June 4, 2007


Idli-Saagu is my contribution to Nandita from 'Saffron Trail' blog's event WBB #12. Trupti from 'The spice who loved me' blog is hosting Weekend Breakfast Blogging this month.Thanks for choosing "Spice it up" theme, Trupti!:))

Saagu is a classic Karnataka breakfast side dish and very popular one at that for all Kannadigas.(Sia was asking me in the morning whether I have Poori-Saagu recipe as I was getting ready to post this today!) It's spicy and delicious,usually paired up with Pooris but can be served with Idlis and Dosas too.It's also usually made with lot of mixed veggies,can practically use any veggies you like.I used Chayote Squash and some Methi leaves this time,makes a great tasting Saagu.
There are many but slight variations of the same Saagu recipe.Main ingredients of Saagu to give you that classic taste are always are coconut,poppy seeds and green chillies along with other spices.I have already posted one Poori-Saagu dish at FH, (my mom's recipe) last year using Greenpeas.I was new to blogging then,so pics are not that good there but that Saagu recipe is yummy too!;D Here is another Saagu recipe with slightly different ingredients.Enjoy:)

Chayote-Carrot-Greenpeas Saagu:

How to make Saagu:

Grind 1/2 cup coconut,3-4 green chillies,2 tbsp chana dalia(chutney dal),1/4 cup cilantro,few mint leaves,Curry leaves,2 tsp raw rice,1 small Garlic,salt,1" cinnamon, 2 cloves,2 tbsp soaked poppy seeds,few peppercorns with little water until a smooth paste.(roasting is not required) Keep it aside.Cook 2 peeled,cubed Chayotes,2 Carrots,sliced,1 cup frozen or fresh Greenpeas,4 tbsp Methi leaves until soft with 2 cups of water.

Heat 1 tbsp ghee and oil mix,add 1 cup chopped onions,fry until slightly reddish.Add the all the cooked veggies,salt and boil.Turn down the heat,add coconut paste,2 tbsp sour cream and simmer gently,never boil to prevent curdling.After little oil shows on top,add cilantro and take off the heat and mix well.Serve with hot soft Idlies.

Note: Batter is made with the same ingredients as the "Idlies" link above explains but steamed in a regular smaller round Idli stand like below instead of plate idli steamers.

Getting ready to steam Idlis(Rice cakes):

And Voila!!:)

Here is a plate of Idli-Saagu for you,dig in if you are really that hungry!;D

Updated with Poori-Saagu!

Have fun eating an authentic hearty Karnataka breakfast for a best start of the day!:)


Sharmi said...

your Idly Saagu looks awesome!
I love idlis and anything with it. tempting pics and a great entry, I am still thinking what to do for WBB.

Suma Gandlur said...

Great recipe. Poori - saagu is my the most favorite food on earth. Infact, I thought of posting Saagu for 'S' of Nupur's event. Dropped the idea as I wanted to post 'Poori - Saagu' recipe.

FH said...

Hi Sharmi.You are first to comment!:))
Thank you.These are my fav brunch.I don't cook anything for breakfast really after we left India,just the usual cereal and toast here.
I was thinking of making Pudla but decided to make something from K'taka!Enjoy:)

FH said...

YAY!! Suma,can't wait for your Poori saagu.There are so many recipes for the same dish!I love Poori saagu too,this time I made idlies since I already had Poori Greenpeas saagu:)

Anh said...

Asha, these are wonderful! I wish I could taste it for lunch as they will bee too heavy for my type of breakfast! :D

Richa said...

wow! love the color of that saagu! looks so yum, i want to eat it NOW :) can i come over, please!!!
every wknd i get lovely produce and then i get so confused what to cook looking at all these wonderful dishes! Asha, we need to make a menu for the week, what say? heh!heh!
great dish!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Asha, that whole plate looks *so* appealing on this rainy evening! I like the quick no-roast paste too... like the green with colorful veggies... bet it's delish :)

Roopa said...

yummy Asha, bayali neeru baratha ide. namanelli evathu thindi mango rasayna mathe dose. Coming here also i can never go withour iddili and dose uppitu for the morning breakfast. Even my son loves iddilis so we try to make every alternate day iddilis. Last year india dinda bartha ondu wet grinder tagondi bande so it works well for dosas, vadas. iddili from your new summeet mixie? somehow this time i even got summet mixie but does not seem as good as my old one.ok bye loved the saagu ... green saagu i am drooling seeing the pictures. bye hugs:)

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Saagu looks like a thick kurma. But the combination of vegetables is intresting. I liked the addition of chayote and methi in the saagu. It's been two weeks since I made idlli or dosa. I'm drooling over your idlli saagu combo.

