May 30, 2008

DABELI, Dabeli Masala and a Comix!

Dabeli and Dabeli Masala are my entries to MBP, which is guest hosted by Supriya of "Monsoon spice" this month with a theme of "Street Food".
Coffee of "The Spice Cafe"
blog is the founder and creator of "Monthly blog patroling". Idea of this event is to patrol the blogs for dishes which suits the monthly theme and cook from other blogs to appreciate their recipes. Thanks Supriya and Coffee, enjoy the Dabelis!:)

Chaat or Street food:
As much as we enjoy and appreciate our traditional Indian homecooked food, Indians are also great lovers of Street carts filled with great crunchy munchies which spring up every corner of the cities as soon as Sun goes down or even before or permanently settled in little shacks by the roadside all day and any day.
My favorite "food group" is always been Chaat or "lip smacking tangy, spicy street cart food" as it exactly means. So far, I have recreated most of the Street cart foods at home although I have blogged very few. This time I wanted to make a chaat I haven't tasted before and choose one from a blog I haven't cooked from so far!
Dabeli is one chaat I have not tasted either on the street or at home since I always thought it probably taste like Pav Bhaji which I make at home often, so why bother making the same, until the magic of MBP stepped in and left me no choice but to try. Boy, did I get lucky or what! :D
I know many of you have blogged Dabeli, I chose to make Rricha Nimisha's Dabeli version and made Dabeli Masala from Trupti's blog. It tasted like Heaven, will be making more soon using proper Pavs or rolls as it should be made but this middle Eastern bread I used was great for making Dabeli too! :)

Dabeli Masala:

Click on the links to see both the original recipes and their photos. Enjoy!

I chose to make Dabeli Masala from Trupti of "Recipecenterforall" blog since Rricha's recipe for Dabeli didn't use any. I didn't want to make too much of Dabeli masala at first because I thought it might taste just like Pav Bhaji masala which I already have but NO!
This masala is totally different from Pav Bhaji masala and was fragrant, easy and very tasty and very different added to Dabeli Potato masala!
Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe Trupti. I will be making more of this next time! :)

I chose Dabeli (spicy crunchy masala stuffed and pressed together inside the bread rolls or Pavs) recipe from Rricha Nimish's blog. You can see her Dabelis with Pav here.
I didn't have the regular dinner roll or Pav to make this but I did bake some Middle eastern/Lebanese bread called "Khoubiz" last weekend, similar to Italian Focaccia, used it to make Dabeli toasted thick wedges sliced across. Dabeli tasted divine with this bread too!:)

To make Dabeli, you need to get all these together too:
I used to readymade bottled Mint and cilantro chutney and tangy Tamarind sauce or Delhi Chaat sauce, salted and peppered Beer peanuts, Sev or Bhujia, chopped sweet onions or red onion, Potato masala mashed with Dabeli masala, chopped green onions and Cilantro with a slice of Lemon. Some Pomegranate seeds too as the original recipe says. Traditionally, Dabelis are stuffed in Pavs or square bread rolls.

Ready for you! Help yourself!!:)


Here is a fun event if you are looking for some laughs!!
Lakshmi G of "Taste Of Mysore" has come up with theme of "creating a comic strip" which involves Brinjal/Eggplants this month. Idea is to create a comic using a Comix or any other similar website and post it in your blogs. She will do the round up which will be hilarious to read! Thanks LG, have fun and can't wait to see the round up!:))

Well..Brinjal? What a great theme I thought, my favorite veggie! I didn't know where to go for making comic strip but LG immediately linked the site and also e mailed me all the info for making one, which set me rolling.
Although my kids don't mind eating Eggplant dishes once in a while since I don't get to buy Indian Brinjals in other seasons unless of course I drive 20+ miles to a Indian store to get them. I LOVE Brinjals though, could eat Eggplant dishes almost everyday!:)
Every Summer, I make sure to plant a few without a fail and by August, we will be harvesting loads of Eggplants and cook almost 3 days a week since Eggplants don't freeze well. That's when my kids' gets very antsy and want to get rid of all the Brinjal plants as soon as possible. When we clean up our veggie patch in the Fall, they really do a happy dance!! Hahaha!!

