May 25, 2007


Radish Masala Parathas made of Wheat flour,spices and grated Radish,is my contribution to Nupur from 'One Hot Stove" blog's "A to Z Indian Vegetables"s event.This week's letter is "R", thanks for hosting Nupur!:)

Well..the letters R, S ,T are easy to come up with some dishes for this event but I don't want to think about next few letters right now.Let me enjoy these three first!!Wouldn't you agree?! ;D

I made Radish Masla parathas for this week.I always have trouble making stuffed Mooli parathas and I even gave up making them.Last week I had half Daikon left ,so I thought I will twist the original and make it this way,which came out fabulously.
Unfortunately,as much as I love Radishes,they stink up the whole house when cooking and Arvind hates it.He walks in the house from the clinic,screws up his face and asks me whether our dog did the doody inside!!:D
But I love the taste of Radish though.Wish it didn't smell so much! Anyway,here they are.I added grated Radishes,and spices to the Wheat flour and made Parathas which is lot easier than stuffing for me and I loved them,this recipe is a keeper for me.Hope you try it too.

Radish Masala Parathas:

How to make them:Makes 8 Parathas

Mix 2 cups Wheat flour/atta, half finely grated Daikon or 2 white radishes,1" grated ginger,minced 2tbsp cilantro,1 tsp each coriander seeds pd,cumin pd,salt and 1/2 tsp chilli pd all these without water to a firm dough.Radish has water in it,don't need to add anymore unless you need it.

When you have a firm dough,divide the dough in to 7-8 pieces and make balls.Heat a griddle /Tawa and start rolling the Parathas to 5-6' circles,cover until Tawa is heated.Cook one Paratha at a time until brown specks show on top.When you take it out .brush lightly with melted butter or ghee.Serve hot with spiced yogurt.

To make spiced yogurt: Whisk 1/2 cup plain yogurt with little salt,1/2 tsp garlic pd,1/2 tsp cumin seeds,1/2 tsp Garam masala and serve with Parathas.Since Parathas have spices already,you don't need to make spicy as well.Keep it cool!

Mooli masala Parathas with spiced Yogurt:

Would you like more radish in your life? ;D Make this stir-fry with any leftover grated radish which goes well with plain Parathas or even as a side dish with rice.

Radish Stir-fry/Chutney:

How to:
1. Heat pan with 1 tbsp oil,add 1/2 tsp each mustard seeds,crushed cumin seeds,Urad dal,few curry leaves,1 green chilly chopped,1 red dry chilly and a pinch of turmeric.
2. When reddish, add 1 cup finely grated Radish with salt and stir fry until cooked and almost dry.Turn of the heat.
3.No water needed.Adjust salt,chillies,squeeze 1 tsp lemon juice and mix..Serve with Parathas. Tastes great!

That's it for "R", see you next week:))


Suganya said...

Hi Asha...I love this parathas a lot..It is one of my family's favorite recipe...Nice one...Great recipe for "R"...

Arts said...

Have checked ur blog 5-6 times frm morning for R dish.. worth the wait :) awesome dish.. my hubby loves Mooli ke parathe and mooli ki sabji.. We get the bulky raddishes here.. do they taste the same as the slender ones we get in India?

FH said...

Thank you Sukanya.It's nothing special but used whatever I had at home!They were great tasting.Have a great weekend:))

Aarti,got so busy cooking,almost forgot it's Friday!;D
Bulky radish is Daikon,right? Yeah,they do taste like Mooli and little thicker which makes easier to grate than Indian white radish.Other than the size,there is no difference,try it.That's the best we can get here other growing our own white Indian Radishes.Enjoy!:))

Richa said...

wow muli paratha, love it! and yes the stuffing part takes a lot of patience, i made gobi paratha a few days back :) stir fry looks so tempting. back home we either have sliced muli salad or grated muli with salt n pepper, tastes yum, do try it asha! we used to pluck fresh muli from the garden & make the salad :) have a fun wknd!

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
parathas look yummy , specially with that spiced curd. I had mooli parathas with tomato chutney in my friend's house and fell in love with it. You are making me drool here.
Hey, I'm planning to go to India in the next two weeks. So, I started on the special K diet program to see some immediate results. Hope it works out. Meanwhile, help me Asha not to break my diet. Just kidding...I do not want the other bloggers to be deprived of your specialities.

