October 28, 2007


Walnut Pesto Fettuccine is my entry to Bee of "Jugalbandi"'s event "Click!". We are the clicking all kinds of "Noodles" this November. Thanks Bee!:))

And I clicked.....

Walnut Pesto Fettuccine sprinkled with grated Parmesan and garnished with a sprig of Fennel!
I made this quick Pasta for lunch on Saturday! Then I saw Bee's announcement of "Noodles" for this month! What a coincidence! Here it is!!:)

Walnut Pesto Fettuccine-1

A delicious plate of pasta without any "special" effects!:)

Walnut Pesto Fettuccine

A spoonful of Walnut Pesto!

To make Pesto at home:
This recipe makes a cup or so of Pesto. Use as much as you need for Pasta like two tbsps or more at a time.

Pulse 2 cups fresh basil leaves, 1/2 cup fresh Parsley (optional), 1/4 cup each grated Parmesan, 3 peeled garlic cloves, 1/3 cup walnuts slightly roasted, Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste in a blender until coarse, mix once. Then start pouring 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil thru' the spout with the blender on low until you get a smooth paste. Scoop it into a glass jar and store in the fridge.

Variations: Skip Walnuts and add Pine nuts for a beautiful green pesto or add soaked and chopped Sun-dried Tomato with Basil for a gorgeous red Pesto!!

To make Pasta:
Cook 1 lb pack of Fettuccine or any pasta you like until almost cooked. Drain the water and mix with 2 tsp of Extra Virgin Olive oil so they don't stick to each other. Add a big spoon of Walnut Pesto to the pasta and mix well. Adjust the salt and pepper. Serve on a plate, add grated or shaved Parmesan cheese and garnish with Fennel leaves!! You can add vegetables or meat to this Pasta to make it more nutritious!



My one and the only “Nightmare in the Kitchen”! How appropriate for Halloween!!:D

Lakshmi of "The YUM blog" has started a new MeMe called "Nightmare in the Kitchen". She started with her own disaster story and hilarious one too here, while baking a "Warm Walnut Brownie Pudding!!" Still wondering how that brownie pudding got on to her kitchen ceiling. Hmmm..!!;D

Anyhoo, she tagged me for this MeMe and here I am with one! Usually, a messed recipe in my kitchen is mostly fixable and edible except this particular Fried Ice Cream fiasco! I had already posted this at FH, I have to repost the same here again because this is the only nightmarish story I have to tell ya! Thanks for the tag Lakshmi.Can't wait to read other's "work of art" too!:))

My miserably failed attempt to make Mexican fried Ice Cream!!!

Well..I thought I will try making fried Ice Cream at home after I read the recipe in a book and tried the delicious dessert in the restaurant quite a few times.
I took 2 scoops of Ice Cream, rolled them in the Graham cracker crumbs powdered, and put them in the freezer for an hour.
I heated the fresh clean oil, brought the Ice Creams out and immediately added to oil. They did fry well at first ,I got happy at the thought of feasting on fried Ice Cream!!
And then the disaster happened!!! They split and started to melt right in the oil! Heartbroken(:D), I scooped them out quickly before they start splattering all over my kitchen and threw them all out along with the oil!!:P

Final "product" was not even worth clicking because there was nothing solid left in the pan! Hahaha!!

What might have gone wrong? I should have frozen the coated scoops overnight and heated the oil hotter, fry quickly less the minute and take them out! Shame on me!!:D

Well...that's my only disaster so far. Would I try to do this again? Sure! I don't give up on anything but will wait until next Summer and keep my fingers crossed!!:D

I tag:
Kribha, Raaga, Latha N and Siri. Have fun girls!

Happy Monday to all of you!:))


Raaga said...

I love your recipe :-) and the pics... and I have been tagged before... will get back to blogging soon.

Anonymous said...

hehe...i dont go hunting for pine nuts - i add walnuts :D

i think the ice cream needs to be frozen to sub zero brrrrrrrrrrrrr temperatures - i am not even sure if home equipment is suitable - let me know how second attempt goes

Seema said...

Pasta looks - DE...LICIOUS!!

Nice Meme - Atleast you tried to fry the icecream - I did not even attempt, - Just happy to eat it in Restautants!! Good Luck on 2nd try & keep us posted on the success!!

Kribha said...

