April 13, 2007


Laddus made of Rava/Semolina/Cream of Wheat with coconut, is my contribution to Nupur from 'One Hot Stove" blog's "A to Z Indian Vegetables" 's event.This week's letter is "L", thanks for hosting Nupur!:)

Instead of making my own dish, this week I thought I would make this delicious Coconut Laddu recipe from Suma Gandlur at Veggie Platter for a change which tempted me to no end!;D
I usually make Rave Unde as we call them in Karnataka, classic dessert without coconut as my mom makes them.I wanted to try with coconut this time.Since I wanted make just about 10 Laddus using dry desiccated coconut,I am giving you my proportions to make these as well as Suma's recipe with fresh coconut,which I am sure tastes lot better than mine!Rest of the method of how to make them are basically same as Suma's recipe.Click on the highlighted link at the bottom of this page to go her site and for the original recipe from Suma.

Rava-Coconut Laddus:

To make about 10 small Laddus with dry coconut my way;You need:
1/2 cup roasted Semolina in 1/2 tbsp ghee,1/2 cup dry desiccated coconut ,1/3 cup or more Sugar or to your taste,3 tbsp Ghee (clarified butter),1 tbsp Almonds or Cashews,1 tbsp Raisins, 1-2 tbsp milk just enough to mix and to help to make round balls and 1/2 tsp cardamom pd.Since I used dry coconut instead of fresh,I used just enough milk to bind at end of the cooking to make Semolina rounds.If you use fresh coconut,it does have enough moisture to bind itself as Suma's recipe points out below without milk.

How I made it:
1. Roast Semolina in 1/2 tbsp ghee until pinkish and you get a good toasted aroma,spread on plate or paper towel to cool.
2. Heat 3 tbsp ghee,add nuts and raisins.When the raisins plump up,add in semolina,dry coconut,sugar,Cardamom pd and mix well until sugar melts and taste it to balance the sugar.
3. Take off the heat ,cool it slightly and add about 2 tbsp milk just enough to help you bind.Mix well and take a lump ,make balls by pressing gently to shape with your palm.(I know it's hot and you get red palm but hey! do you want to eat them or not??!!!:p)
4. Cool them before you store in air-tight dabba(box), Enjoy!:)

Here is the original recipe from Suma with fresh coconut: Check out Coconut Laddus in her site as well!:))
You need:
Rava / Semolina - 1 Cup,Sugar - 1 Cup,Coconut- 1 whole,Raisins & Cashews - 1/4 Cup,Ghee - 1 Tbsp and Powdered cardamom seeds - 1/4 tsp.
To make laddus:
Fry the rava on a low flame till it starts to give a strong aroma and turns light brown. Let it cool.Grate the fresh coconut.
Heat ghee in a small pan. Toast both raisins and cashews in the ghee till cashews turn golden brown and raisins become plump.
Now mix all ingredients and make medium sized balls /laddus out of it.

Thank you so much Suma for a delicious dessert.Have a great weekend you gals!:)


Sig said...

LOL, so coconut is your vegetable then? :) that is very clever of you... Have a great weekend Asha, See you Monday... Hugs.

Coffee said...

BOY!!!!! Do they look good!!!!!!! nice and simple Asha :)

Kribha said...

Hey Asha,
This is my grandma's speciality. My hubby loves this. But I never tried this even once b'coz I know that you have to make the laddus while the rava mixture is still hot.
Coconut is a good ingredient. Never had it in this combination. Pictures are mouthwatering.
Thanks for sharing.

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
Laddus looks great and nice entry for the event too..

Tomorrow is Tamil new year, so planning to do sweet pongal,vadai,sundal...

My brother-inlaw is leaving to India tomorrow evening flight.

Deepak Gopi said...

thank you for the ladoos.
thank you for the greetings.
Do you people celebrate vishu?
Happy vishu 2 u & family

krystyna said...

I like coconut.
Sounds delicious!
Thanks for this recipes and beautiful helpful photo, and for Suma's site.
Best to you.
Happy Vishu!

Nupur said...

They look beautiful! I love laddus because the "portion control" is built-in...provided you can muster up the will-power to eat just one, of course! Thanks for the entry, Asha!

FH said...

Hi Sig,event says vegetable but you can post anything starts with L just like WHB which says Herb but you can showcase any veg,flower,or herb!
Easy for me bcos I don't get many veggies like Loukis!:D
See you on Monday Sig:))

Thanks Coffee, tastes great too.It does have lot coconut,so we should go easy!:)

FH said...

Hi Kribha,we just use Rava to make them at my home,I wanted to try with the coconut this time.Fresh coconut is lot better to use I think.
Thanks K!:)

Hey Usha,so your sis and niece staying with you while BIL goes to India!:))That's great,have a good Vishu.I made sweet Pongal too for next week's post!!:D I love it.Enjoy.

FH said...

Hi Deepak,happy Vishu to you too.

No,we don't.In fact until I read in your blog and few others,didin't know what Vishu was!It's Tamil and Malayali new year.We have Ugadi like that,I don't know when it is,I have to check.I am so out of touch with Indian festivals!:P
Enjoy Vishu Deepak.

