February 14, 2007


These are my entries to Coffee's "Monthly Blog Patrolling". We are supposed to pick "Finger Foods" from other bloggers to cook for this event. I chose these snacks from my dear fellow bloggers and enjoyed making them too.Thanks for hosting Coffee!(Need a pretty logo for this event Coffee!;))

Maddur Vadas:
Here are those famous Maddur Vadas, which are sold at Maddur Railway station wrapped in Banana leaves sometimes and in small restaurants served in Steel plates, in a small town called "Maddur" between Bangalore and Mysore in Karanataka,India.The recipe I have for these Maddur Vadas are the same, and if I had to pick a fellow blogger's recipe for this event,I would choose Latha of Masala Magic's recipe who is also from my home town Bangalore.I added a little baking soda and some minced ginger in addition to this recipe.Enjoy the wonderful Maddur Vadas with Coconut Chutney!

Worthy of another look! ;D

You Need:
1 cup Fine Suji or Fine Semolina or Cream of wheat,1/2 cup Rice Flour,1/4 cup All Purpose Flour,1 tsp Red chilli powder,5 tbsp Hot oil ,2 big onions finely chopped onions,1 small bunch Cilantro, Curry leaves,7 Green chillies,2 tsp salt,1 tsp minced ginger and 1/8 tsp baking soda.
How To:
1. In a mixing bowl put the rice flour, maida, suji, red chilli powder salt and hot oil and mix well.
2. Add the chopped onions. cilantro, curry leaves and chillies and mix with water to make a thick paste.
3. Make balls of this mixture and flatten on your hand,deep fry.
5. Serve hot with cocounut chutney.


Another classic South Indian snack Thattai in Tamil or Nippattu as we call them in Kannada. I chose the recipe of these snacks from "Menu Today" blog which has the most authentic Indian recipes and I always enjoy visiting her.I skipped Fenugreek leaves or Methi because I didn't have it unfortunately but if you have it,make sure you add those to Thattai.Have fun making these most wonderful,delicious, crunchy and easy snack for winter.

You Need:
Maida 1 cup,Wheat Flour 1 cup,Besan 1 cup, Finely chopped chillies ,Salt, Ghee 1 tablespoon,Turmeric 1/2 tsp,Hing,Finely chopped methi leaves 1 cup, Sesame seeds 2 tsp,Coriander Powder 1 tsp,Red Chilli Powder.
How To:
1. In a bowl add and mix everything util you get thick dough.
2. Roll out to a big circle and cut with biscuit cutter and prick each small circle with fork.
4. Deep fry in hot oil till crisp.
5. Cool it and store in an air tight container.

Enjoy the crunchy Thattais and Vadas!!:)
PS: Next post here will be a Chicken dish,all vegetatrians ,RUN AWAY!:D


Anonymous said...

Oh Asha, you make me laugh "all veg. run away!" ;)
Your crunchy munchie snacks look wonderful! I made some different ones for Coffee's. I have wanted to make both these too. They look great for a snowy day today!

FH said...

I just had to warn them in advance Linda!:D
I haven't made these snacks in a loong time which are very traditional South Indian snacks.Thanks for Coffee,I got up and made them.
We had heavy rain the whole last night,colder than usual here at 35F.Not bad though.I have to take my son for dental appt. today,hope it clears out by then.
FH post is out today!:))

Anonymous said...

OKAY I am running away.......... LOL ;)

Thanks for these lovely entries Asha. :) The madhur wadas have everything madhur about it!!!!!! The pics look awesome!!!!! :)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Both the snacks looks amazing.The colour ,crunchy hmmmmmm it is tempting me alot ....
Let me take few from that,i think Trisha and your son won't mistake me...

So i reverse the seat now itself for the Nonveg entry, becoz i'm pure nonvegetarian...hahhaha!!!

By the day,is your son suffering from any dental pain?How is he feeling now?Yep!!!even here we have freezing rain now...

FH said...

Coffee,thank you for choosing finger foods this month,I enjoyed making these.Hey,it's MADDUR vada,it was madhur to eat though!HAHA!!Have a great day today!:))

Usha,my son has braces on his teeth,it's just a routine check up!Thank you for your concern sweet heart!:) Yes,you may take some bcos my son can't eat them!:D
Non-veg unite on Sat. here!HeHe!!Happy V'day!

Suma Gandlur said...

Nanagu maddur vade andre thumba ishta. Oh god, I miss them. I had no recipe all these days. Thank you for the recipe.
I came to Aroma to comment about the posting in Foodie's hope.As usual it was enticing here and forgot about it.
Happy Valentine's day.

FH said...

Hi Suma,naanu e vade maadiralilla tumba dinadinda,tumba chennagi bantu.

