February 23, 2007


Cardamom-Raisin Quick Buns/Biscuits are my contribution to Kalyn's 'Weekend Herb Blogging'. My choice this week is Cardamoms! This week's host is Anna of "anna's cool finds" blog.Thank you for hosting Anna!:)


Cardamom, sometimes called Grains of Paradise, is a pungent, aromatic herb first used around the eighth century, and is a native of India. It was probably imported into Europe around A.D. 1214.Cardamom is cultivated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand and Central America.The spice known as cardamom is the fruit of several plants of the genera Elettaria belonging to the family Zingiberaceae, whose principal member is Elletaria Cardamomum. The plant it self is a perennial herb with a thick, fleshy rootstock which sends up flowering stems from 6 to 12 feet high.
Cardamom is usually purchased either in seed pods,or in its "decorticated" form, that is, taken out of the seed pods or the seeds are ground into a powder.They are always most aromatic when they are ground fresh to use.(Info:www.Avalon.net)

Cardamom-Raisin Quick Buns:Makes 6-8
(Recipe from "Quick Breads" by Beatrice A. Ojakangas with some changes)
Here is a wonderful tasting (almost like Southern Biscuits)Buns and what can I tell you about the aroma which fills up the whole house!!Mmm..!!

You Need:
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour,2 tsp baking pd,1/2 salt, 1 tsp Cardamom pd freshly ground,1/4 cup sugar,1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter melted,1 Egg, 1/3 cup milk, 2 tbsp dark or golden raisins or dry mixed fruits.

How To:

1. Pre heat oven to 400F.Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or spray lightly with no-stick oil.

2. Mix all the dry ingredients first,make a well in the center and pour in the well beaten liquid ingredients and mix all just enough to make thick droppable dough.

3. Do not overmix the dough.Drop (or make)6-8 mounds of dough on the prepared baking sheet.

4. Brush the the top lightly with milk(optional) and bake for 10-12 mins or until golden on top.Cool on the racks.

Serve warm or tastes better a day after,split and with or without buttered for breakfast! Enjoy:))


Sunita said...

Thanks for dropping by!!

And I see 3 Food blogs ... your house should be heaven :)

FH said...

Hi Sunita,I don't think I have visited before but I just did now!!I read about your twin sisters and your baby is gorgeous!:))

Thanks for visiting me.I have just two food blogs and the third one is a Recipe Index for all these dishes so you can find them quickly! Enjoy ;)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Quick buns looks cute and aromatic, easy too...

Let me try this,it would be different from our usual morning muffin, breadtoast cereals....

Sia said...

ashakka, when do u sleep? how long do u sleep? how long u spend time in ur kitchen? and i have dozen more questions to ask:) hehehe...
u don't have idea how u inspire us not just for cooking but for many other things:) thanks for everything and i mean it:)
this is a unique recipe of using cardamoms and rainsins to make buns. its always a pleasure to visit ur blogs as we get to learn new and unique recipes:) i am not that experimental when it comes to cooking as i just started cooking a year back. so i find it easy to follow ur recipes and try, which turns out delicous:) thanks a lot for this recipe. will try this soon and let u know:) ~hugs~

FH said...

Hi Usha,give it a try.I am sure you will love it.The cardamom aroma sooo pleasing,I just sniff the buns for a min before I eat them!;D

Sia,I have plenty of time the whole day to experiment.If I had a full time job outside home too,I don't think you would see so many dishes in my blog at all!:D
I admire you and all the working women who also take care of home as well.That would do me in!
Hope you give buns a try this weekend,may be hubby can chip in,it's easy!:))
Have a great weekend my little sistah!;D

Mishmash ! said...

Asha (ji) :) Thanks for this recipe..Very rarely one gets to see recipes where egg and butter is used in moderation.U re great :)


TNL said...

Ooooohh....Cardamom..the princess of spices. Adding them in buns is such a treat...even better is savoring it with a cup of masala chai...heaven!
Next time I am in NC, I just HAVE to visit you!


FH said...

Hi shn,call me Asha.No formality necessary between blog sisters!:)
This bun was wonderful,specially the next day when it becomes a little softer.Hope you try.