Saga of Eggplant:
These comic strips are not transferable from the website to blogs or anywhere except to any e mail addresses. I had to take a photo of my laptop screen to post here! :P
You can see the "comix"strip I created more clearly

Here is how it goes at dinner time around 6.30pm during the Eggplant bounty season! :D

Mom (that's me, yelling from the kitchen): Hey kids, dinner's is ready!! Come downstairs, NOW!!!

T girl: OH MAN!!! Sigh...!!!

T Boy: (iPod in his ears, can't hear a thing but follows his sister downstairs like a lamb or a kid (baby Goat!:D))

T Girl: What's for dinner mom? Hope it's Spaghetti and meatballs!!

T Boy: (Got his fingers crossed, iPod is out of his ears, curious to know!)

Mom cautiously says: Eggplant Ennegayi, Rice rotti and raita!! Homegrown Eggplants too!

T and T: (together, alarmed and frustrated) KILL THE EGGPLANTS!! KILL! KILL!! KILL!!! (cursing Under their breath...&#@&#@)

MOM: (secretly delighted and laughing to herself but not showing it outside) HeeHeeHee! Hahahaha!

Latest news:
This year's Eggplants are growing very well in my veggie patch right now to my joy and to kids' frustration!!Son wanted to burn the little plants already!!! ;D

Have a great weekend, see you all next week!:)

(Psst! A very special surprise is planned for Trisha at her high school today at 10am in the auditorium and it's a well kept secret betn parents, Principal and staff! I will be there today and will tell you all about it next week! I will catch up with all of you in the afternoon when I come back home!)
I am back and catching up now!!:))


Srivalli said...

Asha..thats looking wonderful looking dabeli...great comic strip too..heheh..I can imagine...

I am so curious abt the open share with us as soon as you Can!...:)..advance congrats to your daughter!

sunita said...

Yummy food :-)
...Have a great day at T's school :-)

Altoid said...

One of my many favorite street foods!

Waiting for your update on the suprise :).

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Siri said...

Ashaji - the Dabeli looks yummmmmmmm..and so the comix is so funny.. didn't know abt the event..

eagerly awaiting to know whats the surprise for Trisha!

Have a great weekend ahead!


bha said...

the dabeli pics are nice......I a sure Trisha is going to like that surprise.....have a good weekend

Sia said...

thanks ashakka for this lovely entry. thank you:) i remember eating it almost daily during my stay in dharwad bit funniily i never knew its name;) they use pav buns for making it.
enjoy ur day at Trisha's school:) i am so glad to know abt her. best wishes for her bright future.

@the_whisk_affair said...

great job on the comic! and the dabeli looks lip-smacking!!
and hope Trisha gets a wonderful surprise from you all...have a great day..and secrets, I cant contain my curiosity!!! cant wait to know what it is! :-)

FH said...

We parents are going pop out and surprise/embarrass the kids today!:D It's 9.10am now, ready to go in few mins. Hope I will get some photos, will post!:)

Thanks Sunita, I will pass on the wishes!:))

I will update at FH next week,post pics if I can get one!:)

Siri, if you feed the kids the same veg for 4 days a week, they will HATE it of course! I don't blame them!:D

ranji said...

ahhahaha that is funny...i can sure many parents go thru this...:)...
i love chaat...but i have never heard of dabeli but looks so good and yummm...
Eagerly waiting to hear the suprise for trisha:)...

ranji said...

heehh i think both of us commented each others blog at the same time:)..have a gr8 day..

FH said...

Thanks Bha, I think she will be delighted!:)

Sia, I didn't have buns which I usually have in the freezer. This bread was handy!:)
Yeah, I am all ready and set to go, waiting for few mins so I won't be too early:D

FH said...

