August 20, 2007


WBB #14 which is started by Nandita's "Saffron Trail" and being hosted in August by Glenna from "A Fridge full of food" blog.This month's theme is "Ethnic Breakfast with a twist".Thanks for hosting Glenna!:)

There is a new twist in this month's WBB!! We are supposed to make something other than what we eat normally, to cook some other country's breakfast other than where we are from! That sounds great because I am from India, grew up on a very South Indian style breakfast like Dosas, Idlis, Chapatis, Upmas etc.I could have whipped up those in minutes without much thinking involved!!:D
But wait!! I need to make something other than what I know!! No problems I thought, how about all American breakfast with a side of Southern US hash!!Yippee! To make the deal even sweeter, I topped the pancakes with sauteed Apple cinnamon and walnuts for crunch.Tasted so good, we loved our special Sunday breakfast even more than usual! Here is our Sunday breakfast!:))

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes,Sausages and savory Hashbrown:

Usually for us, weekday mornings are always Cereal, or Muffins or toasts along with OJ and coffee. We are too busy and not very hungry for a hearty breakfast. But weekends are always relaxed and we as a family are all ready for late breakfast. We make Waffles and Bacon on Saturdays and Sundays are always Pancakes and Hashbrowns for us which keeps the kids very happy the whole weekend! :)

What you need:

For Pancakes:
1 large egg, 1/2 cup milk, 2 cups store-bought pancake mix,Enough water to mix, 1/2 tbsp cinnamon powder,1 granny smith apple, peeled and grated.(skip the egg of you don't like it) Mix, whisk all to a thick batter, keep aside for a minute or two.
Sausages: I buy Johnsonville Maple and brown sugar links. They are sweet and not much fat as others sausages, which I like.You can choose whichever you like.
Hash: Hash is basically a southern breakfast dis made of cubed Potatoes, onions,Peppers, salt ,cilantro and pepper sauteed in little oil until they are crisp and golden, delicious!:)
I buy the ready to eat frozen Onion flavored Hashbrowns and add other vegs to add to the heated,chopped Hashbrowns to speed up the process.
Apple Cinnamon topping: You can either buy apple Cinnamon can or make yourself,see below for the recipe.
Maple syrup to drizzle on top.Few crushed walnuts to sprinkle.

Sauteed Cinnamon sugar Apples:

To make Cinnamon sauteed Apple: 2 tsp unsalted butter, 2 tbsp packed brown sugar, 2 tsp cinnamon pd, 1 cup peeled and sliced Granny Smith apples, 2 tbsp apple butter or maple syrup.

How to make it:

Heat a non-stick skillet, Pour 2-3 tbsp of pancake batter in circles or in any shape you like sing molds, let it get golden on the bottom.Flip and cook the other side.Place on a plate.Put some sausages and Hashbrowns on the side to cook while you make Pancakes.When Hashbrown cooks to golden color,cut them to pieces.

To make savory Hashbrown: Cook 4 store-bought onion flavored Hashbrowns until golden on a electric or plain non-stick skillet. Add 1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion,chilli flakes, salt and pepper and roast it alongside the Hash.Mix them all up,put it on the plates and garnish with cilantro.If you using cubed Potatoes, use a separate pan to make the hashbrown.Heat the ready to eat Apple or make Apple cinnamon in a pan.

To Plate your hearty weekend breakfast:
Stack 3 pancakes on the plate, top them with 2-3 tbsp of Apple Cinnamon,sprinkle with crushed Walnuts and drizzle with maple syrup.Place 2 sausages on the side along with savory hashbrowns.Get a fork and a knife and dig in! Don't forget your OJ and/or coffee!:))

Orange Juice or Coffee or both!!:)



Food Safety is the theme this month for Safety tips event which is hosted by Jyotsna from "m" blog. I found some great tips for food safety in USDA site, thought I would share them with you. Thanks for choosing a great theme J, will surely help us all!:))

