February 28, 2007


Hoppin' John or Black-Eyed Peas and Rice with "Garlic" is my contribution to 'Weekend Herb Blogging'. Kalyn is herself is hosting this week at "Kalyn's kitchen",thank you for that Kalyn.


Here is the most fascinating history of Garlic as explained by Peggy T. Filippone of 'homecooking.com'!!
What's Garlic?
Garlic is one of the most versatile flavors to ever grace a kitchen. It not only tastes wonderful,it's very good for you too. It is one of Mother Nature's most precious gift to cooks of all levels of expertise.Garlic (allium sativum) has "lovingly" been dubbed The Stinking Rose,yet it is actually a member of the lily (Liliaceae) family and a cousin to onions, leeks, chives, and shallots!(info:homecooking.com)

Hoppin' John/Black-Eyed Peas Rice with Garlic:
Hoppin' John is one of the popular 'Soul Food' and also considered as 'Good Luck' dish which is prepared on New Year's day in African American families as informed by a cookbook "A Taste of Heritage, The New African American Cuisine" by Chef Joe Randall and Toni Martin.

This dish is very simple with few ingredients but tasty and nutritious as you can see.Of course I added a few of my own vegetables.You see,I am from India and I NEED to see lot of colors in everything! ;D
Hope you give it try and enjoy the food for the soul!

You Need:

1 cup (or 15oz)canned Black-Eyed Peas drained,1 cup rice any kind you like,cooked and cooled, 1/2 tbsp butter,1 small onion diced finely,2-3 Garlic chopped,1/2 Jalapeno minced,1 Tomato chopped,salt and 6 pepper corns crushed coarsely.I also added 1/2 cup Spinach cooked ,1 carrot grated,minced Cilantro and 1 tsp Cumin seeds powder for color and taste.

How To: Serves 2-3

Heat butter,saute onion,garlic and Jalapeno until sightly reddish at the edges.Add grated carrots saute for few mins.Add in Spinach,tomato and 1 tsp cumin seeds pd,fry until soft.

Add Black-eyed Peas ,mix well for few mins.Now,add cooked and cooled rice,salt and pepper to taste, mix and heat through.Sprinkle minced cilantro.Serve with Lemon slices if you like.

NOTE: If you feel that dish is a little dry,sprinkle few tbsps of water or veg stock on it and heat it again.You can skip the vegetables like Carrots and Spinach if you like.

Would you like to try "Hoppin' Juan"?!
Can you guess what makes Hoppin' John into Hoppin' Juan?!

Why do we call this dish Hoppin' John?
Good question!! Here is the answer.

Why don't we call this dish Hoppin' Juan??
Great question?! ;p
Here is the answer!

Enjoy the delicious and nutritious Hoppin' John!!:))


Anh said...

Asha, I have never eaten Hoppin' John before. Would love to try out. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, hoppin' john looks delish! I'd like to try growing some peas for this someday. Too busy at work today so couldn't comment at FH but here it is:

Absolutely awesome assortment of aloo! ;) They all look delicious, and my fav would be the aloo-palak kadhi... spinach and potatoes are a great combo. One of these days I'm gonna try your way using sour cream instead of yogurt. BTW I keep meaning to tell you I love the photo of Mount Kailash -- I must look up and read more about that. Thanks so much for sharing all these great recipes! :)

Kalyn Denny said...

It sounds interesting. I like the idea of garlic with the black-eyed peas. (BTW, I'm doing garlic this week too!)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Just visited to say good night,but suprised to see wonderful and colourful Hoppin john....Name itself is different isn't it?
My hubby likes Black-eyed beans very much, let me try this.Again its a nice entry too..

Mosilager said...

Hello Asha... I see you all over the blogosphere, but first time at your corner of it. I'm supposed to ask you if you have the recipe for making thai red curry. (Now if you come up with the recipe I only have to come up with a person qualified to follow it and then I'll be enjoying it).

Sia said...

whew... another gr8 entry:)
garlic also keeps draculas away;)
it was really interesting note on hoppin john... slave food han? looks quite rich and tasty to me...
and ashakka, today i am @home enjoying my freedom:) he he he...

FH said...

Hi Anh,did you read the story behind it? Very interesting. It tasted great,almost like Indian dishes we make with beans.Try it,thanks:)

Thanks for both comments Linda:) Canned Peas works very well too Linda,but fresh is the best indeed.Hope you do.

Hi Kalyn,we think alike,don't we?;D We did cilantro at the same time too.Hope you try this dish,really good and quich dish too.Thanks.

FH said...

Thank you Usha.I love the taste too,we call Alasande in K'taka.Hoppin' John is African American dish,story behind it is interesting too.Hope you try.We also get brown variety in Indian stores,I love that too.

