June 20, 2008

Mango-Cream JELL-O, Mint-Coconut-Peanuts Chutney

I am bringing a sweet and super easy dessert "Mango-Cream JELL-O" for Meeta from "What's for lunch honey" blog's "Monthly Mingle" with the theme of " Mango Mania " this month. I thought I wouldn't be able to make anything for MM this month since I am getting ready for a Summer blog break but squeezed in one more post anyway. Who can resist Mangoes! Hope you like it Meeta, great choice of fruit!:)

Mangoes have been cultivated in India and South East Asia for thousands of years, also cultivated in many tropical regions and distributed widely in the world. Mango is one of the most popular and well loved fruit. Raw or ripe Mangoes can be in various sweet and spicy dishes and Mango leaves are used for religious ceremonies, during Hindu festivals and weddings in India.. For a great collection of unique Mango dishes, click here!

Mango-Cream JELL-O:
I have made so many Mangoes dishes before in my blog as you see in my list below, I thought I will keep it very simple this time. This cool dessert was delicious and so easy to make. It's specially great for kids. Hope you make it!:)

You need these:
1 3/4 Cup Mango pulp (I used Kesar canned Mango pulp),
1/2 cup Cream half and Half or Heavy whipping Cream, divided into half, (heat 1/4 cup cream to dissolve Gelatin)
2 Envelopes(1/4oz each) of Knox or Jell-O Original unflavored unsweetened Gelatin,
1-2 tbsp powdered sugar, if mango pulp is not sweet enough, up to you.
1 tbsp crushed Pistachios and Some Whipped cream to garnish.(optional)
To make it:
1. Add Mango pulp, half of the cream and powdered sugar, mix until creamy.
2. Heat 1/4 cup of milk or cream, add gelatin and let it dissolve. Then add this mixture to Mango to whisk well.
3. Pour in any shaped molds and chill in the fridge for 3 hrs.
4 Serve chilled, sprinkled with some crushed Pistachios or with more cream on top if you like. Enjoy!:)

Note: Add 1 Gelatin envelope to 1 1/4 cup or less liquid, total proportion to get a good Jello texture. You can also add Gelatin to cold Mango mix but have to whisk (or mix in blender) hard to dissolve Gelatin and adding Gelatin to warm cream first to dissolve it, makes it easier set the Jello! :)

Check out these dishes!
Jaggary Jello!
Mango Cobbler,
Mango Dal,
Mango Lassi,
Mango-Coconut Pound cake.
Mango-Coconut Burfi.
Mango Kheer.
Mango Ice cream!

Have fun cooking with Mangoes!:)

Dee from "Ammalu's kitchen" has started a new event celebrating various herbs called "Herb Mania" this month. She has chosen "Mint" as her choice to start with. Here is my simple Mint, Coconut, Peanuts chutney from me Dee, enjoy hosting your event!:)

Homegrown Mint from my backyard:
Mint grows uncontrollably in a moist, well drained soil if you don't contain it in the pots. I always plant the good quality mint in a large pot rather than the in the ground. They thrive in the sunshine, but need to bring in the house for Winter, although they are very easy to grow every Summer. These Mints are called Peppermint, has good mild flavor to cook but it doesn't exactly smell like Pepper or like toothpaste like Spearmints do!:D

Dried mint leaves were found in Egyptian pyramids, dating from 1000 BC. The plant is thought to be indigenous to Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia and it was introduced into America, Australia later.
Peppermint and Spearmint are the two best known of the mints but there are literally hundreds of varieties of mint. Mint is not only used in cooking and in drinks (Mojitos!), it also doubles as medicine to clear Sinuses, relieves Colic, added to bath water to soothe the muscles and in Tea with Honey. Mint flavor is added in Tooth pastes and in Medicinal syrups to make it pleasant to take too.

