February 26, 2007


Chipotle Corn Chowder/Soup is my contribution to Alanna's February's Focus "Soup's on" event.This would be my first ever entry to her soup collection.Thank you for hosting Alanna.

Chipotle Corn Chowder :

This recipe is from a cookbook called "Hotter than Hell" which I love.I did make changes in the recipe to make it milder to my taste since it's supposed to be very spicy and uses multiple kinds of chillies!

You Need:
3 cups frozen or canned or fresh white or yellow Corn,1 tsp butter,1/2 onion,1-2 dry Chipotle chillies or 1/2 tsp chipotle chill pd,1 cup water,3 cups fat-free cream or Half and Half, 1 tsp Cumin seeds powder,1 garlic,1 tsp Honey,salt.
For Garnish:
1/4 cup reserved corn from above,1/2 tbsp each minced green bell pepper,red bell pepper(I used bottled roasted red bell pepper),Green onion chopped,1/2 Jalapeno minced(optional),2 tsp lemon juice. Some Tortilla chips to serve.

How To: Makes 4 servings

Heat butter,saute drained corn until they get very slight brown color.Save 1/4 cup and put the rest of the corn in the blender.Now saute onion,garlic,chipotle chillies(do not saute chilli pd,if you are using that but add to the blender) for few mins and add to the corn.Add water,cumin pd,chilli pd and grind to a smooth liquid.

Pour into a sauce pan and add salt, cream or Half and Half,honey and heat slowly and keep stirring.Adjust the spices,salt and simmer.Prepare the garnish.
Garnish:Mix all the sweet bell peppers minced,saved corn,green onion,little salt and lemon juice,keep aside.

To Serve:
Ladle soup into a bowl,top with a spoonful of topping and serve immediately with some Tortilla chips on the side.

Enjoy the great tasting Chipotle flavored Corn Chowder!


USHA said...

Wow Ashaji!!!!Its looking divine....What a pleasant colour....As here it snowed whole night,so weather is chill....after seeing your hot soup...i can't control my tastebuds..i love all the soups..

By the way, where can i get Chipotle powder?

Alanna Kellogg said...

Hi Asha ~ Oh this sounds so good! Thanks so much for the inspiration for Soup's On! I'm updating now so look for your entry shortly!

Sia said...

checked ur comment and came running ashakka:) i am tired now, so can i have a bowl of soup plz?
soup looks delicious. it must be sweet coz of corn and hot coz of chillies. love the colour. can we substitute cream with something else?
by the way, i was teaching my boss some programming today;) he he he...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, I *love* chipotles... soup with those sounds delish! Supriya had a cream of corn soup and now your spicy chowder... all good on a snowy day like today so I guess I'm putting corn on the shopping list ;)

FH said...

Thank you Usha.It was good,even kids liked it!:D
Chipotle pd is available in the spice section where they sell all kinds of McCormick bottles or you can buy dry Chipotles,toast a little and pd or sometimes they sell it bottled soaked in oil.Hope you get it,but if you don't just add a little of regular chilli pd.

Hi Alanna,good to see you here.Glad to contribute to Soup's on and it's pleasure to see all those soupd too.I will check out mine later!:))

FH said...

I loved your golden soup,we both thought of similar dish eh?!We are true sisters now :D
This is a Mexican influenced Corn Chowder,sweet and hot.You can add fat-free Half and half or just milk and thicken with Corn starch.
Chowders are different from soup in the sense,chowder are chunky and with fat free cream and soups are smooth and can be thicken with Corn starch.

Congratulations on your new job!! WOW!! I am happy for you.You are teaching the boss now,that is so cool.He was good to you ,so return the favor now that YOU are his boss.HeHe!

I had e mail for 2 weeks in my profile and got spammed like crazy.Took it out.TS and Mahesh has it ,if you want it or I will e mail you if you have it in your profile later :)

Sia said...

and also i didn't want to ask ur mail id w/o ur permission. i know that pooja has got ur mail id:) adikke bekagi ishtella suttata:) he he eh...

