April 16, 2007


Spinach Alfredo Pizza is my entry for Trupti from "Spice who loved me"s Spring fling 2007 event,which involves family and friends in the kitchen.There is a prize included for the best entry too,check her post!Thanks for hosting T:))

Since I don't have any extended family in US,it's usually my kids who cook for this event and may be one day,I will get my husband to cook something! When is the next full Moon day btw?!;D

Anyway,Trisha wanted to make this Pizza as it is her favorite.But she didn't feel well enough to cook after a long day being outside,so Tushar, my son took over and made it.This boy is going to take over my blogs one day! ;D

We used Pillsbury Pizza dough as a base.You could use any Pizza crust or bread dough for this.Pizza is topped delicious creamy garlicky sauce which is mixed with nutritious spinach and Romano and Parmesan cheese and baked until perfect golden! Sounds good? Let's make some.....

Spinach Alfredo Pizza:

Tushar is making Spinach Alfredo sauce:

You need:
2 Pillsbury pizza dough tubes,1 cup Frozen Spinach ,squeezed dry and chopped fine or fresh,1 tbsp butter,1 tbsp plain flour,2 cups fat free half and half or 2% milk,1 tsp Garlic pd,a pinch nutmeg(optional),salt and pepper or chili flakes,1/2 cup Kraft Romano-Parmesan cheese mix you get it in the supermarket.

How to make the Pizza:

Heat a pan,melt 1 tbsp butter,add 1 tbsp plain flour,stir until reddish.Add 2 cups fat-free Half and Half or 2% milk,1 tsp Garlic powder,pinch of Nutmeg powder.Bring up to boil and turn down the heat to medium and simmer for 5mins.Add 1 cup Spinach leaves,chopped fine,simmer until thick.Add 1/2 cup of Romano and Parmesan cheese,blend in the sauce and keep stirring until cheese melts.

Add salt,pepper/chilli flakes to taste.Take it off the heat and cool.Sauce must thick enough to spread with a spoon.Open the tubes,stretch out the dough on two baking sheets,make dimples on top with your fingertips,and spread the sauce on them evenly.Spray the edges with oil if you like to give it a color.

To bake: Preheat oven at 375F and bake both pizzas for 18-20mins or until the edges and middle are baked.Take them and cool on a rack.Slice them and serve.You can sprinkle your favorite seasoning mix on top.I like Mrs.Dash's Spicy mix and McCormick's Caribbean Jerk seasoning!

Three slices for you:

Three crust less slices for the kiddies!:D

That's it!Have a great day and enjoy the delicious Spinach Alfredo Pizza!:)


Richa said...

hey, pizza looks great, love the alfredo sauce. thanks for the recipe
BTW a quick Q, were u able to view all 3 pix in my last post, when u visited? I can view them fine in IE & firefox, but a few readers can't seem to view the pix.

Mishmash ! said...

I am in for Pizza any time any day and if u add Alfredo sauce, hmm..how can one resist?? cooked pasta soaked in alfredo is something i can nevr say NO to....Hmm..looks like Tushar likes to do some cooking :)


Meeta K. Wolff said...

Sure looks grand. Your son will not only take over the blogs but I can imagine he will take over the kitchen too!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Nice and wonderful entry for the event..

I thought only Ashaji use to post new varieties,now kids too Huh!!!
How come a tiger kid be a kitten!!!am i right?:))

Convey my wishes to Kids...

FH said...

Thanks Richa,hope you try:)
I did see all the pics in your blog and I just checked it again,it's fine,I can see all three!

Yes, he does like cooking shn!:))
Local Pizzeria makes these Pizzas ,we love it.I made Alfredo sauce with Fettuccine in Jan for Coffee's event.So it was easy to adapt,just have to make it little thicker for pizza.Try it.

FH said...