Wow...you have posted for 'click' already. I donno when I'm going to do it. I love pesto sauce. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Although that plate of fettuccine does not have any special effects it makes me mouth-water right now. Ah...tagged me again. But this is not difficult at all. I have a big story that share with you.will do it soon.
I've already read about that fried ice-cream in FH. Sure is a nice story for the "Nightmare in the kitchen" event.

Lapa said...

New literary blog!
Thanks for visiting.

bee said...

1/2 cup oil? **faint**

that looks super delish. thanks for the entry. and why fry icecream? eat a chilli bajji, then icecram, then chilli bajji, then icecream. :D

bee said...

ash, could you state clearly which pic you are sending for CLICK? the one with the spcial effects or the one without? that makes it easy for the judges.

Anonymous said...

on second thoughts - why do you want to fry ice cream? dont fry, please, no really, eat it neat. :D

Anonymous said...

aw shucks, i din't copy bee ok, i really came around a second time to ask you not to fry

FH said...

Thank you Raaga!!
I just realized that you are tagged by Lakshmi already! One less tag to do for ya!:)

Lakshmi, lot of people do fry Ice Cream at home, comes out good.I didn't freeze it back properly for few hrs after coating until it's frozen solid!:D

FH said...

Thank you Seema.
I will try again next Spring or Summer. I have seen them in some blogs, it does come out well!:))

Kribha, I read your comment at Lakshmi's , thought you have something to share!:D
I made Pasta last weekend,took photos and posted it! Tastes great if you like Pesto! Try it!:)
This is the only nightmare I have, had to repost!:D

FH said...

Thank you Lapa! You have been advertising your blog in my blog for quite a few times now!

Bee, this recipe makes a small bottle full of Pesto. You use only as much as you want in the pasta, like few tbsps. You need olive oil to preserve the Basil from getting dark, just like we do for Indian pickles! Got to have a layer of oil on top!:)
I just wanted to try frying the Ice Cream just like the restaurants!!;P

FH said...

LOL!!! Lakshmi, happy Monday to you darling!!
Okay, okay!! I will not fry the Ice Cream!!! Well... may be one more time!!!:D

Latha Narasimhan said...

HAHA!! I knew you would post this!:)) Lakshmi and I scrutinized the picture in the book we read fried ice cream and found that the cornflakes looked as if they were just rolled on the ice cream and not one bit like fried ones.
Actually I got a good idea for this recipe but unfortunately forgot!:D Some bright ideas need to be jotted down immediately! I am trying hard to remember and will tell you when I am able to recover it from my poor memory!:))
Your pasta looks yum! You see I will be on leave after posting a few recipes for Diwali! To try your baks ofcourse!:))

FH said...

Latha, in one restaurant they did that too! Just covered the ice cream with corn flakes, didn't fry at all and served us. We just thought they forgot to fry,didn't have the time to make fuss!! Clever huh?
But I saw a fried Ice cream in one blog, I don't remember which one.
Tell me when you do remember the trick,I have got to try atleast once to get it right!:D
You know, I don't have any clue, except Mysore Pak, what to cook for Deepavali!! I made some Tuppa yesterday, got to get fat on yummy Mysore Pak of your's. I don't mind!!:))

Rina said...

Lovely noodles and lovely entry, Asha.

Saju said...

you are quick on the click! walnut pesto fettuccine look so delish.
loved you meme too.

Anonymous said...

amma also makes tuppa at home - me no get enough cream from my milk :( - how about using besan or eggs to bind? Roll in cornflakes, dip in binder, freeze - and then repeat?

Sharmi said...

the pics dont look like a disaster Asha! the fettuccine looks so good!

sunita said...

The picture looks great and so does the recipe...btw, I'll have my ice cream as it is, thank you ;)

musical said...

Lovely pasta, Ashakka! Using nuts in pesto is really neat! Fried ice-cream, now that's a tough cookie :-D. But really, you can not call those pictures a disaster by any stretch of imagination :).

Have a great week and happy halloween :)


FH said...

Thanks Rina, tried my best!:)

Thanks Saju. I made Pasta and then saw Bee's click and clicked immediately!!:D

FH said...

Lakshmi, we get good unsalted butter here, so it's very easy. Tushar loves Tuppa with his food!:))
Besan doesn't tastes good with Ice Cream but Egg white might work. Double freeze sounds great. I will keep that in mind, must give one more try in Summer and then give up!:D

Sharmi, Ice Cream up to that point(last photo) was good and then it just melted away into the oil!!:P
Pasta was tasty!:))

FH said...