Here are few important points to remember when it comes to food safety!
1. Clean;
Cleanliness is a major factor in preventing foodborne illness. Always wash hands with warm, soapy water, before handling food; after handling food; after using the bathroom; after changing a diaper; after tending to a sick person; after blowing nose, coughing, or sneezing; and after handling pets.Wash dish clothes often in the hot cycle of your washing machine.
2. Separate; Keep cutting boards clean,use two separate boards for meat and vegetables. Wash all surfaces that come in contact with raw meat, poultry, fish, and eggs with warm soapy water.Keep pets, household cleaners, and other chemicals away from food and surfaces used for food.
3. Cook; Wash vegetables and rinse meat before cooking. Don't use the same plates and utensils that held the raw meat or veg to serve the cooked dishes. Any bacteria present in the raw meat or vegs can contaminate the safely cooked dishes.When using a food thermometer, it is important to wash the probe after each use.
4. Chill;
Always refrigerate the leftover food immediately.Do not keep raw meat in the fridge more than 24hrs, freeze them if you don't use them ASAP.Because of the bacteria everywhere, cleanliness is a major factor in preventing foodborne illnesses.
Be safe and take care!:))


Raaga said...

Asha... exactly what I had in mind... minus the sausages :-) Sachin can cook the frozen ones if he wishes :-) After thinking about rolls and frittatas, I zeroed in on pancakes and hashbrowns this morning. Great going... I am on the route to greatness as I can see.. I am following in your footsteps :-)

Laavanya said...

What a lovely spread. The cinnamon-apples look delicious - that's a great combination right. I love hashbrowns too though I normally just have them as is instead of with fried onions and g. chillies.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a vegetarian, your breakfast spread looks yum!!! Hope you are enjoying your well deserved break!!


Mona said...

I love Hash Browns! & this is such a savoury breakfast. The coffee looks so good I need some.

Asha I'm sorry I couldn't visit more often.My son had an accident while riding a motorbike & so I haven't been around much. Hope I shall be able to come up with a new post soon.

indosungod said...

Hi Asha, you are back from the beach or are you posting from there? Those fluffy pancakes with those yum apples. I will take this for breakfast any day.

KellytheCulinarian said...

What an amazing breakfast. I enjoy strawberry pancakes on the weekends with some nice hashbrowns. We make them from scratch and fry them in a combination of butter and vegetable oil.

Aruna said...

Asha, I am very tempted to try out the "Sauteed Cinnamon sugar Apples"
they look soo juicy & delicious....

TBC said...

You're back!How was ur trip?
Cinnamon apples sound good:-)

Suganya said...

Did I just step into Denny's :D. Ok! I will have an order of that, minus the sausage :) said...

I love the lazy weekend breakfasts. Nice twist on the hashbrowns!


Sharmi said...

very filling breakfast. I prefer the pancakes and some coffee:)) after all Indian blood heheheh....

Richa said...

whaaaat? are u blogging from the beach, heh!heh! out here suddenly it's cold, hope weather's good ur side!
that's one filling breakfast :) ok will take both, juice n coffee!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Looks lovely Asha. This is great sweet breakfast to wake up to!

SeeC said...

Everything looks great. Liked your pancake very much.

Very useful info Asha.
I spend more time in cleaning. I want things to be done then and there.
I am planning to collect all your info tips and have it pasted in my kitchen. Thanks Asha.

Anh said...

Asha, this is a lovely breaky which I wish I could taste now :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha,
Good idea to have a space only for blog events! I came here to look for the deadlines for blog events. Please do include my event in your list. Though I have copied details of events, I find it easy to see them in your blog.
Your american breakfast is great, though I dont cook the nonveg dishes you mentioned.
Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Anonymous said...

Lovely breakfast Ashaji! I loved that cinnamon apples. So you are back from your vacation?

Roopa said...

Oh Asha! Are you back or were you blogging from the beach haha! The breakfast is looking awesome my Girl would be jumping if i did bake hashbrowns for breakfast! i loved the pancakes too :) hope you had a nice time !

archana said...

Breakfast looks gr8 Asha especially those pancakes and hash browns.Liked the safety tips on food. They are really very useful :)

sra said...

Asha, your comment moderation box must be groaning with the weight of all the comments - think this is the first time I've not seen you blogging (well, there was this post, of course) on holiday!

J said...

I'm making this on Friday for our weekend breakfast. Thanks, it looks so good! And the food tips are great too! Thankyou for that too. Hope you are having a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

Wow..what a spread for breakfast!and i am the first to comment!
Liked those pancakes with the apple topping!great recipe

FH said...

HeHe! Raaga, good for you. You take up my torch after me or with me!:))
We will be driving back home today,just got some time moderate,will see you later or tomorrow.Got LOT of laundry to do as soon as I get home!