Hi Meeta,I know!!:D
I like my cooking space,don't like to share but when he cooks,he won't let me help at all! He says "mom! just tell me what to do and stay away!":)
Kitchen counter top will be messy but he does it.
As for my girl,she walks in right on time with a plate and as self proclaimed carnivore, she wants chicken with Spinach Alfredo sauce!;D

Hi Usha, Hahaha!! That was funny.It's true,they learn by looking and helping us in the kitchen! But you know not all kids like to cook.He does thankfully which helps him in future when he has to live in college dorms!
I just taught my daughter last weekend how to iron her clothes!She did okay!:))

TNL said...

Ashaji: a big hug to T for helping! Thanks so much!!! This is going to be a great event...and I'm going to post a preview of another prize soon...yep, there's more than one prize!

Thanks again,


FH said...

Thank you Trupti for hosting a great event.I don't think kids will cook anything for me but they will do for you!;D
I am happy to participate in the event and so are the kids,prize or not.But it is a good incentive for to cook yummy food for ya!:)
Enjoy the Pizza.

Anh said...

Asha, what a green pizza! :D Really remind me of spring. Must be yummy too. :)

Sig said...

Yummy, I will take one no crust piece please... Aren't you lucky to have someone to pass on the legacy to :)

Sharmi said...

oh such a cute entry!! nice looking pizza. so ur son does help you in kitchen!! good to know.


Kribha said...

Wish you could give me a home delivery. Take out is also fine with me. Pizza looks DELICIOUS. Spinach and cheese ....such a heavenly combination. A pat on Tushar's back for doing such a good job.

Latha said...

Looks yummy Asha. I think my kids would love it! Not sure about the spinach though.. anything green puts them off! You've raised your kids well mom :-)
Thats cool that tushar is cooking! I think every man should learn how to cook :-)
And boy, for all the cooking you do, your stove is spic and span :-)

Sia said...

he he he...so u r scared that tushar will take over ur blog one day? but i bet he cant post so many recipes in a week:) he cant beat ur record here;)
by the way, even i want crustless pizza:( loved the sauce recipe here. K has taken leave today n said he has some surprise when i get bk home. i hope the house is intact when i get back. so pray for me ashakka;)

FH said...

Hi Anh,it was yummy!Trisha had the other pizza with chicken Spinach Alfredo pizza.

Sig,hope he does take over but it will not be Indian food blog though!;D

Coffee said...

WHOA!!!!! Little chef in the making!!!!!! That pizza surely looks gorgeous!!!!!!! Loved it!!:D

FH said...

HAHA!! Kribha,sound s good.How many do you need?We will deliver within 30mins!!;D Thanks,I will tell Tushar.

Latha,you can make Alfredo sauce and add whatever veggies your kids like.Taste is in the sauce.Spinach tastes good though:)
That flat surface stove is so easy to clean.I had a old one with ring style,I had a hard to keep it clean.Arvind can cook but he won't try though!;p One day I have to make him!

FH said...

Hi Sharmi,he always offers to help me ,boys are like that!:)) Can't see mom struggling too hard up keep up with everything!!:D

Sia,if he offers,I will give up today but it won't be vegetarian Indian food blog!!!Where would you get your Kodbales then!!;D

A surprise from K!!! Oooh!! I am excited.Is he going cook a candle light dinner?!*rubbing hands in suspense now* HeHe!!Tell me later,won't you?!!

Sia said...

he might cook alll those deep fried bhajias and will make me sit and watch while he hogs them;) candel light dinner? nah.... i dont think so;) i wont ask him to take leave and stay at home again...calls me once in every half n hour!!! looks like he is getting bored to death;) he he he... so i dont think i am gonna get anything else other than big fruit bowl which he will literally push into my throat;)

FH said...

