July 13, 2007


Wadi Ambat,is my entry to Nupur from "One Hot Stove" blog's "A to Z Indian Vegetables" event.This week's letter is "W", thanks for hosting Nupur!:)

Wadi Ambat:
What's Ambat? It's a Konkani/South Canara dish from Karnataka. Ambat means sour(Tamarind or Kokum) coconut gravy and Wadis are just an additional ingredient I chose to add bcos it fits "W"!;D You can add any beans like sprouted green Moong or veggies or meat if you like, to the gravy or traditionally served just like that as a spicy Coconut gravy with rice.
My grandmother makes it as "Tenginakai Saaru"(coconut saaru) as we call it in Mysore and it's always been my favorite although I don't make it often unless I have sprouted Moong. It's delicious with rice, hope you try!:)

Moong wadis; dried on the left and fried on the right:

You need:

1/4 cup Moong dal wadis(store bought or home made,make sure they are freshly dried within two months,not stale), fried until golden,salt and cilantro.
For seasoning: 1 tbsp oil and ghee mixed, 1/2 tsp each Mustard seeds and cumin seeds, few curry leaves,1-2 green chillies,slit lengthwise,1/2 onion,minced and a pinch of Hing.

For Ambat masala paste: Toast 2-3 red dry chillies,1 tbsp Coriander seeds,1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds(methi),1" cinnamon, 2 cloves and grind these with 1/8 tsp Turmeric,4 Cashews,1 cup fresh or coconut grated or cut,1 small piece of tamarind or 2 tsp thick tamarind juice,salt.

How to make Ambat:
1. Grind the masala paste with the above ingredients until you get a very smooth paste with 1/2 cup water and keep it aside.
2. Shallow fry the Wadis until golden,drain on the paper towel and cool.
3. Heat ghee and oil,add seasoning ingredients.When they splutter and the onion is reddish,add 1 cup water to cool the pan before adding masala,turn down the heat.
4. Add coconut paste, wash the blender bowl with 1/2 cup water and add to the pan along with salt.You must keep this on simmer to prevent the coconut from curdling.
5. Let it cook for 10mins until you see little ghee on top ,sauce is thickish and when you get a good smell of cooked coconut masala, Ambat ready! Take it off the heat.
6. Add fried wadis , minced cilantro and serve with plain rice and any side dish.

Note: You can skip the Cashews if you don't want your Ambat.You can also replace fresh grated coconut with 1 can of thick coconut milk,canned + water,but fresh coconut tastes best.

Another look:
Moong wadis do not float like that on top like in the photo,but sink to the bottom, become plump and soft when they are soaked for a while.You can also use sprouted and cooked green Moong instead of Wadis too.

How to make Moong wadis at home:
Soak 1 cup Moong dal until soft,drain all the water.Add salt, 2 tsp crushed cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp Chilli pd or flakes ,1/2 tsp Ajwain(Carom seeds)and grind it to a thick dough without adding water.Spread a wide plastic in the sun(in Summer of course!),drop small marble sized Moong wadis and let them dry until they are completely dry inside out.Store in a airtight jar.Fry in oil to use to add to any gravy.That's it!

Enjoy, have a great weekend and see you next week!:))


Nupur said...

Wow, the wadis look cute and tasty! The whole dish is just delicious.

Priyanka said...

Sounds yummm Asha.... The coconut, spices and wadi combo looks very delicious.

Mishmash ! said...

Asha, your pics always makes me wonder how you cook such delicious food, while organizing them at each step for photographing them and finally cook and take the pic of the end product too and still find time for your other chores and family responsibilities !!!! We got lots to learn from you...i think u should start one more blog for that :P Just kidding


Tee said...

Nice dish! I agree with mishmash...have loads to learn from you.

FH said...

Thank you Nupur,good to see you.Hope you had a good break!:)
Moongodi are tasty if they fresh,great with any gravy.

Thank you Priyanka.Hope you give it try:))

Hahaha!! One more blog will surely kill me shn!!:D
When I am cooking,I keep my little camera handy to click and then sort out all the pics to choose about 3.I am very organized which drives my family crazy!:D
Thank you.Enjoy:)

Manasi said...

