October 19, 2007

FOUR MeMes IN ONE!!! :)

Well.. here are 4 MeMes in one post! I have been tagged to two of these a month ago and others recently. Thought it's about time I did these!! These are just my thoughts, feelings and opinions, nothing personal about anyone or anything. Enjoy!:))


Whenever I saw the "What's in your fridge" MeMes in other blogs, I always kept my fingers crossed that I won't be tagged for this! But when checked my mail last week, there it was! Madhuli of "My foodcourt", tagging me to show my fridge! I thought "AHHHH!!!" ;D
Well, here it is! Thank you for tagging me Madhuli!:))

Here is my fridge and the overloaded freezer! Didn't prep the fridge for the photo but looks lot better here than I thought! Freezer on the other hand is whole another Enchilada!:D

Fridge on your left!
Well... nothing to explain really as you can see EVERYTHING.
Arvind stashes his chocolates in the butter section and his coffee pd next to my Hazelnut cream.Lot of kids' juice cartons, lunch meat and pudding cups for school lunches are stored there too. You can see kids' milk ready to grab when they come back from school around 4pm.
Loads of salad dressings, breakfast items like OJ, Bread and Eggs, veggies, Yogurt, Sor cream, pickles, Beverages, Cake Frostings, Cream, Nuts, and spice mixes in the lower sections.Dinner is ready to heat up. On the door,last section contains LOT of Chaat sauces along with box of Bacon too!!:)
A gallon of 2% milk, ran out of fat free milk which I usually keep for my Tea next to 2%. Next to the milk is what makes few of you happy that I have it! We are ready for winter already!! London dry Gin is in there along with few mixers.(I know I don't have to keep Gin in the fridge but I do it anyway!:P) We will keep it outside when it's time to open it, will get some Scotch in December too. Just waiting for the cold weather!:D

Freezer on your right? What can I say?
I am a hoarder.I keep buying frozen veggies! I am sure there is some Psychological explanation for that!;D
Even my daughter gets angry when she opens it and half of stuff teetering on the edge falls right on her feet, says "mom, why do you keep buying these when you already have some?" :D
That freezer has Ice and water dispenser outside,so lot less space inside for me to stash things. I have another freezer in the garage which is loaded too.
They both have veggie packs, meat, leftovers, lot of veggies I grew chopped and ready to go. I have Hashbrowns, lot of cheese, herbs and waffles there too.

That's it! Now you know what's there! Latha and Lakshmi of "The yum blog", I am tagging both of your refrigerators for this. Hahaha!!



Raaga, Srivalli, Sunita have tagged me for the "Fantastic Four" MeMe. Thanks girls for tagging me! Here are my not so fantastic fours!!:))

4 Places I’ve lived:
Just 4 would be hard to choose, I have lived in many many cities!!
1. Belgaum, India.
2. Bangalore, India.
3. Dover, UK.
4. Minneapolis, USA.

I am in North Carolina now as you all know.

4 Jobs I’ve had:
1. A short stint as a Beautician (Facials and Electrolysis)
2. A blink of a job in a computer software company in B'lore when I was a young bride and bored out of my mind!
3. A wife, most thankless job in the World!;D
4. A mom, the hardest and the most stressful of all jobs in the whole wide World. Don't believe me? Go have some kids!!:D

4 Favorite places I’ve vacationed:
1. Malaga, Spain
2. France, Paris
3. Rome-Venice-Florence, Italy
4. Bern, Switzerland.

4 Favorite foods:
1. All Chaats,(Spicy light Indian snacks, not Chat lines!:D)
2. Dal-Roti
3. Jamun,(Indian sweet)
4. Strawberry Cheese Cake!

4 Places I’d rather be:
1. At home, in peace and quiet with a good book,
2. A home by the Ocean,
3. Surrounded by greenery and birds chirping,
4. Anywhere as long as I am with my family!!

4 Bloggers I’d like to tag:
This is hard since some of you have already been tagged for this MeMe.If you have done this MeMe already, please ignore the tag.
1. Roopa of Kitchen Aromas
2. Roopa of Chow Chow Bhath
3. Kribha
4. Suganya



I had been tagged by Twisted DNA for "Favorite things" MeMe few weeks ago.He specially asked me NOT to mention food!:D Thanks TDNA!:))
(Check out his hilarious MeMe, I am almost ashamed that I couldn't come up with any humorous things for this!)