Add a little baking soda and 1 tsp minced ginger to make it light,crisp and tastier. Other than that Latha's recipe is great,same as mine.Happy V'day and FH post is up now!:)

Maheswari said...

Asha..those vadas n'thattai looks for crunchy and crispy.Nice entry for MBP.Being a dedicated nonveg....i am staying back for that upcoming chicken dish...:D.

Latha said...

Wow, was wondering what Aroma was when you keot saying,the maddur vadas would be on Aroma!
I had no idea this blog existed! Now I do. Lovely going Asha! You are one superwoman!

Love Latha

FH said...

Mahesh, I know you would love to take a look at the chicken!;D These are great too,try ten sometimes.I can't wait for your mutton dish!:))

Hi Latha,thanks for the recipe girl.Arvind loved it with Coconut chutney.It's been a long time since I made these.Glad I did.
I opened Aroma just to post dishes for events since these are short recipes unlike FH,I don't mind.It's fun!:))

Susan from Food Blogga said...

How can I run away when your food looks this good?

FH said...

Hi Susan, please don't run this time but if you are a pukka(strict)vegetarian,you have to next time!!;D
Thank you Susan and hope you are having a great day today!:))

Anonymous said...

I'm back for the FH comment (since I stayed home from work today) ;)
Butter chicken could be a big hit with my kids if I call it that! And malai kofta looks wonderful, don't know why I never thought of that fat-free half and half. I could make that more often. Would like to try koftas with the butternut squash!

BTW that open heart surgery pic nearly scared me half to death!!! :)) Never was one for anything remotely medical till daughter got dx'd -- now I can give a needle anyway. Thanks for the yummy dishes and cake to brighten up a snowy day!

Bong Mom said...

I simply love Maddur Vada and used to have it a lot when we were in B'lore. In fact our office had a choice of snacks and I would always have these. Thanks Asha now I can try

I am still not able to comment on your main post but I loved the Butter Chicken, another one on my try list. Only we are trying to cut down so much on this butter shutter that have to wait for at least a worthy cause to make it

Belated Happy Birth Day to the birthday Boy A :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Your thattai looks better than mine.
Madhur Vada looks sooooooo nice.
Thanks for mentioning.

Sia said...

ah... both r my fav ones:) looks so cruncy and tasty... i can eat atleast half a dozen at single go;)
oh dental appointment? i always used to hide under the cot when i had to goto clinic and the irony is my dad is my dentist;) now my sister has joined him to torture me with their drilling machine:(

FH said...

Thanks Linda ,I will cut and paste there.Hope you Butter chicken,it's yummy!! Real heart!LOL! I moved it faraway from the warning so you don't have to but most pple get curious!:))

Hi Sandeepa,I will cut and paste there too!:)) Thanks ,I will pass on the wishes.You can skip the butter and make it,you don't really have to add it at all.

Hi MT! Thank you for a beautiful looking and great tsating snack!Hope you try Maddur vadas,yummy too!:)

Sia,loved the Maddur vadas with chutney.It was yummy!
You have 2 Dentists at home?Lucky girl.We have to spend atleast $13000 for both braces.Trisha has done with hers and Tushar got his braces since last summer.Man,it's expensive here in US!!

Anh said...

Asha, I have been reading your blog for a while. Can I say that everything you whip up is just so amazing? :)

FH said...

Hi Anh, thank you so much! I do appreciate your encouragement.Hope you are cooking some of them as well!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, nanu Maddur Vade neevu Helida Hage madide. Super Agittu. My Son who is 3 years liked it very much. He was telling " Amma, Appa, ella nannadu neenu tinnabeda " Since we recently moved to US He knows only Kannada. Now little bit he understand english. Anyway thanks for the recipe.

FH said...

Mamatha,nimma comment odi tumba santoshavayitu.Namagu Maddur Vade tumba Issta.Nimmaa maga kannada mataduttane anta kushi aytu!My kids are born here,went to pre school here,so never got to learn but they do understand Kannada a little.Your son will learn English in school anyway.Enjoy Mamatha.I don't know whether you have Shivratri today,we do!:))

Unknown said...

hi asha,

my father in law makes this snack, and is very tasty, like this snack a lot :)

FH said...

Your FIL cooks,how lucky.I would love to taste those.I love these kinda snacks too:))
Thanks rv.

EC said...

yummy...check out my blog too

Annu said...

oH my god!asha thanks a lot yar...I love madhur wada.I totally forget how to prepare this,thanks for shareing my faviourt snack.I will try to make, this week end for my first annive'y......

FH said...

Congratulations in advance , enjoy the first anniversary!
Yeah, Maddur vades are every Kannadiga's dream snack, enjoy. My additions to the recipe makes it even better!:))