Thanks JZ!
Trisha is being rewarded for all the hard work she did all thru' HS, so it will be fun to see her enjoying it!:)

Ranji, I think Dabeli is mostly available in Mumbai and such cities, never heard of it in K'taka much.It's my first try too, was delicious. Must try with Pav next time and will update here!:)

Anonymous said...

Dabeli is one of my many favorite street foods! The pictures are simply drooling.I am feeling hungry now...I a sure Trisha is going to like that surprise....
Have a wonderful weekend...

FH said...

That;s right Ranji! I left a comment in your's and went upstairs to get ready, came back and I see you here!:D

Sireesha, this is my first try! Dabeli was so different from Pav Bhaji, I enjoyed it. Next time, I will use Pavs!:)

Lakshmi said...

Ahahhahhaa..I am rolling here with laughter and imagining the dinner scene at home. Awesome entry. Thanks for participating. Dabeli looks yumm too.Have tasted it in Ahmedabad so well virtually imagining the taste. Ya..and looking forward to that surprise about Trisha.

Finla said...

Asha I have to be honest I have never had this dabeli in my whole lofe. When i saw the post I was curious to know what it was.
Looks so delicious. When I am going to India in jully I am going to have this for sure.
Can't wait to know what you all planned for Trish.
Hey and does Asha Mom alwaus wear pony tail as i remember she had short hair in the real pic :-)

Unknown said...

Dabeli looks so sis used to make this dabelis ,, i loved them...long time i had one

Hetal said...

Thats a different type of Dabeli.....but looks delicious..and the comic strip is funny.

Padmaja said...

Being a great fan of streetfood, never laid my hands on this dish yet Asha!! Looks incredible and have a wonderful time with Trisha at the school!!

Cham said...

That is lovely mouthwatering Dabeli! Cannot wait and see the surprise, hope u r having fun with Trish in school today!
The comic: I can imagine how often u cook brinjal in a week, so ur son is ready to burn right away!

Suganya said...

Hi Asha....
Dabeli looks YUM!... Never tried this before.... Hope Trisha is going to enjoy ur surprise.

ms said...

Dabeli looks really good asha. Its funny, even in remote places in Gujarat you will find somebody selling dabeli topped with peanuts and pomegranate seeds. Best of luck and congratulations to your whiz kid!

Vani said...

I LOVE dabeli!! And yours looks delicious! The bread looks lovely! Loved your eggplant conv with the kids! :) Enjoy your day at Trisha's school. Are you dreading her heading off to college soon? I was telling N that we should move to the town next to M's when she finally settles! He thought that was funny that I was looking so far ahead & being a "sticker mom" as a friend said. But it is so difficult to let go, na?

KonkaniBlogger said...

Ahh, my first comment dint go thru it looks like. Dabeli looks just wonderful Asha, I loved the presentation, looks like upscale restaurant ishtyle :)..Lol at the comic strip..I can picture myself in the kids places when I was young, not for eggplant but for few other veggies. How can anybody not like eggplant rite ?? Great post..

Uma said...

lovely dabeli, asha! Never tried it or eaten it. Sure give it a try.

Waiting to hear all about Trisha's surprise. Best wishes to her. Have a great weekend.

Srivalli said...

I am really surprised! so many posts..only today I managed to be first..hehheh...I came back to check on what you said...will check twm...:)

Trupti said...

Hey Asha, I am glad that you liked Dabeli masala. This one is also my favorite. Nice photo & nice comic..

eagerly awaiting to know whats the surprise for Trisha!

bee said...

can't wait to hear about trisha's surprise.

and yes, i am with tushar. kill those suckers. if you want to run away from home, tushar, you are welcome here. we don't grow those things. we grow interesting herbs .... like .... never mind.

Kalai said...

I have never had this before, but it definitely looks like somthing I'd love! Am bookmarking it. Advance congrats to Trisha! Sounds like she's put in a lot of hard work. Great to hear that she's got a surprise coming! :)

delhibelle said...

Mumbai street food simply ROCKS !! Comic strip is hilarious..wonder what happens during karela bounty season ??

