September 14, 2007


Grapes and Tapioca pudding served on pastry, is my contribution "A fruit a month aka AFAM" which is started by Maheswari of "Beyond the usual" blog.This month's guest host is our sweet "Swapna from "Swad of India" blog with her choice of fruit "Grapes".Thanks for hosting Swapna!:))

This is also my contribution to Marta of "An Italian in the US" blog. Her event is "Fresh produce of the Month" and her choice this month is "Grapes" as well! Easy for us, thanks Marta!:)

Beautiful juicy and seedless Tri-color Grapes!!

Grapes grow in clusters of 6 to 300, and can be black, blue, golden, green, purple, red, pink, brown, peach or white. White grapes are evolutionarily derived from the red grape.Grape helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body and thus slows the build up of deposits in the arteries.Grapes have been positively linked to fighting cancer, heart disease, degenerative nerve disease and other ailments. Dried grapes are also called Raisins,Sultanas, Currants and Grapes are used to make Wine, which is found to be helpful in fighting Heart diseases if Wine is consumed everyday in moderation.Info from WIKIPEDIA.

Tapioca-Grapes Pudding on quick baking Crescent pastry drizzled with Grape jam:

You need:
1 can of Pillsbury Crescents pack or any kind of crust you like or even a slice of cake will do too, 1 large tub of Tapioca pudding (store-bought or homemade), 2 cups of washed,dried Grapes, chopped into smaller pieces and 1/4 cup Grape Jam ,thinned slightly with with litter water or any juice.

How to make the dessert:
1. Open the can of Crescent, spread on sheet withot separating the triangles,seal a rectangle in the middle.Gather the edges,squeeze to seal like a cup and bake as instructed on the pack.Cool.
2. Chop Grapes and mix with pudding and keep aside. Thin the Grape a little to make it spreadable.Keep it in the firdge until you are ready.
3. Just before serving, place a baked crescent shell on a plate, spoon some pudding along to the lenght of the pastry and drizzle with jam.

That's it! Enjoy. Makes a great light dessert after a meal!


Basic Tomato sauce cooked in the Microwave is my entry for the event "Easy cooking with Microwave" which is launched by Srivalli from "cooking4all seasons" with a theme of "Basics" this month. Thanks for hosting Srivalli!:))

Basic Tomato sauce which can used in a myriad of dishes!

Though it is botanically a fruit, the tomato is nutritionally categorized as a vegetable. Tomato has an acidic property that is used to bring out other flavors. This same acidity makes tomatoes especially easy to preserve in home canning as tomato sauce or paste.
Lycopene, one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, is present in tomatoes, and, especially when tomatoes are cooked, has been found beneficial in preventing many disease.Info from WIKI.

Here is the step by step of how to make it:

1. Choose about 10 to 15 ripe red Plum Tomatoes or any kind with thick pulp ones.Wash and dry them. With a knife, puncture the skin of each Tomato in 3-4 places to avoid them bursting in the Microwave.
2. Add all of them in a deep microwaveable bowl with 1 cup of water,cover with little gap on top and cook on high for 20mins.Take the bowl put and let it cool for 15mins.
3. Now take a plate and peel the skin (very easy now the Tomatoes are cooked and skin separated) and squeeze the pulp gently to remove the seeds (which makes the sauce sour if you don't), add to a blender.
4. When done with all of those, grind the sauce until very smooth.Let it cool completely.
5. Pour in a clean jar, store in the fridge. Shake or stir the sauce before using and use it within a week!

Ready to go!!:))

Some of the dishes you can with this sauce:
Marinara sauce,
Tomato Paneer,
Aloo Tamatar,
Any gravy which needs a little color and tang,
Tomato Saaru/Sambhar,
On Pizza and Pies,
Any pasta dishes,


Finla said...

Hey that is very good way to use grapes in a dessert.
Home made tomato sauce looks great. Nothing bettter than a home made tomatoe sauce isn't it?

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
You know how I do it? Usually, I mix all my fruits in vannila pudding and serve it with pound cake and some whipped cream. I've never tried the fruit pudding with crescents. Your picture looks so colorful. Thanks for sharing the way to do tomato sauce in MW. The color looks so good.

