April 11, 2007


Delicious Apple-Carrot chutney/Relish is my contribution to Mahesh from 'Beyond the Usual's "A Fruit A Month" event.This month's theme involves Apples!!Thanks Mahesh:)

Who doesn't like these gorgeous Apples?!

The disease-fighting profile of apples provides a multitude of health benefits, including a potential decreased risk of cancer and heart disease. Several recent studies suggest apples may provide a "whole-body" health benefit.A number of components in apples, most notably fiber and phytonutrients have been found in studies to lower blood cholesterol and improve bowel function, and may be associated with a reduced risk of ischemic heart disease, stroke, prostate cancer, type II diabetes and asthma.For more information,click on Washington State Apple Commission.

Apple-Carrot Chutney/Relish:

I have been making desserts for every entry to AFAM so far.I didn't feel like making another this time as well and thought I would make a sweet,hot and tangy western Chutney or relish instead.With Apples,Carrots,sweet spices and Apple cider,this relish makes a wonderful condiment served with Ham or any meat and a great spread on warm toast in the mornings!! Enjoy:)

You Need:

2 Apples any kind chopped ,1 medium size Carrot grated,3 tbsp Raisins, 1/2 cup sugar or more to your taste,1/3 cup Apple cider Vinegar,2 tbsp sweet butter,1/2 tsp salt, 2 tsp sweet Cinnamon pd, 1/2 tsp Allspice(not Garam masala)1 tsp Ginger pd,and 1/2 tsp red dry Chilli flakes.

How to make Chutney:

Prepare the Apples by chopping into small pieces and grate carrots.Heat the butter in a wide non-stick pan,add all the above ingredients to the pan and let it come to boil on a medium heat.Boil for 5 mins and turn down the heat to simmer and let it cook.

When the apples etc cook down to a thickish sauce, taste it and adjust the spices like salt,sweet and chilli as you prefer.It should sweet and tangy with apple cider than hot! When it shines on top,it's ready.It must be cooled completely before you bottle the Apple chutney.It lasts for few weeks if kept in the fridge.

Bottled up and ready to go!:)

Enjoy it on warm toast or with any meat, goes well with Ham!


Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Apple-carrot chutney looks gorgeous. I'm sure my hubby will love this.
I love all your posts as it does not have just the recipe. Your info on the ingredient, step-by-step pictures and the picture of the finished product looks great. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Thanks Kribha.I might as well give all the info while I am at it!:)
Hope you try:)

Sunita,I got your comment too but it is in my last post!Thanks.It's great any time of the day.It tastes like instant Apple pie with Toast!:D Enjoy.

Mishmash ! said...

hmm..this is my kinda food...sweet...hot ...tangy....very good entry. Btw , one doubt, where do get time for all this...u participate in all blog events, sometimes with more than 1 entry plus the FH recipes which is a buffet every week...plus maintain very good comment relation, post comment on lots of blogs PLUS household chores, husband, kids, house keeping,personal time....IS 24 hours enough for u ??????????????????????????? I really would like to know !!

Shn :)

Sig said...

Asha, Apple Carrot Chutney looks awesome! As you said I can just imagine how well it will go with with meat... BTW, I didn't know about AFAM theme is Apple this month, thanks! Need to figure something out now :)

Richa said...

hey asha, the chutney looks great! a new variety using apples. i liked the cheese spreader, it's so cute.

FH said...

shn,HeHe!! There is secret potion I take to make it all happen!!
No,I am just kidding.I have to cook for us anyway,I just work around the events,that's all.
I had two apples sitting in the fridge for a while and I didn't want to one more cake with it,thought let me make some hot,sweet chutney,It's good.Try:))

Hi Sig,went for a simple and yummy dish this time.It smells like Apple pie,very good with thick cut Ham:)
Check my sidebar for all the events and dates,I update it often:)

FH said...

Hi Richa,you are welcome.I have 3 three cheese spreaders with strawberries and cookies on top!They are cute:)
Adding one sweet and one sour apple gives it good balance but you can use any apple you like though.

Ranjani said...

i have never heard of apple chutney ..will try this.

FH said...

Hi Ranjani,it's common western dish although it's called Chutney!:))
Try it if you like sweet and tangy taste.Thanks.

Anh said...

Right! I am gonna make this. It sounds nice enough, and I have some apples left over! :D

Pravs said...

A new dish for me...you are so creative asha.. so many recipes..where did you learn all this ?

Coffee said...

AAHHH!!!!! Just your description brings all the taste in my mouth!!!! Brilliant!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

Sia said...

is there any day in ur life where u have not cooked? do u take break now n then from kitchen? :)
ninne nange aduge madakke esthu somaritana aitu andre ended up eating frozen paratas. i didnt feel like cooking only n got veg sandwitch for lunch box:)

FH said...

Hi Anh,this will be great with all the meat and Shrimp dishes you make.Not a lot work either other than preparing veggies.Make some and enjoy!:))

Hi Pravs,I read a LOT of cookbooks.I get ideas and I make changes to suit my taste and Voila!!All these are dishes are made like that and it gives me a great satisfaction when they come well.Some don't ,I won't post those things!;D

FH said...

