March 17, 2008


My Dosa galore post goes to "Dosa Mela" and to Srivalli from "cooking for all 4 seasons", who calls herself a "dosa freak" and is calling all of us to send her loads of dosas!!:D
I added two more new dosas to your list Sri. Enjoy them all to your heart's content my friend! Hahaha!

Rave dose, restaurant style!!
I accidentally found this recipe or the way of making restaurant style Rava dosa while I was surfing on the net one day. Vahchef Sunjay Thumma, has become my favorite chef on the "youtube" world since then for showing us the authentic dishes as they cook in the restaurants. His way of making rava dosa absolutely fascinated me. Just look at the result! (Click on all the photos to enlarge them to see better pictures)

rave dose
I was skeptical at first. When I tried his way sprinkling the very thin dosa batter with a lacy pattern using your hand on a electric griddle, which is perfect to make a huge, thin, crispy rava dosa, I was in for a delightful surprise! It looked exactly like they serve in the restaurant, crispy and tasted delicious. I changed the recipe a bit, added the dry spices instead of fresh to keep the batter smooth and easy to sprinkle, didn't use the raw onion. Here is how I made it with some changes of my own, I thank chef Thumma for showing us the secret of restaurant style Rava dosa and other dishes too!:)

To watch Vahchef's "Rava Dosa" video demo, click here.
The Vendy award (award for the best street Vendor of New York)2007, runner up; The dosa man, Tiru kumar!! Watch him here and here and here!

To make Rava dosa:
1. Mix 1 cup fine rava/Semolina/cream of wheat, 1/4 cup plain flour, 1 cup rice flour, salt, 1 tsp of cumin powder, 1/2 tsp each of garlic pd, ginger pd, chilli pd, 1 tbsp onion pd with enough water (3 or more cups) or buttermilk to make a very thin batter with buttermilk consistency. (Watch the video to see how thin and how to sprinkle the batter on the griddle).
2. Heat the non-stick electric griddle on moderately high/375F to 400F heat, sprinkle the batter with your hand or use a plastic Mustard or Ketchup bottle to squeeze the batter out like I did (cut the tip off if the hole too small) and let it get crispy golden on the bottom, no flipping required. Drizzle oil or ghee on top. Serve right away. (Mix the batter well or shake the bottle every time you use it. Rava tends to sink in the bottom)

Tastes excellent just with thin and spicy coconut chutney to dip in. I served it with Sambhar, coconut chutney and some homemade ghee. Hope you try.

Spicy green Moong, Masoor dal and brown rice Adai:
I love Adai because of the ease of making them without fermentation and very nutritious as well. I keep adding different pulses and beans, this is one of those with Masoor dal, green Moong and brown rice. It has a beautiful pinkish green color inside. Adjust the spices to your taste.

To make Adai:

1. Soak 1/2 cup whole green Moong in water overnight. Next morning, add 1/2 cup Masoor dal (split red lentils) and 1 cup Brown rice to the same water and let it soak for 2 hrs.
2. After 2 hrs, drain the water and grind all these in batches with enough water, 1 tbsp cumin seeds, 1/4tsp turmeric, 2-3 red dry chillies or chill pd, salt, few curry leaves until you get smooth batter of pourable consistency.
3. Take the batter out into a bowl, add 1 tbsp chopped cilantro and a pinch of baking soda.
4. You can use this batter right way to make dosas or chill in the fridge to use later. Add soda just before making dosas.
5. Heat a iron tawa or non-stick griddle, add some oil, spread a ladleful of batter to a circle. Drizzle some ghee or oil on top, flip and cook both sides until crisp and golden.

Serve with red Chutney powder (
roasted dry coconut, red chillies, garlic or garlic pd, salt, hing, cumin seeds, ground) and ghee.