FH said...

Hi HC, easiest way too, tastes great!:)
I have too many Tomatoes,can't think of any other use!:P

Kribha, sounds great.Yummy with Vanilla pudding too.Thank you and enjoy!:)

Srivalli said...

thats a great dessert asha...and thanks for the tomato sauce...thats a nice entry!

TBC said...

That's a quick & yummy dessert.:-)Tomato sauce in the MW? hmmm I'm still not confident enough to do that in the MW.

Finla said...

Hey Asha you can always send some fpr me if you have so much left :-))

FH said...

You are welcome Sri, just sent you the email!:))

Tbc, come on girl.Try with a small amount first.You will love it!:))
Enjoy the dessert.

FH said...

Hahaha!! HC, why not girl? I will send it to you ASAP!:)

Richa said...

hey, those crescent cups look so cute! do u ever run out of ideas??
tomato sauce is multipurpose, hv the last few tomatoes from my garden.....

Mishmash ! said...

Thats pudding in a boat :)atleast that what it looks like to my eyes :)


Manasi said...

Cute Crescent boats!! Lovely!!!

Ur home made Tomato sauce look awesome!!

Latha Narasimhan said...

This is too much !! I too made tomato pulp today and took pictures. Did you visit my home like Mr.Indis!!:))
Did not post as I had to post maddur vade for RCI! Somehow I have to write something to make it look different from yours!

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

What a coincidence..! I was planning to make tapioca pudding with grapes for AFAM! Hmm..maybe I'll make something with raisins ;)
Tomato sauce looks easy enough to make! Thanks A!

sra said...

Lovely colours throughout your post, Asha, never tried tapioca puddings western style till now!

FH said...

Richa, you can use any pastry,I had that in the fridge!:D
Use those tomatoes,Summer is almost over!

shn, boatload of pudding would be nice too!:))

Thanks Mnasi. I am running out of ideas what to do with Tomatoes!:D

FH said...

Oh! Good that I got here first because I had no clue about what other basic things to do with MW!:D
We are soul sisters Latha.By the way,I already have Maddur vade here,more is welcome.Thanks for your's too!:))

Roopa, that is great that you thought of the same thing too. We just eat Grapes as they are usually,it was hard to think of some exotic dessert!:D
Raisin sounds great too,post it.

FH said...

sra, Tapioca pudding is Vanilla flavored here and very thick with low-fat cream.You can make it as payasa but thick, add Vanilla essence instead Cardamom,that's western for ya!:)

Mansi said...

beautiful pudding Asha!! I'm still to try something with tapioca, but hopefully soon...aren't u sending this for AFAM-grapes??

Laavanya said...

Those Tri-color grapes look beautiful and what an impressive idea for a dessert with that and pastry.

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! how r u? I hope everything is fine at your end. What a great recipe with tri color grapes. Looks usual.

Tomato Sauce...that too MW looks amazing dear. Great entries. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Mansi, Tapioca pudding easy to make too, try it.Just replace the rice as in Rice pudding.
Yes,this is for AFAM. This Aroma blog is just for entries for various events. Foodie's Hope is my main blog!:)

Thanks Laavanya.This is easiest I can think of!:))

FH said...

You are welcome Jyothi!:)
I am doing very well, trying pick the easiest recipes to make it to the events these days!:D

Rajitha said...

sweet grapes on savoury crunchy pastry...nice! loved the color on the tomatoes..

FH said...

Thank you Rajitha, enjoy both!:))

musical said...

Ashakka, i love the tricolor grapes too :). Usually have them with icecreams ;). The Tapioca pudding sounds yummy, must look for it or better still make it :-D.

And thanks a ton for the quick fix tomato sauce recipe :).

have a great weekend,

Prema Sundar said...

That looks like a nice and easy to make dessert Asha.
Easy to make sauce too. Thanks for the recipes Asha.

Anh said...

Asha, this is so creative! I love the color of everything you have here. Very bright!

J said...

Homemade sauce looks good, thanks for sharing the method. Pudding looks yum, it has my favourite grapes!

Viji said...

Lovely entries Asha. Both are looking great. Viji

Roopa said...

Awesome entries Asha avare! sauce matra first class kanisuthe! :)

FH said...

