November 26, 2007


Rice and spice and Brownie jar mix
are my contributions to "A spoonful of Christmas" event organized by Zlamushka of "Spicy Kitchen". Thanks for hosting Zlamushka. Enjoy all the goodies coming your way. Merry Christmas to you in advance!:))

When I read about this event at Z's, I got curious as to what I can come with for a spoonful of Christmas! Although we personally don't celebrate Christmas at home, we do receive a few cookie jar mixes during this time from others. Basing on that theme, I thought I will make a whole Indian meal jar mix and a sweet Brownie mix for this event and what a great looking colorful jar mixes they make too!

Here is my first jar, my own Rice and Spice or Khichdi mix. When you need to use this, all you have to do is put all the jar contents in a bowl with enough water and any veggies you like to cook in a Microwave and VOILA!! You have got a beautiful and nutritious meal in minutes! Serve with "Chaar Yaars", (four friends of Khichdi) which are Papad, Pickle, ghee and Raita. Enjoy!:))

Rice and Spice jar mix:

This is how you make this jar mix:
Take a big enough jar to fit about 2 1/2 cups of grains or cut these amount to half s=for smaller jar and adjust the water to cook. Add these in layers;

3/4 cup Basmati or Long grain rice(which I used above),
1/3 cup Channa dal(Split peas)
1/3 cup Masoor dal (Red lentils)
2 tbsps of spice powder,(Given below)
2 tbsps of dried Parsely or Cilantro,
1/3 cup Moong Dal (Split Moong beans)
3/4 cup of rice again on top.Close with lid.
Wrap the lid with pretty cloth, tie a bow and don't forget to tie card with "How to cook" instruction!! That's it. Your beautiful Kichidi Jar mix is ready!!:)

To make spice powder, mix all these to use as much as needed in the jar:
2 tbsp Coriander seeds powder,
1 tbsp Cumin seeds powder,
1 tsp Garam Masala,
1 tsp Ginger powder,
1/2 tsp Garlic powder,
1/4 tsp turmeric,
1/2 tsp salt,
1/4 tsp chilli pd,
1/2 tsp Mango powder or Tamarind powder.

Instructions in the card you attach would be:
"Put the contents of the jar into a glass bowl, add about 4 cups of water, 1 cup mixed vegetables or any canned beans and 1 tbsp butter. Mix well and cook in the Microwave for 15mins on high uncovered. Cover with a lid and cook again for 6 mins on 50% power. Add more water if you need it to cook, mix and MW again. Adjust the salt and spices. Serve with a salad, Lemon slices and Potato crisps. Enjoy!"

Rice and spice mix or Khichdi as we call it, when cooked with veggies and beans:
I added green beans and 1 cup already cooked red or brown Chana I had in the fridge to cook this dish with the above jar mix. It looks and tastes great. Dals in this mix makes it a very nutritious low fat meal.

Khichdi is usually little wetter or mushier than the other rice dishes. You will have to adjust the water depending on the type of rice you use.



Double Chocolate Brownie Jar Mix:
This recipe came from a book called "Make-A-Mix" by Karine Eliason, which has about 300 wonderful mixes to give away as gifts. This is one of them. I haven't tried this mix yet since I have been making too many desserts these days. I am sure it tastes great with all those Chocolate, Cocoa, nuts and sugar. I bet it will make delicious Brownies!!:)

Here is how to make up the mix:
3 cups plain flour,
2 tsp baking pd,
1 tsp salt,
3 cups sugar,
1/2 cup cocoa pd.

Chocolate chips.

Mix all these well.
Fill half the jar with the above mix and add 1/4 cup Chocolate Chips and fill the jar with the rest. Cover with lid and decorate and tag with a instruction card to bake Brownies. (Double this recipe if you want more of the mix.)

To make Brownies, you need 2 1/4 cup of this dry mix.

Write this inside the card to bake Brownies:
Preheat the oven to 350F. Spray or grease 8" square pan.

