February 20, 2009

ULTRA Grind and Pride: the softest Idlis, Dosas and Vadas!

ULTRA Grind:
This wet grinder post has nothing to do with any event at all, unless there is a gadget event is going on! :D

Some of my readers wanted to know how I liked it and whether it works as it promises. So I thought I would try grinding something first and then post some pics about it. I made idli batter with this, came out so soft and fluffy, I regret waiting all these yrs to buy one! Only thing I thought was that I should have bought the smaller 1.2L ULTRA Pride wet grinder since we are just 4 in the family and don't make a large quantity of batter usually, do not make ildis and dosas often.

Both of these grinders comes with Atta kneader attachment. I tried it once for making chapati dough, it works okay. Kneader struggles a bit for kneading once it formsthe atta into dough. I still prefer my KitchenAid professional stand mixer for kneading dough anyday.
Coconut grater attachment is not recommended by Inno Concepts for some reason, I didn't buy it. Sumeet will do a great job for powdering dry ingredients and small amount of chutney etc.

I bought this ULTRA GRIND here at Inno Concepts, Inc. which is in Atlanta, GA. They ship within a week and are very helpful if you have any questions. Here is the demo video.

I wanted to buy this for the longest time. But after I saw so many sizes and types, I wasn't sure which one to buy. Few weeks ago, I finally decided to buy the 2L wet grinder. Here are some pics and tips for those who want to buy. I will link this post at FH too, so everybody who visits there can look at it and decide for themselves. It is very useful if you make dosas and idlis often and in large quantities.

All in all, I love this gadget, makes softest idlis and dosas. When I make dosas and Urad dal vada batter with this grinder, I will post the photos here. I also ground a 1 1/2 cups coconut masala in this. We are supposed to use only the grated coconut in this. But I chopped the fresh coconut very finely and added it. It does grind, but with some scraping is needed in between. Again Sumeet mixe is far better for small amounts.

ULTRA GRIND as it is just out of the box!

Inside, two granite slanted cone grinders with plastic scraper on the side:

You get atta kneader and a purple lid with the grinder but spatula is mine which is a must to push the batter off of the stones without using your hand!

Grinding rice for Idli:
At first, I added the soaked rice directly inside there but grinders didn't work ie stopped moving. I scraped all out and added 1/3 cup water first, started the machine and then added rice. Worked fine after that! I should have read the manual first! :D

Then the soaked and drained Urad dal and Methi seeds:
It took about 20mins to get the softest batter ever; So light that if you drop a glob of batter in water, it floats.That will never happen when you grind it in Sumeet blender, although it grinds to smooth batter!

This is how it looked right after grinding, already fluffy!

This is after fermenting overnight, almost spilled over.

Ready to steam:

TADA! Soft idlies and also made some Thatte Idlis in Dhokla stand and Katori idlis with leftover idli batter.

Thick Urad dal batter getting ready for Urad dal Vadas:

Fluffy airy Urad dal vadas! Thank you ULTRA Grind! :D

Spongy Dosa batter, getting ready, use the rubber spatula to push the batter down, never use metal spatulas:

Fermented dosa batter! I never had this much of fermentation in Winter ever! :D

Spongy golden dosa!

Late addition: I was so happy with ULTRA Grind, I decided to buy the smaller 1.2L ULTRA Pride as well, it's so cute! Yes, you can call me Craaazzzyy! ;D
This one came with a little cheap looking plastic spatula too, along with a atta kneader.

I ground Coconut masala in the smaller Pride, it works well but doesn't grind very smooth unless you add a bit of hot water to it. ULTRA Grind does a better job grinding the masala smooth but you need to grind a large amount like 2 cups or so.

Add 1/3 cup of cold water first when you are grinding rice and Urad dal and 1/3 cup of hot water when you are grinding masala with coconut. Coconut tends to get thick if you add cold water and makes it hard to grind, hot water thins the coconut. Little things I learnt after grinding both. You have use the spatula to push the masala in a bit but it's easier to do since the top of the grinder is open unlike the mixer where you have to stop and then push it down and start again.