Some of my favorite times or things are:

1. The day when my hubby initiates to discuss about our future plans!...THAT doesn't happen often!!:P

2. When we sit down to plan our yearly 10 days vacation and kids are excited too. THAT doesn't happen often either unless it's Universal Studios, FL!!:D

3. When we all agree in unison on one place to vacation!

4. You all know this..sitting and staring at the Ocean for hours!:D

5. A peaceful and eventless day.

6. Around any Festival or Christmas time when most people are happy and smile a lot!

7. When News media doesn't scare us with something or other every single day!! I am still waiting for that day!!;p

8. To look forward to watch a great movie and still happy about it when we are out of the theater!! "Mystic River" was one of them, had read the book and was so happy with the movie too!:))

I will tag Bee and Jai for this MeMe. I am sure you both are lot more creative than me!:))



I have been tagged by RV and Srivalli for "What's in a name?" MeMe. We are supposed to take the letters of first or middle name and say something relevant about it. For rules, check out rv's post. Thanks rv and Srivalli for tagging me!:))

Since I don't have a middle name; A-S-H-A it is!:))

A for Aroma, of course!!
Anything and everything that triggers my childhood memories, I love! Might be the rain and smell of Earth when it hits the ground after a long rainless days, aroma and sound of Garlic seasoning sizzling in the pan, aroma of Camphor which reminds me of temple and Sandal scented wooden boxes reminds me of Mysore, and most of all I love the smell of clean little babies which reminds me of my own kids!:))

S for Stubbornness:
Yes! I am and have always been very stubborn all my life, specially when I know I am in the right! You cannot convince me otherwise. No matter how many more degrees you have than me and how much more intelligent you are than me, if I know something is right I will stick to my guns, doesn't matter what you say!! You can go ahead and curse me all you want!:D

H for honesty:
Honesty is one of my favorite characters I would like to see in my family members and friends. Most of the time, I will know quickly when somebody is being dishonest. I will know when somebody says nice things to your face which they don't really mean!!;D
I have always told my kids that it's okay to fail in something and learn to better yourself next time than to pass with flying colors by cheating! I have taught them how "Karma" works!!
Honesty is great virtue, makes you grow into a wonderful human being. Yes, it's hard path to take in life but peace of mind you get from it in long run is worth a try!:))

A for aspirations:
I don't have any BIG aspiration or never had one really to become popular or famous or CEO of a corporation or anything like that. Just a little one, to lead a peaceful life, be good to myself and others. Yeah! There are many ups and downs in life which is quite okay,I accept without much complaint!:)
To have a ambition and to aspire to become something in life is a realistic goal for many, nothing wrong with it at all, my kids have their's too. This is just how I feel, my opinion. I am happy with what little things life offers me. My goal is to just accept life as it comes to me gratefully, count my blessings and be happy about it. Que Sere Sera!!!:))

Now to tag, I can think of:
A for Aarti
S for Supriya
H for Happy Cook
A for A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby aka Sona

Thanks Y'all for tagging me. Take up these tags only if you want to, do when and if you have the time. I know how busy you are. Absolutely no obligation!! Enjoy the weekend!:))


Anonymous said...

:O - your freezer, wait till amma sees :grin:

i am so glad you tagged me for this meme - now this is only bit where i am actually organized and CLEAN :D - yay yay

but why did you tag amma? she'll give everyone a complex :D

FH said...

Hehe!! I thought of pulling some stuff out of the freezer for photo but that would be dishonest,right?;D
Cant' wait to see your's and your Amma's fridge too. Woo Hoo!!:))

Kribha said...

This is much better Asha. Thankgod you did not tag me for the fridge. I had a sigh of relief seeing that I was tagged for fantastic fours. Will glady play it in a week's time.
My lil one is sick. Coughing badly every 2 sec. Going to doc right away. Hope we don't have to rush to emergency this week.
Just grazed thru u'r post. Will come back and read.Bye.

bee said...

our fridge is much emptier now, compared to alst week. :D it was fun to read your MeMes.