Coffee!!!!!Found the words to say something!!!!YAY!!!:D
Thanks girl.I know I bring too many dishes but take your time.Browse when you want something and make it:)

You know Sia,even if I have severe flu,I don't sleep and rest!!
I cooked dinner when I was in labor with Tushar,went to the hospital carrying my suitcase,had the baby and next day went shopping to buy cake for Trisha's 4th B'day and cooked again!!!Now you know!Hope you are still standing after reading this!!;D

You work full time,I can understand sometimes you are too tired to cook.Make double the amount and freeze for days like this when you don't feel like cooking.Veg Sandwich sounds good to me.Make this chutney for sandwich too.

I am made of diff. stuff I guess,like my dad!:)My mom naps everyday,but me? NEVER!!!
The only time I don't cook most of the days is when we are on vacation but we always get a suite with Kitchenette,so I still make breakfast!;D
I don't know,may be I have type A personality.I hate to be sitting around and doing nothing.I take my roll as a homemaker VERY seriously and treat it like a job!HAHA!

Sia said...

i almost fainted after reading ur reply ashakka!!! god!!! u r one super woman:)

Sia said...

yaako ivattu swalpa bejaru agta ide...missing amma... gonna call her once i go bk home:)

TNL said...

that is a delicious mix of flavors Ashaji...I'd love it on some toast, I bet,


Sharmi said...

hey thats a new and nice entry dear!! looks so yummy. I was wondering what to make, you gave me a clue. thanks


FH said...

HeHe!! Told ya!!Arvind always says I need to relax and take it easy!!It's hard for me.

Sia,call your amma.That England makes everybody so depressed sometime.Is the sun shining there yet?
You should have to India for 3 weeks when you had vacation girl!We had rain all day yesterday and today sun is out ,bright and sunny.
Call your mom,talk to her.Hugs.

FH said...

Hello Trupti,you will love it.You can add chilli flakes to make it even spicier!My kids don't like spicy,so I had add less.It tastes and smells like Apple pie T!Hope you try:))

Hi Sharmi,glad you got the idea.I was little tired of baking cakes with every fruit!This was a good change:)

Sia said...

i know i should have gone n come back. but poor K:) fell for emotional blackmail by male;)
feeling much better now... called amma from cell phone:)
weather is getting much better. this weekend we r gonna have 22 deg centigrade:) i am gonna soak up all vitamin-e i can;)
hugs to u ashakka:)

FH said...

Fell for that emotional blackmail,didn't you?;D
Great to hear that you called your mom!:))
Mother's day is coming anyway,send something nice for momma!There are websites which will deliver flowers and chocolate if it's a city M'lore or B'lore.

22C!That's good for April there!:))
Sun bathe,it's good.Sit on the backyard and sip some lemonade,sounds good already!:)

Seema Bhat said...

Apple carrot chutney sounds so good. I am sure it will go well with a nice browned toast. How much I hated apples when i was in India. Somehow never fell in love with apples there. But once I was here I just love Apples. I find the apples here very crisp and juicy.

FH said...

Hi Seema,goes fabulously with toast.Make some,it will last for about 3 weeks in the fridge if there no moisture inside the bottle.
Apples are juicy here,specially those Baeburn apples! YUM!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Apple-carrot chutney sounds great and new too...I just felt amazing from your response to Supriya...you cooked before your delivery and went for shopping the very next day itself...even my mom use to say she prepared everything ready for lunch...then went for hospital to delivery me that evening itself..

You ladies are really great...My days are going cool and happy with my akka and cute little niece..

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Apple with carrot in chutney..........such a good combination.
I try it definitely Bcoz my family love different type of chutney.

Thanks for sharing.:))

FH said...

Hi Usha,good to hear about your sister and niece,enjoy the time with them:))
Your mom is my kinda lady!I didn't have anybody to care of me,so I had to do what I had to in UK!!I had a smooth pregnancy ,so I did okay.
Enjoy the Apple chutney:)

Hi Kajal,you are welcome.This is a great condiment for Toast,Bagels etc. and easy to make too.Hope you try:))

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, I will pin your recipe up! Apple and carrot always stock up in my fridge, but never have a chance to finish them. Now I can make this gorgeous chutney!

FH said...

Hi Gattina,I highly recommend it.We had it on top of Waffles yesterday,it was yummy!:))
Hope you make some.Goes well with bagels too.

Bong Mom said...

You are super fast already made the apple chutney too.
I like the chutney in that jar looks os delicious, want to pick it up right there and apply to my toast :)

FH said...

Yup!:)) There were two apples hanging around in the fridge,thought I would make a quick recipe.This chutney tastes so good with Waffles and Bagels too.Hope you try.Thanks S!:))

Prema Sundar said...

Apple carrot chutney... good entry Asha. a different recipe with apple.I agree with mishmash too. U really surprise me Asha.

FH said...

Thank you Prema,try this chutney,great for breakfast:)