January 13, 2007


This dish would be my first entry to Coffee's MBP(Jan)2007 event! It's all about choosing and cooking dishes from fellow bloggers.This month's theme is "around the World!"

I made Susan in Italy's Fettuccine Alfredo,which is my daughter's all time favorite dish!Fettuccine Alfredo is not only a great tasting dish but comes with an interesting story (Americanized Italian(?) dish) too!Thank you Susan for the recipe and an interesting info!:))

Fettuccine Alfredo: Serves six!

Susan's blog "Porcini Chronicles" is a wonderful site to find multitude of world cuisine.She is not only a great cook who loves to try out dishes around the world,she is also very knowledgeable about other cultures!She is one of my fav bloggers and I appreciate her by choosing (infact,I went straight to her blog and nowhere else!)and enjoying her recipe Fettuccine Alfredo!:)

ALFREDO SAUCE(with my additions):

1. Heat a pan,melt 1 tbsp butter,add 2 cups fat-free Half and Half and 1 cup Heavy Cream,1 tsp Garlic powder,1 tsp fresh or dry Parsley,pinch of Nutmeg powder.
2. Bring up to heat and turn down the heat to low (must be just simmering not boiling at all before adding cheese)and wait until it cools down to just warm.

3. Add 1 1/2 cup of Parmesan and Romano cheese blend to the sauce and keep stirring until cheese melts.Add salt and pepper to taste.Add 2cups cooked Broccoli flowerettes and 1 cup diced and cooked chicken,let it heat through.(must not boil)
4.Serve with(1 lb dry)cooked Fettuccine pasta and perhaps a slice Garlic bread!

NOTE:I know it's not exactly figure friendly dish but out of this world in taste.Make once in three months or so, you will be fine.
You can add spinach to this and skip non-veg.Make thicker Spinach Alfredo and use as topping to replace tomato sauce on Pizza crust!Delicious,trust me!!:)
Click on above to go to Susan's original recipe.

Have fun!:)


Unknown said...

Alfredo looks delicious..nice entry..This is a neat idea..a blog just for blog events...i like the name "Aroma" a lot...I can just smell the aroma of alfredo sauce from here itself...I like the idea of using it the pizza..

One humble request,could you list down the blog events you are participating on the side,so we know about them.For ex,i didn't know of this "out of the garden " event until today...

FH said...

Hi Maheswari!! I didn't expect you here at all!:) A pleasant surprise.I was going to link this to FH on Wednesday.Thank you for catching up with me so quickly.Glad you liked the name "Aroma" and the recipe,hope you will try it.
"Out of the garden" is Linda's blogsite, not an event but I might list your's and Rooma's events for sure!:)

Anonymous said...

Delicious as a special occasion dish. I like the spinach addition.

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
Nice to see your new blog with a nice name. Nice recipe by nice person also the original recipe is nice, everything nice around here. :). I am so happy to see your blog, also you have choosen nice color for this. I am glad to find it, Just saw this blog name in my incoming link , and came straight here just by name. Aroma - what a lovely name, I already fel like feeling aroma of your delicious dishes around here. Oh my God, I just finished with my dinner ,and you are making me feeling hungry again :)) .
Nice entried for Rooma's event here. I have choosen dried beans for this week by following your suggestion. :) . Hope to get some great entries from you :D.

FH said...

Hi Kitchen Hand.Welcome to my blog and thank you!:)
Spinach is a excellent addition.Our fav. Pizza topping is Spinach Alfredo.Tastes great!

FH said...

Hi Pooja,I just left a comment on your blog letting you know about this too.You beat me to it!:))

Thank you for the compliment and yes! I will be cooking for you and Maheswari's next!Dried beans are excellent choice!I saved some 16 beans just for your dish using the rest for that soup!:)

mommyof2 said...

Congrats on ur new blog:-) I love the name:-) looking forward to see more yummy recipes:-)

FH said...

Hi M! Thanks.It's easy for me this way to cook for my buddies' events.They are all easy,hope you choose to cook some of these!:))

Patricio Schmidt said...

pooja, love your blog
because I love cooking and recipes from around the world
maybe one day we can interchange some recipes, I can send you some typical chielan recipes, they are very tasty!

FH said...

Hi Patricio,I am Asha man!:D
I do love South American dishes.I make some Mexican dishes too,we love it.I would love to get Chilean recipes from you indeed.Are they spicy or what?We love spices!:))

mommyof2 said...

Ok, instead of heavy cream and half & half, can I put only milk? It might not be that thick but should still taste almost the same,right?

FH said...

Yes you can MO2.Just mix some corn starch and cook a little to make it thick.It doesn't taste the same but will be alright!:))