September 18, 2007


Coconut Buns and stuffed Aloo Parathas are my entries to Coffee of "The Spice Cafe" blog. Her event is "Monthly blog patroling" for "Bread" this month.Thanks Coffee!:)

My first bread for MBP:
Ever since I saw these Coconut Buns at Pushpa's blog last year, my kids wanted to have these but then I forgot to bake them until Coffee said "bread" this month!!:D
I would say if you want any baked goods,you should visit Pushpa's blog. She has a great collection of cookies and cakes over there, some are Malaysian style. Look for "Weekend Baking Session" for sweet goodies!:)

What better time to choose and bake these yummy Buns! They were as delicious as I had imagined they would be.I followed the making and baking instruction mostly as it is in her blog except added little Vanilla essence to the dough.(Kids, again!:P)

For filling: To make it easy on me, I sprinkled 1 tsp Cinnamon pd to 1 cup sweetened coconut,2 tbsp brown sugar and 1 tsp of dark Molasses, heated for 30seconds in the Microwave to mix. Baking is at 375F for 18-20mins.

Coconut Buns, from Pushpa of "PuSiVa's Culinary Studio" blog:

I had posted a Cardamom-Raisin quick buns without Yeast few months back which I love, these are similar but made with Yeast,hence very soft and tender.Make sure you use fresh Yeast for the best result. Enjoy!:)


My second and a successful choice of bread for MBP, Aloo Parathas:
I love Aloo Parathas and I tried several times to make stuffed Parathas but always failed with filling spilling out all over the place and making a mess on the kitchen counter.I just gave up on these.Then I saw Kajal's thick and delicious Parathas with recipe she got from Pooja's blog.I decided to give it a try one more time using Kajal's photos as guide and stuffing method.
They came out so well and delicious without spilling as you can see, these will be on the menu regularly now!! I added a little Turmeric to the Potato filling for color. Excellent!! Thanks Kajal and Pooja!:))

I followed the folding method of making Aloo Parathas exactly as she has shown from Kajal of "Kajaldreams" blog:

Kajal made her Aloo Parathas with recipe from Pooja's blog. Original recipe for Aloo Parathas is from Pooja of "Creative Pooja" blog.

Secrets to the best Aloo Parathas I learnt this time;
1. Make the filling very dry,add powders,chillies and mash Potatoes very well to a smooth dough without lumps.
2. Let the Paratha dough rest for atleast30mins.
3. When stuffing ,make sure there are no air pockets between the dough and the filling. If there is a air pocket,it bursts when rolling out the Parathas after stuffing!Look at Kajal's photos. Eureka moment for me!!!:D
4. Use non-stick pan with little oil sprinkled on both sides of the Parathas for a golden color to avoid using too much oil.

Finally, my favorite aromas in my kitchen are;
1. Baking bread,
2. Aroma of Cinnamon and Sugar,
3. Garlic and onions frying!!:D

That's about it, you will get a perfect stuffed Aloo Parathas, better than the ones you get in the restaurants!!


Anh said...

Asha, I have made the filling for the coconut bun before! Very very good! Lovely.

And your parathas look so elegant! I wish I could grab some. :)

Roopa said...

wow the buns look fabulous. The paratas are great i love aloo paratas too. so made the stuffed paratas :)so back full hope your eyes are back with full power :) he he hugs take care :)

Finla said...

Buns are excelent looking. I am sure my daughter would also love them. But there is no Asha aunty living close by :-)) to give them to here :-)))

Parathas looks good

FH said...

Anh,cocnut goes well well with everything, doesn't it? I loved these.Try Parathas, they are not that hard now that I learnt some tricks!:D

Roopa, my near vision specs are not here yet,so it is hard to chop and measure etc but kids help out!:))
Glad I finally found out how to stuffed Parathas!:D

HeHe! Happy cook ,wish I could send them over but kids grab and eat all as fast as they can!!:D
Hope you make it there girl,kids love the sweet buns!:))

Anonymous said...

wowie, you made aloo parathas :). they look awesome - do you mind sending some over for dinner - i deserve a break from all the rolling that i do!!!

Kribha said...