Laavanya,Apple and cinnamon sugar is a classic, unbelievably tasty.We too just heat up the Hashbrowns usually, little jazzed up just for this!:D

Sudha, except Sausages, everything else can be great veg breakfast too.Skip the egg in the pancake,not really necessary but makes it fluffy.Enjoy:))
Vacation is almost over now!:D

FH said...

So sorry to hear that Mona, hope he has recovered now.These kids give us mini heart attacks ,don't they? Trisha has driving too although not alone right now,it's scary!
Don't worry about blogging,take your time.I am on vacation too,will be home today.See you later,hugs.Take care buddy:)

Hi Indo,we will be driving back today,back to business from tomorrow.I had this post in the draft ready to go,I just posted it!;D Enjoy,see you later.

Kelly, from scratch Hashbrowns are the best. Frozen ones are okay if you jazz it up a little!:D
Enjoy, will see you later,still at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am definitely dizzy from all the great dishes you've made since I was away! Must come back to read some more, but the poori-bhaji and these apple-cin. topped pancakes especially look so delicious, Asha! :)

FH said...

Aruna, sauteed tart apples with little butter, cinnamon sugar is the best. Try it and enjoy:))

tbc, just moderating this morning,will drive back home today. This post was already in the draft just before I left,posted it.See you tomorrow!:))

HeHe!! Suganya, I have never been to Denny's but inspiration came from IHOP!!:D
I love cream cheese stuffed French toast too, is in the FH post.Enjoy. I will see you later,still at the beach but will leave shortly:))

FH said...

Thank you Kanchana.Whatever it takes to make it even spicier than it is!:D Enjoy, see you later.

Sharmi,some onions and green chillies in the pancakes without sugar, you got Uttappams there!!:D
Have fun.

Richa,I had this post ready to go in the draft before I left,posted it to catch up with ALL the events going on these days! Will leave the beach shortly,takes about 3 1/2 hr to be back home.See you later or tomorrow,bye girl:))

FH said...

Meeta, I make weekend mornings little special when we are all at home relaxed,feels great to have a good brunch!:))
School starts next Tuesday for kids, busy week ahead for me.Have fun there, thanks Meeta.

Hi Seec, it is true! Takes more time to clean than cooking anything in the kitchen and got to keep it clean too ,specially when kids are around. Thanks, see you later:))

Anh, wish I could send you some!;D
Yes, it's feels good to have a filling breakfast,but weekdays are so busy always!!

FH said...

Latha, I have posted your event at FH,but didn't have the time to update here, I will when I come back home!:))
I will make a easy one for you this week, kids school starts next week,very busy this week.See you tomorrow. Except Sausages,everything else can be Veg, try it;))

Hi Lakshmi!:)
No, not yet but will be driving back today. Just moderating the comments while the family is still sleeping!!:D

Roopa, had this in the draft,just posted it.Driving back today, see you when I can after doing the loads of laundry!:D
We love Hashbrowns too, so yummy.Enjoy.You can use cubed Potatoes too.

Thank you Archana. We love our weekend breakfasts!:))
Enjoy the tips too, we all need those and more! See you later:)

FH said...

LOL!!! Sra, it's so true. I had 28 comments this morning,couldn't log on yesterday.Resisted blogging for 3 days at least!;D
Beach is perfect, lot of heat but they have indoor pool,so kids are happy and Ocean is very warm too.But it ends today,will be driving back home shortly,thought I would moderate now, might not be able to log in again today.
This was in the draft and so is tomorrow's post at FH, so I am good to go for atleast next 2 days!;D
See yo later.

Hi J, so sorry I couldn't let you know about this post, trying to moderate as fast as I can before I leave the beach.Good that you saw this already!:))
I will see you later today,I hope! Got to drive back and unpack!!

Thank you Madhuli!:))
Enjoy. I couldn't moderate yesterday, thought I would quickly this morning before we leave! See you later or tomorrow, vacation is over for me today until next Summer! Ahh!!!:D

FH said...

Thanks Linda. I loved making Poori-Bhaji. I will be home today, got lot of work unpacking etc. at home too. See you later!:))

Arts said...

Lovely Spread.. u have become full to American :D Now i'll have to try something truly Belfian :D
Loved the cinnamon apples.. btw, back frm ur short vacation?