Now presenting my Dosa/Pancake/Griddle cake/Crepe Museum!! ;D

These are all the Dosas, Crepes, pancakes, griddle cakes I have made and posted in both of my blogs so far, I am sure I will make some more of these in future!:D

Alrighty, let me link to each of them; from top left to right. Have fun! :)

1. Kerala Aapam (Rice-coconut milk pancakes),
2. Roti Jala (Malaysian flour pancakes),
3. Mysore Masale Dose,
4. Avalakki dose (Flattened rice flakes pancakes),
5. Thari dose (crushed rice-coconut milk steamed pancakes),
6. Thatte dose, plain and with veggies and dal (savory plate pancakes),
7. Uddina bele-Menthya dose (Urad dal-fenugreek seeds dosa),
8. Uttappa (vegetable pancake),
9. Rava dose (Semolina/cream of wheat pancakes),
10. Adai (Brown rice and multi dal dosas),
11. Adai masale dose (spicy brown rice dal dose),
12. Spicy Corn-Zucchini griddle cakes,
13. Zucchini pancakes,
14. All American pancakes,
15. Butternut squash griddle cakes,
16. Soy flour-veggies pancakes,
17. Patishapta (flour-coconut pancakes),
18. Chocolate Crepes,
19. Halasina hannu dose (Jackfruit pancakes),
20. Kayi-bellada dose (Molasses-coconut pancakes).

Are you still awake?! WAKE UP!! Hahaha!!


Karela Masala
is my second entry to Pooja of "creative Pooja" blog's "Vegetable of the week" event. She has chosen "Bitter Gourd/Karela" as her vegetable for this month. You can have this too from me Pooja!:))

Karela/Bitter Gourd masala:
I somehow manage to eat few tbsps of Bitter gourd dish every time I make Bitter Gourd dishes although when cooked and balanced with spices, it won't be as bitter to taste. My husband loves Karela dishes, so I do buy just two of them to cook whenever I can get them in the Indian store. This Karela masala dish comes with a delicious gravy, goes well with rice rottis usually or rice if you can handle it! :D

To make Karela masala:
1. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non-stick pan. When hot,put in 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, few curry leaves, 1 red chilli.
2. Add in 1 medium onion,chopped, fry for 2 min. Add in 2 finely chopped garlic, 1/4 tsp turmeric pd, pinch of salt, stir fry for a minute.
3. To this, add 2 cups of slightly peeled and chopped Bitter gourd pieces and fry until it gets a reddish color on the edges. Add salt and 1 tbsp tamarind juice.
4. Pour in 1/2 cup tomato sauce or 2 chopped Tomatoes, 1 tbsp coriander seeds powder, 2 tsp cumin seeds powder, 1/2 tsp chilli pd,
1 tbsp or more to of powdered Jaggery. stir fry and simmer until oil shows on top. Add some water it's too thick and simmer again.
5. Adjust the heat and sourness in the gravy, tastes good the next day. Add 1 tsp of ghee on top and few tbsps of chopped cilantro, mix and serve.

Long beans Kootu, Eggplant Pachadi, Karela Masala served with plantation style Akki/rice rotti:

Recipes for the other dishes you see on the Thali are here:
For Yardlong beans Kootu dish, click here or you can use this kootu masala to cook with Yardlong beans too. Yardlong beans are also called Mangaluru beans in Kannada.
For Eggplant chutney/Pachadi/bajji recipe, click here.
To make coffee plantation "style" Akki/rice rotti, click here.

That's "all" I have this week, Phew! :D


Rachel said...

Dosa mega galore indeed! there is so much in variety and each different in its own way.....

EC said... many dosa varieties...will take atleast an hr to go through all of them..ur rava dosa looks superb..exactly like u named it- hotel style..I have been trying so many proportions for rava dosa, but never got that look..will try ur proportions for it very soon and let u know

EC said...

hey...pls check the link to rava dosa video..i guess u posted the wrong one

Sia said...

uffff.... thats one big dosa museum indeed;) rava dosa and adai both look wonderful... did pooja already announced next theme for Vow? i got to check...
got ur message ashakka... u have a wonderful break and come back refreshed:) we r leaving to wales this long weekend. have booked a cottage facing the beach. our...mmm...i have lost the count, some nth honeymoon;) see u once u get back:) take care... hugs to u:)

Jaya M said...

its great to see the dosa spread Asha,
I think all are so tasty and yum,very difficlut to pick one ,I want all LOL..
hugs and smiles

Srivalli said...

OMG, I expected something big..but this big...gosh..really fabulous Asha...yes I am a dosa freak and get me those on...they do absolutely well...fantastic job Asha...Thank you very much...your archives are fantastic and looking great!

Raks said...

You have posted enough of pan cakes/dosas to show as a galore...these dosa varieties will refresh anybody! Are you saying wake-up??!!
Have a relaxed break!

Unknown said...

loved all your dosas..rava dosa looks really delicious!!!!!!

amna said...

whoah!! as always i am blown away. that's a good array you have there and I have already bookmarked a couple of them already!