Rajitha said...

love ur freezer ;) feel a lot better about mine!!

Padmaja said...

Four shots in a go!!!
wow!! loved to know more about you and its always nice to read about your friends!!!

Finla said...

Ha Ha Ha You are very funny ASHA.
Taging me for the name.
Should i do it with Happy Cook or with F :-)))
Thankx for taging me for the name. I can do that in the next week or 2.
Ans as Kribha said thankgod you didn't tagg me for the fridge :-)))
Is it a Gin i saw in your fridge.
And i think it was priya pickle too there.

Laavanya said...

My freezer is slowly getting to be like yours! :) I have these coupons at a nearby store (half off) so I've convinced myself that I need to hoard frozen vegs. All the memes were such nice reads Asha.

FH said...

Aw!! Kribha, hope your son gets better soon without the emergency room visit. Take care. Do the tag only when you have time, no big deal. Hugs to you!:))

Oh goodie Bee. Mine overflows on Saturdays and empties out on every Friday!:))

Daily Meals said...

Your Meme's are very interesting, Asha!

FH said...

LOL! Rajitha, see that's why I didn't clean it up!! Got to see how "perfect" I am!!:D

Thank you Padmaja. Now go and recover from the sight of my freezer!:D

FH said...

Happy cook aka F, you are happy cook for all of us, F to me!!:D
YUP< getting ready for Winter with the Gin! And loads and loads Priya and Ashoka pickle, both my faves!:)
Do the tag when you can, no problem. I took a month!!;p

Laavanya, you go girl!! Although my freezer is overloaded, I like it that way! When I don't have something when I am planning to cook, I get very frustrated! I would rather have fully loaded freezer!:D

FH said...

Thank you Vijaya. Wish I had V in my name, I would have tagged you for that MeMe!!:))
Have a great weekend, hugs.

Finla said...

Hey Asha did you get the pictures i send to you. I send them in foodieshope addrees to you

Finla said...

Me again. Loved your Meme for favourite things.
See i keep forgetting to write things. That is getting old :-)))

Manasi said...

With ur kind of zeal, that freezer will be low in no time!!!

Nice MeMes!!

TheCooker said...

Total timepass reading your memes.
Your freezer looks like mine!

sra said...

Your fridge looks great, your freezer ... well, no one can accuse you of being unprepared, LOL! Not that my fridge is any better. Read your other memes too!

FH said...

F, thanks.I haven't checked the e mail in many days. I just got back from my 3rd eye appointment. I will check later,I can guess what's in there!!:))

Haha!! Manasi, that's true.I do use them often but refill quickly! THAT is the problem!:)
Happy Navratri, have fun.

FH said...

LOL! Timepass indeed! There are 4 of them at a time. Phew!!:D
Thanks TC.

HeeHee! You are right sra. Can never say "I don't have this ,so I can't cook that!", better to be safe than sorry!:D

DK said...

hahahahahaha...was rolling with laughter after reading your meme.....and yeah at the rate u cook, ur freezer/fridge will be empty most often and not..no wonder u have the stocking up frenzy going on for u :)

Li'l Lite said...

I love overloaded fridges(mine's one too)..the reason being after a long day of work and when i open the fridge there are lots of options or atleast the sight of so many eatables satisfies my hunger!

musical said...

Lovely memes Ashakka :). And i agree, being a Mom is the toughest job.....the things that Moms do to keep their kids happy and healthy, the limits they stretch themselves to.....Moms are the best!

Prema Sundar said...

enjoyed reading all the memes Asha. untill now, thought that my feezer is overstuffed..I too stuff it a lot and many times when I open something would fall down. Now I have got a comepany..hahaha

FH said...

HeHe! Thank you Dhivya!!! Yeah you know, I like to overload so I don't ever run out of stuff!:D

Hi Dr, so great to see you sweetie.How are you?
Nothing depresses like a half empty fridge!! I think it comes from how we grew up.My dad's home was like open house for everybody, food was always around! Although we are just 4 people, I still need to have lot of options like you said!:))
Have a great Dasara, hugs.

Saju said...