Mishmash ! said...

Asha !! Howzzat?? hope thats informal now ;) hey, i liked the presentation and soup looks nice although I'm not a big fan of corn.


Anh said...

Asha, your soup looks yummy! I made some corn soup last week, too - the gently type though. But yours will be on my list!

FH said...

Good girl.Proper etiquette is not to take E mail id from others without the permission of the owner.You are raised very well by your parents Sups and I am a proud sis!:))
Pooja is very busy these days,you might already know.I will give it to you myself if she cannot.I was busy typing for my next post,not done yet!

FH said...

Excellent shn!!;D See, now I feel good without that ji in the end!
You can add any kind canned beans instead,some people don't like sweet corn I know.Thanks girl.

Hi Anh,thank you.
this is a little spicy Southwestern chowder unlike the regular ones.You can adjust the Chipotle chilli as you like.Hope you try!:))

Anonymous said...

OK, I thought I left a comment here this morning and now I see I must be losing my mind ;)
Asha, chipotle corn chowder looks fantastic!! I have a whole can of those peppers in the cupboard just begging to be used... great soup for a snowy day! Yum :):)

Deepak Gopi said...

:):)good day.I liked the colour

J said...

I quite liked your soup. I'm not sure whether we get Chipotle here...Is it ok to substitute with white pepper powder?

FH said...

Hi Linda,it has been eating my comments too in some blogs since about two days now!Thanks for coming back.This is little hot and lot sweeter soup,hope you try :)

Hi Deepak,thank you.Hope everything is going well for you there :)

Hi J,yes you can. You won't get that smoky taste of Chipotle but soup tastes great without it too with all other ingredients added there,Give it a try:)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Hotter than hell! Sounds like my kind of soup! Ooh the honey's sweetness must contrast nicely with the heat from the chipotle. Thanks for a beautifully colorful and delicious soup!

TNL said...

oooh...chipotles...i like their smoky flavor..and corn...what a true blend of Mexicano flavors, which I adore...! Looks good, as always Ashaji, and thanks so much for your comment on the little chefs....means so much!

Hugs for you,

FH said...

You are welcome Susan :)
I cut down the amount of heat to the minimum,still tastes great though.Enjoy.

FH said...

You are welcome Trupti and you deserve all the praise you get.You do work hard to make that blog of your's beautiful!:))
I know you love Mexican and I do too.It's almost like Indian but not quite,isn't it? Enjoy the hot and sweet soup!:))Hugs.

Seema Bhat said...

I have never had this soup at chipotle but have heard about it from my hubby. Thanx for sharing and one questions. Where can I find chipotle chili? Can I substitute with chipotle chili sauce( I have one in my pantry)
Thanx in advance

FH said...

Hi Seema,thanks girl :)
Chipotle; I have answered Usha for the same,take a look.Yes,you can use that hot sauce.Chipotle chillies have smoky taste which adds to the flavor.Other than that,any spice will do.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Nice colour. Soup looks healthy!!! Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

HI MT! Thanks girl.Use fat-free cream or half and half,you will love it.

mommyof2 said...

any other pepper you can use?

FH said...

Yes you can G! Just add any kinda chilli pd you have at home.Enjoy!:))

Foodie said...

Dear Ashaji,

I really fell in love with your Chipotle corn chowder. I love that recipe, and the pictures of all the recipes on your blog are too good. You can visit my blog "Zaayka" which I recently started. I have tried to post healthy vegetarian recipes.

FH said...

Hi Foodie,thanks girl.I will definitely visit you.More the merrier:))
Check out the Foodies Hope too,you will many vegetarian recipes as well.Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Great soup! I substituted 1/2 of a canned chipotle in adobo with a little of the adobo sauce thrown in.
I didn't have onions so I sauteed some shallots.
Fried up some blue corn tortillas and crumbled them up and used them as a crunchy topping.

FH said...

I love Blue Tortilla too, sounds good Anon. Enjoy and thanks for the feedback! :)