January 17, 2007


This is my first contribution to Pooja of 'creativepooja's "Veg of the week" event.This week's theme is all about cooking with dry beans.Even though they are not considered as veggies, I like it because dry Beans are easily available everywhere unlike some vegetables.So,without wasting much of your time,here is mine!!:))

Spicy Chana(Brown or red) or Kadale kalu palya as we call it in Karanataka is a wonderful dried bean to cook and create many tasty dishes.This dish which is a very traditional way of cooking with Chana in my grandmother's home and is a great side dish for Chapatis or Idlis and Dosas.Enjoy!

Spicy Chana:

You Need:
1 cup dry brown Chana,soaked overnight and cooked,1 small oinon,chopped,2 garlic,Cilantro and 1 tsp or more Tamarind juice or 1 Tomato,chopped,turmeric.
Masala Powder:
Roast and Grind 1 tbsp Coriander seeds,1 tsp cumin seeds,1/2 tsp pepper corns,2-3 red dry chillies,1" dalchini(cinnamon),2 cloves, 1 tbsp dry or fresh coconut,2 tsp Chana dal.(roast each seperately until reddish,cool and powder)
To Temper:1 tbsp oil and ghee mixed,1/2 tsp each mustard seeds,cumin seeds,few curry leaves,pinch of hing.

How To:

1. Heat oil and temper with all the ingredients,add onion and fry until reddish.
2. Add garlic,saute for a min,add cooked Chana,tamarind juice or tomato,powdered masala and cilantro.
3. Cook until the oil shows on top and the gravy is thicker.Tastes better the next day. Serve with hot Chapatis for a great tasting meal.


How To:

Mix 2 cups wheat flour(atta),1 tbsp oil,1 tsp salt and enough hot water to make a firm dough and knead until soft.Divede into 8-10 pieces,cover and let it rest for 15-30mins.Roll out one ball to 6" circle evenly using a little bit of flour if you need it.

Bake on a medium hot pan until you get golden specks on the both sides.Brush the top of Chapatis lightly with ghee or butter.Repeat with others.Serve with Chana curry.
Store in a Tortilla warmer until you need them.

Have a wonderful meal folks!


Unknown said...

Channa..ooooo..spicy..looks so mouthwatery.a perfect combo with chappathi.Did i mention, i tried your Alu-chole for a potluck lastweek..Was huge hit.Thanks for the recipe.

FH said...

You did!!I am so glad you liked it.Alu-Chole is my fav too.
This chana is good too,south Indian one not the North Indian style Chana.Hope you try!Thanks Mahesh!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, now I have (re)discovered kala chana, must try this nice spicy version of yours! I see you're changing your main blog template... it doesn't want to allow me to click on any links tho. New colors are great :)

Now, q for you: lots of your masalas call for cin. I have a decent spice grinder but always end up with some bits of cin. Can that be soaked in water first to soften up a bit? I'm so lazy, I should just eat around them I know :) Thanks!

FH said...

Hi Linda.I almost lost my blog yesterday but recovered it somehow.I don't know why it's not allowing the link.I can click and go there right away though.Try Recipe index if you are not able in the main blog.
About Cinnamon,most of us have Indian made powerful Mixers like Sumeet or Preethi(550W) which blasts away anything!:D But I know US made mixers not made for grinding spices.Only solution is use that little coffee grinders you get which will do the job nicely.I use it to powder small amount of spices.Hope it helps.Orelse pestle and mortar with lot of elbow grease for ya!:D