March 22, 2007


Idlies with Semolina,chana dal and vegetables are my contribution to Nupur's " A to Z Indian Vegetables" this week. Letter of the week is "I".Thanks Nupur,I truly enjoyed making these.

Idlies with Chana dal and vegetables:

These Idlies are made of Semolina(Cream of Wheat),Chana dal,vegetables etc, but not like the Rava Idlies.Don't expect them to be perfectly round, and fluffy like regular Urad idlies either! Because we use ground Chana dal to make these,they will be little dense and rustic looking on top and uneven but these are far more nutritious and tastier than the other two.I like rough looking top than the smooth one.You can smoothen the top a little if you like.You also cannot eat more than 3 of these idlies, 12 of these feed a family of four easily!!:))

You Need: Makes about 12 Idlies

1 cup Semolina/Rava roasted in 1 tsp oil until lightly reddish, 1/4 cup Chana Dal/red split peas soaked and ground,(save 1 tbsp Chana dal whole to add to the batter,) 1 carrot grated,3 tbsp frozen Green peas,2 tbsp plain yogurt,1/4" fresh ginger grated,1 green chilli minced,1/4 onion minced,few cilantro,salt,about 1/2 tsp baking soda and enough water to mix.

How to:

Roast Rava until reddish,place in a bowl.Take 1 tbsp soaked Chana dal out of soaked dal and grind the rest until smooth.Add both to the bowl with Rava.Add all the other ingredients including vegs and yogurt,mix well.Then add enough water to make fairly thick batter,thicker than normal Urad Idli batter.Adjust the salt and keep it covered for one hour for semolina to plump up.

After an hour,if you need to water to thin a bit,add it but do not make it thin.Just enough to drop in lumps.Spray the Idli moulds lightly with No-stick spray,add batter halfway to the mould,tap a little to smoothen the top.When done,steam in the pressure cooker for 10-12 mins.Take them out and cool on rack or serve immediately with Chutney.


I made this chutney by mixing 1/4 cup Dal Chutney powder with 3tbsp yogurt and water to make it thinner and seasoned it with mustard seeds,few curry leaves.
Or you can grind 1/4 cup yellow roasted Chana dal(Hurikadale/Pottu Kadalai),roasted red chillies,salt ,yogurt,1/4" ginger and some Hing(Asafoetida) with enough water to ake it thin and season it.

And the finale!

We are done, enjoy the nutritious breakfast or brunch:)


J said...

Now this is really original!!! Never thought of this, though there is a dal idli recipe in my book waiting to be tried n tested!

Sharmi said...

hey very new, innovative idlies yarr!! chutney looks so yummy. can I plunge in. I wish I could:( hey I want to know which is the last date for letter "I" and when is the letter "J" starting up. I am lil confused being the first time. Pls help.


FH said...

Hi J! I have heard of Dal idli too but this is the first I tried it with ground Chana dal! It's not as soft but very nutritious and tastes great too.Try it:)

Hi Sharmi,go ahead and jump in to it!:D
This events starts from Monday and ends on Sat ,so Nupur can round up on Sunday.So "I" ends on Sat and "J" starts om Monday.Hope you cook some "i" now,still got time!:)

Li'l Lite said...

Yummy!This is gonna be my breakfast tommorrow!Thanks didi!

Deepa Hari said...

Hi Asha,
Idlies luk great...never heard of dal to give it a try...

RML said...

Hi asha,
Grt innovative recipe yaar! I sure wd try this tomorrow and its healthy too.
Thanks for sharing

Mishmash ! said...

Whenever I thought of idli my brain compiled and gave the result in a round white fluffy object and from now on its going to produce two results ;) quite innovative.


FH said...

Hello little behna!:)) Try and tell me how did you like it.I t will be hard idlis than the usual but tasty.

Hi Deepa, I make dal idlis with the soaked chana dal added to the regular idli batter but this is ground dal added to Rava.Little different but worth trying!:)

FH said...

You are welcome Madhoori.Let me know how did you like it:))

HAHAHA!! Shn, you are a witty girl.
That's why I wrote there in advance!!"Don't expect fluffy ,cloudy idlies,these could shock ya!";D
Glad your idlies are colorful now.Enjoy.

Sia said...

thats one colourful idli ashakka. by the look of it, it looks quite hard. i guess sambar will be good accomp with this. is it traditional recipe or ur own creation? 3 idlis pp? cool...

FH said...

Hi Sups,they are little harder than the usual Idlis but lot tastier.Add good amount of baking soda ,you will be fine.
Sambhar is a good idea but these idlies have so many flavors already in them,you won't taste them mixed in the sambhar.A thin chutney is better for dipping.Try half the amount just for two of you first and see if you like it:))

Sig said...

Hi Asha, Very innovative idleez :)I like the fact that you don't have to keep the batter to rise for a day. And your chutney idea is great, mixing chutney powder with yoghurt and water to thin it down, never heard of that before, I am definitely going to try that.

FH said...

Hi Sig,these Idleez(:D) are quick like making Rava Idly.
Best chutney pd is South Indian dal chutney for this.MTR brand has a chutney pd too but I think they add too much Hing,which smells odd if used in excess.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!:)

Anonymous said...

I just got home from work and I really don't want to cook supper... did you by any chance save just one or two of these and a big bowl of chutney? :):) Looks delish, Asha!!

jayakarthik said...

Hi asha
dal idly wonderful....
looks yum.......
wish i could grab it right out of the screen =P~

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Great Innovative....I heard about various Idli...but this literally new to me.
It sounds great with vegetables...i felt it should be little harder than our usual idly but taste good becoz of channa dhal right?

Anh said...

Asha, can you make these for me if I visit you? :P These look fantastic!