Asha, I loved all you memes. I also love the music on your site. blues / jazz my fav

FH said...

Musical, people who don't have kids will NEVER understand that we work so hard.
I was so busy with kids school and all this week, I went to my eye appointment today a week early instead of next week and good doctor somehow accommodated me! I was so embarrassed!! You lose some of your brain cells too I guess when you are stressed!:D

Welcome to da club Prema!!:D
I think most moms do that,I am sure I am not unique. Nothing more frustrating than not having some veggies to cook any given day. Overloading is good for me!:))
Happy Dasara, enjoy.

FH said...

Thank you Saju. My freezer didn't scare you I hope!:D
Jazz and Blue Genre is wonderful. I love them too, specially the old World kind! Enjoy the weekend!:))

Kribha said...

Enjoyed reading your meme's Asha. It was great as usual. Your fridge looks really packed. You should see mine. I don't have much especially my freezer is half empty. I liked the way you described wife and mom as jobs. Many people don't understand this. You are 100% right about this.
Thanks for enquiring about my son. He is doing a little better now. He was having severe wheezing. But the medicines have helped him for now.
Have a nice weekend.:))

FH said...

Half filled freezer! Kribha, that would be a dream for hubby and kids!:D
Glad to hear that your son is feeling better.Young kids who go to pre-school often get infected. Can't help it. Just relax and have a cozy time at home with him. He will be alright.
Yeah, moms don't have any vacation or holiday, forever working souls!!
But it's all worth in the end when you have grown up strapping son says "I love you mom" in a gruff voice and gives a bear hug, hah?:))
Have a great weekend..Take care of yourself too. Hugs.

Roopa said...

Asha nice reading your meme :) loved all ofthem.Great to look at your fridge oh God wish i had such freezing space :)Thanks for tagging me Asha :) will work on it once i get time
Have nice weekend bye :)

Anonymous said...

You are very funny Asha..Enjoyed your meme..
Happy Dasara to you too.

Tee said...

Enjoyed all the 4 MeMes! Your freezer is so huge...i have teeny-tiny freezer, can barely get some things in there ;)

Suganya said...

Awww. You ahve tagged me too. I have to really come up with something!

Sig said...

Great Memes Asha... Love that freezer :D I thought mine was bad... Hey, looks like you love Europe :) All your favorite vacations are in Europe :)

KayKat said...

Love the precarious balance of your freezer! :)
Your MeMes are highly entertaining, keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

LOved your fridge! Needless to say tat mine looks the same :) Nice reading your MEMEs.

FH said...

Roopa, thanks. Take your time for the tag. I know it's busy time, Dasara first and then Deepavali!!:))

Thank you Madhu. Enjoy your Dasara there as much as you can. I know it's cold!!:))

FH said...

Tee, I had tiny freezer too before we got this giant, I understand!!:))

Suganya, did I forget to remind you about the tag? Thought I did. Do only if you can, I know how busy we all are these days! Hugs!:))

FH said...

Sig, my freezer has entertained everybody it seems! Hahaha!! See, I am not perfect after all!:))
We lived in England for 5 yrs before we came here, so our vacation was always in Europe. From here, it's quite expensive to go there specially with kids! Love Europe, just for visiting though.I love to living in US!:))

Thank Kay! Did you see that French fries pack? Going to land anytime now and that re-fried beans can, don't ask!!;D

FH said...

HeHe!! Thank you Lakshmi. With two 'growing up fast' kids, I need all those stuff. Believe, they do go fast!:))
Have a great weekend sweetie. Hugs.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Saha dear, I have been sooo busy! Visiting golus, temple, and inviting ladies home!:)) Actually my this year dasara has been less busier!!
Your whats in a name meme is so much like me! The stubbourness, honesty, liking the smell of mud during the first rain! I now know why we like each other soooo much!:))
Thanks for tagging me to show off my fridge! I was already planning to after seeing some of the fridges!:D

FH said...

That's okay Latha, I know how fun it is there at this time. Take your time and enjoy all the Bombe habba there!:))
LOL! I think so too, we are very alike. Good for us, it's hard to find like minded people.
Now, go and enjoy your Dasara/Vijayadashami. I got to cook Tamizh style feast for RCI too!:))

Anonymous said...

asha, my freezer is exactly like yours!:)& that is also the reason why i am unable to use my ice cream maker!i thought i was the only freezer hoarder out here but it looks like i have got company !:))

FH said...