Dill masala Paratha dough kneaded with atta kneader attachment in the smaller ULTRA Pride, took less than 2 minutes! It gathers the flour etc quickly to a ball but kneading the dough is a bit tricky, machine stops once the ball is formed.
For kneading bread dough for baking, I still need to use my Kitchenaid kneader hook!

Enjoy the weekend! :)


indosungod said...

Great Buy! That is exactly where I bought my ultra almost 12 years ago. It is amazing how they have grown too.

Finla said...

I don' know what happend i commented and it disapeared, i will comeback later and see if you got it or not.

Finla said...

I think you didn't get it.
As i wrote in my earlier comment, when we were in India i wanted to buy one but as you said it is too big and we are just with three.
I love idlies, but Hans and Shyama don't like they like more dosa, if i give them dosa they will eat it every day.
I am going to go on a break from today as Shyama is having her carnival holidays so see you in March.
Have a wonderful weekend.

FH said...

Indo, don't know why I waited so long to buy this. I wasn't sure these do work as they say but they sure do! I am so happpppyyyy! :))

Hi F, didn't get first one but glad to see you here. I was typing my comment in your blog few seconds ago too!! Enjoy the holidays with S, hugs to you! :))

Uj said...

I envy you.. I miss the grinder so much here... The make the best idli and vada too ;)

lubnakarim06 said...

This one tops my chart in kitchen items to shop...

Priya said...

Ultra has been the best for years and I use it.

Laavanya said...

Soon after my wedding, even as some tried to convince me that I could do just fine with a mixie i was absolutely adamant about getting this (i have the small pride one) and i don't regret my decision one bit. Even in the small one, I can grind 4 cups (std US size) rice.. so i get quite a lot of idli batter. Enjoy and looking forward to the vadas etc :)

Ashwini said...

wow..I miss that soft idlis and dosas...Nice buy..Will check out the site..

Unknown said...

i want to buy this one soon..i have a sowbhaya grinder, no probs with it,but i love the ultra grinder..

FH said...

Hi again F. I thought so too, should have bought a smaller one. My kids don't like Idli or dosas but they have to eat them anyway! :D

Uj, I want to make Vadas as soon as possible in this but too many things to cook for Shiva Ratri this weekend, will try next week sometime! :)

KF, do buy, it's amazing when it comes to grinding batter. Make sure you buy the right size for your family! :)

EC said...

I just manage with a mixer for idlis, but whenever i go to my inlaws place or mom's place i feel i should also buy a grinder..they much so soft idlis, dosa and ya, vadas are the best..u get more quanitity too when u use a grinder

FH said...

Priya, wish I had bought it before. Hope this one lasts as long as your's too! :))

Laavanya, I want the smaller one now! :D
Sumeet still is great for grinding powders and small amount of masala. This wet grinder is way better for idli etc.

Ashwini, this one is really worth $300 we pay. Smaller Pride costs $219, you might want to check that too! :)

J said...

I'm in India right now and enjoying those ultra soft wet ginder idlis!

Yasmeen said...

Good know this wonder gadget is available here too,I saw it last at my SIL's place in Hyd,Certainly makes the softest idlis:)

Deepthi Shankar said...

grinder is such a must have na .. we have always used Butterfly Grinder since ages

ranji said...

What a coincidence Asha...i also made idli's today with vegetable sambar and coconut shallot chutney...i also have the same grinder..idlis come out top class:)..so soft and fluffy!!have a nice weekend!!

Cham said...

In my ten years in US, I had two ultra grinders... But always the smalest one, is much easier to handle and when u want to grind like for vadas u can easily grind i/2 cup!
As far I know, I never seen any tamilian without grinder in US!
Even the proportion of rice and urad dhal is different for wet grinder! Enjoy ur new gadget!

Pavani said...

You are now a happy customer. I have the same exact one that I bought in India. My husband had to carry it as one of his bags to get it here. It works wonders. Enjoy your grinder.. waiting to see all your creations.

FH said...

Sowmya, we looked at Sowbhagya grinder too, was out of stock before we decided on this! :)

EC, I can't wait to make vadas but have to wait until next week. Too much work for Shiva Ratri. Get one girl, you have so many choices there in India! :))

J, that's why I don't see you much! Have fun there girl, EAT a LOT! :D

FH said...