1. In a bowl, mix 1/4 cup melted butter, 2 eggs beaten, 1 tsp Vanilla essence and add in 2 1/4 cups above Brownie mix, beat well.
2. Mix in 1/4 cup any chopped nuts if you like and pour into prepared pan.
3. Bake for 30 mins or until it leaves the sides.
4. Cool and cut into bars. Makes about 16 pieces of 2" square bars.

Have fun mixing your own meals and desserts. Have a very merry Christmas!

This will be my last post here at Aroma until Dec 12th, will be taking a break from Dec 1st to 12th. I will be back in your blogs and in mine on the 12th and try to catch up with the events although I probably miss a few entries to the events in December! Have fun girls, see you later!:))


Kribha said...

That's so beautiful Asha. I liked the way you have customized the cookie jar mixes to our Indian style. Unique and thoughtful. Have a well deserved break and Enjoy your time. Will miss you though.

Unknown said...

They looks so lovely.

FH said...

Thank you Kribha. Khichdi mix was really great!
I will be around until the end of this month, after that I will take a break,cook for Christmas and enjoy. Altough I miss all of you too, my brain and my right hand really need a break!:D

FH said...

Thanks Pushpa, glad you liked them!:))

Finla said...

Wow Asha you are just great.
I love both the jars, such a wonderful idea.
And they pictures a so good.
Enjoy the well deserved break in December

TBC said...

Those are such lovely ideas, Asha:)I like the rice-spice mix
Enjoy your vacation. Hope you have a wonderful time. :)

arundati said...

i love this idea.... i think i shall make this for christmas...makes for fabulous gifts!! thanks for the fab idea!! and have a lovely christmas.....hugs!!

Richa said...

lovely gifts, Asha! how about adding a line for 'char yaar' in the instructions heh!heh!
personalized gifts r always appreciated!

FH said...

F, are you excited for Christmas? It's a such a fun time, everybody seems to be happy!:))
These jars are perfect for small families, quick to make too, no mixing and thinking of proportions.Yeah, need a longer break to recover, but I will be baking cookies though for Xmas!:D

Thanks tbc, I will be around for 4 more days, got to get Linda's JFI post entered next at FH!:))

FH said...

Thanks Arundati, enjoy the gifts.Brownie mix is really helpful, I have to bake it, still in the jar.I will update when I do!:))

Oh yeah!! Richa, I forgot the Chaar yaars alreardy!!:D
May be I will add, I enjoyed Khichdi and Chaar yaars too, great combo with this. Personal gifts are always great instead of buying a box of chocolates!:)

Anonymous said...

that kichidi in a jar is a great gift idea,asha. i have seen brownie/cake mix in jars as gift ideas on the net but kichidi in a jar ?? how come i didn't think of it!!;))gifts look lovely:)

Manasi said...

This is such a wonderful gift!!! I like the khichadi idea!! it would make a nice gift for bachelors!!!

FH said...

Haha!! Paati, you are right! There are so many cookie mix, cake mix out there but we will have to make up our own Indian Khichdi Jar mix!:D
Tastes great, I just dumped everything plus beans and MWed it after I took the photo. It gets little mushy but tastes so good!:)

You can make up Bisibele Bhath mix too Manasi, there are so many choices for us.
Really great to come home, cook one of these without worrying measuring this and that! Hope all of you come up with some jar mixes like this!:))

Anonymous said...

WoW Asha!
You are very creative and at the same time inspiring as alwaye with yet another post. Happy holidays dear Asha!

Laavanya said...

The Khichdi in a jar is just too fabulous an idea.. You've really outdone yourself this time! The brownie mix sounds very good too.

We will miss you very much.. but have a good one. Hope you had a good thanksgiving break.

FH said...

Thanks Madhavi!:))
It is so fun at this time of the year, colorful and joyful. Enjoy.

Laavanya,thanks enjoy. I will post one more for Linda's JFI at FH this week and then I will take a break. I might even cook for all the events and post wholesale when I come back!!Hahaha!!

musical said...

Lovely idea, Ashakka! Love your brownie mix! Hope you had a fun long-weekend!


Rajitha said...

asha...both of the mixes are really good ideas..but i would take the brownie one any day ;) and you have a fun breadk...and come back with enough ammunation and energy for tons of posts :D

sunita said...