Hi Coffee, hope you try this pure veg pizza,you will love it more.It's yummy.Tushar is good boy,helps me a lot:)

Sia,he eats them all while you sit and watch?! Hahaha!!!I bet he is bored sitting all alone at home.May be you should give him a hint for a nice dinner instead of a fruit bowl,which good too but something nice for you both.Tell him next time he calls.Sometimes they need to be told what we would like rather than a hint!!;)

Sia said...

ha ha ha... i have realised that hinting never works when it comes to hubby:) thats why i asked him to buy me rajastani carved window which i was eyeing for over a year:) it did made his pocket very light though;) since then he has become little strict with budgeting....he he he... i am happy coz i got what i wanted;) i hope he at least finishes that vegetable patch we started on weekend:)
its better to cook together than he alone cooking:) may be i should ask him to make some chats. he is very good at making chats ashakka:) thats something i can hog w/o feeling guilty;) oh yeah...i know what to ask when he calls now:) he he he... will see u later:) ~hugs~

Ayesha Seerin said...

The alfredo sauce looks yummy ...
Now that i've gotten a glimpse of ur son i bleve the kids are indeed on the thinner side :-) .. I shud get some gyan from them on how they manage to do this...

FH said...

Sia,Arvind used to buy me stuff which I never liked!!Now I tell him not to buy bcos I will buy it myself!;D
Chaat sounds great,tell him that so it will be ready.You started a veggie Patch? I have one,I cleaned and got it ready yesterday and took a photo.I will be planting next week.I will check my mail later,can't wait!!:))

Ayesha,thank you,hope you try:)
My son is the only skinny member in the family!;D
He is 12yrs old and at that stage where he is very gangly right now!He is all arms and legs,hopefully,in two yrs he will put on some muscles!HAHA!

Suganya said...

Ur Pizza looks great..... I love this pizza

FH said...

Hi Sukanya,thank you.Hope you try making it,I am sure you love it to:))

krystyna said...

Hi Asha!
Thanks that I came here. Your pizza is special and yummy! Thanks for sharing.
Your advices are very helpful.
Best to you!
I'll be back for more pieces.

FH said...

Hi Krystyna,glad you came here too!:)) Enjoy and come back for more!

Anonymous said...

asha, pizza looks so grand. i am sure your son will take over the kitchen one day.

Pooja said...

This looks so yummy!
A nice entry for Trupti's Event.
Looks so lovely.
I too have entry ready with me, Deepak made it himseld before he left.Just i need to post it. seems like i have somany pending posts with Blog. :D .
thanks for sharing, Pizza ia my all time favorite.

Anonymous said...

WOW Asha your son is great....he not only would take over your blog but your kitchen too...( and if I remmember correct you are very possessive about your kitchen :-)) ).

A very healthy version of pizza...something just like spinach quiche...really liked it a lot


Pingu said...

yum yum yummmmmmmm...wat a wunnerful blog!!! i can almost smell all those dishes in d pics :)

Gattina Cheung said...

whao, what an easy-breezy recipe! I love it!

Deepak Gopi said...

family full of talented people :):)
good day

FH said...

I hope not Reena.He can take over his own kitchen though in 15yrs down the road!;D Thanks.

You are welcome Pooja:))
Post some of the dishes you have,you are working full time outside home,are you now?Hope you make this Pizza,it's easy:)

Hi Sushma,hope you are ready for your exam:)Yeah,I ma possessive of my space but once in a while he can use it!:D
It is like Quiche but no eggs which pleases vegetarians.Spinach is good for memory skills,hope you try and make this.!;D

FH said...

Hi Pingu,welcome to Aroma!:)) I wish PCs were scratch and sniff too, I would have spent the whole day browsing the other blogs!:D

Thank you Gattina,nobody can beat you in making dessert girl! YUM!!:)

Thanks Deepak.At least one of my kids are!!;D Have a great day.

sallywrites said...

What a good idea!
I love spinach anything. I've never had it on pizza before, but will give it a try!

FH said...

I am glad to hear that Sally,it's wonderful to have for a snack:)

Prema Sundar said...

good idea and u get green green pizza... It was really nice of tushar to help you.

FH said...

Hi Prema,yeah,he is a good kid MOST of the time.He offers help all the time:)
Last week he also flooded the bathroom sink!!;P