Nice choice of dishes. Beautiful pictures. Buns look delicious. Thanks for sharing all those great tips on making the perfect aloo parathas. will surely follow them next time. But, right now I would like to taste both of 'em. Could you pass me the plates please?

Padma said...

Another great creation Asha! looks great! am a vivid lover of aloo parathas...wish I had few from that plate :(

FH said...

Hahaha!! Lakshmi, if it is that easy,I would have grabbed all the dishes from the blogs when I came home after surgery! No such luck girl! Enjoy looking!!;D

Okay Kribha, passing the plate, grab it!:D
You would love those Buns my friend with the sweet tooth!:))

FH said...

Padma, after many failed attempts,I finally got it!!:))
Hope you try girl,really thick and delicious, taste great on it's own too.

sra said...

Asha, do you remember the coconut buns you get in India - sticky with pink shreds of coconut in them? I treat myself to one once in a few years (the mood doesn't strike me often). Your filling looks a bit like that, tho' the buns here are flatter and bigger. And the parathas look lovely!

Anonymous said...

Asha the shiny texture of buns is very tempting and i am ready to scrath one from the screen and parathas looks gorgeous i wish i can grab all the buns and parathas see how greedy i am :)

Richa said...

aloo parathas look so inviting :) they r my fav and can hv them anytime, i find them easier to make compared to other stuffed parathas.
that sounds like a nice coco-bun recipe!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Both look great the buns and the parathas. After the pooris I think I can pretty much try anything even parathas!

Sig said...

The coocnut cinnamon filling sounds very delicious Asha... And looks great too... I was waiting for that bbq post :D

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! buns looks yum and also aloo parathas looks fabulous. Great entries to MBP. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

sra, when I took first bite of these,I thought "it tastes like Iyengar bakery buns!"!:D
I forgot to write up there.I used love these, glad I finally made them.Now I can taste them home.I need kids to measure for me precisely,still can't see nearer things much!:))

Ramya, go ahead and take them all!:D
Egg wash gives them a great color.Just milk makes the tops little Pinkish but as reddish.

Tee said...

Coconut-cinnamon buns rock!do yu think that adding jaggery to the filling might work? my husband and me just love the coconut-jaggery combo! :)
The parathas look yummy! Aloo parathas are an all time favorite. another thing that i generally take care of, is that, the consistency of the filling and the dough should be same. Otherwise the filling might not spread easily everywhere. :)

KellytheCulinarian said...

How delicious! I've never had a stuffed bun, but it looks decadent.

FH said...

Richa, you Punjabis are lucky! You can always learn from your moms! I have to search in blogs for a good recipes!Next, Gobi Parathas for me:))
Hope you try the buns, that's universal!

Hi Meeta, takes quite a little for making these girl, Pooris are easy!:D
I had given up on them, glad I tried again.Learn from your mom while you are there, bet she is an expert.Have a great time,see you when you come back!:))

FH said...

Sig, coconut filling is so tasty,I don't think I will bake just regular buns anymore!:D
I will just post a photo of BBQ.We bought a new Char Broil grill to replace the old thing, Arvind underestimated the heat! Hahaha!!

Enjoy Jyoti.Took a long time to decide what to do for MBP, made it at last!:))

FH said...

Tee, Pushpa's Originalrecip had coconut and jaggery combo, perfect for you. Click on the link. I had sweetened coconut which I used.
That's a good advice, thanks.For the first time I didn't make a mess on the counter with filling,worked well!:D

A classic Indian filling would be with Coconut, Cardamom pd and jaggery(Palm sugar) Kelly.I used sweetened coconut.Hope you try, it's really delicious!:))

Seena said...

Lovely buns, with coconut it will taste great..hey, I also make aloo parathas like searching for gourds to prepare the "green chutney"..haven't got the desired one yet..

FH said...

They taste wonderful with coconut Seena, hope you try.
Make sure Gourd peels are young and tender,otherwise you will get nasty tasting and stringy green chutney!:D

Suganya said...

Parathas do look better than anything served in restaurants. You are back in full swing. I hope yr eye is recovering well!

FH said...