FH said...

Thanks Rachel, didn't have much time cook anymore dosa!! ;P

EC, that's chef Thumma's recipe,I liked it. Give it a try!:)
I will check thst video, don't know wether they allow me to link, will try.

Sia, sounds great, love Wales. Have a great time, see you in May. Hugs to you!:))

FH said...

Thanks Jaya, enjoy!:)

You are welcome Sri. Glad I could give you atleast 2 dosas before I go. Enjoy and will see you May!:)

Raks, glad you are still awake girl! Hahaha. Have fun!:)

Finla said...

I think i should start calling youdosa women :-)
I too tried to see the video but coudn't see it, something is wrong there.
I will indeed try the rava dosa.
No fermentation and no grinding that is my kindaa dosa :-)

FH said...

Sowmya, rava dosa was really great, you have got to eat it immediately though. Enjoy!:))

Nags, I personally like Poha (Avalakki) dosa I listed there. Have fun trying!:)

kamala said...

wow great spread of dosas.Adai looks delicous

EC said...

Thanks for correcting the video...i could see it now..I got so impatient seeing ur rava dosa that i googled and found out the link before u corrected :-)

Lavanya Raj said...

Book marked this say simply.."You are Amazing"

FH said...

F, I corrected the video now, link URL was wrong. Check out again and see if it works. Love Adai too!:))

Thanks Kamala. Even I didn't realize I had so many pancakes and dosas in my blogs! ;D

sra said...

Enjoyed your dosa museum! I too think of rava dosa as a lacy affair!

FH said...

Hahaha! EC, you are my kind of woman!! I had a linked a wrong URL, glad it works now!:)

Thank you Lavi, enjoy the dosa gallery! :))

Pooja said...

Drooolllllll........ :) .
Its really like a panishment to see your blog hungry stomach :( .
I was looking for the recipe of perfect rava dose since a while , as i had the same here once in a place called Dosa express ,and I liked it too much. Haven't seen it like this anywhere else till. Thanks a lot for recipe I am soon going to try and will post if I get succeed in my try.
Thanks a lot for Karela masala recipe, Next Vow is going to be more yummy with karela even :)).
Round up for brinjal is going to publish by evening time .little work to complete b4 that. There is a surprise for you :).
Better I end this comment now :D , my comments are always like emails :)) . People dont even write these long emails these days... :)).
Thanks a lot for your yummy entry for VoW -Karela, Will announce that today with roundup of brinjals.

Dhivya said...

OMG!so many dosa varieties from u!!!!!!Vah chef is my favorite too,,rava dosa looks greatkarela masala sounds yumm too

Unknown said...

my goodness...what a variety of dosas!I have fallen in love with your blogs:)

sunita said...

OMG!! That's some dosa mela indeed!!Wonderful :-)

Namratha said... have your own Dosa Mela going on here Asha, lovely! My rava dosas are always crisp, key is keeping the batter thin and medium heat. Love the look of it!

FH said...

Thanks sra, I enjoyed the lacy one! :)
Usually I make Rava dosa like regular dosa except add Rava. This was really new to me, loved it!:)

Pooja, glad you got my mail, didn't think it went to you!:)
Do try this lacy dosa, little tricky at first, but you will love it when you et a knack of it.Enjoy, looking forward to my surprise!:)
Take your time though, don't hurry.

Dhivya, I love his videos, so genuine guy and dishes too. Sometimes he gets very loud, screaming with delight at the food he made!!;D

FH said...

Saswati, try the rava dosa with a small amount first, you will love it!:)

Sunita, hope you try girl. You can serve this Fish curry too, good for dipping!:)

Haha!! That's true Nams. I was thinking I couldn't make anything new for Sri before I go on my break and then the bulb flashed in my head! I have so many already!!:D

bee said...

that guy is hilarious. i love his videos. your spread is fantastic.

Cham said...

Not only Srivalli is "dosa freak", i guess u r on the top of the list seeing ur Dosa museum.... Anything round and thin should make u Happy .... The rava dosa looks like a lace, great job :) The karela looks wonderful...
Relax and have fun,

Siri said...

Lovely Dosa Galore Ashaji.. I am *speechless*.. U already have a small 'Dosa Mela' here..:) the rava dosa indeed look so lacy n crispy.. will it for sure.. Hope u had a great weekend!.