Yasmeen, there are so many of them, it was hard to choose. Idlis are like sponge girl, glad I bought it.Would have preferred a smaller one but it's alright! :)

Deesha, I was thinking of buying for a long time.Man! I missed out so many soft idlies! :D

Ranji, I should have asked you before girl. I am loving it. Cooking Shiva Ratri feast this weekend, me very busy!Have a good one too! :)

Really! Looks like I am the last one to catch up Cham! :D
Small grinder sounds so good. May be I will get one in few month's time(without telling Arvind first!:D)!

Usha said...

Aren't these the cutest things and so very useful, I got mine from India the last time I was there, looks exactly like yours and it is invaluable for me especially for traditional idli dosai grinding :-)

AnuSriram said...

I too have the same Ultra Model. That works wonderful. Isn't it? Idli's looks fluffy.
Asha, I have something for you in my blog. Pls accept.

FH said...

Pavani, it's so heavy girl! How did your hubby manage to carry that in the bag? Brave and strong guy! :D
I put some felts under the grinder so I can slide easily on the counter top. Yes, I am happy now, cant wait to make Vadas! :))

Usha, these are the same you get in India too and inno concepts are the only legal dealers to sell these here in US. That's why we were very careful when choosing. If anything goes wrong, we can always send this back to them for repair. Buy with any others, that's it, you lose money. Glad to have this though! :)

FH said...

Thanks Anu, just was there in your blog! Glad I bought this grinder, idlis are like sponge, so yummy! Even my kids liked them, usually they don't like Idlis at all!:))

Meera said...

Thanks so much for this post. I am so tempted to buy it...May be I will wait for some special occassion for buying a present for myself!!:-D or will drop hints to hubby...
Thanks for posting. I am thinking of buying smaller one. Let's see.

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

i love idlis. but i don't make them often coz they dont come out soft everytime..:( your idlis look so fluffy and spongy.. wow.

FH said...

Meera, go for smaller one. I find this too big and heavy to move around and unnecessary for small family andalso I don't make idli or dosas regularly eitherm ay be once in 2 weeks. But they are worth buying though! 100% paisa vasool!:)

Mahimaa, you need this grinder girl. Even my kids were so impressed with soft idlis. Sumeet doesn't stand a chance infront of this one for grinding batter! :)

Suganya said...

That is a lovely wet grinder. Both my mom and my in-laws use this grinder only. Love the idlies made from get grinder. YUM!. So fluffy and soft.

Pavithra Kodical said...

Grinder looks great!! I am sure you and your family might have enjoyed eating those soft idlys :)

Sunshinemom said...

Mine is butterful mini and I am so glad I purchased it! Nothing like idlis and dosas ground in a grinder - makes it all the more fluffy! I was surprised seeing you not having it, Asha:) Possibly because you create world cuisine!

KonkaniBlogger said...

Aah, finally I see it here! Somebody I knw has it and she used to make batter on sundays and then freeze it to use for kids weekdays bfast. Had heard really good reviews from her. From your pictures I can say, you sure are happy :).

FH said...

Sukanya, glad I have this, truly makes delicious idlis! :)

We did Pavithra. So good, I couldn't believe it! :)

Harini, that's true, kids don't like idlis and dosas, so I don't make them often, may be once in 2 or 3 weeks. Now that we tried it with this, I will be making me more often I hope! :)

FH said...

Maya, I am so thrilled. I never really believed it would make Idlis like my grandmother used to make in Mysore but it surely does! :))

Vikis Kitchen said...

Happy to see your new grinder. I m sure its a must to buy to prepare our authentic foods at home.
Batter from grinder is always better than the mixie made.
Your idlies look perfect and delicious. yummy.

Srivalli said...

Those are so soft and lovely Asha...great buy...:)

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

hey tht was some inforamtive post...infact I didn't know of a wet grinder before...I use my regular trusty grinder for all...it does all the job except coconuts..lol.

like ur idlis :)

Priya Suresh said...

Mine is also ultra, i have ultra grind more than 5 years still they do many marvellous soft idlies:d...thats a great buy..