Mishmash ! said...

hehehhe...even I dont like the smell of the radish...but I love those can I come home..once its all cooked ?:P

Hey Enjoy the long weekend..have lots of fun with Aravind and kids...:)


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, I love moolangi paraathas too!! and like you said, it does smell bad.... I live in an apartment, so I make sure all doors and windows are closed when i'm cooking raddish! :D

FH said...

Richa,I know! You do make the best stuffed parathas girl.I tried many times,it just doesn't come out right.So I just improvised it this way!:)) I do the raw Mooli chutney,will post sometime.Have fun Rich:))

Kribha,you have to eat K cereal for all 3 meals girl.Can you handle it? Try Slim fast,it has balanced protein plus chocolate and Strawberry flavor too.Good luck:))
Have fun in India,sounds great.Well..what are you going to do with all th yummy wedding feast?!;D

FH said...

shn,it takes hrs for the smell to go away,so come in the evening!;D
I love it too,somehow tolerate and enjoy it anyway.You too have a great weekend.Arvind is working on Monday(private practice)but kids are home for 3 days!:))

Ramya, you are right.I do the opposite,open all the doors and windows(neighbors are away at work anyway) and spray lots of Neutralizers afterwards!;D Still stinks but love it,specially raw Radish gojju(try the Gojju with Mudde):))

Pravs said...

Nice parathas, Asha. I can understand how tough it gets to stuffing and then rolling out the dough. The way you made it makes it easy to make this paratha.

FH said...

Hi Pravs,I tried making stuffed parathas many times,it's just too messy for me.This way it's quick and easy:)

Nupur said...

We are on the same wavelength :) You'll see what I mean on Sunday :)

david santos said...

Day 25 of May. World-wide day of the disappeared children.


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Where death and evil roam, at each lane,
Neither kindness nor children can live secure,
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TheCooker said...

The parathas look delish. I hate stuffing parathas; they never come out too good. I like this method of mixing the stuffing with the dough etc.
Have a good (long) weekend.

Kajal said...

Love you redish parathas. I never try moolangi but taste many times so next time try it. Thanks for sharing. Nice Entry. Great weekend.:)

Roopa said...

love both mooli parathas and mooli fry yummy! namage moollangi is a comfort food. Only i hate the smell like ankus shit :0. we don't carry for lunch so every sunday mostly one dish of mooli. At last i have suceeded in stuffing parathas he he lot of patience though once i leave it for 2-3 months i forget it :)ok see you bye have a great weekend hugs :)

FH said...

Oh NO!! Nupur,I think I know already.You made the stinkomatic Mooli too,didn't you?;D
I love it too,don't blame ya.More the merrier:))

Thanks for letting me know David.Yes,we have to take action to protect our precious children.I will join hands with you:))

Me too TC.This way you don't have to worry when it's going ooze out everywhere.Somehow Richa has mastered the stuffed Parathas.Good for her:)

FH said...

Hi Kajal,try with Daikon which is a Japanese Radish,taste the same but little more thicker than our white radish.Enjoy,have fun:))

Hahaha!! Roopa,I have forgotten how the baby poop smells now,but do have a darn dog who sometimes does it inside!!;p
Namagu ishta,vaasane barutte,enu madokagolla tinnbekoo andre,alva?:D
Have a great weekend.

Suma Gandlur said...

Great radish dishes. I usually do the stuffed parathas. Next time, I will try your version.
My mom also does this kind of stir fry with kohlrabi.

Coffee said...

Does it smell that bad??? Not for me though!!! I make it almost the same way!

Its a wonderful breakfast/brunch dish!! Mooli ke parathe and dahi...... aahhhhh!!! :)

FH said...

Suma,you can make that stir fry with any veggie,even carrots:))

Coffee,it does smell bad when you are cooking the Radish,but it tastes so good.I think I willput up with the smell to have these!!;D
Have a great weekend both of you.We are off to a overnight vacation!:D

Gattina Cheung said...

Fabulous! Fabulous! I'm always impressed by how you use raddish and beet in various dishes!

deena said...

hi asha,i've added u to my blogroll..even i love mooli parathas ..but i think ur method is much simpler ..shall try it this way next time..that mooli dish was a bonus ..waht to do with left overs!.

indosungod said...

Asha, looks super. I too like the idea of mixing the radish with the wheat flour than trying to stuff it.

Aruna said...