Green Moong Idlis with Mint, Coconut, Peanut chutney:
These delicious light green and super soft green Moong Idlis are from Sushma's "CookSpot" blog. I made these last week to link at FH and made some spicy Mint chutney to go with it. Thanks for these Idlis Sushma, they were excellent and so nutritious too!:)

For chutney, you need:
1 large bunch or 2 cups loosely packed of Cilantro,
1 cup loosely packed Mint leaves,(Spearmint, I find it too strong, use less),
1/4 cup fresh Coconut,
1/4 cup roasted Peanuts,
2-4 Green chillies,
Few curry leaves,
1"fresh ginger,
1 tsp Tamarind juice or you can use 2 tsp Lemon juice too,
To season:
1 tbsp oil, 1 tsp Mustard seeds, 1 tsp Urad dal, few curry leaves.
To make it:
1. Roast Peanuts in the Microwave for 30 seconds on a plate, let them cool.
2. Add the cooled peanuts to coconut etc and grind all them in a blender until smooth.
3. Heat a pan, add the seasoning ingredients and when they splutter, add to chutney and mix.

Note: Mint tends to discolor when exposed to air which turns it to blackish color. Although taste doesn't change, it will look darker.To avoid this, you have to more lemon juice to chutney.
You can also wilt the cilantro, curry leaves and mint for a second in a hot pan, roast green chillies before grinding but not necessary.

Have a great weekend. I have one last post to go here at Aroma and 2 more posts/weeks at FH before I take a blog break. See you all next week!:)


SMN said...

Ashakka.. Yepee. first one to drop here.. Thank you so much u loved my idlis.. i agree with you that u can add Masoor dal to idlis to make it Pink..:) chutney luks nice and i will try my hand wth baking soon.. thanks for the encouragement..

EC said...

Moong idlis sound very interesting...somehow I keep trying varieties of dosa only and stick to the usual idli and rava idli varieties when it comes to idlis...will give these idlis a try sometime very soon...thanks for sharing these delicious recipes

Finla said...

The Mango cream looks so delicious. We don't get good brand of mango pulp here which is a realy pity.
Idlis aroung the chutney looks cute. I never make idlis, Hans and Shyama don't like them.
Shyama has exams till Tuesday and then the school holiday starts from that friday. yupeeeee :-)
So I will be also going for a blog break for 2 months as we are going to India

KonkaniBlogger said...

Jello looks good, what a deep and perfect colour!! I love mint chutney, love to have it with dosas and idlis. I have planted mint again after your advice. Hope it doesn't fail this time. Have a great weeknd Asha !!

ST said...

Love the mango cream jello looks yummy.....I also made the same Mint coconut chutney urs look delicious....

Unknown said...

Asha, I just had dinner and I guess this was the perfect fruity dessert that could have complimeted it.my son would love it.
Loved to see ur fresh mint leaves plant and the chutney sounded great.
Have a nice holiday and see u soon.

Anonymous said...

hello Asha,
mango cream jell-o looks delicious.haven't tried using jell-o.should try once.


vb said...

This chutney sounds delicious! I fear I would just eat it out of the bowl with a spoon. But I'll make it anyway. Great recipe.

kamala said...

As Lakshmi said it's Ashafied !!!!
A healthy and complete plate AShaji.....Asusual the pics are tempting.

@the_whisk_affair said...

Today I am seeing mouth-watering recipes all over the blogosphere!! Guess what Asha, I have mango puree, most probably, today, your mango dessert will be gracing my table too!! :-) and the chutney looks heavenly.....

FH said...

Sushma, yes!! I was hoping you would! Look at those yummy idlis! Goegeous, is on my list to make them again and again. Thank you!:))
Can't wait for pink idlis!:D

EC, do try the Idlis, they are amazingly soft, great with spicy mint chutney!:)

F, 2 mnts in India, hurray!:)
I will be back at the end of August too,so enjoy your holiday.
Any Mango pulp will do for this but you get to eat yummy Mangoes in India, why do you care for Jello anyway!:D
My kids don't like the fermented smell of Idlis and dosas too, but they have to eat them, no choice!:P
Good luck to S, exams are almost over!:))

FH said...