Hi sweetie from NFL :)You will LOVE these buns,in fact your kids will for breakfast.I don't know whether you eat Eggs but without egg,it's probably be little harder but tastes great nevertheless.Hope you do.
Trisha made something easy and quick dish for you yesterday,will post next week.Now getting Arvind to pose with the dish is harder but I will try!!;D
Have a great weekend.

Maheswari said...

Asha..buns looks great..never tried buns before..will try this one..BTW..S took day off today and i wanted to make special lunch.First think came to my mind was your butter chicken..oh..my..it was superb..
i just mixed my older version and your version...S asked me say his BIG THANKS to you.Now went to afternoon nap with lil one after enjoying that great meal..:D.Thanks again..Will post the pic.soon..

FH said...

YAY!! Tell S I said he is very welcome and so happy to know that you liked it.Can't wait to see the how it turned out and also write about what changes you made so I can learn.I always love tips like that so I can make it better! MO2 also made Butter chicken,loved it,looks yummy in her blog.

I bet your son will love these buns.If he can't eat Raisins ,you can skip it.They are delicious either way.Hope you got the new logo.Have a great weekend Mahesh!Hugs :)

Anh said...

Asha, this sounds so wonderful! I happen to love cardamom and raisin. :D So this will be good!

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Buns look great.. wonder how u come up with new recipes each time and really admire your enthu in cooking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, cardamom is one of my fav scents too -- love to put some in a little iron pan with cin. and clove and warm it on the stove just to get that filling the kitchen :) Quick buns looks like a great breakfast or anytime snack! Definitely on the must-try list, thanks! :)

Anna Haight said...

What delicious looking buns! You make it look so easy and it will be a breeze to replicate with your detailed directions and photos. Thanks for participating in WHB!

FH said...

Hi Anh,if you like both,it's a perfect snack for you.Since this doesn't use yeast,it won't look like real bakery buns but tastes great like Biscuits!:)

Hi Prema,these weekly and monthly events make me think and experiment which is always fun for me!:)Glad you liked it.Hope you try.

FH said...

Linda,real estate agents would tell you to bake some bread while the ppl come to look for the house so they can sell faster! The aroma of spices are so wonderful.Hope you bake some of these.

You are welcome Anna.Glad to participate in WHB,makes me think and cook some delicious goodies.Thank you for hosting and hope you bake some too!:)

Anonymous said...

MY MY!!!!! Thats a perfect blown up bun!!!!!

Like Sia I have all those questions to ask you and add one more to that....... how come you are always the first one to comment on everyones post!!!!???? Are all the blog pages open 24/7 on your lappy and refresh themselves every 2 mins and then ring a bell when a new post is updated?????!!!!!!!!!

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, I love the name of Grains of Paradise! I'm a big fan of Beatrice Ojakangas, and from the photos I already seen your bread is superb!

FH said...

HAHAHA!!! Coffee,I do get 3-4 hrs a day for myself.That's when I experiment with cooking,type and comment.I wish I could be the first to comment but it's not possible.Usha and Swapna beat me to it most of time!!;D
Yesterday,I opened my blogroll and your's just popped in,I really really wish I had bell to alert me girl!My lappy closes at 6pm and does not open until next day.Anymore q's, feel free to ask!HeHe!!
Thanks for visiting and have a great time in there my friend :))

Hi Gattina,I don't know who doesn't love Caradamom!Smells so good.Glad I found this book,I will use that for more future recipe too.These buns don't look or feels like Yeast rolls, but more like biscuits.Tastes great though.Thanks and have a great weekend!:))

Kalyn Denny said...

I love the smell of cardomom. I bet this smells just heavenly when they are baking!

KA said...

Hey Asha
For some reason I still can't post my comments on your main blog, so here I am.. your post on sivaratri was simply superb.

Mona said...

wow! they look so delicious! I just love flavourd buns, specially cinnamon buns. The smell is so groovey, it makes you want to hijack the whole bakery!
I have never baked cookies, though I have baked cakes. I will try out your recipie for sure.I sounds so tasty!!

FH said...

Kalyn,oh! what can tell you about the aroma!It felt like I was home in India during one of our festivals!That book has great recipes:))

Thank you KA.Unfortunately,few still have trouble reaching FH.I will cut and paste there!:)

FH said...