They really are Suganya! We pay more than $2 in there for these,they half as good as these.I am so glad I could make them at loved them too!:))
My eyes are serving me well so far.I am getting my reading glasses too today, so I will be almost 100% cured!:D

Anonymous said...

hi Asha
delicious looking coconut buns and aloo parathas.


Sharmi said...

lovely looking buns and parathas. I am impressed a lot with the buns. looks so cute.

musical said...

Coconut cinnamon buns, that sounds really perfect for fall/winter coffee time! and i love aloo-paranthas! had some this weekend :-D.

Unknown said...

Asha, these both look wonderful. Especially the Parathas. I tried stuffed paratha for the first time a couple moths ago and fell in love! If only I had the guts to try to make them:)

FH said...

Thank you Shalini, hope you try the buns, tastes like Indian bakery stuff!:))

Sharmi, buns are very tasty, try this weekend girl.You will love them!
We have 2 more left ,that's it. Got to make more!:)

FH said...

Musie, Aloo Parathas were so yummy.I used to mix aloo with the dough and make them because I found it so hard to stuff.Not anymore!:))
Make the buns, they are yummy with coffee.

Erin, there is a first time for everything, try it with just 1 cup of flour first.I am sure you can make them if I can! I had given up too!:))

Unknown said...

Oh the buns looks prefect nice colour, i'll use your recipe and try making 'khara buns'. you know one we get in indian bakery.
I always do parathas with mixing with flour.should try it once stuffing.paratha stack looks beautiful.

bee said...

i honour of you, i'm making a new word. those are the gorgeousest golden buns ever.

TBC said...

I love your aloo parathas. They look so perfect!
How are you adjusting to life without glasses?

Rajitha said...

yummers! would love to stuff myself with those buns and parathas one after the other...something sweet..then spicy..then sweet...then spicy...then

Kajal said...

You always give surprise with something new dish….coconut buns looks delicious and soft my dear…. Also thanks for my link and sorry for you get trouble to finding recipe but I have index for month wish. I like secrets of the Aloo Parathas. :-)

Pravs said...

Buns looks so perfectly does aloo parathas. Can i have the Coconut filled buns please ??

Laavanya said...

Two of my favorite Asha... I have also been eyeing Pushpa's coconut buns... and the aloo parathas look perfect. I have trouble rolling them out as well and when it gets easy, it's because there isn't enough filling. I'll keep Kajal's method in mind for the next time.

Srivalli said...

Lovely looking buns and aloo parathas....I usually boil the potatoes and mash them well. Saute onions and add all the masala to it. Then mix it to the mashed potato with hand. This way the potatoes mix will stick to the center...try this also...I have made it but never came around posting it....

FH said...

OMG! Madhu,don't remind me of Khara buns!! I am drooling with just the thought of it. Oh, I can imagine the taste,I will try this weekend.Enjoy!:)

HeHe!!Bee, thank you. Usually, I just brush the tops with milk and this time I used Egg wash. That's the reason for the color!:))

FH said...

tbc, thanks. My World is so clear and colorful now, it's like watching HD TV!:D But I can't see a foot from me, I hope that gets better as the time goes.I almost cut fingers twice when chopping, knife went on my nails!!:p

LOL! Rajitha, you are making me get up and make some more now!!STOP IT!!:D

FH said...

Hi Kajal, thanks for the Parathas recipe and method girl.I really appreciate it.They were wonderful!:))
I know about the month index, I have to start searching for it one month at a time.Better thing is you could get Google search box index, so I can type Parathas and it takes me to all the Parathas you have.I will give you the URL later!:))

Yes, you may Pravs!:))
Hope you try this weekend, they are yummy.

FH said...

Laavanya, I had almost forgotten about the buns, glad I tried it.They were excellent.Dry Yeast must fresh though,makes the buns so soft!:))

Sri, I mashed Potatoes really well this time, but added dry spices without any oil, came out well!
Post your's when you make next time Sri, it's nice to learn all the tricks we can, to make them better!:)

Sia said...

drool...drool and drool... even after having my lunch thats what i am doing!!! (no prize for guessing who made lunch box;)
thanks ashakka for the tips for making fool-proof parathas. its been ages since i made aloo paratas and your perfect shaped paratas is making me crave for some.
been busy all these days. so didnt get time to blog hop as we had some friends from your place during weekends... today all i am doing here in office is blog hopping;) i donno when i'll get a day like this;)

FH said...