Daily Meals said...

Idlis look so soft and spongy asha! I am also planning to buy this and keep on postponing...I heard that cleaning of the grinder is a bit difficult...But after looking at these soft idlies, can't wait to buy it...

Purnima said...

Wooooooow..ooh lala! :D Finally! The fluffiest, softest idlis..tks to the Ultra! My frnd used to grind for chutney also when she had to make for a huge crowd! Its too huge for 2 servings..the coconut wd hide behind one stone-leave aside grinding! It sure tastes different! The stone grinding has it own magical touch, doesn't it!:D Since childhood, have had idlis/dosas made with manual stone grinder..'Ragado' in konkani.:D Lovely pics! Drooling!

FH said...

Thanks Viki, it sure is better than Sumeet for wet grinding! :)

Sri, you must have on of these at your home too. It took me long time to decide to get this!

Navita, I always had Sumeet too. This grinder is beyond belief, batter is soft and fluffy, it's like eating at my grandmother's place! :D

FH said...

Priya, wish I had bought this before girl, I am so happy with this! :)

Vijaya, you heard it right! It is heavy, specially this ULTRA Grind and bit hard to clean. Do buy the smaller one called ULTRA Pride, it grinds 4-5 cups which is more than enough and lighter too! :)

Purni, at my ajji's place, they always grind with manual stone grinder which tastes absolutely delicious. You are right, small amount less than 2 cups is not good with this grinder, hard to scoop. I still use Sumeet for chutney. But for dosa and Idlis, you can't beat this one. I should have bought the smaller grinder! :)

Vibaas said...

idlis look very soft and i agree with you, grinder makes the big difference. I have premier and it's good too :)

FH said...

Vibaas, I want to buy a smaller one now, I was looking at the Premier today. ULTRA Pride is smaller too, will see! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
this is a great buy.but i would prefer a smaller one if available.


Divya Kudua said...

Hmm..something I've been eyeing for long..even though I have a variety of options to choose from..!!Love the way you've explained everything,esp the part abt Urad dal batter floating..lol,did you actually try it..;-)lol again..abt your doubt,well,I'll explain.I am a Konkani,born and brought up in Kerala and married to a Manglorean family and now settled in Chennai.I met Purnima in the blogging community and just like you she is my virtual akka..she helps me out a lot in my baking sojourns and is just a mail/chat away whenever am in doubt.Hope I've cleared your confusion now..akka;-)

Raaga said...

Amma makes the dough for chapatis and grates coconuts only in the UG :)

FH said...

Shalini, do buy the smaller one. This U Grind is very heavy and great for big family. In fact, I bought the smaller one ULTRA Pride y'day! Arvind was not very happy but I wanted the smaller one too! ;D

Divya, I really did test! Hahaha! I took a cup of water and dropped a ball of Urad batter and it floated!! Yippee!! That means great idlis, Vadas never happens in Sumeet,believe me!
Whoa!! You are a true South Indian, Konkani, M'lore, TN and Kerala.Very cool, visit Andhra, circle will complete. That is great. I have been around in K'taka a lot, vacationed in Goa and Mumbai, that' it. I have more European countries than Indian states! :D
If you buy UG, go for the smaller one if you are only cooking just for few people, this is too big. Have fun there sister! :)

Raaga, I saw the coconut grater but UG dealers here say not to use it, they will not repair if we do. May be because US uses 110V and not powerful enough to grate. It would be nice to grate coconut since we do use it often here. Oh well..! Have a great week!:)

FH said...

Shalini, do buy the smaller one. This U Grind is very heavy and great for big family. In fact, I bought the smaller one ULTRA Pride y'day! Arvind was not very happy but I wanted the smaller one too! ;D

Divya, I really did test! Hahaha! I took a cup of water and dropped a ball of Urad batter and it floated!! Yippee!! That means great idlis, Vadas, never happens in Sumeet,believe me!
Whoa!! You are a true South Indian, Konkani, M'lore, TN and Kerala. Very cool, visit Andhra, circle will complete! That is great. I have been around in K'taka a lot, vacationed in Goa and Mumbai, that's it. I have seen more European countries than Indian states! :D
If you buy UG, go for the smaller one if you are only cooking just for few people, this is too big. Have fun there sister! :)

Raaga, I saw the coconut grater but UG dealers here say not to use it, they will not repair if we do. May be because US uses 110V and not powerful enough to grate. It would be nice to grate coconut since we do use it often here. Oh well..! Have a great week!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I bought Ultra grinder from India. It came with coconut scrapper.. we use it frequently. I love that attachment. It's safe as the speed is low.