LOL!! Paati, I think most foodies are like that, not just me! We do need those , don't we?
I have another freezer in the garage where I stick my ice cream maker!!:D

Red Chillies said...

Asha, totally enjoyed knowing about you. I loved your fridge and your fab four. But best of all loved your middle name Meme

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

thanks Ashaji for the tag...theres a 4 fsv tag too from Bharathy, so I will come up with something for both of u!!

Anonymous said...

One of your fav place is minneapolis?That's interesting.I have always heard people complain abt minneapolis as it's too cold.

FH said...

Thank you red chillies. Loved doing these MeMes too. Happy Dasara!:))

Take your time to do it Sona, no hurry. We are all busy these days! Hugs:))

FH said...

Hi Anon, we have lived in UK for 5yrs in gloomy gray cloud and cold weather most of the year, which makes you depressed.
Compared to that Minneapolis is a beautiful place. It is bitter cold but there are so many indoor malls and so many things to do, we enjoyed every bit of it. When the Summer comes, you can't beat Minneapolis! People are so friendly and smiling inspite of that cold, we loved staying there for 3 1/2 yrs!:))
Now that we have settled in NC, we still miss Minneapolis. Public schools are wonderful there too. I would like to go back there but our job is here now!:)

KellytheCulinarian said...

Great Meme! Your fridge is so well stocked, I'm jealous!

TBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TBC said...

Loved reading all of your memes, Asha.
Reg. your fridge/freezer, we can see you are well stocked & well prepared for anything!:-)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Enjoyed reading your Memes...
I can see one mini supermarket in your fridge. (Just Kidding)

FH said...

Hahaha!! Thank you Kelly. I took that photo on Friday, fridge was half empty actually!! You should see it on Saturdays!:P

That's true tbc. Not waiting for the fridge to be empty ever! Got to be well prepared!:D

FH said...

LOL! It's true MT! That's what my daughter says too that my neighbors can shop here instead of going to stores!

Li'l Lite said...

I am fine just that i'm in neck deep of work..have been checking all yours posts(from office...dont tell my boss ;)) as usual fabulous!and I love omelettes!!!

FH said...

Hi Dr, aha! You are sneaking in a look from office!!:D
Okay, I won't tell, enjoy. Glad you are better!:))

Rina said...

That is a lovely unique hash brown Omellete, Great entry.

FH said...

Thank you Rina! Why eat them both separately, throw them in one dish!:D

Linda said...

Nice to read all these memes Asha, and yes you're right -- lot of similarities in our places to be etc :) I am so happy to see I am not the only freezer-hoarder around here, too! ;)

FH said...

LOL! Linda, you too are a hoarder!! Glad to hear that, makes me feel better. I thought I would clean up a bit but didn't!:)
Yes, water and birds, somewhere quiet would do me fine to retire! Eagerly waiting for that!:)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Nice memes....very interesting...Specially fridge.
I was wondering whether i know all the names of the products..i was trying to identify the things...But you were really very honest by showing the real image..Hatsoff!!!!

Raaga said...

great stuff.. thanks for not tagging me for the fridge thing... I'd have died before taking a pic of my fridge :)

FH said...

Usha, that's idea of this MeMe. Be honest, don't clean up and show what you got!:D
I have lot of Priya and Ashoka pickle bottles!:)

Hi Raaga, good to see you. Don't say it, somebody will tag you!:D
I know it's little embarrassing for me too, but what the heck! I will showed it anyway! It entertained lot of people!!:D

SeeC said...

Hi Asha,

Hope you are doing good.

Hope you are feeling OK with your eyes (too early :))...I am sorry I have always been thinking of it but didnt get a chance to drop in few lines.

Coming to the post...
OMG that is really overloaded. I am just opposite to you. I hardly have things in my freezer. I dont get frozen items at all..and have things needed for just 1 week.

Inspite of so many things in your freezer...it is neatly organized.

Four in one shot...good idea.

Take care.