Haha!! Sunita, me too usually!! But,I had to try the restaurant way, didn't I? I deserve it!!;D

Thanks Musie! Pasta was great.
Ice Cream, well.. I didn't take the last photo because there was nothing left to take!Liquid mess!!:D
You too have fun. Halloween comes on school day, so little hard for kids but they enjoy it anyway!:))

Finla said...

Asha you are so fast in clicking for the event.
Love the walnut pesto fettucine.
Well that is what i call a disaster with the ice cream. I had to laugh when you send there was nothing solid for clicking for the last pic.
Alleast u tried to make them.
I also think the ice cream balls had to be frozen.

Suma Gandlur said...

Had been busy and missed so many of your lovely posts.
Fettucini looks fabulous.
We all have our share of disaster stories related to cooking. Don't we?

FH said...

F, Bee and I have telepathic connections!:D
You know it was alright until the last photo and then went Kaput!:P
I think it should have been frozen solid too. Homemade IC is probably too creamy and smooth for frying, should try with store bought Vanilla next time!:)

Hi Suma, I just came here from your blog! Good to see you. Take your time ,no problem!:)
Pasta was great. IC, yeah. We all have to learn by our mistakes. I will try again next Summer!:)
Have a great week.

AnuSriram said...

your fettuccine looks amazing asha! very nice recipe! I love this....

Siri said...

Loved ur Meme Ashaji and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that finally finally, I am tagged. Feels so good and special when somebody tags u .. thank you ashaji .
Though I started proper cooking just couple of months ago, I do have one experience to share with u all. will post it soon.
btw, the fettuccine looks awesome..as usual..:))

Anh said...

What a lovely recipe Asha! Perfect for spring in my part of the world!

FH said...

Thanks Anu, try it if you like Pesto!:))

Siri, thanks girl. I was going to tag you last time too when I did 4 MeMes but you were about to go on vacation, so I didn't want to bother you!! Can't wait to read your misadventure in the kitchen too. It's fun!:))

Anh, thanks!:))
It is Spring for you, I keep forgetting! We just started Fall, it's getting cold here. Good to have some warm and spicy food this time of the year for us!:))

Daily Meals said...

Asha! pasta looks great...I have a doubt...How can we fry the ice cream!? I think they only fry or bake the cracker crumbs and roll the scopped ice cream in it. Is it difficult to fry the crumbs too...I never tasted or seen the fried ice cream...

Srivalli said...

Looks like I missed this post...good I got hold of this now!...thats very smart entry for click..how is that you get an idea before hand is it??>..and thats a fun adventure in your kitchen.

Suganya said...

You even have disasters? Noodles look awesome Asha!

Rachna said...

hey love the pasta pic.... and yur kitchen disaster...sounds like mine... and hats off for wanting to try it again.... yu r such a winner in getting recipes right

Anonymous said...

:O - you're actually going to take my advice seriously!!!

i think double freeze with an egg coat along with the graham cracker/corn flakes will work - like the empanada mexicans make

your pasta and amma's noodles look very similar - i bugged her to post today - you'll be convinced that both of you are long lost twins from some kumbh ka mela

i'll do my fridge separately (its empty after our trip ;) ) - today amma's fridge

FH said...

Vijaya, they do fry the Ice Cream coated with corn flakes crumbs in the restaurants! I have seen it a blog and also on Food TV.I think it has to be frozen solid like rock before you fry!:))

Sri, I just posted it yesterday, so you didn't miss it for long.
I made the Pasta for our lunch and saw Bee's "Noodles" and clicked quickly before it's over!;D

FH said...

Just this one Suganya and it failed spectacularly!!:P
But I will try again next year, can't give up!!:)

Thank you Rachna. Nobody should give up just because we fail once, right?:)
I will try again, I have seen people doing this successfully on TV, so we can do it!:D

FH said...

Lakshmi, egg white coating is done with Jalapeno poppers here, coated and fried, tastes so good!
LOL! Yeah, I think Latha and I are long lost sisters too,only we both are good.No bad one and good one here!;D
Empanadas are like Karjikai, I have made and posted at FH at last year's Superbowl party.
It's savory and fried like Samosas with meat stuffing usually, can be sweet fillings too.We love them but oily, don't make it often.
See you later at amma's fridge post, just got up,sitting with my coffee!:)

Laavanya said...