FH said...

Archana, I would love to have that coconut grater but dealers say if I use it they won't repair and not included in the guarantee!! Don't know why? I saw the demo video, grater works fine!!

Unknown said...

Very nice display of step by step pics:) I envy your grinder. But I am satisfied with my Preethi mixie that I got after much buttering and pressure . Liked all your spongy idlis, dosa, vada....mmm my mouth is watering:)

FH said...

Roopa, I always used Sumeet for grinding before too, this ULTRA is unbelievably good for making batter. Smaller one is more useful than the bigger one! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi asha,

I am so glad you gave the link for this grinder on your foodie's hope. Was waiting to find out how you really liked it. I am so glad that it is really what they all say it is and you telling us in your post that you are really enjoying the product and that buying a smaller one is good enough for a family of four just makes me confident to go and order it. Thank you so much for the detailed post and the pictures. As you said now it makes me mad that why did I wait so many years to buy it. But it did not know where to buy it from and did not anyone who had one. SO I am glad you bought it and shared your experience on the blog.


FH said...

Vinita, i wanted to you tell you but realized that you didn't have a blog, so I linked it as soon as I remembered so you can take a look at it!:)
Yes, smaller is better for few members. Larger one is really heavy but does a very good job of grinding the batter. Smaller one lot lighter and has plastic turner on the bottom,still does a good job. Make sure you save the receipt and send the warranty card back to them. If you need a repair, they will do it for free upto one year on the Pride and 2 yrs for Grind. Enjoy! :)

DK said...

mm....I knew you wont help urself buying the shop! :)

but then wont blame you..I would do that myself...love these small grinders..isnt the result super fab!!! :)

Love the pictures...Hugs

BTW is my site opening for you??

FH said...

Hi DK, I think large grinder is more powerful and great for large amount like batter. Small one, I am still experimenting in it, not so heavy, so I doubt it's as good as the large one! :)
Yeah,, it opens but I am trying cut down commenting on every post of everybody, specially these days when kids are a bit under the weather, will catch up eventually! :)

Kay said...

Asha, I have the small one too. DH had brought this from India in his bachelor days. Long time no idli dosa at home! Your post makes me want to make some now. And yes, with those fluffy vadas too!

The coconut grater fits the bigger grinder only. I bought one for mine and nope it doesn't fit in mine. but my friend uses it to grate coconut very nicely.

FH said...

Kay, use it girl. I thought for a looong time before I bought these, enjoying them both! :D

Coconut grater sounds good to me but I don't think I want to risk the dealer's warranty wrath! Hahaha!

Swapna said...

Great buy!!! I got mine from India the last time I was there, mine is the small one...it is perfect for our small family :) I too had Sumeet mixie, but never got such fluffy batter in it....

FH said...

Swapna, I agree. Sumeet is still great for a cup or two masala to grind smoothly but these ULTRA are are great for idli batter. Can't believe I waited for so long to buy them! :))

notyet100 said...

this really looks like a very good kitchen gadjet,,thnks for the lovely pics,..:-)

FH said...

You are welcome. I am so glad I finally have them, making more Dosas and Idlis these days too! :D

Jayashree said...

The vada looks amazingly crisp and light.
Most of the brands that are available locally here are equally good but not as well known as Ultra.

Indian Recipes said...