Maya, that Kesar Mango pulp has good color but little sour, I had to add some sugar. Tastes great though, good for kids, jiggly Mango!:D
Mint needs lot of water, keep them moist and you are good to go! Enjoy the weekend:)

Sireesha, I just saw that in your blog too! We were thinking and making the same chutney yesterday in our homes, spooky!!:D
Isn't that yummy? I love the fresh Minty taste!:)

Hi Pearl, excellent dessert for kids and adults alike, hope you try.One more post at Aroma, I am done with events!
I do have 3 more posts ready to go at FH,after that I will be on my break, need some rest!:))

Shalini, if you don't want that much of Jello, cut this recipe into half and use just 1 pack of Gelatin to 1 1/4 cup of liquid.Enjoy!:)

FH said...

vb, it's possible girl!:D
I love the taste of peanuts and mint, so refreshing and gooey!:))

LOL! Kamala, looks like it girl, I can't help but list all of them if they are few!:D
I didn't dare list all the rotis because there are so many in both blogs!:)

JZ, I almost gave up on this event because I didn't have time to come up with anything complicated as I always do, thought of this easy one!Can't wait to see your's too!It's fun!:))

Siri said...

love the Mango-Cream JellO Ashaji.. and the chutney too! so.. all geared up for ur summer break huh?.. Hope u have a great time..:) will miss u for sure!


notyet100 said...

jello looks delicious and yummy.,..wann to try once...mango in any form is always delicious,.will chk out ur mango recipes..all look delicious,..nd nice clicks too...

Sailaja Prakash said...

Hi Asha,

Your blog is superb. The layout is so good.

Cham said...

We just had for breakfast idli and mint chutney! The mango jello, i make it too, mostly kids love a lot for the creamy taste :) Never added peanut and coconut together, should be great too :) Have a Nice weekend :)

Srivalli said...

Asha...everything looks wonderful as usual!...where do you get ideas...

Suganya said...

WOW Asha.... Both the dishes look awesome. Mango cream looks so good. Lovely presentation. Never tried this combo of chutney. I used to make mint chutney and peanut chutney separately, Have to combine once.

FH said...

Siri, still got 2 more weeks to go for break, can't wait though!:)
Mango Jello is so needed in this weather, right? Enjoy the weekend!:)

Thanks N. This Mango Jello was such simple dish, I linked others too, hope you try one of those!:))

Thank you Sailaja, hope to see you again! Happy browsing!:))

FH said...

Cham, yeah. This chutney is gooey and minty, great combo. I just add few mints to avoid too much Binaca tooth paste taste, peanuts gives it some body!:D

Sri, Jello is a common dessert here, make them elaborate in moulds with fruits etc, so this is the easiest choice for me. Make it there if you get Gelatin!:))

Thanks Sukanya. Try this chutney, it's like eating spicy coconutty peanut butter with mint flavor!:D
Good with sandwiches too!

ranji said...

ooooooo asha..the bowl of mango cream jello is so inviting especially in this hot summer..i can have the whole bowl..yummm...
mint-coconut-peanut chutney...very creative...i just made the idli batter yesterday morning..had it for dinner with some onion tomato paste chutney..was so yummmmm..now i will make this..but no mint so i will use coriander leaves instead:)...great entries

Vanamala Hebbar said...

you are amazing asha...wonderful dishes...exp i love mango cream

FH said...

Ranji, want some Idlis here, throw a few this way too girl!:D
Enjoy the chutney. If you have Mango pulp and Gelatin at home, it takes 5 mins to make Jello and 1 hr to chill!:))

Mala, bet your kid loves the jiggling Mango Jello!:D
Hope you make it, enjoy your weekend there!:)

ranji said...