I was planning something with Wadis too! have some at home.... well, I'll make something else and also make ur wadi ambat!!
Nice post... as ALWAYS!!!!
Hope u have a gr8 weekend!!!!!

Sharmi said...

that looks so yummy. I have some wadi left in my pantry. thanks for a beautiful recipe.

Laavanya said...

Nice recipe there. The curry looks yummy. I have some mung sprouts and plan to try this out soon.

bee said...

i thought they were called mangodis. that's what they are called in rajasthan. guess in some regions it's called wadi. nice innovation, ash. good way to use them.

Sharmi said...

hey Asha, one more question, my last post did not get updated in foodblogdesam. i emailed Mathy but no reply. I am still waiting for the update. should we update our blog each month. no right?

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Never heard about Wadis....recipes sound healthy...hmmmm i got new information of wadis and recipe from introduction part...Actually it is really very useful for peoples like us...who is completely aware of this sort of recipes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting how to make wadis. They were a mystery item till now for me.

Meena Shankar said...

Wadis are something new for me..I need to try this one.
The dish looks too tempting and you make every dish seem simple to be made:)

FH said...

Manasi,Moongodis are mild compared to spicy Punjabi ones.Post your's too,there are lot versions of the same.Blog on girl!:)

You are welcome Sharmi.Hope you try:)

Laavanya,Moong tastes great in this and adds a little protein too.Enjoy:)

Pavani said...

Yummy.. Ambat masala looks like a combination of majjiga pulusu and sambar masalas. My husband does not eat majjiga pulusu (he is yogurt intolerant), but this looks like a good alternate. Will definitely try this out. Thanks for the recipe Asha.. Have a wonderful weekend.

FH said...

Bee, Mangodis are probably the right name,it means wadis made of Moong dal.
Wadi means dried and you can make them with other dals like Punjabi Wadis we get are made of lot spices and Channa dal too sometimes.They taste great and healthy too whatever they call it!:)

No Sharmi.Once you send them the URL,they update it automatically for new posts.
Mathy usually replies when he gets it,try sending it again or leave a comment on his blog whether he received it.
You don't update for every post,that would be a nightmare!:)

Usha,it's North Indian delicacy,most of us in the South don't know much about.Try to find in the Indian grocery,Punjabi wadis are even more tasty:)

FH said...

Gini,you are welcome.It's like South Indian wafers we make in the Sun in Summer in India but made of Dal like dumplings.They are tasty if they are fresh,so check the expiry date if you buy or even better,make them at home! You can use different dals and spices too.Enjoy:)

Hi Meena,it is simple as long as you can make the gravy very smooth with a good grinder.Coarse coconut does not taste good.Adjust spices to your taste and make it.Yummy with rice:)

You are welcome Pavani.I never thought of that,may be the masala is similar to Majjige saaru.Try it and see.Coconut has lot of Saturated fat,making it just once or twice a month would be great!:)
Have a fun weekend.

ushaprashanth said...

This is a very different recipe!Nice photos!

Richa said...

Aha! north meets south :) you really come up with so many varieties, how do you do it? u r like the enrgizer bunny, working 24/7 :) i liked the gravy, i shud think @ getting that sumeet after looking at all ur gravy dishes! have a good wknd!

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

That looks delicious! Question - do you have to deep fry the wadis? I've seen them at my Indian grocer but never cooked with them.

J said...

Hi Asha! This is quite an intersting dish. Can I use sprouted moong to make wadis? I have a whole lot of sprouts which I need to use quickly ( God knows what I was thinking when i sprouted them!!!

FH said...

UshaP,thanks girl,try this weekend:))

Richa,HeHe!! I have a 15mins super quick charger to charge my batteries too!;D
It's true,perfect north and south fusion,makes a great Indian cuisine!Sumeet rocks!:)

Hi K,yes you do have to deep fry.I tried cheating ,shallow fried some but center stayed raw bcos it's thick and hard.Make sure you buy fresh pack,I had bought one which was stale and tasted very bad.