Sum Raj said...

dabeli and pav r just superb...i just loved reading ur post....ur amazing asha...i have become ur fan and tublight....he he....have a gr8t weekend

Beyond Curries said...

The bread with all the stuffing looks very appetizing.

Love the eggplant comic strip. Even though I'm not a big fan of it, the way you have written it and mentioned about the veggie patch, really makes me to grow it myself.

Congrats to Trisha and you too.

All your posts are full of energy Ashaji.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
mouthwatering.i have never tasted a dabeli.will try ur version soon.


kamala said...

Never heard this Ashaji.Looks wonderful...Very eager to know abt the secret surprise for Trisha.Congrats to Mom and Daughter.

TheCooker said...

Parents jumping out to embarrass their kids...ooh that is wicked :)

Arundathi said...

nice looking dabeli and thanks for posting the masala too...lovely street food.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Wow.. I love dabeli!!! the pic looks great! and btw, I hope you had a nice time at Trisha's school... looking fwd to hear about it!! :)

Mansi said...

we always get authentic dabeli masala from Kutchh gujarat, but my MIL recently taught me the recipe and its simple and nice! Trupti's looks similar, so I'm sure it must've tasted great Asha!

hope you are expecting a "happy surprise" at Trisha's school:)

Unknown said...

I tasted Dabeli last month when I was in NJ, loved it the first time I tasted that. Looks delicious with that bread. Will make home made masala soon.

Anu said...

Dabeli is one of my favorite street foods! gr8 comic strip and eagerly awaiting the update on Trisha's surprise :)

Pooja V said...

Hey Asha, This is so great. Have a blast at Trisha's school.

FH said...

LG, it was fun, not many expressions in the strip but managed it!
Just came back home, will post some pics next week!:)

F, there aren't many choices there in the Comix, was looking for one with short hair and brown skin too! ;D
Trisha was happy and so were we, will post pics at FH!:)

Thanks Sowmya, it was good!:)

Hetal, didn't have the buns, used Arabi bread!:D
First time eating Dabeli for me, loved it!:)

FH said...

Me too P, never had this until now.Easy to make, just have to get some Pavs!:)

Cham, I have to cook one batch before another is ready, what can I do? HeHe! Poor kids!!

Sukanya, she enjoyed it and we just came home, will post pics next week!:)

ms, I had dried Pom seeds, didn't use it. Wish I could eat the real deal. This was good, imagine the real street Dabeli? YUM!:)

Laavanya said...

Dabeli looks so yummy Asha and your comic strip was hilarious. They may curse now but once they leave home, am sure they'll miss all the wonderful food you cooked for them.

Can't wait to hear what the surprise is and how Trisha enjoyed.. be sure to capture it on camcorder/camera... :)

FH said...

Vani, it's true,it's very hard specially with daughters. We tend to talk and share more with them than with boys.
I will miss my son's hugs and "how are you doin' mama? Did you eat?", every evening when he comes back from school.
I don't know whether you read FH this week, Trisha will be in college a early in Aug but as a commuter High school student. Aug 2009, she will move out, probably to Chapel Hill.
I don't think they want you and hubby sticking around her when she is in college! Hahaha!:)

HeHe! Maya, Arabi bread looks good there, huh? Yeah, kids are crazy sometimes but this episode,I don't blame them!:P

Thanks Uma, yes. we had a fun time surprising her!:D

FH said...

Sri, you have full time job outside and take care of kids and home too. I admire you for that.So, even if you are the last one, I don't mind! Hugs to you. We came home around luch time,got some pics but it was darkish on the stage, didn't get good ones. I will post later!:)

Trupti, Masala was really different from Pan Bhaji masala, loved it. I made a small amount just to try, will make more now.Thanks!:))

Hahahahha!! Okay Bee! Tushar is flying there today! Feed him all kinds of gourds you grow there for a week and then he will run back to me again!
I know you hate those purple thingies!:D
Trisha was officially inducted to "exclusively young brainy nerdy society of USA" today, one of the 13!:))

FH said...