Happy Vishu to you K:))
I liked these laddus,I would use fresh coconut though next time.Enjoy the sweet:))

HAHAHA!! It's true.I don't think you can't stop at one!!That's why I make few laddus and smaller!!;D

Thanks for accepting it Nupur.If it's strictly alphabet Indian vegetables,I can hardly participate in this event! Living in a small town in NC,I rarely get Indian veggies here unless I drive about 50miles!:D

Anonymous said...

Oh, they do look delicious Asha! I'd like to try both ways. And you made me laugh: "do you want to eat them or what"!! I love it :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

FH said...

HeHe!! Linda,one drawback of making these is you will have red palms after rolling the hot,somewhat sticky rava mixture!!But they are worth the first degree burn!;D
Have a great weekend Linda.Hugs:)

Sia said...

ladduuuuuuuuuuuu... i love laddus... this is a cool recipe ashakka...
god!!! i am tired now...been busy in garden(or its more of a weed garden)... those weeds r killing us... so much is there to do...:)
hope u too r having gr8 time...have fun, will cath u later:)~hugs~

FH said...

Hi Sia,we just came back from shopping ,was moderating the comments.Seema had ragi rotti,couldn't help leaving a comment!;D

We had lot of weeds too in our lawn few yrs ago.It took almost 2 yrs to kill them and slowly regrow the lawn.It is hard work.Just spray some weed killers and clean it all up and sow the hardy grass seeds.Takes time.

We are expecting sever thunder storms later today,so we came back early and sitting around:)

musical said...

Akka, it seems to be raining laddus :)

They look really yummy, so please save some for me :)

Happy Vishu, see you on Monday.


FH said...

Hi M, I know!!:D

I saw Sig's Laddus and said "No!!!":)) Well..L for Laddus,what I can I say!!
Have a great weekend,see you on Monday:))

Pravs said...

I made rava laddu, loooooooooong time back and this one looks, just like the one i made. Yummy !

Richa said...

wow one more laddoo recipe!
yummy! checked out suma's laddoo pic as suggested by you.

KF said...

Nice and Simple recipe..I looooooooove laddus.

Sharmi said...

nice entry yarr!! I couldnt make anything this week as my camera broke. No events nothing:(( I also had laddus in mind. lovely tempting laddus.

Gattina Cheung said...

oh they look so adorable!
Asha, have a great weekend too!

FH said...

Hi Pravs,I know these need some ghee etc, so I don't make them often either.I just made a few for this event,Coconut tastes great with rava:)

Hi Richa,Suma's laddus has fresh coconut,must taste better.I didn't have the patience to grate the coconut:))

Hello KF,yup! Great finger dessert for any festival.Wish we could do without ghee though!:)

FH said...

Ooops! So sorry about camera Sharmi.
My son takes my camera sometimes and start recording his guitar songs.I get so frustrated when the battery is over when I am trying to take pics!:p
Hope you get a new one soon and start posting again.Hugs.

Thank you Gattina.We will.We had thunder storms the whole night.It's still dark and gloomy but tends to get better in the afternoon!:))

Seema Bhat said...

Asha, I love rava laddus too very much. They are very easy to make and one cannot just go wrong with it. Isn't it? My mom makes it by making sugar syrup buy my MIL does it your way but with fresh coconut. Both the ways have equally good end results tho. Thanx for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Seema,naanu bari raveli rave unde madteeni.Kai haki ide first madiddu.
I usually just mix everything with little milk and make it.You have to add lot of ghee to make it soft,so little afraid to make them often.Once or twice a year is okay, habbada timenalli:))

Anonymous said...

That so delicious..love them..

Latha said...

Looks yummy Ash!

FH said...

Thanks Shushma:)

Thank you Latha:)

Suma Gandlur said...

From the past week, I haven't touched my computer. In between, it seems like I missed a lot of your posts.
Thanks for trying my ladoos.

FH said...

I thank you for a wonderful recipe Suma!:))
Next time, I will make it with fresh coconut.Usually I freeze the coconut pieces which doesn't taste that good with these,got to buy a fresh one.

sallywrites said...

This looks delicous Ahsa!

FH said...

Thanks Sally,hope you try:)

Prema Sundar said...

One of my favourites is rava laddu Asha. My Aunt used to make lovely ladoos and whenever she comes to my house she packs a lot of ladoos. u know I haven't tried making this as my hubby hates it.wish I could take one ladoo from the pic.

FH said...

Prema,you can always make a small amount just for you.Don't deprive yourself.I make just ten,Arvind likes them ,but can't eat too many bcos med.problem.I love them:)

Urvashi Pitre said...

Hi, tried making these, followed the recipe, but I can't get them to stick together. What do you think I might have done wrong?

FH said...

Urvashi, you have done nothing wrong if you have followdwed the recipe. Just add more milk to bind while the mixture is still hot by tspfuls, not too much,just enough to bind.Rava itself doesn't have gluten and I add less sugar not to make Laddus too sweet, so you need some liquid to bind the laddus. Good luck next time! :)