The fettucini looks lovely asha. Very delectable. I always make pesto with walnuts too since i always have those on hand. I remember you mentioning the fried icecream earlier... not a big fan of fried icecream though. Good luck on your next attempt. Now that you have the tricks of the trade, am sure it will be really good. :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear, I too feel tempted to try out fried ice cream! double freezing sounds a great Idea! I think the oil should be just warm to fry only the outer layer. We must take out the ice cream quickly and leave it to freeze again! I have to try when my hubby is not around!:D
Spilling of hot oil was'nt anything big. You see lakshmi is the boss in our blog and she decides what to post!:))

FH said...

Thanks Laavanya!:))
I am not a big fan of fried IC either, just got curious how they make it. Next time I hope I get it right. Don't feel like eating IC right now, got little chilly here!:D

FH said...

Latha, good to hear that burn is not that bad!:))
Try the fried IC and let me know.Next time I try, I will buy IC. Homemade is too soft and creamy. Take a break Latha, relax a bit. All these events and festival getting me too! I haven't even started cooking anything for Deepavali! I have one more week left and tomorrow is Halloween too!
Kids have one day off school tomorrow, I am taking Trisha for driving test for her driving license. It's hard to pass first time but let's see what happens! If not, we will have to go back again in 2 weeks!:))

Raks said...

Liked your pasta somuch and think I should give this a try...:))
Great entry Asha..!! Soon me too goin to post a click for the same event....
Like your attitude over the fried Icecream...to try it again...If it was me I would have not even thought about that for the second time...;D
Wish your second time try become a success!!!

FH said...

Hi Raks, thanks. Looking forward to your click too, I am sure it will way better than mine!))
I don't give up, will try again but next Summer. It's too cold to eat IC now!:D

Rajitha said...

asha...really do not know how i missed ur post..the fettuccine looks great and i admire ur guts to stand there and do something when the ice-cream was playing havoc..i would have ran out from there!!

FH said...

Hahaha!! Well, what can you do when something is about to go but get the pan off of the heat first as fast as you can and then run!:)
Thanks Rajitha, I justed posted it yesterday, so you are not late. Happy Halloween!:))

Anonymous said...

Lovely pesto fettuccini, Asha! Pine nuts would be good too -- I must get those in the Indian store sometime. Nuts are always so much fresher there -- grocery pine nuts are so expensive I think they're rancid before I open them. Also loved the masala potato bread! You do think up the best quick loaves; that's a meal in a slice!

Halloween music is a kick, too :)

Priyanka said...

Lovely recipe Asha..... Have never had fried icecream, so i cant even relate to how it tastes. I agree....Umm Ali tastes heavenly.

Sagari said...

beautiful photographs

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey Asha!!! Am back from vacation!! Hope alls well at ur end... lovely pasta recipe. and the MeMe was good too!!! :D

Anonymous said...

:O - look what amma's saying, she made a big deal over the phone - hmmmm

good luck to trisha for her driving license (that reminds me, i still dont have one :D )

Sig said...

Hahaha, fried ice cream :D, and that is your one and only disaster? Now, be honest... :D I've had so many disasters in the kitchen, I could start a blog on that ;)
Walnut pesto, wow yummy! And I love the fettuccine picture, your pasta looks so dry and healthy :)Mine sometimes end up soggy and sad looking :(

FH said...

Linda, don't love that Halloween music! I found it yesterday!:D
Yes, you have to use the nuts as soon as possible.Sometimes I freeze it until I need. Pine nuts has very good taste too and color is pretty too!:)

Priyanka, fried IC tastes good but it's really necessarily to fry them anyway!:)
Umm Ali was fabulous.I haven't made it since because of all the Puff pastry and sugar!

FH said...

Thank you Sagari, hope you try if like Pasta!:))

Ramaya, glad you are back. No vacation for us until next Summer!!:)
Thank you visiting, I missed you. Hugs. Happy Halloween.

FH said...

LOL! Lakshmi, you dissed a great cook by saying she dropped the tadka on her foot!! Glad you are miles away from her now!!;0
I am taking her early in the morning, got to wait for our turn.I will publish Halloween post and catch up with you later.
If I was in India, I would never have gotten a driving license either, we had a driver. Here, you are on own for EVERYTHING, don't have public transportation like India!