Elgi Ultra Pride Wet Grinder Features:
1.25 litre model
Sleek, Compact and Space-saving
Light in weight, portable and aesthetically designed
Sturdy and durable motor from General Electric
Patented Conical grinding stones - which results in better batter and less wear and tear of the stone
Made of food grade plastic, SS304 stainless steel drum and rust proof materials
Noiseless and vibration free operation
New unique Easy-Cleaner for easy removal of batter

How to operate:

Clean drum assembly thoroughly
Place drum on pulley coupler. Gently rotate till drum fixes itself.
Place the roller assembly in the drum in position as indicated above.
Close the arm and press gently to lock automatically.
Pour a cup of water into the drum.
Press the switch downwards to turn on the appliance.
Add the grinding medium in small quantities with adequate water and place the hatch.
When required consistency is achieved, switch off the appliance.
Remove hatch, hold the arm and press lock to release, then swing the arm upwards and rest it suitably
Remove roller assembly and wipe down the batter.
Remove the drum and use required amount of batter. The rest can be stored in your refrigerator.

Idli dosa grinders - wetgrinders (wet grinders) are used all around the world in Indian restaurants, temples, hospitals, hostels, and hotels

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How to use attachment:
Atta Kneader
Remove Roller Stones and place the atta kneader in the drum. Lock the arm and feed approx 250 gm of atta through the opening provided. Pour a little water and switch on the appliance. Add a little oil and salt to taste. Add water drop by drop till you get the required consistency.
Coconut Scraper
Remove the steel drum from the base. Now place the steel tray on the base. Ensure that the tray is clean and dry. Now fix the coconut scraper on to the driven pulley coupler. Take one half of the coconut and hold it firmly on the scraper. Then switch on the motor. After the scrapping is over, clean the scraper and ensure that no coconut bits are stuck in the corner. Remove the scraper and steel tray.

We are distributors of ELGI products.
We also supplies wholesale, For pricing & enquires please do call :

Our USA office Address:
Phone: 408 - 239 - 4800
3964 Rivermark Plaza Suite #109
Santa clara, CA 95054
Email : info@hotdishes.com

We also sell packaged idli rice with urud dal to make grinding idli betters easier.

You will get the packages for 30 idlis - 60 idlis - dry rice pre measured to make perfect idlis.

The package will contain URUD DAL + IDLI rice - pre measured with recipe card on how to make idlis.

The 30 idli pack will cost you $ 14.99

60 idli pack will cost you $ 29.99

Email me if you have any questions if you would want to order the idli pack please email us once you order the idli cooker

Bina said...

Hi Asha,

I've been using the Sumeet for my idlis for years but I've never been satisfied with them. I came across your blog while googling idli grinders. I live in Hong Kong and I'm happy to find they even make it in 220V. Before I order one I'd like to ask in your opinion which of the two sizes makes better idlis?

FH said...

Hi Bina, I am happy with the ULTRA grinder since I always used Sumeet for grinding before.
I find the bigger ULTRA heavy enough and grinds better batter but smaller ULTRA is ideal for small family like mine with 4 people for 1 batch. Bigger ULTRA is better if you grind double the amount of batter and save for using 2-3 days! :)

kitchenspecialist said...

Hi Asha,

I just found your blog through google search. You have nice blog with lots of pictures and information. Keep up good work.

We also want to thank you for mentioning the website www.innoconcepts.com. We have been selling these Ultra grinders as idli grinders and dosa grinders for the past 16 years as the sole distributors for ELGIULTRA in the USA. But still people come to our website through the blogs like yours. We thank you for referring us.

As mentioned in your blog, the proportion for the rice and urad dhal for ultra soft idlies is in the modified proportion. Use 5 cups of idli rice and one cup of urad dhal (preferably the whole urad -Urad gota).
There are few tricks to get the best idlies even in cold conditions we experience in USA.
1. Wash the rice couple of times and then soak it with water so it stands at least two inches above the rice. Use the same water to grind the rice.
2. The whole urad has extra nutrients that are not available in the split white urad dhal.
Wash the urad couple of times and soak with two inches of water over the dhal. Use the same water to grind the urad.
3. Do not soak the urad for more than 1 hour. If the urad soaks for too long, it will not fluff up that much.
4. The idli rice available in USA tends to absorb more water as it ferments. So when you mix the urad and rice batter, make sure the mixture is watery consistency. If you pour the batter from your hands, it should fall freely. As it ferments, it will thicken and be the right consistency to make idlies.
5. Always grind the urad first and then the rice. You will see that the urad fluffs up more.
6. If you need more tips on making the idlies with different rice varieties, please visit http://www.innoconcepts.com/recipes.htm

