January 12, 2009

Urad dal masala vada with spicy dal dip....my savory yellow legume winter treat!

Alrighty! Here is my favorite winter snack "Urad dal masala vada with spicy dal dip" , which goes to all these events. If anybody (event hosts I mean) do not want it, let me know!! :D

I am sending this to Srivalli of "cooking4allseasons", who is guest hosting the event "My Legume love affair-7th helping" , which is started by Susan of "Well seasoned cook".
This is also my second entry for Sunshinemom of "Tongueticklers", who is hosting a event with a theme "Yellow-Food in colors" .
This savory also goes to Srilekha of "Srishkitchen" for her event "EFM-Savories" as well.
Just came to know about these events called "Sunday Snacks-Hot and Spicy" being hosted by Pallavi of "All things yummy" blog and "Chutney/dip Mania" from Ramya of "Mane Adige" blog. Here is my hot one and a dip!

Thanks to all of you for hosting these events. Hope you like my contribution! :))

Urad dal masala vada with spicy dal dip:
I am sure most Indians know about this yummy snack. Uddina Vade, as they are called in Kannada, are the most popular snack or breakfast in Karnataka served in every restaurant with either Sambhar or Rasam and also with Idlis.
I usually make these during cold days of Winter which are great to munch on while watching a movie or two on lazy Sundays!! Then they become "Mosaru vade" (ie Urad dumplings dunked in chilled spicy yogurt) in lazy Summer Sundays! :))

Urad vada with dal dip2

You need:
1 cup Urad dal, soaked in water for 2-3 hrs,
1 tbsp rice, soaked with Urad dal, (makes it crisp)
a big pinch of baking soda,
enough salt to taste.
Chop these very finely:
1/2 big onion,
few curry leaves,
1 small Jalapeno,
3-4 tbsp chopped Cilantro.
Few slivers of fresh coconut will add taste but optional.

Oil to deep fry.

How to make the vadas:
1. Drain the water from the soaked dal, add to the mixer (Sumeet is best if you have it) along with salt and blend until smooth, fluffy without adding water if you can manage that. If you have to add water, keep it to minimum amount. If batter is watery, it's impossble to shape them like doughnuts, you will end up with round dumplings.
2. Take out in a bowl, mix all the chopped ingredients mentioned above, beat well to get the air in the batter which makes them fluffy when fried.
3. Heat enough oil to deep fry in a wok/Kadai/electric deepfryer to 360F.
4. Now, here is how I do the doughnut shape. I wet my left hand palm with water, take a lump of batter with my right hand,put it on the left palmand with my right index finger, I make a big wide hole.
5. Then quickly slide in the Vada into the hot oil, wash the laft palm quickly and get to the next vada doughnut making like machine! :D
6. Deep fry them until golden and take them out on the paper towel to drain. Keep them in the warm oven until the time to serve comes around.

In India, sometimes oiled or wet banana leaves are used to make vadas which makes it easy slide off the vadas to the oil. You could try using foil too but I find good old palms are the best tool for making these.
Batter must be as thick as you can get or else it won't form a doughnut shape. If not thick, you can also just drop them with a spoon into the oil as round balls, tastes the same but looks nontraditional shaped urad vadas.
Beating the batter to incorporate air into it is one of the tricks to make fluffy light vadas which is not easy but experience is the key. Don't worry if you don't always get perfect doughnut shapes either, it's not easy and doesn't change the taste in any way! :)

Now, how I make spicy dal as a dip to these crunchy vadas!!

Spicy dal dip:
You need these first:
1/4 cup each of chana dal, Masoor dal, Moong dal,
2 cups of water to cook the dals,
1/4 cup tomato sauce,
2 tsp coriander seeds powder,
1/2 tsp cumin seeds powder,
1/2 tsp chilli powder,
1/2 tsp Garam masala (optional).
To temper:

1 tbsp butter+ 1 tsp oil,
pinch of Hing,
2 red dry chillies, broken,
1 tsp Cumin seeds,
1/4 cup chopped onion,
2-3 garlic cloves, sliced,
1 tsp ginger, grated.

How to make the dal:
1. Cook all 3 dals with water in the Microwave or in te pressure cooker until soft, mix well and keep aside.
2. Take a pan, add cooked dal, Tomato sauce, masala powders (spices), salt and simmer gently until tomato sauce is cooked and raw smell goes. Adjust the salt and spices. Add cilantro and turn off the heat.Sauce should be thicker than the usual to use as a dip.
3. Heat oil and butter in a pan, add the tempering ingredients one by one to the oil, fry until the onions and garlic are reddish.
4. Add the tempering to dal amd mix well to serve with Urad dal Vadas.