Hahaha! J, got a little carried away with sprouting ,did you?:)
Yes,you can grind Moong too(take the skin out),you might have to add some besan or something to hold it together.Try grinding smooth without water first.It might give you trouble if it's thin.
I have a very tasty Moong recipe at FH recipe Index under 'side dishes',try that too.Enjoy.

Vini K said...

In Orissa,they make urad dal wadis like this and it tastes great too.I wish I could have some of these crunchy wadis right now!:)the ambat looks very nice.will have to make this one atleast without the wadis..

Jyothi said...

Hi Asha! hhhmmmm great entry na. Looks yummy and delicious. coconut indeed means it will be tasty. Thanks for sharing.

Neelam said...

Hi Asha..nice recipe! I make mangodas the same way..after grinding the moong dal and adding the spices I fry them right away without drying them...like bhajias.They taste great.I must try this recipe the next time.Thanks for the new idea!

FH said...

Vini,I have Urad wadis too.Best ones are big Punjabi spicy wadis!:)
You can make Ambat without anything added,tastes great.Sometimes I make Moong usal as side dish with this Gravy.

Thanks Jyoti.Try it,it's yum.Coconut also means cholesterol,so don't make it often!:)

Neelam,that sounds great like Moong Bhajias!!:)
You can add that too to this gravy. Have fun.

Suganya said...

The pics look wonderful Asha! They are crisp, clear and appetizing.

FH said...

Thanks Suganya.I will take the compliment coming from a fab. photographer!
Should have been tiny little brighter though,I realized after I posted them.Oh well..!:)

Lata said...

You know such good recipes Asha! hat's off to you. I have to try this, bookmarked this.

Raaga said...

Wow... I have been meaning to make some proper amchi food for a while... your blog post inspired me. :-) Thanks Asha

Viji said...

The wadis are looking great. We call something like sambar vadams. Very tasty. The sauce is interesting. Will give a try sometime. Viji

archana said...

I liked the coconut paste masala you have used, and adding of wadis is nice idea. The dish must have tasted yummy with hot rice :)

Coffee said...

Ambat is sour in maharashtrian.... I thought it was going to be a sour version of Wadis! But this is something diff!!! Looks very nice. :) I must go wadi hunting now...... or must get it from india!

SeeC said...

Wadis...Thats new to me. Thanks for this recipe. Right time for me to prepare it(sunny).
Thanks Asha.

Have a nice day !

Linda said...

Ah ha!! I have had a bag of these moong wadis in the cupboard for awhile now -- never could find exactly what to do with them. When you say fresh not stale -- how long will they keep 'fresh'? Mine were dry hard as a rock when I got them.

Ambat looks soooo yummy Asha! Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great yaar. I was still wondering what can we make with the word 'W'. That is a good idea.

FH said...

Thanks Lata.My Mysore ajji makes this gravy often since they own coconut farm ,coconut are aplenty there but she don't use Wadis though.THAT would be my "W" addition!:D

HeHe!! Go ahead Raaga,make some Amchi food.I love them all!:))

Viji,we call them Sandiges in K;taka and are sun dried to fry.I think it's North Indian version of the same!Try the Coconut saaru:)

FH said...

Archana,it does yummy with hot rice and add a little ghee to that too.Heavenly!:)
(If we make it everyday, we can reach Heaven quickly too!;D)

Coffee,I didn't know that! I thought Ambat is just gravy!:D I will add sour before the gravy in there.Wadi is just what I added,not traditional Ambat addition.Try it or get your mum's recipe for Wadis and post:)

You are welcome Seec.Great weather to make Wadis,enjoy.You can also make Urad dal and Channa dal Wadis too with spices you like.

FH said...

Linda,they are supposed to be hard and dry.When we keep it for a long time,sometimes they taste bitter and smell stale too.Freshly dried probably last about 2 months,better use your's quickly.
Fry some and taste,if bitter throw the whole packet away.You can add soaked,cooked green Moong(whole) too,taste yummy in coconut gravy.Have a good day:)

Thanks Hima.Watermelon ,Water chestnuts, Wangi(Eggplants) are some you can make for W! Plenty recipes out there for those.Try it:))

Suma Gandlur said...

