May 7, 2007


This month's theme for Safety Moments which is started by Jyothsna from Curry Bazaar blog is "Kids In The Kitchen". Meeta from "Daily Tiffin" is hosting this event for the month of May.Thanks to both of you!:))

Kids and cooking!
Have you ever noticed that when kids cook themselves,they are eager to eat what they have cooked without making fuss and are first to get to the dining table?!:))
It's not only fun for them,cooking their own lunch or dinner helps them to develop self-confidence and the fussy eaters will not fuss anymore because they cooked it all and proud of themselves of their achievement too!!:D

Cooking with kids; can be very rewarding as a family to develop a bond and share a common goal ie have dinner together and enjoy it too!!But when kids are prowling in the kitchen,so are the dangers like burns,cuts and accidental spills.Let's learn some of the dangers,so you can enjoy the cooking experience with kids in the kitchen.Better to be safe than sorry!

Few safety precaution for the kids who like to cook:
1. Adult supervision is a must,NEVER let them cook alone.Parents hovering over the kids at these times is A ok!;D
2. Let them wash their hands before they begin,use clean pans and pots.Make sure they switch off the stove and clean the counters when they are done cooking.
3. Teach them to use pot holders,mitts or gloves when they are transferring hot pans from the oven or Microwave or to the sink.
4. Help the kids with chopping,slicing etc.,if the kids are very young.Teach them keep the unused meat,yogurt and vegs back to the fridge as soon as possible.
5. Teach the kids not sneeze,cough,directly on the food and not to touch the body parts or lick the fingers (I know it's very tempting when you are baking cookies)while cooking!
6. Teach them not to reach over to the back burner with pot on the front burner.If they do get burnt,teach them to hold the burned parts under the cold running water,call the adults for help.
7. Keep the handles of the pans towards the back of the stove so they don't knock it off and never to heat the empty pan and pour water or oil in it.It splatters hot water or oil!!
8. Teach them to use separate cutting board for meat and vegetables to be safe from contamination.
9. Let them use paper towels to wipe the counter tops and their hands rather than dish clothes.
10. Teach them not to place the sharp items like knives in the sink,so they don't accidentally injure themselves.

Finally,kids under 8yrs old cannot really able to cook but can help you in the kitchen doing the peeling,washing fruits and vegs etc while you cook.Pre-teens can cook simple recipes with your supervision and teenagers I think can be little more responsible and cook by themselves without getting hurt.I am sure there are many safety for kids and I can't wait to see all those!(Some of these tips are the result of Internet search)

So good luck training your kids in the kitchen.When you as parents give them proper guidance and basic safety rules,I think your kids can cook efficiently!Enjoy:))


Here is my contribution to Tipology for the month of May. Thanks for hosting this wonderful event, Sushma!:)

Here are some quick and easy tips to use Lemon juice in your everyday life. I found these wonderful tips in a Reader's Digest book!

1. Eliminate musty fireplace odor by throwing a few lemon peels into the flames.
2. You can use half a lemon with little salt to get rid of some tough stains on kitchen counter by rubbing wit it and wipe with clean wet cloth.
3. You can use lemon juice to clean brass or Chrome utensils or figurines to make them sparkle!
4. You can rub lemon juice on the sweat stains on the shirt or blouse to lessen the unsightly stain or soak light colored clothes in lemon juice and 1/2 tsp soda water as a mild bleach.
5. To whiten clothes,diluted or straight, lemon juice is a safe and effective fabric whitener when added to your wash water. Your clothes will also come out smelling lemon-fresh.
6. Lemon juice is a safe and effective skin-lightening agent to mask age spots,rub on dark spots,leave for 15mins and rinse!
7. Want some blonde high lights?;P Lemon juice is a natural bleach.Rub some on the hair ,sit in the sun and rinse.Wear sun block for other body parts!!:D
8. French Manicure anybody?! Soak your fingers in warm lemony water for a while and Voila!!
9. Add some lemon juice to the fruits,veggies and mix to prevent them from turning brown.Keep a cut lemon in the fridge and throw one in the garbage too to make it smell good!!
Last but not least,squirt and squeeze the lemon juice holes,cracks,window sills etc and scatter small slices of lemon peel around the outdoor entrance to keep insects,Ants and other critters out of your beloved kitchen!! They hate the smell of Lemon! Hurray!!!:D

Since we are talking about Lemons or Limes,here is one more delicious use of Lemons I posted few weeks ago!

