January 25, 2007


Here is my entry of colorful Tri-color spicy Cream Cheese blocks to Pooja of 'Creativepooja' s "Indian Republic day" theme this week to create a dish with three colors of Indian flag to celebrate the 26th with pride!!:))

The colors of the Indian Flag:

Orange/Saffron represents "courage and sacrifice",
White represents "peace, unity and truth",
Green represents "fertile land",
and the Blue wheel in the middle represents "Dharma Chakra"(the wheel of Law).
(Info from www.enchantedlearning.com)

Here is my dish with similar colors!:)
Orange, White and Green spiced Cream Cheese with Crackers!:))

You Need:
8oz block of plain Cream Cheese,cut into 3 parts and softened to room temp. in 3 seperate bowls.

How to make these:
Orange Cream Cheese:
Take one portion of Cream cheese.Add 1/4 cup finely grated Carrots,pinch of salt,1/2 tsp Red chilli flakes,1/4 tsp lemon juice,1/4 cup finely minced Red bell pepper and mix well.Shape into a rectangle and put it on a plate.
White Cream Cheese:
Mix another portion of cream cheese with pinch of salt,1/2 tsp garlic pd,1/2 tsp black or white peppercorn pd, well and shape into a rectangle,put in on a plate.
Green Cream Cheese:
Into the last portion,add 1 tsp minced Jalapenos,1tbsp minced Cilantro,1/2 tsp Garlic pd,1/4tsp lemon juice,3tbsp minced green bell pepper,1 tbsp Scallion rounds,pinch of salt and mix well,form into rectangle and place on the plate.

To Serve: Cover the plate with plastic and chill for 1 hr or more until cheese is firm.Take it out and garnish with Scallions and grated carrots and some Crushed peppercorns(it's not blue like the wheel but...!) on the white cheese.Serve with a vareity of Crackers to scoop and that's about it.

There you are!! Three colors of Indian flag and with an Dharma Chakra(wheel of Law) in the middle. Enjoy the delicious tasting snack!!!:)

Now,some info and pictures of Indian Republic Day celebration in India!

Republic Day Parade in Delhi:

26th January 1950
is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country.Every year on the 26th of January was declared a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the Republic Day of India ever since.More info Here.

Parade with Elephants!

Republic Day is India's great national festival. It is celebrated every year on January 26, in New Delhi with great pomp with parades, in capitals of the States, as well as in other states with patriotic frevor!

There you have it. PEACE TO ALL OF YOU!:))


Pooja said...

Dear Asha,
just wrote reply to your comment and asked you for your entry and here it is, I am late this time :)). so prompt ou are with everything . Just love that wuality of yours, You never miss anything with time.
I love this colorful idea of yours. its goin to shine like a jewel in all the entries as its bit different .
thanks for participating with your creative Idea. :)
Stay tuned

FH said...

Hi Pooja,I loved creating this snack and the post too.It was in the draft since yesterday,thought I would send you on Thursdays.You are not late at all.
Thanks for a great theme!If you announce next week's theme on Fridays,I will have atleast 6 days to cook!;))

Margie said...

I left a comment here yesterday at your previous post, but it has not shown up...sorry I am not able to link to your Foddie's Hope Blog...I just tried again.
I love all the wonderful recipes. and your MEMe answers are great..you are a special lady! really enjoyed it.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Wonderful contribution to Pooja'sevent.i enjoyed reading your Meme...

let me take this space to convey my message too...I don't what happend i couldn't access your site from my blog...

I have been trying past 2days...

Now tried through others,finally got through Maheswari's blog toaccess..

Sri said...

Hi Asha...I am unable to comment on your blog...none of your links are working...i googled with your name n blog name and i got this site....and this one is working.Beautiful presentation of cream cheese for the republic day. And entery for JFI- Ginger.

I hope you get this comment and fix the problem. :)

Sia said...

very nice ashakka:) boy!!! u are really creative...
happy republic day:)

Sia said...

asha... i tried to leave comment on ur foodis hope but the link is not working. i guess i am not the only one who is facing this prob.

Maheswari said...

that's a colorful entry asha..
About AFAM round up...i am fine tuning it..published it once to see how it looks and then saved it as draft..that's why it shoewed in feed.I will post in few hours..


FH said...

Thank you Margie.I don't know why my link is not working,there 4 comments I can't publish either!!One of them must be your's. I am trying to get help!
Have a great weekend!

Thanks Sri.I will try again to double check my settings!

Thanks Sia,sorry abt the link,I don't know why!!!