Kalai, she was grinning ear to ear, happy and little embarrassed too!:D
I brought her back home after the ceremony!:)
Try the Dabeli with Pavs too, yummy!:)

DB, can't grow Karela here, so they are safe!:D
Indian style Eggplant seeds are abundantly available, so that's a problem for kids! HeHe!

Hi Suma, blogging is fun, isn't it? Nothing about great food or article but lot of fun yapping with each other virtually!:D

Thanks Madhu. Watching veggies grow is very satifying, almost like watching kids grow! I love fresh veggies, this year, hopefully I get some Ridge gourd and snake gourds!:)

FH said...

Shalini, I always though it as Pav Bhaji but it is complete ly different. Try with Pav and add Pom seeds as the original recipe says, I didn't have it! Enjoy :)

Thanks Kamala. Most south Indians seems to have not eaten this Dabeli, new for us. Try it, makes a great snack for Sunday afternoon!:))

TC, kids were howling like wolves when they saw walking in! Some were red in the ace too!:D
They had cake and lunch after but we came home for lunch. It was fun!:)

FH said...

You are welcome A. loved the masala and with all those sides, it will be yummy. Try it!:)

Thanks Ramya. Yeah, came home from school, had a headache, took a nap and now I am okay! It's so hot outside today!:))
Trisha loved it, will post pics at FH!:)

Mansi,please post the Dabeli Masala and Dabeli too, your style!
This was great but coming from your MIL must be really authentic. You can make Dabeli and post for us someday, love to try it because I have never tried eaten Dabel outside at all. Hope you do!
Enjoy the weekend, will post pics at FH, still in the camera!:)

FH said...

Madhu, lucky you! I have to make it at home and be happy with that!:D

Anu, seems like very few of us haven't tasted the Dabeli at all. I would love to taste fro street cart!:)

We did Pooja, came back and relaxing now.Enjoy your weekend!:))

Laavanya, that's what I say too!:D
I am sure they will miss my Indian food. Trisha is planning to stay in NC for college, so will not be that far, got to make a trip every month or so!:))
Stage was not that bright, so we got just okay photos, will post once cleaned up!:)

Swati Raman Garg said...

waaaah.. theres another such page and i never knew... kamaal ho aap... too good.. and dabeli was my staple snack while my stay in bombay ... all bombay street food rocks... did u get my mail

FH said...

Didn't know about Aroma? There is another blog just with photos too, check the sidebar!:D
I will check mail this weekend, too busy with all these stuff I do. Weekend evenings are for checking e mails, I will reply to you ASAP! Enjoy the Dabeli and the weekend. Most of you girls have tasted the real Dabeli except few of us! Lucky!:)

ServesYouRight said...

Hilarious! You are, of course, indefatigable! I LOVE dabeli :-)


FH said...

But I am, Smita, I am very fatigable!!:D
Came home with Trisha's school and had a headache because their cafeteria was hot, took a little nap and am back again!
I even had heat stroke in San Antonio Sea World waliking in the shade in June last year! HeeHee!
You have eaten Dabeli before too, not fair!:)

sra said...

Hi Asha, congrats to Trisha, what was the surprise about?
Last month when I went to Gujarat, I was told that one of the pizza chains there even has a Dabeli Pizza on offer!
The comic strip is funny!

FH said...

sra, will post ah FH net week!:)

You don't believe this but instead of publishing 9 comments ,I accidentally pressed the reject button and everything is gone now except your's!

I will repost now before they allkill me!:P

FH said...

SMN said:
hi,..i think i am the last one..dabeli looks tast...

notyet100 said:

Ashakka, never heard of dabeli before. Ur presenta...

Hi Asha, congrats to Trisha, what was the surprise...

Raaga said:
Hi Ashakka,Great dabelis... and am eager to know h...

Rachel said:
that a lovely entry for MBP..I've always prayed to...

Sagari said:
dabeli looks soooo beautiful ashaji,pic is very te...

Namratha said: Dabeli looks perfect and very yummy!