Great ideas there...enjoy your break.

Sagari said...

rice and spice jar looks beaitifullll asha it makes a lovely dinner

Mansi said...

this is such a cool idea Asha! except that many people would prefer cooked meals rather than ingredients for gifts:) but i loved the concept, and the cute instruction a fun project!:D

Do take good rest and enjoy your time girl!

AnuSriram said...

What a gr8 idea... Jar looks lovely...

FH said...

Yes we did Musie and I am ready to take off again!:D
We had a long 5 day weekend, it was fun but back to routine now!:)

Haha!! Rajitha, that's my plan, will see if I get enough time to cook. Kids get Xmas holiday again in few weeks!:))

FH said...

Thank you Sunita, will see you later!:))

It does Sagari, hope you try. Nice gift to give too!:)

FH said...

Mansi, Z asked us to make dry spice pd, chutney pd etc as gifts for this event which is a great idea, she doesn't want baked cookies.
I think it's great idea to pack these dry mix for gifts.We usually get a few jars of cookie mixes every year, we love them!:))

Thank you Anu, hope you try the Brownies. Enjoy!:))

Pravs said...

Nice idea to make mixes as a present. Happy holidays :)

Anh said...

Asha, this is a great idea! !!!

TheCooker said...

Love the idea of a khichadi-in-a-jar!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Asha I LOVE LOVE LOVE these gifts in a jar!! Browines are clever for a change from the cookie jars (we get those too) -- and that khichdi is pure genius!! I'm gonna hand out a few of those this year :):)

Where are you off to on a lovely holiday?? The beach?? :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Both are great entries for the event! :) Lakshmi's MIL makes the rice upma or khichidi mix for her! BTW are you sending these to me! :D
You have not seen my entry for zlamushka! Most bloggers were on a holiday for thanks giving and whole blogosphere wore an abandoned look with out you!

Siri said...

So, U are back with a bang Ashaji. missed ur sweet comments all these days..:) Both the jars look so lovely and colorful.. Nice idea!

~ Siri

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

The Khichidi jar looks beautiful, ashakka!!! See you soon...

sra said...

Nice idea, looks nice. Off somewhere? Or are you going to shackle yourself and not read the blogs? How are your eyes doing? I'm off too, from 3rd to 10th.

Jyothi said...

Wow Ashaji! great idea! looks beautiful. So lovely too. Thanks for sharing.

amna said...

both are such great ideas for her event. i loved the grain mix!

Srivalli said...

Both the jars look great..very innovative idea...have a fun filled hols.

Raks said...

Looks lovely Asha..!!
How come you are getting these ideas;O

Suganya said...

You want me to mail my address or you already have one? :D

Deepak Gopi said...

This one is completely new to me.

Raks said...

I have tagged you for a MEME...Just 5 Qs..Hope you won't mind doing it!!

FH said...

Thanks Pravs, jars make much better gifts than cookies!:)

Thanks Anh, Khichdi mix is tasty!:))

FH said...

TC, Kichidi was great, I even cooked it as you can see just ti test my own!:D

Linda, I would rather have dry mixes than baked ones, which we have to eat as soon as possible.
You can keep these jars for sometime and then bake whenever we want!:)
Beach not planned yet,may be for few days but mostly will use this time to bake some cookies for Xmas and relax, need a break badly!:D

FH said...

Latha, Upma mix is great too, hope you make that for Z for a second.I will check your entry today.Yes, whole US was on 5 day holiday for TG, nobody blogged I guess.I did some shopping and enjoyed it since Arvind was home all 4 days which is rare!:)
I just started looking at the blogs yesterday for a while,not much. Had to take Trisha for a appointment and cook dinner etc, was a busy day!See you later:))

Thanks Siri, we had fun shopping all 5 days!:D
See you later too!:)

FH said...

Thanks Ramya, will see you later too!:))

sra, just taking a break. Like you, my fingers have begun to ache too, thought I must take off and not blog for a while and let them heal a bit.No reading either but will bake a few cookies for Xmas!:D
My eyes have completely healed, good as new now.
Btw, I read about that girl from Ohio traveling to South Carolina, who got pushed from the car in North Carolina Highway. She was in Wake Forest hospital as I heard.So sad, hope she gets justice!
Enjoy your vacation too, will see you tomorrow at FH:))

FH said...