To Bina,

Both Ultra Grind+ and Pride+ help you get the best idlies. if you buy the Grind+ you can make a lot of batter in one batch. What I do is first make the idlies. The left over batter goes in the fridge. The next day, I take out part of the batter, add some hot water to the batter (to bring the batter to the room temperature faster - when the batter is in room temperature, it makes brown, crispy dosas. if the batter is cold, the dosas will stay white) and make the dosas. The third day, the left over batter forms the base for the oothappam (you add chopped onion, tomatoes, coriander, green chilies to make oothappam batter).
Or I make extra batches of idlies the first time itself. The first day we eat as idlies.
The next day, left over idlies are converted to idli uppuma. Take out the refrigerated idlies and crumble them into puttu consistency (you can use your hands or put the idlies in the Meenummix mixie in the wet grinder jar and let it run on pulse setting). In a pan season the oil with mustard seeds, urad dhal, chana dhal, red chillies, curry leaves, turmeric powder. Once the seasoning is ready, add chopped green chillies and onions. fry the onion till it is golden brown. Now add the crumbled idles, salt and two teaspoons of water. Mix it well and you get idli uppuma. You can eat it with vadu manga or any pickle or chutney.
Or you can add potato masala to the idlies cut into cubes and make masala idli.

The combinations are endless.
If you need the full recipe, please email me and I will send it you.

kitchenspecialist said...

Hi Bina,

We at Inno Concepts Inc. (www.innoconcepts.com) ship these grinders to anywhere in the world. If you need a 220V grinder to Hong Kong. You can order it from http://www.innoconcepts.com/220Vitems.htm. Right now the manufacturers have changed the 220V Grind+ model to Ultra Slimline and you will get the new Slimline model if you order 220V, 2L grinder.

FH said...

You are welcome K. I love my ULTRA grind, regretting why I didn't buy it before! :))

Thanks for all your help and tips, always helps.

Dori said...

I want one, I want one, I want one!

FH said...

Hi Meeso, get one girl!!!It really worth the money specailly for making idlis and Urad vadas but I do recommend the bigger one though because somehow smaller one doesn't grind the rice that smooth for dosa batter. May be it's just my grinder, I may have to adjust a bit! :)

? said...

Hi Asha!
Loved your blog and this post; I have my Ultra from India about 4 years ago, and it worked well until now and it ground the batter really well; however a ocuple of issues: the yellow silicone edging of the batter-scraper broke off ; the 'on/off' press down purple colored switch seems to have developed a 'loose-connection'... Thanks for posting the company's details.

FH said...

?, see if you can email them at Atlanta and ask for replacement. They do it for a fee since you bought it in India. For these, I have 2 years of guarantee, after that I have to pay for repairs too. They are good grinders! :)

? said...

Thanks Asha!

Unknown said...

hi,Thx a lot for the information.Im new to this site as well new using the grinder.I observe some small rice or urad dals left at bottom after complete grinding also .Im using 2 ltrs Utra perfect grinder.Could you give me your suggestion on how to get smooth batter without these ungrinded dals.It would be really very helpful for me.

FH said...

Saranu, the only way you can deal with the rice and Urad left on the sides is to stop the grinder for a second and push them into the middle with a spatula. None of the grinders are perfect in that way, mixers are the same too. You have to stop and push the grains from the top of the mixie bowl. Hope it helps! :)

Unknown said...


I recenlty bought the Premier 1.5ltr, i am happy with that its easy to clean. The vadas are coming very good. I am still struggling for right proportions of idli and dosa batter,your photos of idli and dosa are very good. can u plz post ur idli and dosa batter proportions.

FH said...

Prathibha, I can understand your dilemma with proportions for the batter. I had trouble figuring them out for a long time too.
Here is what I found makes Idlis softer and Dosas crisp.

For Idli batter: 2 cups regular rice, 1 cup Urad dal and 1 tsp Fenugreek or Methi. Grind thicker batter as usual and ferment well.