Hi Mosilager,you do?!:D Glad to have you in my corner today.
I used to make Thai curry.My husband had it for lunch one day,went back to clinic and they asked him whether he ate fish bcos of the fish sauce added and the smell!!He came back home,had a shower,changed and went back to work!!That's the end of Thai curries in my home!:D
But I love it,just have to skip the Fish sauce,will try one day and post,okay? Finding somebody to make it for you is your problem.HeHe!! Thanks.

At home?!Hurray!! Enjoy the break.
It is very tasty,try for quick lunch or dinner with some crunchy sev or Pakodas.Tastes great.Keeps the Vampires out too!;D
One more post to go for Nupur's event and I am done for this week.Phew!! May be I should cut down these weekly events,monthly events are lot better.
I am trying very hard to get Arvind to help with some dish for T's event,but not happening!!:D:D He is just not interested at all.Oh well..

Mishmash ! said...

Hoppin' John..hmm..nice name and a great dish with stinking rose. I tried a roasted garlic soup two weeks back but somehow i dint like the taste, i guess i shd have reduced the garlic pods, but it was my first time with that recipe. Btw, I liked ur calling for ghost readers , Very true :)

Thanks for that bacon info:)

FH said...

Hi shn,you are right.Too much garlic in anything even though we love it,will spoil the taste.Using them in moderation is the way to go.
Ghost readers,yeah!After all the work and efforts we put in,some ppl waltzes in,cook and enjoy the recipes without saying hi or thanks!!Unfair. Occasionally commenting on something you like is okay too,not necessarily EVERY TIME!That's my opinion!;D

Creativecook said...

Loved that bit about John and Juan. Nice play with names. The dish of course looks colorful.

Anonymous said...

Hi big sis:) Always forget to look into aroma for your event posts. You should start providing links to aroma at the comments you leave at our posts. Everybody knows FH and everyone has a reminder set on their calendar on wednesday mornings anyway:) Or maybe provide links at FH to Aroma on the days you post here. Heard of Sloppy Joes..never hoppin' John. Americans come up with such fun names:) This looks awesome and very close to our dal chawal.

FH said...

Thanks Smitha,wasn't that funny!!I had heard of Hoppni' John but never Hoppin' Juan.I enjoyed that.

Hello lil sis!:D
As long as nobody calls me nani,dadi,Paati or ajji,I am fine!! But if anybody does,I am off blogging!!!Ahhh...!!! ;D

I should provide atleast little photos with link with every wed. post,which is a great idea.This blog is just for events but there are some good quick recipes.
I will make sloppy Joe one day and Mr.Juan too!:))
Try this ,it is quick and tasty.I like black eyed peas!Thanks girl.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Asha

Delicious entry for MM. Thanks for the entry.

FH said...

Thanks Lakshmi.This is for WHB but I think you are commenting on Savory cake.Thanks for that too!:))

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha! This is the first time I've been over to Aroma. I don't know why I never saw it before. Great post! My mom makes Hoppin John for New Years!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Great post! I loved reading about Hoppin' John. And your dish looks so wholesome and delicious. I could go for a bowl right about now with some corn bread. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a very new recipe.. thanxs Asha for bringing up a wonderful recipe for us

TNL said...

Soul Food at its best...This is a wonderful recipe and so healthy too!
All that garlic...no wonder John's hopping....heheh...

Ok,ok, I'm done now.


FH said...

Hi Anali,great to hear that it's still the tradition.I love these kind of traditional dishes too.I loved the taste and the simplicity of this dish.I am proud to say this is my contribution to Black History month!:))

Hi Susan,I loved this dish,very filling and nutritious.Corn bread sounds so good.Thanks.

You are welcome Sushma.I am glad I found this dish too.It is yummy,hope you try :)

mommyof2 said...

Just last week I made black eye pea pulav for my 2 monkeys:-)Our taste are similar too;-)

FH said...

Uh oh!!;D May be we should all move in together G!!:)))

Mosilager said...

yeah at Anali's and at Isha's, I'm normally a late commentor so I always see you there. Thanks, looking forward to the red curry post.

FH said...

I have so many friends since I started blogging lasy July,I cannot skip anyone's post! :D:D
I will post here sometime without the Fish sauce!:))

Gattina Cheung said...

what a witty Q & A :P
This dish is awesome, although I haven't seen black eyed beans in can (in my area), don't worry, I have a big of dried beans, I can make it :D
Great post Asha!

FH said...

HeHe!! Thanks Gattina.I got little too much time on my hand to make jokes!!:p
Hope you try this,cook beans just until soft but not mushy.Have fun.

Linda said...


FH said...

Thanks Linda!:))

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Black eye bean with garlic, I can smell the "aroma of Garlic". Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

You are welcome MT!:))
This dish is almost like Indian dish,dal Chawal.