Yeah, use the office for good work Sups!:D
I know you have been very busy, didn't see you anywhere until 2 days ago.Hope you it eased now a little. Parathas were fabulous, hope you try.I had given up until now!:))

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Everything always looks so delicious on your blog. I enjoy reading through your entries on both of your blogs as well as the foodie blog roll as well. I agree that coconut goes well with everything!! I especially enjoy it in my rice!!!!

Suma Gandlur said...

Both of your dishes are looking fabulous Asha.

Anonymous said...

hi asha..parathas everywhere :) buns are looking gorgeous (really)..any idea how to make in a microwave??

Mona said...

AALO PARATHAS! wow! My mouth is drooling! Where is that tissue!

Now I know what I am having for dinner tonight!

Those buns look so yummy. I like the molasses idea. Will definitely try those!

FH said...

Thank you Valli! I have to cook everyday anyway for the family, I will choose recipes around it so I can blog them too!:D
I love sweetened coconut as well.

Thank you Suma, we loved them too, specially kids!:))

FH said...

Priya, I don't think you can make then in the MW unless some MW have small oven feature too. You need a oven to bake! If you are in India, you do get a Tabletop electric Oven, I had one when I was there.Try it!:))

Hi Mona, good to see you.Hope everything is going well for you after all the events you went thru' recently!:))
Those buns are available in any Iyengar bakery in India, you don't have to cook girl, you are lucky! WE have to do all these ourselves if you want to eat here!:P

amna said...

wow those buns have such an awesome glaze over them! we get these for breakfast in office almost every day :)

FH said...

WHAT?! You lucky devil!:D
We have to make everything Indian if we want to eat it here. Glaze is Egg wash, gives it a great color!:)

Anonymous said...

Great entries asha. They are looking awesome.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia, Asha,

Followed your link from Mona's blog.

Saw the Elvis sandwich recipe - but if I eat 'em, will they make me sing like the King?!!

Then I saw the vada recipe and dreamt of my childhood in India. Hard to concentrate on anything else while thinking of vadas!



FH said...

Thank you Hima, Buns were really good.Hope you try!:))

Hi David, welcome to my blog!:))
Yeah, you wish!! There is only one King in the World!;D
Aren't the author of a Anglo Indian book? I forget the name, something like Vindaloo!! If you are I am thrilled!! Nice to see you!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha.... I always visit your FH site, and was wondering how I could miss the sweet buns you mentioned!!!
These are as Bee said , the gorgeousest buns :)
Great work Girl!!!

Apple said...

Buns look Fantastic Asha...outer crust looks so smooth...coconut filling is a great idea...aloo parathas also look wonderful, thanks for those tips on making perfect parathas

FH said...

Hahaha!! Yeah, Bee created a brand new word just for me!;D
Thanks girl, try this recipe form Pushpa's blog.They are the most delicious!:))

Thank you Apple, hope you try buns this weekend, coconut-brown sugar, yum!:))
Have a great weekend.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Asha,

It's a small world - we meet again, through your comment on Lotus Reads' review of my novel Vegemite Vindaloo.

I'll answer your query about the book in the next few hours, as a post on my own blog.

Will link to you.



FH said...

Looking forward to it David, thanks!Sounds very interesting!:))

Prema Sundar said...

Buns look excellent. I have had coconut stuffed buns during school days in a bakery near my school.. it would taste yummy .. didn't have a chance to taste it after school days. should try this sometime.
love aloo parathas anytime.

FH said...

Prema, coconut and Jaggery go together so well, they are yummy. Ty these,you will love it!:))

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
Both the recipe are perfect..hmmm that buns are perfect toast.....i loved it alot....

SeeC said...

Excellent asha. I would be too lazy to try baking items.

BTW are you not taking rest ?

Do take care. Eyes are more precious.

FH said...

Thank you Usha, good to see you girl!:)
Make some buns this weekend, they are tasty too.