For soft Dosas, I use the same as above but thinner batter.
For crispy dosas: 2 cups Rice (I use any long grain), 1/2 cup or 2/3 cup Urad dal, 1 tsp Fenugreek. Grind smooth and ferment.
hope it helps. Again, experiment with proportions until you find your best. Kind of rice we use also makes lot of difference.

deepika said...

hi asha,

The information provided is really helpful.Actually i was confused about which grinder to buy the 1.25l or 2l since we r just 2 people ,me nd my husband but i make idli dosa almost 3,4 times a week,and wanted to make make batter sufficient for 2 weeks at a time.and also whts the difference between slimline,pride nd grind models in ultra .Really appreatiate your help.Thanks in advance.


FH said...

Deepika, if you want to make dosas 3-4 times a week, then it's better to buy a bigger size grinder and keep the batter in the fridge to use everyday. Slim line is just take a little less space than the regular one. Slim line is probably better if you have limited space on your kitchen counter. You can call the sellers and get more info before you buy the grinder just to be sure. Enjoy the grinder! :)

srilekha said...

how r u doing?
my mixie is not working now and i have to use the wet grinder for chutneys. Luckily even i have Ultra grinder . can u please give me dirctions how to make chutney in we grinder. Thanks in advance. plz do reply.

FH said...

Hi Sri,So sorry for late reply, been busy. Well...I tried to make coconut paste once in the ultra grinder with 1 cup coconut and other spices, didn't work for me at all. It was grainy, never became smooth paste for adding to Sambhar etc. I thought may be it's my grinder and never tried again. For chutney, if you like coarse paste, I think you can use the grinder but you have to make large quantity of chutney I guess, I am nt sure. Try it! :)

sweety said...

can I use this to knead bread, pizza dough?
plz reply

FH said...

Sweety, yes you can knead Pizza dough in this but regular mixer or Cuisinart with kneader hook is better to get real good dough.

FH said...

Sweety, yes you can knead Pizza dough in this but regular mixer or Cuisinart with kneader hook is better to get real good dough.

Sindhuja said...

I own a preethi mixie and Ultra wet grinder for more than 3 years. I can't imagine to run my kitchen without these. I bought mine from < http://www.perfectpeninsula.com > and I simply love it ! Can you please share kara doasi or adai recipe ??

FH said...

Hi Sindhu, I am loving this grinder too. I have Adai recipe at www.foodieshope.org.Please check it out.Thanks.

love the life said...

Now you can get even smaller vessel and drum for Ultra Pride+ / Dura+. It is called Ultra Light Grinder. The vessel grinds three cups of rice or 3/4 cups of urad dhal. The cylindrical stones can also grind masala ingredients for masala vadas, can grind chutneys (as long as grated coconut is used).
The roller stones weigh less than 4 lbs. The drum also weighs around 2 lbs. You can find more details - http://www.innoconcept.com/ZStore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22_27&products_id=274
If you already have Ultra Pride+ or Dura+, you can just buy the drum and stones only -http://www.innoconcept.com/ZStore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=26_40&products_id=262

ammusrasoi said...

Hi Asha
just a quick question do you have to season the stone or you could just use it right away.

unni.ags said...

Hi Asha,

I am in Delhi and am planning to buy a Ultra grinder. Due to space contraints in my kitechn, i prefer smaller one.( 1.2 lit ). Is it enough for a family of 3? I planning to prepare batter one time for a weeks use ( i will refrigerate )
Please give your comment


Niswanam said...

Hello...I have an Ultragrinder too...But I face one problem with the big Ultragrinder...When I put in the rice-urad dal-methi mixture to be ground, it doesn't get ground into a smooth paste, whereas I get a granulated batter...I find the rice hasn't ground fully...Any trick to prevent this...????


Nandhini said...

My premier grinder stopped working. I was looking to buy a new grinder, but did not know, which brand to buy. After reading from your blog, I placed my order from www.perfectpeninsula.com. Today was my first use and I totally liked it! Thank you very much ! Your post was helping and guiding me to the right product. My idli was soft, fluffy, and perfect !! Thank you !