Pravs said...

A good recipe indeed. I think this will make a good kids meals too... get all the nutritions from it.

Suma Gandlur said...

Wow Asha, great entry. Is this a traditional dish or your creation?
Thanks for a new, healthy recipe.

Coffee said...

YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Kahan se nikala??? ;)

You kid would be really happy that you have started this blog for events.... !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Idlis look beautiful. I always like to have idlis with a twist and Dal Smeolina Idli is surely a healthy treat....Beautiful presentation ...


Richa said...

hi asha, good twist to the idli. I love sooji and make many things out of it, now one more addition.
btw how do you get that orangish color in the chutnye?
thanks for the recipe

FH said...

Linda,I wish I lived nearby so I could feed you and you could take me to Indian veg shopping!!;D
If you make Chutney pd,you get instant chutney anytime.I will post mine sometime in April at FH.

Hi Jaya,how are you darling? You seem happy .so everything going well I guess?;)Thanks,wish I could give you!Take care ,okay!Hugs.

Absolutely right Usha.It's like adding Besan to Rava,both are heavy flours and with soda ,it will be little lighter but not as regular ones.But this is lot healthier than than other once too:)

FH said...

Sure Anh,come on over!;D It's lot similar to steamed Semolina cakes.

You are right Pravs.My kids eat these cut up into small pieces with a fork and dipped in yogurt!:D
Very nutritious for kids,you can skip the chillies in them if you like:)

Hi Suma,we make Rave veg idli,don't we in K'taka? Sometimes I add soaked Chana dal to Urad-rice Idlies,so I thought I would grind the dal and add to Rava Idlies!:D
Clever hah? But they are little harder than plain Rava idlies but tastes great.Give it try:)

FH said...

Hi Coffee,hamara brain hai na,woh to bahut creative hai ji?!Works over time when it needs to!;P
More than kids ,hubby likes them better.Kids don't a choice!:D

Thank you Sushma.You know,you can add some dill leaves too,sounds so good.Hugs to you too.I am working on your Kitchen tips today!:))

Hi Richa,one more for you to try,hope you like it:)
I add some sweet Paprika to chutney pd in addition red chillies for color.You can also add Annatto pd to it to make it red!
Annatto pd? look in Arroz Con Pollo post on the side bar.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Asha

Such an innovative recipe. I love the chutney recipe too. It's so different.

FH said...

Hi LK! Thanks ,hope you try them sometimes:)
Btw,check your mail.

Latha said...

Hi Asha,
These idlis look grrovy! and the chutney looks really delicious too!
Very creative :)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi asha your idli's look and sound fantanstic but i don't have an idli mould :(

FH said...

Thanks Latha:) It's same as Rave idly but with dal and veggies.Try it.

Hi Jeena,thanks girl.Idli stand is easily available in Indian stores or online as well.Google it:)

Sia said...

i am making chole batura tonight:) trupti the little teaser made me crave for them:) using ur recipe for bhatura and amma's recipe for chole:) will give the verdict later:)

TNL said...

wow...those are different...would love some dunked in a savory chutney.The chana daal must add a lovely crunch and texture....

thanks Ashaji.

have a wonderful weekend!

FH said...

Guess what Sia?! I have Pindi Chole/Chana already made is in the fridge!We all came up with the same idea!Amazing.I will make special Bhatura on Sunday and post it sometime later.You should try my chole too,easy recipe.Hope to amma's Chole in your blog,don't miss it:)

Yes it does T! Almost tastes like Dhoklas but spicier with veggies and not as soft as Dhoklas.Hope you try.
Have a relaxing weekend,don't work too hard girl!:)Hugs.

bee said...

nice. very nice. i'm waiting for someone to make "ijjat papad" for 'I'. that will be fun.

FH said...

HAHAHA!! I like to keep my ijjat and Lijjat papads to myself,thank you very much Bee!!;D

I love the Monkayyy in your profile!!Wonder who might that be?!!;P

I Am Gluten Free said...

Can you please tell me what semolina/rava is? Is it cornmeal? I would love to make these but need to know what this particular ingredient is. Thanks!

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Dal idli and chutney looks delicious.I make dal idlis with adai batter. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Ellen,Semolina is Cream of wheat ,you will get it in the cereal isle in the supermarkets.
Although we Indians buy Semolina in Indian groceries,Cream of Wheat can be substituted but not sure about how it comes out because I have never tried making Idlies with Cream of wheat!Hope this helps.

Hi MT! This is similar to Dal Idli with rava.Tastes great,hope you try:)

SeeC said...

Hello Asha,

Thanks for your time in visiting my page.

How did I miss your blog?

Marvellous !!! Lots to learn from you.

Thanks for posting excellent,innovative recipes.

FH said...

Hi SeeC,glad I found you too yesterday!:))
My main blog Foodie's Hope where I post once every Wednesday,check that too!Lot of stuff there as well!:D
This blog I created just for entering events which is fun for me and I can get creative!
Good to see you,enjoy all the recipes,if you find something ,use my recipe Index which is easier than scrolling the vast amount of posts here.I always appreciate your comment,thank you!:))

Purnima said...

Having dosa..thought of making Hurikadale chutney..googled wt aroma+hurikadale..and yippee a new chutney ..loved the idea of using chutney puddi wt curd! Bowled going to make brkfast..just 7am weekend here! I m already at ur blog! :):D

FH said...

Guess what? It's 7.15am here now, I am blogging too! ;D
I take 2 hrs in the morning, get it all over and then start on my chores.Yeah, I love Hurigadale chutney, very tasty with idli or dosa. Enjoy. You can brush the chutney-Yogurt mix on the dosa when it's cooking too, like I use it on masala dosa!:)