH said...

Hi Seema,thanks for visiting.They are very easy to make if you have Waffle mix.Try it and enjoy!:)

HI MT! good to see you here.Yeah!Who wouldn't love chocolate,right?My kids love them.Hope you try!:)

indosungod said...

Asha, that is one mean waffle that your son cooked up. Lucky you relax when your son takes over. I know I know it is hard when your kitchen is invaded but .....
Pat him on the back for me.

FH said...

Hi Indo,thanks!I will pat him on the your behalf.He will be very happy to see all the comments.Who knows,he might continue FH for me when he grows up!:)
and then,do you know any shock treatment to inspire for my Trisha to cook?:D

Suma Gandlur said...

I have been trying to visit your Aroma blog from a couple of days. But somehow the link is not working.So,I did not get a chance to go thru your new posts. Tell your son that he did an awesome job with those waffles.

FH said...

Hi Suma,thanks girl. I will tell him!:)Blogger problems,I did complain to Google but recieved a same std reply for both questions!I don't know what else to do.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha,
Thanks for visiting my blog.

I just discovered your blog by clicking on your name in the comment you left.

Your presentation is wonderful! I am adding your name in my blog roll.


FH said...

Hi Latha,thank you for adding me.My main blog is Foodie's Hope,hope you visit that too.This blog is exclusively for cooking for events!:))
Enjoy,nice to meet you.