Nimbu Masala!

Have a great week!:)


Arts said...

Phew.. Didnt know so much abt Lemon.. got to try some tips.. :) Thx for educating me :)

And special thanks for ur encouraging comments for my posts!

Pravs said...

Really very useful tips asha.You are right about kids cooking and being proud of it.I remember how i used to feel as a kid when i cooked something.

Richa said...

hey asha, do you recognise me with these new blonde highlights ;-)

nice tip collection there. if i may add one more to the lemony collection, add a peice of lime/lemon while pressure cooking to prevent discoloring/blackening of the cooker.

J said...

Great tips...! Have to catch up on your posts! :)

FH said...

Arts,you are welcome for both!:))Love to encourage new bloggers,I was new too about 10mnts ago:))

Pravs,my kids love to eat anything they cook themselves too,specially Mac and cheese!;D

FH said...

I have seen some Bollywood actresses with blonde hair,yikes! Kareena looks good somehow,others like Rani,pain to look at!:D
Lemon in the cooker is true,I add a tsp of vinegar to the bottom with water every time!!Good one Rich:)

Hi J! Take your time.Concentrate on the studies first and get that over with:))Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...


Thats so much about Lemons. They would really come very handy.. and I am gonna try blonde hair streaks this weekend ...:-)


Sig said...

Wow, Asha thanks for all those lemoon tips... had no clue lemon had so many uses... and blonde highlights :) LOL!

Kribha said...

Oh Asha, What great tips. Never knew so much about lemon. As for the saftey tips, I could use some myself. You should publish a cookbook sometime. Really Asha, I'm not kidding.

FH said...

Thanks Kribha.I didn't myself that Lemons are so useful until I started to research for this post!:))
Book?! Oh! I don't know about that,there are so many who know lot better than me!!I enjoy reading their cookbooks!;D

Sia said...

so many tips of using lemon!!! it will surely come to my resuce ashakka:) my knowledge is very limited, i can say i use lemon for dandruff;) he he he...
and abt kids in kitchen, i remember the days when i used to help amma in kitcehn and feel very proud abt the fact. sometimes i just used to chop vegetables and say i cooked the whole dish;) mmm...abt that licking our fingers when making cakes or cookies, i am still kid at heart u see;)

mommyof2 said...

great tips:-)let me check out the recipe now;-)

Suganya said...

Hay that is great set of information....

FH said...

Sushma,go easy on the streaks,will ya!!;D Hope it doesn't make dark hair in to Orange!!

Sig,thanks.I know!!Who would have thought!!:D I am making lot Indian bloggers blonde now!:))

FH said...

Sia,LOL @ chopping veg and claim to cook the whole thing! you lick your fingers when you are cooking!!:D Hope hubby doesn't mind!!
It's true,kids enjoy cooking but I have to clean MESS after all that!:p
Dandruff? Does that work?I should add it there.Don't go in the Sun after that,you will be a blonde Supriya!!:D

Hi Mo2,enjoy the Nimbu masala:))

Thanks Sukanya,glad it helped:))

Pooja said...

i must say you are really master of safely zones... this is really a great info, and i must appreciate your time in writing thsi and posting it here for others to take care fo their kids and kitchen well...
thank a lot for sharing . :) , hugs to you :D.
was aexpecting some of your guesses for the guessign game pic on recent post, no guesses from you:(( ....
just kidding, take your time and do it if u love to.

FH said...

Hi Pooja,thanks girl.Some tips are from my experiences and some are from the internet.Hope it helps some parents at least.
Quiz!I read the whole article but did I miss the quiz? I will check it iut again!:))

Sharmi said...

that is a good one for tipology.
btw nice writeup on the safety moment too.

FH said...

Thanks Sharmi,glad you liked it.Helps moms with the kids:))

Gattina Cheung said...

ok, I am going to buy tons of lemon now... to do my hair, my nails and my facial! great tips!

Deepak Gopi said...

I am back
Only thing I know to do in Kitchen is to MAKE TEA :):)

FH said...

Hahaha!! Gattina,do all those but don't turn in to blonde,okay?;D
Have fun.I heard that washing your hair with Lemon juice helps Dandruff too!:))

Hi Deepak,good to see you back.My husband makes coffee everyday and that's it!!;D
Check out Foodies Hope man,that's my main blog!;)