There is my snack combo or sometimes Sunday dinner too if I eat too many! Have a wonderful week ahead, see you later! :D


Purnima said...

Asha, yum...I can smell UDUPI type aroma frm my screen..the dip is new to me...looks delicious!!! Tks for sharing your technique n recipe!

FH said...

Hi Purmi, you are the first one here today! :))

Yeah, I got bored the same Sambhar or Rasam I make with Uddin vade, thought we will give it a mixed dal twist and munch while watching Gloden Globe awards last evening! :D

EC said...

These are my fav among vadas..although we make it mostly during festivals and so minus the onions...was waiting for pongal to make them...tempting vadas..

Divya Kudua said...

Hmm yummy vadas Ashakka..I've tried making these vadas after having it in one of the 'darshinis' in Bangalore..successful attempt without the hole..;-)yours look so pretty!!

Finla said...

I think i made vada once and that was from a packet from gits, i am never good inmaking snacks which has to be grinded.
I still have a pic form them somewhere in my computer, should post them one day.
I am sure you have no trouble in making all these delicious snacks.
Wish I had few of them with my coffee now.
Just the thought makes me drool.
Hope you enjoyed the movie on saturday.

Unknown said...

wow that vada s and sambar looks so mouthwatering beautiful pic.

Divya said...

Wow mouthwatering vadas ...You know I never get this perfect shape for my vadas ...yours look just perfect !!
Thanks for sharing your tips ...

Ashwini said...

Uddina vade and the dip looks yum.. mouth watering and tempting to eat. Good munch for the cold and also while watching the award show..

FH said...

EC, I heard that in some homes, they don't make holes in the middle for these vadas. My mom always made like these with holes. Plain Vadas are fun to eat with spicy Sambhar, for chilly weather like now here, jalapenos would be very nice. Happy Pongal to you!:))

Divya, it is hard to achieve thick consistency to make holes in the batter,specially with mixers we get here. Sometimes I succeed with holes in the vadas and most of the time, they become plain old round Vada! :D

FH said...

F, we did enjoy "Gran Torino", fab movie, made me sad for an hour after the movie. You must watch if you can there with hubby!
I tried once with packaged urad dal vada, didn't come out right. I try my best not to add water in the mixer but it's hard to grind. I try my best, sometimes it works out! :))

Thanks Rekha. I don't make these often, too much work but in winter, I just crave for some hot and spicy ones! :D

FH said...

Divya, you know what I did? I went and bought a hand held doughnut maker to make these! Hahaha!!
I will try next time I decide to make these vadas using that gadget, let's see how it goes to make better shaped vadas than these!:)

Ashwini, you are right! I plan at 12pm and make these before 6pm, just in time to watch the movie or shows! Specially taste great in Winter!:))

Laavanya said...

My favorite.. i love the crisped up bits of onions in the vadai.. and the dip looks great too.

Cham said...

Oh oh Asha U make me crave for this vada and dip! I am not a big fan of sambar may be this dip is very different and very aromatic! Look excellent!

Anonymous said...

hello Asha,

mouthwatering vadas.wishing you a very happy sankranthi.


Srikitchen said...

wow! vada with sambar is a good combo and it looks yum too!

Trupti said...

masala vada looks very very delicious. Thanks for sharing new dip recipe

Sunshinemom said...

Asha, just right for the winter! I am making this on Pongal. BTW did you check out the new thief on the block? Right here:

AnuSriram said...

Thats yumm.. Makes a nice treat for this winter! Would like to grab some...

sra said...

I never heard of vada batter being beaten - is that the same as grinding it for a longer period of time? And I've never heard of a dal dip either - v new to me!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

Asha, Those are to die for vadas! They look so cute. I have always failed in making vadas with holes. yours look perfect.

anudivya said...

Asha, thanks so much for letting me know about the events! I am sending them to all of them.
I am so glad you started blogging again... I either have a bad memory or I started blogging after you took the break, so never had a chance to get to know you...
I am so happy to have come across it at least now...

FH said...

Laavanya, onions are my fave bits too! :D

Cham, I just visited you and came here. Yes, this dal is a bit different. My husband LOVES Vada in that regular Sambhar! :))

Thanks Shalini. This snack is perfect for Sankrathi too, right? You too have a good shankranthi! :))

FH said...