Pravs said...

For me it's always chutney or sambar for idli...so this saagu is refreshingly new to try with idli next time.Looks really good, asha.

Deepak Gopi said...

My Favorite is Idly with Benghal gram.
Sumeet mixie has stopped its production in India.

FH said...

Hi Anh,you are right!I make these these for lunch or dinner too.In India,we used to eat these for breakfast,but here you just don't feel that hungry.Try them for lunch:))

I have some left Saagu left Richa.Come on over,I will Pooris for ya!:) I had surplus of veggies last week,cooked so much,I am exhausted now.Make this brunch with Poories.Tastes better the next day:)

It's a classic green Saagu masala Linda.In Indian restaurants in B'lore make it very spicy add peppercorns too and so delicious.Kids don't eat too spicy,so I have to cut down.Tastes better next day than the same day you cook Saagu.Hope you try:)

FH said...

Roopa,we just gave up on Indian breakfast we moved out of India!:)
Kids don't like the fermented smell of Idli ,dosa batter but I make it once in 2 weeks.We get electric stone grinder in Atlanta but I bought another Sumeet.It works well but blades are lot thinner and better design without clips than old one.Poori saagu is classic,I still have some saagu,might make Pooris today.Post your version too Roopa.more the better:))

Kribha,usual mixed vegs( potaotes,carrots,greenpeas,cauliflower etc)are classic.Chayotes are a little juicy(water content),so got to make a little thicker.Methis tastes great with that too.Make spicy Saagu next time with idlis!:))

FH said...

Pravs, Usually I make Plate idlis with many curries.Idlis go well with sambhar and saagu.Try it and I bet you will love it:))

Hi Deepak,glad to know that you love Idlis!!:))
Somebody told me that too that Sumeet isn't available in India.I got my second Sumeet from Canada and they are available here in US too.Other mixers we have here is that good.For me Sumeet is the best:)

Aruna said...

Asha, idli mathu saagu noodi bayali neeru orutha idde. U make me nostalgic with all the foood u bring for us here :-).

Have my mum's version of saagu will post it. Thx


FH said...

Yess!! More Saagus! I love it,post it soon. Poori Saagu andre bayalli neeroorutte alva namagella!!:D
Inno swalpa saagu ide,poori madteeni ivattu:)

Coffee said...

I love the colour!!!! I have had different variations of this. I make it almost the similar way (minus the poppy seeds) with carrots, peas and cauliflower with dosa! I am a south-indian right?? ;)

Sia said...

oh ashakka...thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for posting this recipe:) muah muah muaaah:) he he... i tried to call amma and also atte yest for the recipe and they both were not at home. was planning to call them today for the saagu recipe but u saved my time as well as international call bill;) i am gonna try ur poori saagu first and then this idli one. i guess both will taste gr8 with poori or idli.

Sia said...

how come ur post didn't show up in food blog desam?

FH said...

Yes Madam!! You are an UN-OFFICIAL southie Coffee,southie at heart!!:D
That's the veg combination we usually use for Saagu but must add poppy seeds for a classic saagu though.Even better,post your version too Coffee,love to see:)

Sia,when you asked yesterday,I was halfway typing this post.Telepathy!!;D
Greenpeas Saagu recipe is really tasty,you can make it with any vegs.This Saagu is a little blander than the first one.Enjoy with Poori or Idlis.Hugs:))
I don't think Aroma is listed in Food Desam at all.I use my blog roll for commenting,I don't go there at all,so I am not sure whether they have listed Aroma too or just FH.Got to check.

Sia said...

i guess only FH is listed in blog desam... plz send ur aroma site feed to mathy or indira as it will be very helpful for us :)

FH said...

Okey dokey,will do later!:))

Chickoo said...

Nim sagu recipe same nam ajji mado tharha ide. Nanu heege madodu sagu.
Nan mixie odedu hogide, so need to order a new one. Did you get your sumeet mixie from Canada?

FH said...