Hi Musie, I just eat them as it is but got to come up with something for events!:D
Have a great weekend sweetie.

You are welcome Prema, enjoy both.Happy Ganesha day!:))

Thanks Anh! Thay were also very sweet.Great sweet seedless Grapes this year!:)

FH said...

Hi J, thanks girl.Pudding and juicy Grapes makes a great combo!:))

Thank you Viji, loved your brunch this weekend:))

Roopa, thank you.Sauce manele belada tomatoinda madiddu, color chennagi barutte!:))

Sig said...

thats an easy breezy grape dessert Asha... and two birds with one stone, huh? :)

Love your tomato sauce recipe, the color is beautiful! the pic in the bottle looks like I can take it and drink it right away! preserving all your summer bounty? great idea. :)

Mona said...

Wow tomato puree! Thanks for letting me know how to make it. this is our daily need!
You Rock Asha!

Mona said...

The grapes are so tempting too & so is tapioca dessert. I love anything made from tapioca! specially the papads!

FH said...

Sig, I have one large bowl left of Tomatoes and I can sigh with relief when they are gone!:D
You do tired of eating these in excess but I am sure I will miss it in Winter!

Mona, Tapioca papads or Sandiges are so yummy.I love them too.I will make some next Summer. Enjoy the all Ganesha festivities there including Ramadan.Hugs to you!:))

KellytheCulinarian said...

Delicious dishes! Your photos are amazing, too.

FH said...

Thank you Kelly. Dessert is easy!:))

Sharmi said...

what a beautiful creation! you have a recipe for every event! lovely.

Kajal said...

WOW.........tri-color grapes looks very nice my dear........Your pudding looks yummy with grapes.........nice entry. Your tomato looks dark red color my dear.....source color is also nice red.

FH said...

Thank you Sharmi.We usually eat Grapes as they are, it was little hard to come up with an easy recipe to make with them!:D

Hi Kajal, thanks girl.Plum Tomatoes have the best color.
Watch out for the next post!!Surprise for you!:))

Padma said...

HMTomato sauce looks much shelf life does that have? I like easy n quick desserts..your one is looks lovely with nice use of crescents in that...tx 4 sharinf, Asha...nice to c u back in full swing

FH said...

Hi Padma, I kept it for a week and used the sauce in various dishes.Bottle should be dry and clean. Yes, I am slowly getting back to routine!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Thank you for sharing. I usually make green chutney, Tamrind pulp, Tamrind chutney, marinara sauce etc....pour it in ice cube tray, cover with food wrap...once frozen, take it out in freezer ziplock bags/container and use cubes as needed after thawing/microwaving....this way it lasts more than 6 months. With a small family and everyone having diff likes, this method helps me. This summer when the temp went in 100 degree F, I sun-dried grated ginger, chopped green chilies, and curry leaves and store it in glass jar...which lasts more than a year. I use it in tea/dal etc. when I don't have it in the fridge/come back from vacation. I am not a blogger....but hope you can share it with others.


Suma Gandlur said...

great grapes recipe.
I cook tomatoes with little water in my MW whenever I am making rasam. I never slit them and It is working fine for me.

FH said...

Suma, sometimes when the air traps inside, they might burst.Making some slits is just precaution.Better safe than sorry!:))

SeeC said...

Look at the color. New way asha.
Liked your way of preparing tomato sauce.

FH said...

Thank you SeeC!:))
Easy dessert for kids. Tomato sauce is always in need in my house.

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

hi Asha,
gosh!!!..i feel so guilty, u comment comes among first 5 in mu blog, and luk where i stand here..near to 50!!!..atleast, better late than never, isnt it, dear!..was on a break as of Id hols..grest entry with grapes...a super fast dessert...and the tomato sauce, thats way easssiiieeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Wow homemade sauce looks good. And thankx for the tomato sauce recipe....

FH said...

Hi K, yup! Better late than never! No problem. Take your time!. Good to see you back! :))

You are welcome Vaishali. Great to make sauce in Summer when you have surplus of Tomatoes! :))

cheap microwave said...

Great recipe, thanks for sharing. My wife will enjoy a dish like this so will def make use of your advice. many thanks