Happy Monday!


Uma said...

wow, what a galore! Love all the dosas. Hat's off to you!

Kalai said...

Rava dosa looks absolutely professional, Ashakka!! Will definitely try this! Adai looks awesome, too.

Anonymous said...

What can i say ASh! my mouth is watering.... and i am hungry...
the rava dosa looks perfect - just like woody's style dose! Will have to try it! Chef Thumma is my favorite too... love his recipes!
And that dosa museum is simply superb! will have to come back to check it out in detail!
No can sleep with all those dosas in front of us :-)

ServesYouRight said...

OMG!!! That was a FABULOUS dosa spread!! You should open a restaurant!!! Very very nicely done. Dosas are one thing I never get bored of!


Unknown said...

You have such a huge collection of dosas, I love trying new things on dosas. Will save this link.
Lovely post Asha.

Seema said...

That Rava dosa looks OMG out of this world!!! Its so crispy, flaky & got the perfect texture.. I am trying it soon... for sure!! That Thali looks yum.. Roti & all the sabjis.. what a spread.. can i drop by your home for lunch or dinner tonight? I have not yet entered my kitchen to cook... one of those lazy days :-)

Finla said...

Hey Asha I just watched the video. I didn't know one could see cooking programmes like this in U.Tube. When i have time i am going to watch few of his videos.
Thanks for the link.
I will indeed try not the rawa dosa, just that i don't have a huge pan like hil, will have to use my small one.
My sis is cmming last week of april.
Now i am taking the break as Shyama will be having her spring break...

FH said...

Bee, sometimes I get a shock of my life when he screams so LOUD suddenly and I hate loud noise!:D
He is great, most of his recipes are excellent!:)

HeHe! Cham, that's true. I don't make dosas even once a week at home, but still I have made so many pancakes etc in my blogs!:D

Siri, speechless is okay, I am just glad you are awake after looking at all these girl. Hahaha!

FH said...

Thanks Uma, try a few while I am gone!:)

Kalai, learnt from the master himself and he IS a pro chef. Glad I made the lacy one!:)

Haha! Thanks Latha, glad I didn't make you sleepy.
I thought I might not have time for making something for Dosa mela before my break, but I made it and listed every dosa I have posted so far!:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
the spread looks delicious.i tried making rava dosa but mine dodn't turn out so thin.maybe i need more practice.
enjoy ur break and see u in may.


FH said...

Thanks Madhu, Enjoy! Hope I didn't forget any to list here!:D

Seema, drop in anytime!:))
I was surprised too to see that Rava dosa come out so well and crispy. Really authentic, can't thank him enough!:)

F, now you know girl. Watch them, some of the videos are really good. Most of them are okay.
Oh, I thought your sister is already there. My kids spring break starts here on Friday. I will relax a bit and enjoy. Have fun with Sha, teach her some cooking or baking if she is interested, helps her in college!:)

FH said...

Shalini, my first dosa didn't come out well either.I had thin it a bit more. Just adjust the heat a bit and try again with a small amount until you get it. It's really easy and very crispy once you get it.Hope you do, electric griddle is best to use with this too.
See in May, will miss you. Hugs to you!:)

Trupti said...

nice collection of Dosas & Karela Sabji looks delicious

Shilpa said...

Thats an awesome spread Asha. I will try the moong, masoor dosa. I usually make with moong but never mixed both. Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful vacation. We are also leaving for India on this Friday, so will be some quiet time at AR too :).

FH said...

Thanks Trupti, hope you try the Karela! Good to see you girl, hope you are doing well!:))

Shilpa, I saw your post in the morning, couldn't get in for some reason, will try again.
Enjoy India sweetheart, I know it's been long time since you went back there. Hugs to you. I will be quite too until May, hugs to you!:))

KayKat said...

I love that you watch cooking videos online - that's a whole different league of food obsession :)

And the Asha trend of fabulous diverse food feasts continues :)

These look insanely good - makes me crave some adai for lunch!

FH said...

lol! Thank you Kay!! My husband says the same thing too! "Food, food all the time, can't you blog something else?" And I say "NO WAY"! ;P
Try a few Kay, molasses and coconut pancakes are yummy, so are Jackfruit ones. Enjoy!:)

KonkaniBlogger said...

Whoaaaaa...I saw the title and expected to see about 2 dosas here, but was in for a huge spread here. EXCELLENT!! I like some tips and recipes frm Vahchef too..Rava dosa (infact, all the dosas), look really good...