Sig, I should have tagged you!! Love to hear the stories. Somehow, I have always had success in cooking, this stumped me!:P
Cook pasta with salt and little oil until just cooked, drain and immediately add either some butter or olive oil to the pasta and toss gently before you add the pesto or sauce. You will have the separated and perfect pasta! Try with a small amount!:))

Anonymous said...

The pictures are looking so perfect asha. Nice to know more about you.

Kajal@aapplemint said...

aw so sorry about your ice cream. I 've been wanting to do it for a long time but the calories in it have been keeping me away frm it :)
The pasta on the other hand looks delicious.I love walnut pesto, but when ever i make pesto it oxidizes and turns a darker green just on the top :(

FH said...

Thank you Hima. MeMes are a great way to know the bloggers, specially foodies!:D

Kate, I just wanted to try once like they have in Restaurants, didn't work!:D
You have to add more Olive oil to form a thin layer on top of the Pesto when you store in the bottle. Other way to prevent oxidation is to add acidity while grinding like Lemon juice which makes little tangy. You can freeze individual portions too immediately after grinding! Few tips, hope it helps!:)

Anonymous said...

walnut pesto sounds yummy, since i love the normal pesto ,i will try out this one asha:) me too has a recipe for fried ice creams, but has never tried it out fearing that it would melt in the oil! wonder how the cooks do this really!

Anonymous said...

oops!forgot to add my name ,paati

FH said...

Paati, I love green and red Pesto too. Try this , little different from the usual if you like Walnuts!:)
I think they freeze it a rock and then fry quickly just to give color to the crust, must try again!:D
Don't miss the Halloween post at FH, it's fun!:))

Roopa said...

Wow ASha, the pesto looks yum :) atlast i am back today :)that sounds like a great meme !

FH said...

Roopa, glad to you see you back. So many bloggers are on break these days, except me!Hahaha!
Thanks, Pasta is easy to make, tastes great too unlike my fried IC!!:P

Anonymous said...

The pics are perfect and go into mouth directly with 2 slurp all in the mouth. I am dreaming.

Mona said...

Hahaha! It happens quite often with me too. The kitchen disasters! That was indeed a funny episode . I wonder how many times it happens with you.

FH said...

Ramya, it is really tasty. Some don't like Patsa and some don't like Pesto. We love any dish at home! Enjoy!:)

Mona, until yesterday this was the only disaster I had. Tried to make Mysore Pak yesterday, was on my feet for 1 1/2 hrs stirring that thing, didn't come out well!:D
It tasted good but didn't look like you get in India. Atleast we got something to eat ith MP unlike this fried IC!! This was a liquid mess!:P

Tee said...

niiice! :) failed attempts in the kitche...sshhh! people who mention my kitchen disasters in public always regret that they did (mostly my hubby) ;))

FH said...

LOL!! Tee, I should have tagged you! There is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you laugh it off! But don't let others make fun of ya!! HeHe!!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Walnut pesto is addictive. And your photo is mouth-watering. I'm so hungry right now, I can't stand it!

amna said...

the fettuccine looks awesome and i love the flat shape it has.. i really have to go noodle shoppig next weekend..

have been busy at work so didn't get time to visit anyone :( there are so many blogs to catch up with..

FH said...

Thank you Susan! Coming from a Italian, it is a great compliment!:))

Nags, there are somany, it's hard to catch up with everybody even for me!:D
I don't visit anybody in the weekends atleast, I take time for myself.Take care and yes, Pasta is always a quick dish to make!:)

Deepak Gopi said...

I am dying to eat mexican icecream
Thank you

J said...

Yummy pesto and pasta! Kitchen disasters...hmmm, that got me thinking. most of mine were somehow saved I think!

FH said...

Hi Deepak, hope you get fried IC there. It's yummy to eat but very hard to make at home!:))

Hi J. Yeah, most of time we can just fix something when it goes wrong but this time it's totally went kaput!:D
Happy Diwali!:)

SeeC said...

Yah !!! I remember seeing this icecream on your blog.

Pasta looks delicious.

Archana Doshi said...

pasta looks delicious. I am still settling down in bangalare, so still to go some good whole wheat pasta hunting. Hopefully this new year i can discover more internationally food items in bangalore.