Asha, great looking mooli masala parathas :-)

Neelam said...

Hi Asha..nice recipe ...will definately try it when I make them the next time and the spiced curd and also the stir to try them! Everything looks yummy!

Deepak Gopi said...

my mother makes raddish thoran ,which looks some thing like last pic

Saju said...

ummmmmmm tempting parathas and chutney! I love mooli

FH said...

Gattina,thanks.Radishes and beets are usual veggies in India.Most of us are vegetarians,so we use EVERYTHING!;D

Hi Deena,thanks for blog rolling me,I have got you too:)
I am trying to make everything easy so I can get out the kitchen faster!:D

Hi Indo,hope you are taking it easy this weekend:))
Yeah,why go thru' all that trouble,it tastes the same anyway.

FH said...

Thank you Aruna.Tastes great whether stuffed or not,try:))

Hi Neelam,thanks girl:) I don't like to keep the veggies too long ,so I just try and make multiple dishes and cook them.Give them them try.

FH said...

Deepak,Radish Thoran sounds good!:))
I will make Thoran next time.Thanks man!

Hi Saju,good to see here girl:)
I love Mooli too except smell.But hey,have to go thru' little bit of discomfort to eat tasty Parathas,right?;D

Mona said...

I Love radish Paraths too :))

I make a slight variation though. I also add grated caulifower, grated carrots, grated ginger piece , choped onions, cilntro & green chillies, a little bit of asafoetida powder and salt and mix them with dry flower adding a little a t time, till it becomes like rollable dough. These mixed veg paraths taste great & have a high nutritional value!

FH said...

Mona,that veg paratha sounds great.I will try next time.Thanks girl:))
We are having a 3 days holiday including Monday,lot of Sunshine and fun,will start the routine tomorrow.Just about to go and see the "Pirates" movie!;D
Thanks Mona,see you later.

Sharmi said...

lovely parathas. must have tasted heaven. miss my moms parathas.

Chinni said...

Lovely parathas...Nice recipe....

Sia said...

LOL... u cooked smelly cats? i too hate its smell, it STINKS... but love its taste... i sualy buy frozen mooli parathas. ur recipe of mixing everything looks too good. i am too bad at stuffing the paratas and most of the times i fail to roll them properly. so gonna make ur way pretty soon but may be something other than radish;) our house is too small and not just the kictehn and living room which starts stincking but the whole house if i cook mooli;)

FH said...

Sharmi,I love them too,do not make them too often bcos of Arvind but never give up totally!;D

Thank you Chinni.Hope you try and check out the FH for Jackfruit too,my main blog!:)

Hi Sia,caught me before I post the new one!:D It's true,it stinks.But I love Radish too much to give up completely:)
We had 3 long weekend here,did lot of shopping.Now I have to deal with about 50 blogs today!Ah..!!:D
Hope you are doing better now:)

Seema Bhat said...

I loved the masala parathas. Looks yummy and very healthy. I hate the smell of mulangi tho'. I remember those old school days when amma used to pack mullani sambar for lunch for school and school alli adu dabbi open maadbekidre full class room vasne . We used to just hate it and never let amma make anything out of it. Hee hee.

FH said...

LOL @ the school dabbada vasne.It really has bad smell but so tasty.
Nanna makkalu yavudu Indian food tegedukondu hagalla schoolge,elladu curry vasne anta!!:D
I love it,sometimes I make Moolangi Gojju in the afternoon with all the doors and windows open and eat up before kids and Arvind comes home!!;D

Priyanka said...

hey asha,
this is my first time on ur blog- love ur recipes. i usually dont stuff the muli parathas either. i just make them like methi parathas.and the radish stir fry looks tempting too. will give it a try.

FH said...

Hi Priyanka,glad you liked the Subzi.It's easy this way to make Paraths than stuffing,isn't it?Enjoy and thanks for visiting:)

Prema Sundar said...

I use radish in Sambar and in mooli parathas Asha. never tried anything with it other than these two. Stir fry looks tempting ..thanks

FH said...

You are welcome Prema.I love Radish sambhar too.I make raita with Mooli,I will post one day!:)

Viji said...

Radish chutney and parathas look yummy Asha. Feel like visiting your place once. Viji

FH said...

Hi Viji,you are very welcome to visit me!:))
But you make way better Parathas than me for sure,you don't need me!!:D