Chickoo,idakkinta nanna innondu greenpeas saagu tumba ruchiyagirutte, e saaguli jasti masale illa.Try that too.
Check my blog tomorrow at FH,I am posting the new mixie photo along with a link to go there and check it yourself.
I like Sumeet personally,some may prefer other brands.Make sure you see the site and then decide.It's cheaper($175,other sites charge $200 for the same!) in Canada and send it within a week of ordering:))

Sharmi said...

dear Asha in your events list you have put AFAM as 5/25 instead of 6/25. pls do checkout. thanks yarr.

Seema Bhat said...

Wow Sagu recipe. My dad is a big fan of puri sagi that was served in his court canteen(my dad is a lawyer). Avrige madyana Tajmahal canteen navra bus barthittu and appa always used to or still orders puri saagu and ksheera and its been his fav till date. Nange alliddu taste mado chance sikkilla ivattin varagu. Thanx for the yummy recipe.
Love ya

FH said...

Fixed it Sharmi!!Thanks for telling me.I didn't realize:))

Seema,there are some fab restaurants in B'lore who make yummy Poori saagu.Next time India hodaga allige hogi taste madodalva!:))
There is small hotel infrint of Boring hospital which serves very tasty Kurma amd parotas.Ah..!! Thinking about it makes me want to go back.Make this saagu with mixed vegs,tastes great:))
Love you too Seema,hugs.

KF said...

Idli-Saagu...Really Great..We always use Chutney or Sambhar with Idli and Dosa...This is a variety item..I am pasting this recipe to my memory..Thanks Ashakka

TheCooker said...

Fab! Just fab!
It has been such a long time since I made puris.
I'm going to make this sagu the next time I made idlis. The kids are getting tired of the idli-sambar-chutney routine. Such kids, getting tired of idli-sambar :(

Sig said...

Looks yummy asha, I love the color of the dish... the red carrots in the green curry looks amazing... I've never heard of idli-saagu or saagu for that matter :(

FH said...

Hi KF,you are welcome!:))
I usually make veg palyas with idlis and dosas and sometimes smabhar too.Try this Saagu with Dosas too.

TC,you are lucky at least they like it and then get tired of it.My kids hate the smell of fermented batter!:D Well..they have to them anyway! Try Saagu next time:)

WHAT?!Never heard of it?!:D
I understand.Poori- Saagu is the classic K'taka combo.Other states don't know much about it.I should have posted this at FH!
Try Saagu with Pooris,Sig.Saagu tastes better after a day:))

Raaga said...

I am going to try this :)

FH said...

Enjoy Raaga.I know you will like it!:))

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Idli - Saagu looks great.First i was wondering..what is meant by saagu...after reading youtr introduction..which is stated clearly...i got it.Thanks for sharing.

Suganya said...

Hi..This is looking Delish...The combination is new to me....Never tried before....Nice clear picture...I want to try this saagu!...Love it..

FH said...

I am glad you know now Usha.Not many ppl from other states know these.Try it,a new taste for you:))

Thank you Sukanya.Poori-Saagu is classic dish but I serve it with Ildi and dosas too.Hope you try:)

TNL said...

You know, I have never tried Idlis this way......but now I am tempted to! Thanks so much....sorry for the delayed comment on this, I was so caught up with Spring Fling and such....


FH said...

Trupti,quit apologizing girl!I know you saw this already!Take care of your work first and then others as it should be!Don't worry:))
I know,usually they are served with sambhar and chutney.My Mysore grandmother always made many side dishes with Idlies and Dosas.Try it.I am sure you will like the spicy one!;D

Anonymous said...

Wow! The idli/poori sagu looks mouth watering! You keep stirring up memories for me all the time!!! :-)


FH said...

Thank you Sneha.Being away from India for more than 20yrs,that's the best I can do!Cook all the traditional dishes and enjoy:))

Uj said...

Hi..Tried your Saagu recipe with Poori this morning for breakfast.. Mom and dad are here so i am including them in my experiments. Hubby loves Poori saagu anytime of the day. When i got this recipe in your blog was sure that it would come out well. I asked amma to get huri kadale from mlore to try this recipe.. Crazy right.But it was worth it..Thanks a lot..

FH said...

Uj, glad you loved it, my fave too. Saagu with Poori anytime for me!:)
Try the other saagu with Batani too,that's my moms recipe, tastier than this to. Enjoy your parents and have fun thee.