Thanks Srilekha, glad you liked it. Can't wait for the round up! :))

You are welcome T, hope you make it next time! :)

Hi H, yup. Perfect for winter! :)
Uh oh!! we have another one around! Man, these people are shameless! I will check it out.

FH said...

Go ahead Anu, grab some! I wish we could be able snatch some food out of the lappy screens, I would be doing that whole day! ;D

sra, I got that trick from Vah Chef!! He says if you incorporate air into the batter, vadas would be fluffier and he is right. Stone grinding naturally gets air into it when they scoop with hands etc. in India. Mixer are not efficient, I used to get firm textured vadas, now I use a whisk to or my hands to beat like he shows in the video. Try it! :)

Mahima, takes time to learn how to make them. Stone grinders are the best to get thick batter but machine gives us hard time. Sometimes, I get thinner batter too.This time worked well! :)

Yasmeen said...

Delicious!Vadas are our favorite weekend brunch:)

FH said...

AnuD, I think you started after I went off blogging but I am glad we met too. You do have a beautiful blog, love your photos. I need to buy a new camera! :D
Hugs to you, have a great night!

Yasmeen, weekend somehow gives me more time to do all these even though Saturdays are so hectic for us. Sundays are the best! :))

amna said...

i tried these once but didn't get the donut shape because my dough was too watery. the husband loves it so have to try it again soon, and get it right this time :)

Pavithra Kodical said...

Wow looks so delicious and yummy...Need something like this in winter.

Susan said...

Good heavens, Asha, you are back! Or maybe I've been in hibernation this time. : D

Great to check in w/ you. Not want this lip-smacking recipe? Well, I speak for myself: surely you jest.

Best Wishes for a sparkling 2009 for you and your family!

Vibaas said...

Looks so yum yum :)

Raks said...

Great entries asha:) I am dying here for ur vadas:)

Jaishree Iyer said...

Hi Asha, Thanks visiting my blog...I am first time here..As anu said I never had a chance to get to know you...
I am so happy to have come across it at least now...your blog is amazing..love it:)yummy vadas. looks perfect.

Purnima said...

Yes, my evening, ur post popped in my reader..was glad to b first one first time here! Now am abt to make wadas ur way!Hey n the Globe winner, Slumdog M, I was too weak hearted for it, Firstly the Amitabh autograph scene put me off..then cdnt stand the kid being taken to pour hot oil in eyes..cant even mention it, Asha..hw did u sit thru??

FH said...

Nags, it is tricky to get thick batter girl, specially when we have blenders. Try and try again! :))

Thanks P, great to munch on in Winter evenings! :)

Susan, I am a jester indeed!! ;D
Soft and crunchy vadas are wonderful, have you tried this before? A bit fatty, that's why I make it just 2-3 times a year!
Happy new year to you too!:))

FH said...

Thanks Vibaas, got a surprise for you in my next post here on Friday! :D

Raks, I want more now, but I think I will resist! :D

Hi Jaishree, nice to meet you too. I went on a long break and there were so many new blogger I need to know now! :))

This Aroma blog is just for event entries, Foodie's Hope is my regular blog, I post once a week there and twice here. Enjoy blogging.

ranji said...

Absolutely delicious...i love vada and sambhar...especially if the vada is spicy :)...I have made vada many times but never made it with the hole in the center...i could never get it right...the legume dip looks delicious as well,a great replacement for sambhar.

FH said...

Purni, that's true! I almost gagged when I saw that AB's scene and so did many sitting by me, they were shocked too. It's a bit embarrassing to sitting next to others there thinking it's my country and they are our kids!! But that's reality I guess and we all just accept it and ignore the situation, so sad girl!!:(

When I was watching the GG award, I was hoping that will expose to the World and World leaders or citizens would take initiative to do something about it since India seems to have given up on them. It made me sad for quite a while. Even the scene with orphan girl being sold to prostitution made me angry as well. UGH! Some people are so inhuman!!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Oh this really does look like a comfy meal. So when you coming over to make this for me here?

FH said...

Ranji, have seen the size of these Vadas in Woodlands? It's like whole day's worth of meal and calories too!:D
Thick fluffy batter is the key, hard to achieve in mixers unfortunately,sometimes I get lucky!:)

Meeta, Germany was our next destination after touring 6 other European countries while we were living in UK but had to leave and move to USA before it happened. Now, we are caught up in kids' lives, education etc, have been vacationing only within US. May be when both kids are out of here, I will come there and fry these up in your home and stink up the place, huh? :D
Have a great week! :)

Mansi said...