Thank God for that Mahesh!:)) I thought I can never get into your blog too like mine!I will check it later then.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I am not able to comment on Foodies Hope blog. Like Sri I am also facing problem. Both Rebulic day Post and JFI post were good. Madam You are soooo Creative. Thanks for sharing.

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, whoa! Your "flag" is rock! Esp the green cream cheese, I can't wait to scoop into it with crackers! But I can't see the photos of parades... will come back and check later, I know Blogger sometimes acts quite funny.

FH said...

Hi MT.Thank you for taking time to comment here.I complained to blogger yesterday,I thought it was my settings at first but no!Glad Aroma is working atleast so I know why!:D Hope you try the spicy cream cheese.

Hi Gattina,hope you do come back and check the photos.They are very good pics of the Parade!:))Whatever includes Jalapenos and Cilantro tastes great to me too!;D Enjoy Sweetie.

Bong Mom said...

Hi Asha
Lovely entry for Republic Day...
Very creative and appropriate

FH said...

Thanks Sandeepa.Easy to make too for a quick snack!:)Enjoy the day!

Priya said...

Aha: Those colors are just gr8. Nice little recipe ther.

FH said...

Hi Priya.Compared to my FH posts,it does seem teeny weeny,doesn't it?:D:D Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

I also put a comment yest, don't see it now!!!!! Blogger.... GGRRRR.....!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, it certainly is a visual treat!!!!!

FH said...

I know R!! It's frusrating! I have 4 comments "stuck" in the dashboard and I can not publish them!I complained to blogger with no result so far.
Thank you for trying again,I appreciate it, dearest Coffee!:))

Anonymous said...

Very pretty flag cheese, Asha! Loved the parade pics, too :)

FH said...

Thank you Linda.I miss those parade and all those colorful celebration!!:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, though am not from India I can empathize about missing 'home' trust me :):)

I am ready to start a petition to blogger ;) Are they helping you with FH issue?

FH said...

Hi Linda,thank you.India is so unique!So much color and all those smiling ppl through their hardships,it's unbelievable and uncomparable to any country on this Earth!:)Hope one day,you will be able to visit India!
I complained to blogger already,there 4 comments 'stuck' in my dashboard and I can not publish them!No reply sofar.
Meena told me she couldn't get in at FH at first and then she tried the diff. browser like Mozilla,Netscape and firefox etc,then she could comment in FH.Probably browser problem,my settings are allright...sigh..!:)

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Wow they look so colourful and perfect...
Jai hind

FH said...

Hi Prema,good to see you here girl.Thanks!:)

Suma Gandlur said...

Really liked your creative idea with cheese. I had no idea that you posted this until I saw it on Pooja's blog.Great job.

Anonymous said...

You have done a Awesome job..just replicated the Indian flag in the Indian Kitchen. Simply loved it

Anjali Koli said...

Asha shimply different! nice spreads

FH said...

Hi Suma,thanks.I opened this blog just for Blog events so I can participate!Great idea,eh?

Thank you Sushma.That was the easiest dish I could think of!:)

Thanks Suma,those spreads really taste great with Bagels!Hope you try.

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing . . .world peace begins with sharing one on one.

FH said...

Hi Joyce,that was fast!Thank you and yes,I agree!Love thy neighbor!!

Anusha said...

This is lovely! Both useful (I have been looking to spice up cream cheese to use as spread) and patriotic...btw just discovered this blog,so many entries I have missed :)

FH said...

Hi @,thank you.I couldn't wait until weekly posts , so I opened a new blog.They are short recipes so I enjoy it.These spreads taste great with Bagels!Enjoy.

mommyof2 said...

love the flavored cream cheese:-)

FH said...

Hi M!Thanks girl.Hope you try it with Bagels!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

You are extremely creative!! It's always a joy to visit your blogs for the visual treat!! Thanks for all the hard work!!!!

I just checked out foodies hope and saw all the yummy recipes and the pictures but I could not post a comment. In fact I have not been able to do so for a long time now. I did not have a link to your Aroma site but today I googled "foodies hope aroma" and instantly found the link to this site. whew!! I am sure a lot of other people may have the same problem so it might help if you post the url to Aroma on the foodies blog, that they can copy and paste in their browser.


FH said...

Hi Sowmya,some people do have trouble logging in at FH,don't know why!!I do have a link to Aroma and my recipe Index in FH, but not a URL itself.I will see what I can do:))
Meanwhile,if you have a comment or question about FH dishes ,leave it here so I can answer or transfer.
Firefox browser works too at FH for some,you could try that.Thanks S!:))