TBC said: Love Mumbai's street-food. Pav bhaji is my fav. Da...

FH said...

SMN, NY, Jayashre, Raaga, Rachel,Namratha, Sagari, TBC,sra thank you very much.
Sorry to say that early this morning, came here and deleted your comments instead of publishing them by mistake! I an still sleepy! :D

But tried and recovered the comment page copied part of it. So sorry about that!:)

We hadfun y'day at school, will post pics!:)

@the_whisk_affair said...

Hi Asha,

Knock knock
Who's there?
Ivan who?
Ive an award waiting for you in my blog! :-) Enjoy!!

Purnima said...

Asha, I m very late here! The Dabeli looks gorgeous..u n ur choice of crockeries-awesome! Loved ur comic strip! Shall b back to read Trisha's surprise, to catch up the snaps n her reaction too!

Rajitha said...

yum...that food got me drroling....i am with ur kids..burn the plant :D...and waiting to know the surprize planned for your daughter :)..have a great weekend Asha..

FH said...

LOL! Thanks JZ, will check it out!:)

Not late at all Purnima, this is first and last post here this week, so take your time. Yes, I will try and post some pics at FH, still in the camera!:)

HeHe! lot of people send to hate Eggplants! Friday was fun, enjoyed it, will post.Enjoy the weekend!:)

Meera said...

Awesome Dabeli, Asha.
Congrats to your daughter. & best wishes to her for a wonderful future.
You all are so creative about comix, i don't think i can do anything there.

FH said...

Most Mumbaiyya have eaten this before, it was my first time.Loved it. First time making Comix too, it was fun!
Yeah, Trisha had a great time on Friday, she deserves all that!:)

Sig said...

Oh I haven't heard of Dabeli before... Looks great... and cute cartoon :) BTW, you can use the PrtScn button on your keyboard to take a picture of your whole screen. Use Alt+PrtScn to take a screenshot of just the current window. After doing this, you can open mspaint and do a Ctrl+V, you will have a clear screenshot of the contents of the screen. Then you can crop and resize etc...

FH said...

OOH! Thank you so much for the copying info Sig! I will try again and repost this cartoon if I can. Great help, thanks!:))
Most southies seems not to have tasted this Dabeli, it's great, try it!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, I love the dabeli, looks really delicious! Me too, can't wait for those eggplants... my kids would be just like yours in the comic :) You're really gonna make us wait a whole week for Trisha's surprise!?? Well congrats to the dear gal -- and I will try to find my patience cap ;)

FH said...

Linda, don't know why kids just don't even try to like them!;D
That post is out at FH, look for the link on the bottom.Girl is done with HS, now a visiting college student. REAL college, dorm etc will come in 2009 Aug!:)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

hahaha!i loved your comic strip!
dabeli looks really yum!
hope you had a wonderful time in t's school!

Sailaja said...

I made daebli 3 weeks ago. Your photos looks very good.
If you have few mts please check my entry too in my blog.

FH said...

Hi Sailaja, this was my first time tasting Dabeli. Will visit you today, I only blog 3 days a week, that's why the delay but eventually I catch up with everybody!:))

FH said...

Hi NP, we did have fun in school, great day!:))

Anonymous said...

WoW! This is the first I heard of dabeli! :-|
Looks very delicious and can't wait to try this. Looks very easy to put together.

*smacks head* where was I?

thanks for the recipe.

FH said...

Hahaha! Arun, you are not alone! Most south Indian have not heard or tried this Dabeli unless they have lived in Mumbai!:)
Yeah, it was delicious, very different from Pav Bhaji which I make often. Dabeli is made with Pav too, I didn't have it at home. Enjoy!:)

Miri said...

AARgh - I have made Dabel too for MBP...great minds and all that ;)

hope the surprise came out as planned!

FH said...

Hi Miri, that's okay girl, Dabeli was my first try. Loved it, more versions are welcome!:))
This is an old post. I have posted all the surprise photos at "Life, as it happens" on the bar, check it out!:))