Hi SeeC, yes,I am but got to do the round up for RCI, no choice.I am doing a little everyday!:))

Latha Narasimhan said...

Aloo parathas are one of our regular breakfasts asha! You can make with different vegetables. Gobi tastes best! We can make small changes in the masalas to break monotony!

Coconut buns ar very tempting! I better bake some bread and bun before I strat getting some complex for not baking bread varieties!:)) I baked very nice buns some 20 years back in a round oven!:))
I am back after a short bu great trip! Ragi rotti and gojju for you today asha dear!
Some non bloggers have asked for authentic karnataka recipes thinking I am an expert in these dishes! I think I will continue learing and posting karnataka recipes even after RCI is over!!:D

Gattina Cheung said...

I always love coconut in baked goods. Asha, your buns are sooooo good! I know I would never feel enough!
Love the aroma of onion frying too... eating them even better :)

FH said...

Lathamma, you are back!!!:))))
I missed you you know! We know each other for a very short time but I feel like I knew you forever!
Yeah,I had that round electric oven too, baked some!HeHe!
Try these, I will try Khara buns too this weekend.
I am discovering K'taka cuisine myself,so I don't blame non-bloggers for asking for them.I would love to see more in your blog too.Looking forward to them too!:)

Hi Gattina, frying onions makes you so hungry even if you have just eaten!:D
Yup, coconut and brown sugar are the best combo.Good to see you back blogging!:))

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear could not make gujju as promised as I have my daughter and son in law over here! Son in law likes only sambhar. :))
I also made dryfruit ladoo and boli for them. I will be posting a few more karnataka recipes for anaother week!:)) you can take if you have time. We have sent Mysoor pak too!
One good news I wanted to share with you. Yum blog is positioned at no 41 in wordpress blogs and no 12 in wordpress English blogs, since 15 th september!:))

FH said...

Latha, don't worry girl! You have already cooked so many for me. Take good care of Lakshmi and her hubby!:)
I might add them in future after next week's round up,let's see. I just added all the photos, almost 90 in 3 posts and 60 in the last, still working on them!:))
Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and the YUM blog.You deserve it. It's really a yum blog,always a pleasure to visit you.Keep it up!:))
Thanks for Mysore Pak, I will make it for Deepavali in a small quantity,I am sure we will love it!:)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I share your favorite smells in the kitchen and wouldn't mind some cinnamon and sugar wafting through my place right now. Those buns look perfect. Wish I could nibble on one with my cup of tea.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! the buns look gorgoeus. thank u very much Asha akka for trying it out and marketing the buns. I highly appreciate it.

Ur parattas look fab!!!

FH said...

Susan, I love Cinnabons, so yum. Just the thought of it makes you happy!:D
Hope you try this, Palm sugar can be replaced with dark brown sugar too!:))

Pushpa, Thank YOU girl!:))
I was eyeing those buns for a long time now. Finally, I made them. Kids loved them. I am planning to make Spicy buns with the same recipe,like the one we get in Iyengar bakeries in B'lore!:))
Have a great weekend, I might bake more from your blog shortly!:))

J said...

Hi Asha! I too made parathas! Should try the buns, seem interesting!

FH said...

Buns are delicious and not that hard to make too. Try it J!:))

Saju said...

Those buns looks so tasty. I love them! The paratha are pure comfort food - at least for me.

FH said...

Hope you try the Buns Saju, heavenly! Aloo Parathas, I can munch on whole day! Have a great Sunday:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, both the coco-buns and parathas look like delicious lunch to me... let's eat! ;)

FH said...

Okay Linda, I am coming over there with them, be ready!!;D

S said...

hai r u?i missed many of ur recipes b4..n went thru ur latest post i liked the coconut buns..those r really cute soft and mouth watering...

FH said...

Hi Shanti, I know! I haven't seen for so long!:))
Thank you, buns were really delicious.Hope you try.You can make then savory too.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
The Buns looks perfect with coconut filling. Great Job!!!!! I missed many of your aroma posts. Just reading everything now.
Parathas are inviting me.very nice.

FH said...

That's okay MT, take your time. Thanks!:))