Ok.They are like our sandiges. See them everytime when I visit indian grocery stores, but had no idea they could be used like this. Is this a traditional recipe?
I have sprouted moong, let me see if I can make this.
When is your JFI- Chillies post going to be? :))))

Prema Sundar said...

I have seen wadis in indian stores , but haven't cooked with them. Fried wadis in coconut gravy looks good Asha.

FH said...

Suma,nnavu Kumbalakai sandige madoolva,ade tara!:D
Same as them,but add to any gravy to make nutrious.Tastes good,try with a small packet once.Traditionally,Coconut saaru does not include Wadis at all but you can add cooked Moong or any Kaalu or have it plain like that Tuppa and rice.
JFI coming up after RCI Punjab at FH,trying to fit everything!:))

Thanks Prema.You can add beans too if you don't have Wadis of any kind.Wadis can be added to any vegetable or meat gravy as well.Try and see if you like it once:)

Saju said...

wow! I never heard of wadis, I am going to scour for them and try your recipe. Thanks for sharing

FH said...

You are welcome Saju.They are like sun-dried wafers we do in South India,tastes great.You do get different kind of Wadis too,try Punbabi one.Thanks:)

Roopa said...

hi Asha, wadi Ambat hmm looks yumm. so this can be made with kumbalkayi sandige as substitute for wadis. i have a lot but quite spicy. i never tried anything with wadis nor have i searched for it. gotto try this. thanks Asha. hope you had a great weekend :)

FH said...

Hi Roopa,Arvind was on call so didn't feel like going out much last weekend:)
I think Sandiges are too delicate and fall apart when soaked in gravy.Moong Wadis are pretty hard and bland,so they taste better in spicy gravy.Make some Wadis on some weekend at home when you are little free with little more spices than I wrote there,they are easy.
Hope you had a fun weekend with family.See you later!:)

Mona said...

wow This sounds great! I love wadais!

Asha Deepak told me that he has lost his grandmother. the poor boy is sick & is feeling heart broken!

FH said...

OH! So sorry about Deepak.I was wondering where he was but thought he probably was too busy to blog.That is sad,hope he copes well.Grandmothers are wonderful proxy mothers.Tell him I send my condolences.
I love Punjabi Wadis better,they are spicy!These Moong wadis are great to add to spicy gravy.Did you check my 100th post at FH? Completed one year too!:)
I will leave a comment for Deepak.Thanks for letting me know Mona.

Lakshmi said...

Ashaji, tenginakayi saru looks great. ootakke barale ashavre?

FH said...

Begane bandu bidi.illandre nave ella mugisi bidutteevi!!:D
Thanks girl,try it:))

Rahin said...

hey asha , as always , another new n interesting recipe for me , have never tried this one but sure want to....after seeing ur post :)

FH said...

Thanks Rahin.It is tasty even without the Wadis in there.Give it a try:))

farah said...

hi to u!
the dish looks really delicious n would like to make it this week....befr that can u clear my doubts-
firstly, these moong dal wadees need to be fried(as u mentioned) but i dont need to galowfy imean no need to cook n just dump in the gravy at the end ?????
Secondly I hav one request if u can add in ur 'TO DO LIST" since u hav already mentioned how to make wadees in the old fashion way; i wud like 2 know how i can make just by baking..n enjoy the homemade ones....thxxxx in advance :)

FH said...

Hi Farah, glad you are trying Ambat.
1. Since Wadis are fried, it's already cooked, so you just add them in the end and simmer for a while so they can get soft.
2. Make the Wadi dough as I have mentioned at the end of the post. Drop marble sized portions on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake.
I am not sure about the oven temp, since I haven't tried baking these.
You can also shallow fry the dried Wadis, but frying makes them crisp and get soft quickly in Ambat sauce than just baking.
You could try and experiment and see how you like it baked! :)