You are welcome Jyoti, great to see you!:))

Nags, great idea to come up with different mixes like this, isn't it? Makes life easier!:))

FH said...

Thanks Srivalli. I will around until the end of Nov, surfing!:D

Thank you Raks. I saw many many cookie and cake mixes out there, so I thought why not make up a Indian stuff!:D

FH said...

HeHe!! Keep waiting Suganya, you never know!!;D

Hi Deepak. Around Christmas time, we will get many jars like these here as gifts form others, it's a tradition here to give lot of gifts. I made some some too!:))

FH said...

Thanks for tagging Raks, I will do it but after I come back from my break. Siri has tagged me too, so got to do both!:))

Swati said...

The jars look very very pretty...excellent gifting idea too !!
Merry Christmas to you :)

Bindiya said...

Asha super duper ideas and entries, hats off to you!Wish someone could send me that cookie one right now, looks like a great gift!

FH said...

Thanks Swati, easy to make them too.Try it!:))

Thank you Bindiya. You can make up a jar in a jiffy. I do keep it for a while, when kids want Brownies, it's a cinch to make!:)

Seema said...

Lovely idea & perfect gifts!! Enjoy your break & have loads of fun :-)

Chibog in Chief said...

what a creative and beautiful spoonful of christmas entry!! i love the way those gifts are presented!! really creative people who will receive them will definitely have a merry christmas :-)..i just sent my entry spoonful entry too..

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Very creative idea:-)
Take rest for some time and come with a bang. Waiting for your JFI Post.
Really we will miss u Asha!!!
Take care

FH said...

Thanks Seema. I am posting today at FH, then from the 1st of Dec, I will disappear!:))

Hi D, I will check your's too, it's always fun to see what others come up with!:))
Enjoy, it's so joyful around Christmas.

FH said...

MT, thanks buddy. I really do need some rest, specially for my fingers! You too have a great break and enjoy your relatives. I will see you as soon as possible. I have to post one more at FH for Linda today! Enjoy:))

Bharathy said...

Missing events?thats a rare word in your dictionary :)..

Love the beautifully packed gift bottles :)

FH said...

Haha! I know it's hard not to cook and post for me Bharathy, don't say it and make it worse!:D
I will try and post after the 12th,will see.
Jar mixes are the best gifts. We can choose to cook whenever we want unlike already baked cookies. Enjoy!:))

Rachel said...

Thats a wonderful gift..thinking out of the box is what this is!

FH said...

Thank you Rachel. Yeah, cake and cookie mixes are available everywhere but can't get the Khichdi mix, can they? ;D
Enjoy girl!:)

Saju said...

Great ideas Asha, esp the kitchri one, I am going to make some for my university nephews to take back next term.

Grihini said...

whoa.. Rice and Spice mix.. very thoughtful n innovative. :)

FH said...

Great idea to give to college kids Saju, all you need is a MW to make it. You can make up different mixes as well. Enjoy, I bet they love their aunt even more after that!!:D

Thanks G. I just came up with it!!:D
If they make brownie and cake mix, why can't we make Khichdi and BBB too, right? It helps when you come back from work tired, just dump all with add water and cook! Try it:))

VINI said...

Hey Asha,the spica jar looks fabulous! Enjoy your break. You will be missed a lot by me and other blogger friends. See ya.

Bla said...

This blog looks pretty usefiul! :)

FH said...

Thanks Vini, will miss you too girl. Will see you later!:))

Thanks Bla, glad you like my posts, enjoy!:))

Susan from Food Blogga said...

OOh, let me know if you need someone else to send one of those spice jars to. ;)

zlamushka said...

Hi Asha,

wonderful ideas, thanx a lot. I love the rice combo. It is so colorful... Thanx a lot for participating. Your contribution is very original.

FH said...

Haha!! Thanks Susan, I will!
You know I saw a chili beans mix and Beans stew mix yesterday at the store, great idea too! Enjoy:))

Thanks Z. I knew you would like the Khichdi mix. Glad you liked it too, it was tasty. I tried it to make sure! Have fun rounding up, can't wait!:))

Meera said...