LOL @ hijack!I am with you when you do!:)

One more for you Mona!In US, Biscuits are NOT cookies!!;D

Indian buns are "yeast rolls/buns" in US.Biscuits(US)are made with Baking pd and baking soda and savory,a southern US bread eaten with gravy for Breakfast or as a side for lunch.It's flaky ,crumbly and puffed but it is not as soft buns or cookies(Indian biscuits).

It is confusing ,isn't it? These buns are like biscuits(US) which are sweet and flavored with Cardamoms which is not a usual US flavor but they use sweet cinnamon mainly in desserts here.Lot to learn Mona!:)

Mona said...

Asha, I had a lot of cinnamon buns and rasin buns and blueberry muffins when I was in LA.& yes, they serve some kind of soft bread with food at restaurants there in US. I have been to loads of US restaurants.I visited at least 10 cities of US, from LA To NY up North.
The only edible things I found in US were Sweetened Doughnuts of Atlanta :) & potato Hashes.Indian food was terrible there& I hate Pizzas & Burgers.I did not even like the taste of US made icecream!
But I just loved the iced teas.

FH said...

So you do know about US food to some extent!!:))

Southern US food is lot different from the North indeed.Grits,Mint Juleps ,Iced Tea ,Potato Hash and Biscuits with gravy are the specialty of South where I live.Not at all bad.

I know,I don't like Indian food we get here either!We visit once or twice and then give up on Indian restaurant altogether here.Horrible.

Nabeel said...

there were these coconut biscuits in Pakistan, that looked just the same.

FH said...

Hi Nabeel,
Yup! We have savory and sweet coconut buns in Iyengar bakeries in B'lore which are to die for! I bet Pakistan has those too.Nostalgia, eh?!:)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

These must be wonderfully fragrant! They look delicious too!

FH said...

Hi Susan,yes they are!Took me back to India for a while with no air ticket!;D

david santos said...

Good work, tasha, thank you

FH said...

Hi David,thank you from Asha!;D

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Bun looks delicious with cardamom flavour. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

You are welcome MT! Enjoy!:)

Anonymous said...

hi asha,
all the items look delicious.will surely try.the reason why i like to comment on ur blog is that there will be a reply.


FH said...

Hi Shalini,you bet I reply!;D
Thanks girl,hope you make it and enjoy.Hope to see you back here again.

Lisa Johnson said...

Oh, these look good! And I have cardamom at home right this very minute! I might make these tonight!

FH said...

Thanks Anali.Hope you do,they taste great and easy to make too!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I am new to these blogs and when I searched for some recipes, I came thro ur blog. I was very much inspired by ur recipes and the way u write. And nw-a-dys I search ur blog n then only enter the kitchen to cook. I first started baking only after seeing ur cakes n buns pictures. It always looks gorgeous. but Asha I hv a doubt, can u tell me 1 cup flour in ml or gms? tht wud b grt helpful for me to bake.


FH said...

Hi Lalitha, gret to hear that you like my blog and I am glad it's helping you bake! Baking gives you most satisfaction when they come out well. Enjoy!:))
ml ie milliliter applies to all liquids. Flour is always in grams. I use measuring cups which we get in the stores. Different grains measure differently in grams, so it's better to use measuring cups in baking so you don't have to worry about gm etc. Hope it helps.
Have you checked my main blog called Foodie's Hope? It is on the side bar to click, more recipes there! Enjoy.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Its very nice u clarified my doubt. Thanks for ur quick response.
I used my rice measuring cup, which is 160 ml, but then saw this www.recipegoldmine.com/kitchart/kitchart2.html website and then concluded as 1 cup = 110 grm. So now got a measuring cup which shows 1 cup as 200 ml. Let me check with new recipes.
After checking ur main blog only I came here and checked Aroma too. I am wondering how u get time to maintain these blogs and family too. ny way keep gng with new recipes.


Kalai said...

Just tried these out today and they were fabulous!! Thanks so much, Ashakka! :)

FH said...

Lalitha, glad you are trying to find out. I just use the same cup measures to everything!:)

Kalai, isn't the aroma divine? I love baking these too. Enjoy!:)