Hey asha thanks for mentioning that i have added it in my post.:)

and hey here comes a box of idli..are u all set to catch?throwing at the count of 3 so position urself...1...2...3..CAUGHT????? :D

Unknown said...

Am back after the vacation Ashakka..And am really drooling over the mango Jello

FH said...

Gotcha Ranji. A box? How many would be there inside. I need atleast 4 of them! ;D

Hi DV, good to see you. Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Usually we go on vacation soon after kids school ends in June, this year we are waiting until July.
Hope you make the Jello, easy peasy!:)

ranji said...

ROFL!!!u r really funny asha:)..the box i threw can fit 8-10 idlis so thr u go 2 for each :)plus 2 extra ;)

Anonymous said...

the jello looks great and moong idlis really intrigued me!! glad you liked the besan rotis!!

sunita said...

Asha, love the chutney...must have tasted great :-)

The kids' term does not end till the end of July...we all need a break :-)

Mansi said...

I made idlis too yesterday night! the jello looks cute Asha...now you just need to squeeze in one more "healthy recipe" for my event!:) pls..pls!!:)D

FH said...

Excellent Ranji! Glad you are not a kanjoose! I just hope they are not 8-10 cocktail idlis! Hahahaha!!

Arundati, those Moong idlis really so spongy, I was amazed. Almost like Mallige Idlis but protein and fiber rich, very cool. Hope you try them with spicy chutney too!:))

FH said...

Sunita, until end of July? Man! That is long!!
Yeah, I desperately need one, got few posts ready to go,just waiting to post them. Our vacation is booked on July second week,got some time but will be stopping events entries at Aroma next week, FH will be on for 2 more weeks. Chutney is peanutty, kids will love it too if it's not very spicy!:))

Shucks! Mansi, you missed my yummy chutney by one night! Try next time, it's really chatpataa with dosa or idlis.
Healthy one? Well.. Mango Cream is definitely is not one, I can tell ya! :D
Will see if I can squeeze one for you at FH posts. One more to go here and that's it. But I will be posting 3 more at FH before I go!:)

Laavanya said...

The mango jello looks great and I love the sprouts idli with that refreshing chutney.. will try w/o peanuts though.

FH said...

Sprouts Idlis were amazingly soft Laavanya, I didn't really expect that! Hope you do try those. Spicy Mint chutney would be great too!:))

Unknown said...

Hi Asha:) The jello looks absolutely delicious:) I also loved the way the Idlis turned out!! Perfect! How lucky that you have home grown mint leaves ! I am a novice at gardening,just started with my climber , its growing ok. I also loved the kobari mithai:) Just love the idea of coconut,and pineapple:)

FH said...

Hi Roopa, idlis were fab, hope you try. Yeah, I gave a little twist to Kobri Mithai, turned out well!:))
Mint is the easiest to grow, just need water, they grow like crazy on the ground! Enjoy your weekend!:)

Kalai said...

Mango cream jello looks divine, Ashakka! Perfect dessert. Love the color of the idlis with that bright green chutney. Simply awesome! :)

FH said...

Mangoes are divine fruits Kalai, who doesn't love them unless somebody is allergic to it!:))
Idlis were yummy, try both.
Enjoy your weekend, I logging off now! :D

ranji said...

heheheehhe i just came back to check on ur reply and thr it is another line waiting for me to ache my tummy :)...i dont know what to say...i give up LOL :D..

TBC said...

Mango jello sounds good.
I like mint in v.v. small quantities 'coz I find its taste a bit too overpowering.

I liked your comment on Swati's blog.:D

Unknown said...

Mango cream jello..YUM! so mouthwatering asha and easy to make..shall try this soon as Ram loves mango.Mint chutney is looking so colorful.Somehow, i like mint on any variety rice only, not as chutney.Enjoy the blog break..

sallywrites said...

We call it jelly.... mango jelly or jello sounds delicious!

FH said...

