January 17, 2007


Sixteen Bean Masala is my second contribution to Pooja of 'creativepooja's "Veg of the week" event.This week's theme is all about cooking with any dried bean.

There is no better way than cooking these Masala using those wonderful pack of Sixteen Bean(introduced to me by Linda!Click on "16 Bean Soup") for "Dried Beans" theme of the week,right? Here I go!:)

Sixteen Bean Masala:

Look how gorgeous these colorful beans look below and what a pleasure to cook with these nutrious and yummy mix of beans!YUM!!

A pack of Sixteen Bean!

You Need:

1 cup dry 16 bean,soaked overnight,drined and cooked with fresh water until soft but still whole,Cilantro,1/4 cup Tomato sauce,2 tbsp Yoghurt,1/2 tsp sugar.
Grind to paste:1 small onion,1 big garlic,1" ginger,1/4 tsp Turmeric.
Dry spices:1 tsp paprika,1 tbsp Coriander seeds pd,2 tsp Cumin seeds powder,1/4 tsp chilli pd,1/2 tsp Garam Masala,2 tsp MDH Kitchen King masala(optional but tastes good!)

How To:

Heat 1 tbsp oil and ghee mixed on medium heat,add ground masala and saute for 5 mins until onion mix gets little color but never reddish.Add paprika,yoghurt 1tbsp at a time,keep stirring to prevent curdling,add tomato sauce,mix well until you see the oil specks surface.Now add all the dry spices,salt,stir for a min.

When boils,turn down the heat and add in cooked beans with it's water.If there is too little liquid,add 1 cup water to make it thin.Cooked Beans tends to thicken the very quickly.Add cilantro and sommer until you get the wonderful aroma.That's it! You could ad a dab of butter to make shiny and delicious.Serve with Parathas!

Another look of Bean Masala!

Triangular Parathas:

Have fun!


Ultimate Foodie said...

wow! the diah looks tempting...I love the idea of a blog xclusively for events... your energy and enthu is astonishing!

Mona said...

MMMMm. I love beans!..& with parathas they taste even better!

& what a coincidence, I had them only today!

sra said...

Hi Asha, best of luck with Aroma!

FH said...

Hi UF! Thanks.It was little cumbersome to wait for a week to contribute towards my buddies events and here is the solution!:))Thank you.

Hello beautiful Mona!I can't stop looking at your face there lady!:))
I love bean dishes with Parathas too.Nutritious and easy to make.Perfect!:)

Thank you sra! Are you coming out with any blog events too?Trupti is starting one too.I am rubbing my hands with delight now!:))

jacob said...

that looks so good. you cooking skills are daunting. Asha.

Anonymous said...

SLURP!!!!! That looks super yummy!!!!

Nabeel said...

Usually I go for round parathas .. but the triangle parathas dont look bad at all .. well it's just a shape :)

FH said...

Hi Jacob,thank you.It is easy , delicious and very nutrtious.What more could you want, eh?!:))

Hello again Ms.Coffee.Hope you try this yummy!:)

Hi Nabeel.I have round Parathas too in my recipe Index!YUP! It's just the shape,nothing else changes!:))Enjoy.

Suma Gandlur said...

Do we get those 16 beans in a single pack or did you buy them individually? This is a good one, using every bean variety.

Gattina Cheung said...

It's gorgeous! And I love the name... something reminds me of sweet 16 ;p
I wasn't used to cook/eat beans, I have to thank you and all Indian bloggers sharing your fantastic dishes, now I fall in love with beans!

FH said...

Hi Suma.You get it in a 1 pound small pachage where you get all dry beans in the grocery store.Not all of them store it,but look for them.All 16 beans in one pack!!Great,no?!:))

Hi Gattina.I know!16 bean,16 candles and sweet 16!!:))
Indians love beans.It's cheaper to cook and also most of Hindus are vegetarians,we just get creative!:D Also beans are full of fiber and Protein,so not a bad deal, eh?! Enjoy and hope you will make this dish.See if you can get Kitchen King masala which gives it a unique taste.

Anonymous said...

Oh Asha, you always make beans look so spectacular! I can't wait to try this... I even know where to get some kitchen king, but never bought cause I didn't have a recipe calling for it. Thanks! :)

Vaibhav J said...

Yummiee ...
Made me hungry at this late night.

FH said...

Hi Linda.Get your hands on that MDH brand Kitchen King Masala!It's really the King of masala,tastes so good with all dishes including veg and non-veg!Enjoy the new taste!:))

Vaibhav,hello!:)) Don't just look but cook!:D Thanks man!

SeePearrl said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...looks yummy!

FH said...

Hi White forest.Thank you and welcome to my blog.Hope you try!;D

mommyof2 said...

I gotta try this:-)You gonna make me more fat with ur yummy recipes;-)

FH said...

HeHe!! No M!Beans are very nutritious but just cut down the cream,butter stuff and add fat-free things,that's all.I bet your kids will love this dish!:)

Anonymous said...

Asha ji,

Can I use any other substitute for tomatoes in this dish ? Which would be most suitable ?

Tried almost all your dishes on FoodiesHope.Lovely results even with a novice like me. Thanks a lot.

Would love some recipes with Ash Gourd, Knol Knol. Want to include these in my intake. What's Chayote called in Hindi/Marathi.

By the way, you asked about 'vari' rice in some blog. Its like more granular rava, but its low glycemic. Its called 'vari tandul' in marathi, varagu in tamil (I think).

Best Regards

(A Kannadiga in Bombay)

FH said...

Hi Shallen, good to hear that you tried and liked the recipes!:))
You can use yogurt/curds instead of tomato or squeeze some lemon juice in the end.Anything sour will do.
Vari sounds liked crushed rice, we call it thari in Kannada.Thanks for letting me know, we all have different names for the same thing, gets little confusing!
Chayote is Seeme Badanekai in kannada or also called B'lore Brijal in Tamilnadu,don't know what in Marathi/Hindi.
I have a whole post with Ash gourd/bottle gourd at FH, check it out in August archive called "It's pouring gourds". I am posting one with Ash gourd next here too.
Also go to my recipe index and click on "Gravies" and "side dishes" to find more dishes.Have a great week. Keep in touch!:))

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha ji

Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll try this with anardana powder (like I used for your Rajma masala...which turned out so good that I make it almost every week. I'd never cooked Rajma before this because I had no recipe for it. Your blog is so aptly named, it is indeed the hope of many of us, foodies or otherwise.

Vari is not like crushed rice. Its only called Vari rice. It looks like round granules (like rava), offwhite in color. Its also called Samo rice. Its a substitute for rice, esp during fasting, because its low glycemic. I had a hard time locating it myself, and quite some mocking smiles when I enquired at grocery stores.

I'll look up your referred archives for ash gourds. I too love all Gourds.

Merry Christmas & an equally enjoyable New Year.