Tee said...

Looks perfect! I personally am not a big fan of the American breakfast...but all your dishes look very authentic and tasty. Great entry for the event! :)

FH said...

Arts, we just landed home and that's all the break I get until probably Summer!It was fun:)
Belgian breakfast sounds good, make it!

Thanks Tee! We make breakfast like this only on weekends, rest of the days, just toast and cereal.Unlike India, we don't feel hungry at all here in the mornings.Enjoy and I will see you later:))

Neelam said...

Asha, Just today I had this breakfast at IHOP and loved the pancakes and the Hashbrowns.. I decided to search for the recipe so I could make them at home. And here it is! Thanks a lot.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha,
The dead line for picnic by anupama has been extended for lazy ones like me.:D..
Thanks for mentioning my event.

Coffee said...

Oye aunty! You are blogging on your vacation as well! Now that something!!!!!!!

Your has is bookmarked to try! :)

sunita said...

That was one hearty breakfast...the pancakes look gorgeous.

Raaga said...

Look at me Asha... I have not made anything for RCI Orissa and am stashing away one recipe after another for the RCI Karnataka. Let me roll up my sleeves for the Orissa event.

FH said...

YAY!! Neelam, I love IHOP breakfast,it's almost like meal! Love their Cream cheese French toast too.I have posted that at FH, go to recipe Index for that. Enjoy the good breakfast but only on weekends!;D

Latha, I didn't know that, thanks.But I don't have anything cooked for her,will see weather I can!:)

FH said...

Coffee, you call me aunty one more time, I am going come where you are and smack your back side!!:P
Except Sausages,it's pretty much vegetarian. Try it, see you later:)

Thank you Sunita.A good breakfast always makes you feel great but we are too busy on weekdays. But good thing is saves you some calories from piling up!:D

Raaga, you didn't cook even one Oriya food!! Come on girl, make a Dalma, it's easy. Don't miss it, still got time.I am announcing RCI K today, next Wednesday will be too late!!Hope Swapna doesn't mind!:)

Lia said...

wonderful pancake!, for me weekend means having breakfast outside cuase iam too lazy to prepare food in holiday mood :D

Thanks for ur tips Asha really helpful for us ;)

FH said...

Lia, that's true! Wish I could go out for brunch every weekend! But with kids, it's better for us to make at home,lot less hassle and less expensive!;D

Anonymous said...

hey asha those cinnamon apples look gorgeous.....n i think the food safety tips are very gud too ....another e.g. for how small things taken care of can make a difference :)

FH said...

You are right Rahin. You can never be safer in the kitchen with so many things being cooked,specially with veggies and meat!:)
Enjoy the breakfast.

Padma said...

Asha, today only i included Aroma in my google reader, sorry I was not knowing about Aroma earlier, today when i stumbled on ur FH blog, got to know this incredible one, how did I miss it earlier?

The sausages with hasbrowns looks yummy, not a fan of pancaked, though...that breakfast platter looks inviting and am feeling hungry in the mid-time of the day!

FH said...

Thank you Padma!:)
Most people don't know about this bcos this is just for events.Short and sweet recipes unlike FH!:D
Enjoy. You can make savory pancakes too, if you like.

Suganya said...

WOW....This is a wonderful breakfast...feeling hungry now...

FH said...

HeHe! Help yourself to some Sukanya!:))
Don't forget to check on RCI K'taka announcement at FH, hope you send one too.

Pravs said...

That looks like a very filling and heavy breakfast. If that is my breakfast ....i will be in slumber mode for a while :D

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Asha Ji
we are onam on 26.27 ,28 & 29.
Happy Onam to you and family.

FH said...

Hi Pravs, yup! That's why we make it only weekends and late in the morning!:D
It feels great after all the boring breakfasts we eat on weekdays!:)

Hi Deepak, so great to see you man.We are all missing you!:)
Happy Onam, how exciting.I can imagine all the beautiful Elephants lined up!:))
Enjoy Deepak, have a great time.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Oh, yes, that's a great American breakfast! I'll have a couple of those apple-cinnamon pancakes, please. :)

FH said...

Hahaha!! Thank you Susan. Go ahead and help yourself!:))

Glenna said...

Your breakfast looks so good I could dive in! Thanks for participating.