Wow, Asha! That's so creative!! Rice and spice mix is an awesome idea!!

FH said...

Thanks Meera. It tasted good too, since I cooked it just to test!:))

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I could not find an email for you. Just wanted you to know that I nominated Aroma for best theme blog at WellFed. Best of luck.


FH said...

Thank you for nominating Susan, I appreciate it!:))
I am on break now, will check it out what happens later. Have a great week.

Chibog in Chief said...

i hope you dont mind, im tagging you on a food meme i've been tagged.;thanks :-)

FH said...

Not at all D, but might take some time to do it!Thank you!:))

curryegg said...

How are you there asha? HOpe that you're fine..

Kribha said...

Hi Asha dear,
Hope you are enjoying your break. I'd been thinking so much about you. I tried my level best not to leave a comment for the past 4 days and disturb you. But I couldn't. Anyway, just wanted to say a 'Hi'. Missing you so much. Take care and come back soon. Can't hold on very long.

FH said...

I am doing great Curryegg, just taking a break. Busy time, but I am enjoying the break!:))
I will back next week, see you then.

Kribha, missing all of you too!:))
We had our 21st wedding anniversary last weekend, enjoyed it very much. Since I don't have anything to blog this week, will bake some cookies and will be back on the 19th.
Hope Kavin is doing fine now, take care. Winter makes everything worse,but got to get thru' somehow!:))

Kribha said...

21st Wedding Anniversary? WOW....Hearty congrats to you and Arvind. Hope you had a blast on that day and cooked up a feast.
We are doing fine here. Kavin has always something to do in the doctor's office almost every weekend. Last week he had difficulty urinating. He screamed so bad that we got so scared. We did all the tests but nothing was wrong. The pain was gone in a day. But we had a sleepless night as we were in the ER.
This week he got a splinter in his feet that went in real deep. Finally the doctor took it out. Still, sunday was gone just like that.'s so tough to raise a kid. I wonder how you do it so skillfully.

(Asha dear. You needn't reply to this comment. Just wanted to let you know. Take care and keep baking those yummy cookies. I'm not sure if I'll visit you on 19th. It's going to be a pretty hectic day for me. It's B's birthday, having some friends over and got to go to Kavin's school for family lunchtime).

FH said...

Kribha, when you have kids,you will have something or the other, what can you do but deal with it all as parents!
We went to Charlotte and stayed there for a weekend, it was fun.
Have a great party on the 19th,happy birthday in advance.Don't worry, you have a whole week to visit anyway, no rush!:)

Finla said...

Asha i have tagged you for Weirdest meme.
Hope you are still enjoying the holidays, u can do it when u r back

FH said...

Hi F, thanks! You are 4th person who tagged me for the same! I will do it although I can't think of 7 weird things about me!!:D
I caught cold virus, was making some pepper rasam for my throat! See you next week. Hugs.

Kajal said...

This is very entry and new idea of event too. Looks delicious my dear. Have a nice day and Take care my dear. We will wait for you.:)

FH said...

Thank you Kajal. I am baking today for next week. See you then, hugs!:))

Unknown said...

Hi Asha..
The rice jar looks really cute..All ur posts are very creative..and thanks for all ur comments in my blog..they r really encouraging to new bloggers like me..

FH said...

Thanks Dhivya, enjoy. I am always glad to say hi to new bloggers!:)

Kay said...

Asha, just saw this - what a wonderful idea!

I have a question. Is that 3 cups of water to 2 and half cups of grains+beans mix? Would that be enough to get to a khichdi consistency?

I might try this with brown rice, bulgur and maybe steelcut oats as well.. I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for it to work with steelcut oats.

FH said...

Kay, 3 cups sounds less water now that I see it! :D

For cooking 1 cup rice, I use 1 1/2 to 2 cups water usually, so for 2 1/2 cups of rice and dal mix, you probably need about 4 cups or more water. I will correct it but always adjust the water since different kind of rice might take different amount of water to cook.

Thanks for reminding! :)