Ranji, give it up, I am a regular clown, just don't get paid for it!:)

tbc, me too! There is lot of difference btn Indian mint and US mint! I don't Spearmint at all, tastes like Binaca tooth paste instead of chutney!:D
I like the mint I am growing this year in the pot, lot milder, somewhat like Indian Mint!
Fake blondes in India! Yikes! Hope this fad passes quickly!:D

FH said...

Mahesh, I will be around for 2-3 weeks at FH, just stopping posting here for events after next week.
Mango Jello is great for kids, do try. If you get Indian mint, it's good for chutney, otherwise I will stick to minty rice too!:))

Hi Sally, JELL-O is brand name here which makes fruity Jelly and Gelatin etc, everything made with that is called Jello! I know they twist everything here!:D
Mango Jello is yum, hope you try!:))

Rachel said...

Dropped by to say Your mango jello was our desset last night! Yummy it was!

have a good break and come back with loads of tales to tell us....

amna said...

i am planning to get a small herb garden for myself too.. yet to find out where they sell these in singapore :) nice idea for a chutney :)

J said...

The good mangoes have finally gone from the markets here....but we still get some. Are the moong idlis soft? I've made only regular idlis so far. We are thinking of starting on the GM diet... the thought itself makes me eat more!!;P

srikars kitchen said...

healthy idly dishes....mongo cream looks fantastic.....very nice

FH said...

You already did Rachel! So glad you liked it, very easy to make, isn't it?:)
I will be around blogging for 3 more weeks at FH, just stopping the Aroma posts a bit early. See you tomorrow, thanks for the feedback!:))

Nagu, buy a long rectangular pot, fill with good quality loose drain able soil which herbs love and plant next each other. Have fun, you will love it.I did 3 herbs pots this year!:))

J, mangoes have gone already. You can freeze the pulp in Ziplock bags if they are sweet and cheap now to use it later.
Moong Idlis were very soft like Mallige Idlis, look at her recipe proportions, excellent. Love the greenish color. I didn't have the time to sprout, just ground the soaked green Moong. I am thinking of Masoor dal to add, make pink idlis!!:D
Good luck with the diet, you can do it! I never could stick to it ever!;P

Meera said...

I just loved that jello & chutney.
My mint is growing too.
Green moong idlis is also a great idea. Thanks for the link.

Finla said...

Asha I have something for you in my place.

FH said...

Hope you try the Idlis Srikar, really good!:))

YAY! Can't beat fresh homegrown Mint in dishes, enjoy. With these Idlis, mint chutney tastes fab. Try it!:))

Hi F, I was just there few mins ago, will see in a sec!:))

Sum Raj said...

what a nice colour u have got ?..its just icy and mouthwatering....and chutney with idlies is a superb pic and inviting too

FH said...

Hi Suma, good to see you this Sunday. Can't go wrong with Mangoes, huh? Always tastes great. Idli and chutney was fabulous, recommend that combo! Enjoy :)

FoodieFriend said...

The mango-cream-jell-o looks great!
Nice recipe....!

Idlis look good too!

Andhra Flavors said...

The jello looks absolutely delicious!

ST said...

There is treat for u at my blog:))

FH said...

Hi FF, thank you. Easy to make too. Idlis were fabulous!:))

AF, great dessert for Summer days, isn't it? ope you try!:))

FH said...

Will be there ASAP Sireesha!:)

Dee said...

Ashakka, thanks for the beautiful entry and info about mint. The chuntey looks gorgeous with the moong Idlis . Love ya and Hugs :) Have a great weekend.

FH said...

Thank you Dee, glad you liked the chutney. I almost gave up but squeezed in a entry at the last minute! Enjoy rounding up!:))

Unknown said...

We would like to feature this jello recipe on our blog. Please email sophiekiblogger@gmail.com if interested. Thanks :)

You can check out our blog here:

FH said...

Hi Sophie, thanks for your interest, glad you liked it. I will try and e mail you when I can. I am on blog break right now!:))