Hi Asha, glad to have you back girl!

the vadas look lovely! hope you had a wonderful vacation!:) and thanks for checking in on me from time to time...things are much better now:)

Uj said...

Wow looks yummy and perfect... wish I could make them but my mixie is slightly weak at heart.. It cannot grind without water and also not into smooth paste..but will try as hubby is very fond of this. Loved the addition of Onions.. Happy Sankranthi..

J said...

Now, now, these vadas make me homesick!! I usually whisk the batter too to make them fluffier, though I've no idea how to get the holes in the vadas!

FH said...

Hi Mansi. Yes, I am trying to catch up with old and new bloggers these days, takes a lot of time! :)
Glad everything is smoother now in your end. New year and new attitude, enjoy blogging.

Uj, Sumeet is lot better than other mixies but still hard to get thick batter. I open the lid and keep pushing the dal down often, exhausting but got to make these atleast once or twice a year at home! :D

J, I am whisking now too, saw it in Vah Chef's video, works well. For holes, you have to add way less water, which is pretty hard. I am thinking of buying a stone ele tabletop grinder, don't know which is good, have to research!:)

Raaga said...

happy sankranti... I haven't made masala vadas... I should try soon :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Ashakka!!! you re back!!!! good to see you back :) Vade thindu eshtu dina aythu..... looks lovely! Mane renovation ella chennagi aytha? Happy Sankranti!!! :)

Srivalli said...

my my that looks really so yummy!..

Jaya M said...

wow! perfect donut shape vadas , I know its difficult to make that shape , I have tried but never succeded...LOL..
great one for these events..
hugs and smiles

FH said...

Thanks Raaga. This cold weather here makes you do lot of crazy masala things! :D

Ramya, you can see my new kitchen at the link I put up there in this post. Ella renovation kelasa mugidamale, vacationgenu hogi vapas bandaytu!:D

Sri, every south Indian knows this vada, nothing special! :))

Namratha said...

Its perfect for this weather Asha, I so wish I lived close to you....it would have been a feast everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

Wish you would had invited me to ur place,there is nothing more soothing in winter than biting these crispies that too if i can have them snuggled in my blanket without being bothered to cook these ;-)

FH said...

Jaya, try and try again girl, can't help but keep doing it until we get that thick batter! :D

Haha!! N, feast everyday sounds great to me too. I make these just 2 or 3 times a year, only because most of the time I don't get thick batter and I don't get holes every time.My husband LOVES these. Happy Sankranthi to you! :)

FH said...

Hahaha! Alka, don't we all wish that? If we were in India, that could easily happen girl, but not here! :D
I will get one dish for your event on Friday, made one for a friend!

KonkaniBlogger said...

Wow, those vades are looking too good. Uddina vade with some coconut chutney is just heaven. But now, your dip looks too tempting..Ok, am getting really hungry now..Happy Sankranthi Asha :)..

Daily Meals said...

Wow Asha! Vada and spicy dal dip look mouth watering...

Purnima said...

Asha, made these two days back, Oh these were just too crisp on out n tasty inside, added 1/4t ginger as well..Hey the idea of adding soda was new..
One tip for mixie, which I follow when Urad dal is concerned..its from my mom to safegaurd the blades n motor of the mixie..Soaking process of urad dal to b done refrigerated. So the cold dal doesn't heat the motor n blade too ..u truly get good thick batter, ie grinding with less or minimum water is possible. Tks again for the lovely 'Masala vada' recipe my neighbour too enjoyed it a lot! I made coconut chutney as accompaniment. Hv a great weekend!

FH said...

Thanks Maya. Oh yes! I love chutney with vade more than dip or sambhar any day. I make very spicy chutney for plain vades.YUM! :)

Thanks Vijaya, I am sure you can make better vadas than me girl! :))

OOOOHHHH!! Purni, your mom is the greatest! What a clever idea! It's true, blades get heated and gets harder to make the batter thick. Thank you so so much sis, I really am thrilled. I will make that dal cold next time, I am already getting excited! HeeHee!
I can't wait but I must must wait for a while or else I will have to expand all the doors in my house! :D

Jayashree said...

The vadas look perfectly browned and crisp and nice. I love these best when they are soaked in curd.