FH said...

Haha! Actually I did make just 2 new dosas for her and the rest I dragged them out of my blogs!Even I didn't know I had posted so many dosas! ;D
Vahchef is really good, isn't he? No pretenses or ordinary recipes, I like most of them. I haven't checked his new videos lately.
Enjoy Maya!:)

TBC said...

I love dosas and can have'em every single day. You have a great collection here.
The "Dosa Man" was featured on one of Rachel Ray's shows. That's when I first heard about him.:-)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Enjoy your time off, Asha. You will be missed. :)

Anonymous said...

Asha, thank you so much for introducing me to the Vendy awards! Street cart food is one of the best things about NYC, and I never knew such an award existed. How fun! Now, forget the dosa man winning runner up (but good on him!). How about a dosa award for you!! :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing collection of dosas n pancakes, Ashakka... I admire your patience and enthu...You are the best!!!

FH said...

tbc, you will love Sri's dosa mela round up then. I make dosas once in 10days or so. I like Dosas but kids are not into it, they like North Indian food like parathas etc.
Enjoy all the dosas here too!:)

Thank you Susan. I will enjoy the break, much needed one too. You too have a wonderful Spring time there, at last Winter is almost over for us! See you in May :)

FH said...

Linda, Tirukumar looks like a great guy with big smile on his face!:)
Next time we go there, got to look for him and taste his dosas.
"Bloggy Dosa award" should go to Shilpa and Sri.They have more variety of dosas than me! We should make one and give it to them. What say? :))

You are a sweetheart Ramya, thank you girl. Even I didn't realize I had so many in my 2 blogs, kept looking and linking them! Hahaha!
Enjoy, will see you later!:)

Pravs said...

Wow, this is a grand glory for variety of dosa's. Rava dosa has come out so beautifully. Have to check the video to see how it is done.

Richa said...

whoaaaa! what a collection :)
love both idli & dosa anytime! i liked the addition of masoor in adai, that is a light dal, excellent variation! i'll try that next time :)

FH said...

Pravs, do try. It's easy to understand by watching the video than explaining it. They are really yummy!:)

Richa, Masoor dal gives it a beautiful pinkish color too, I loved it. Hope you try!:)

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Oh my that is a dosa galore alright! I have never tried making dosa myself. I do not have the right equipment but I do so badly want to give it a go - just to try out some of your lovely recipes!

Suganya said...

OMG Asha, the dosas are so lacy. The chef's technique is awesome. Let me see his other videos. Thanks for the link.

FH said...

Meeta, you just need a good quality non-stick griddle for making sure pancakes or dosas doesn't stick to the pan. Other than that you can easily use wheat flour or plain flour with Semolina to make dosas. Try it. You tried Pooris, this is easier than that!:))

Suganya, enjoy! He has many many dishes you would love including non-veg. I like the way he explains and teaches us too, simple genuine guy!:)

Pooja V said...

I am so hungry for dosas now. I have absolutely loved everytypw of dosa here. I off to soak some lentils for dosa.

Sudha said...

Hi Asha, I tried the rava dosa and it turned out fabulous. Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful break!!!! Have loads of fun!!!


FH said...

Pooja, hope you try the rava dosa, no soaking required. Adai of course always turns out yummy!:)

YAY!! Sudha, thanks for the feedback!! Isn't this rava dosa yummy? So glad you tried it, enjoy. See you in May!:)

Annu said...

Thank God,because of music I am awake :-),Thats a very tasty collection asha....Rava dosa looks very crispy.

My mom makes really tasty and crispy dosa,I miss her.

FH said...

Hahaha!! Glad you are awake Annu. I loved that Rava dosa, got to make it again sometime.
Get the recipe from your mom and make it girl. I know we all live far away and miss all the yummy mom's cooking. Next best thing is to make it ourselves! Hugs to you!:)

Priya said...


I can be awake coz your dosa recipes make me hungry not to go sleep. Awesome collections.

Sagari said...

wowwwww rava dosa looks so crisp and goldennnn and those adai looks delecioussss

TheCooker said...

That chef is funny! He deserves to get a show on FN.
The rawa doas looks so good.

J said...

THanks for the video link..enjouyed watching it..will try out the rava dosa soon :)

FH said...

Thank you Piya. I have 22 dishes of dosas and pancakes in my blogs now!:D

Sagari, hope you try. You only cook one side for a pretty long time, so you really get a great color!:)

FH said...

He screams sometimes TC, he scares me! Hahaha!!
Yes, he would make a wonderful FN chef, great recipes.I would love to see him thee with his own show.
I think he is going to make his site for members only for a fee now! Bummer!!:)

J, did you see Tirukumar, the dosa man? His dosas are so yummy, got to look for him next time we visit NY!:)
Enjoy the Dosa. See you in May.

Unknown said...

Hi asha, hey you too watch Vahrehvah? He is an amazing cook na? My cousin referred me to his website. I loved your rava dosa, indeed its come just like the way its served in restaurants! I love to reproduce that in my kitchen too! Nobody can sleep when you list the dosa items from your blog, its such a yummy snack everybody are fond of:)

Unknown said...

Wow..So many dosai varieties..Thanks for sharing them..Your pics look great..

FH said...

Roopa, I watch his videos and Manjula's too although Vahchef is far more better than anybody else!:)
This dosa was really yummy, try it.

D, dosa mela in the real sense here!:D
Enjoy, see you in May!:)

Jayashree said...

That's a mini-mela in itself, girl.....the rava dosa really does look restaurant style.

FH said...

Yes Jaya, it looks like mini mela, isn't it? I didn't know I had so many until I started to link all these!:D
Enjoy, try the rava dosa, it's yummy!:)

VINI said...

I definitely didn't fall asleep Asha, but I' am sitting and staring at your posts in AWE! :) how do you do this? You are the soper'coolest' blog lady I've ever come across!!!!!!
By the way, I regularly visit and I did try the rava dosa after I bought my presto non-stick griddle. Turned out well.

FH said...

HeHe!! Glad you are awake. Not everybody like Dosas (like my kids!:D) but I love it and make once in 2 weeks or so. My Mysore grandparents make these EVERY DAY! Electric griddle is the best to make multiple dosas, love it!:)
Thank you Vini, see you in May. Will miss ya.

Vani said...

Love your dosa galore, Ash! Lots of very different pancakes/dosas. The crispy rawa dosa looks restaurant-like! Nice post! Hope u r having a blast at the beach! :)

FH said...

Enjoy Vani, try this rave dose, really good. Yes, we are enjoying the beach and (relatively) warm weather too, planning to watch a movie today!:)

Anjali Koli said...

Asha your dosa museum is you see my dropped jaw? Kudos to you!

FH said...

lol! Yeah, I can see it!

Thanks Anjali.I didn't have much time cook more dosas before I went of on a break,so listed everything I already have in my blogs for Sri!:))

Lakshmi said...

woowwww..Ashakka, 20 different types of dosas and you were still left with some to make? Gr8! That rave dose looks so crisp n thin..good one! I have seekarane for that lovely dose on my blog :D

FH said...

Hi Lakshmi, how are you? I will look at that seekarane, will be back blogging on the 30th. Spring allergy makes eyes itch and water if I look PC more tan 10 mins right now!:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice post..Can you please tell me which brand electric griddle did you use. I bought presto 22inch electric griddle but the heat is not enough and dosa's are white. Your dosa's looks perfect.

FH said...

Hi Anon, I have the same Presto 22" griddle as you too!:D
It doesn't have any heating elements in the middle, so center do tend to remain cooler in middle.
I heat the griddle up until 400F first for 5-7mins and turn down to 360-375F or so. When sides of dosas are reddish and crispy, I slide the center of the dosa to the sides of the griddle for a minute or so. You have to adjust the heat as you cook, bit tricky but works. Hope you try this next time to get a golden dosa!:))

Uj said...

Made Rava dosa today and it came out really good. The video is of great help to know the consistency of batter. I followed to T the recipe and the result was crispy resturant style dosa. Love the tip of using ketchup bottle to sprinkle the batter. Thanks a lot dear for posting this recipe

FH said...

You are welcome Uj, glad you tries it and liked it too. It's truly comes out like restaurant Rava dosa. I love it too. Happy thanksgiving to you and family, enjoy! :))

KGG said...

thank you so much for these. i live somewhere you can't get boiled rice, or even urad dal! the confirmation that it's possible to make different types of dosas is great.

FH said...

K, I can understand how frustrating it is not to get rice or Urad dal when you love to make dosas! Enjoy the other dosas!:)