June 7, 2007


Tendli stir-fry/subzi ,an easy and quick side dish is my contribution to Nupur from 'One Hot Stove" blog's "A to Z Indian Vegetables"s event.This week's letter is "T ". Thanks you Nupur!:)


There are many names for this vegetable.Some of them are Tendli,Tindora,Kovakka,Ivy gourd and Tondekai in Kannada etc.I don't usually get these in any regular US grocery stores but are available in Indian stores.I grab them whenever I can get my hands on them at the Indian grocers and make this stir-fry!:)

Tendli Subzi:

Whatever you choose to call this veg,it's a delicious and so quick to make veggie.Well..they are a blander than other veggies ,so little more spices than usual are needed to make them taste good.They are good accompaniment to any Parathas,Rice rotis and as a side dish with plain rice and Sambhar.Because this dish is so simple to make,I didn't take any step by step photos.

Here is how I made it:

You need:
About 2-3 cups of sliced Tendlis,cut each into halves,salt,chilli pd,1 tsp garam masala,1 tbsp Coriander pd,1 tsp cumin seeds pd,1 tsp Lemon juice,cilantro.
For seasoning:1 tbsp oil,1/2 tsp mustard seeds,1/2 tsp cumin seeds,1-2 red dry chillies,few curry leaves,1 tsp each Urad dal and Chana dal,1 small onion finely chopped.

How to:
1. Heat a non-stick pan,add all the seasoning ingredients.When onions are reddish,add sliced Tendlis and stir-fry on medium heat.
2. Fry these until thee skin puckers a bit.I like them just a little bit soft but still crunchy to bite.
3. Add salt and all the other dry masala and stir fry sprinkling some water if you need it to prevent burning the veggies.
4. Cover and cook for 2-3 mins,adjust the spices.Add cilantro and lemon juice and serve with rotis etc.

Tondekai Palya-Akki Rotti:

That's it.Enjoy!:))


Arts said...

Looks so good.. never tried anything with "tendli/tondli(marathi)".. must try this simple recipe! Thanks for posting!

FH said...

Never tried cooking with Tendli so far? Aarti,you must try at least once girl!
It is a pretty bland veggie though,I must say.You have got to make it little spicy to make it taste great.Hope you try and see if you like it:)

Richa said...

tendli with akki roti looks yum! you are right, it can be spiced up in so many different ways, if you have some left, do try my recipe with kale chane, you will like it :) btw is akki roti made almost daily thing at ur place, like we make regular wheat flour roti?

Prema Sundar said...

Asha is it an entry for 's' or 'T' of Nupur's A-Z vegetables? I like to prepare tindora a bit crunchy.. a good one.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey, this one looks good!!! I am yet to try it w/ akki rotti !! :)

FH said...

Hi Richa.Hahaha! Nah! they are made daily at my grandmothers every day but I make it once or twice a week here.When I do,if I have any subzi like this,I will take a picture with it!It looks like I make them everyday,doesn't it?!;D

Prema,it's T for Tendli this week until Saturday and S was last week!:)
Do you have one for T?

Ramya,akki rotti jote tumba ruchiyagirutte,try madi!:))
Make Subzi a little spicy,so it balances the bland Akki rotti.Enjoy.

Vini K said...

MMM Love tendli!Pity we don't get it here as often as I would like!akki roti looks so nice..got to try this one over the weekend.Nice pics too Asha!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Tendli stir-fry looks great and simple.Thanks for sharing.

TheCooker said...

Looks good. I like tondli (tendli) a lot; especially with our goda masala. Slurp!

Tee said...

Your Tendli stir-fry looks good! I love tondli,especially when it gets a little crispy in stir-fry recipes :)

FH said...

Vini,for me too.I have to drive to Indian store which we once a month to get Tendlis!In US,it's considered as weed and do not let them grow!Try next time you get Tendli:)

You are welcome Usha.It's simple,throw in any spice,you are done!;D

FH said...

TC,I have one dish with Goda masala coming up next Wednesday for RCI!;D

Hi Tee,you are right.I have one Tendli dish with clove pd thrown in the end of cooking and boy!it tastes soo good:))

Nupur said...

Very tempting, and a beautiful combination with the rice rotti!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Wow you have one more blog, great ! Many thing have changed...
Love the combination of tondekayi and rotti... I am drooling..
Gald to know that you are hosting RCI - Karnataka cusine. Can't wait to start cooking. All the best ...

bee said...

this a great veggie. the more recipes we have for it, the better. thanks, ash.

Roopa said...

Tondekayi palya looks delicious. WE love thondekayi makkalu hage uppitu tara tindbidthare astu ista. i never make akki rotis so often have to try next time with it.i can see a part of MH cuisine showing looks draft is it? bye have a grate weekend!

Suganya said...

Yay! Only one recipe instead of a spread... Haha.. Just kidding... Fry looks tasty

Coffee said...

Everytime I see your akki roti I make it a point to make it once...... I must try it this weekend for sure.

The conbo of rice roti and tandli sounds great! :)

Anh said...

This does look great. I think I have seen Tendlis somewhere here before. Can't recall where though. If I can find some. will try out this recipe. :P

Kribha said...

I make it the same way too, except for the addition of garam masala and lemon juice. Will try it your way next time. Curry looks yummy with akki roti.

Raaga said...

Wow... I have a recipe for the kind of akki roti you have shown too.



Sig said...

hmm... I'm not that fond of kovakka, but every time I see your rice rotti, I drool... :) Have you posted the recipe for it here? I couldn't find it. :(

deena said...

Hi all..pl see if u can help me..i am not able to publish anynew posts..any idea what cud've gone wrong .pleeeze help.!!..btw asha i loved ur tendli stir fry!

Sia said...

ah ha... my fav veg... u know what? i used to eat very tender, small tondekai...i love its crunchy and little sweet taste:) we dont get good fresh tondekai here. they r almost ripen and red in clour which i hate...so surviving on frozen batch but they dont taste half as good as the fresh ones...beggers cant be choosers hah?
i make usual palya with almost no spice... will try ur way next time ashakka:) any special plans for weekend? mine shopping, b'day party and office work:(

FH said...

Thanks Nupur.Spicy and bland go together!;D

Madhu,so many new bloggers too since you have been on a break!:))
This blog is just for events.I still want you to go and check out FH,my mail blog girl!;D
Great to see you back my friend.I am waiting for Sept. too:)

Bee,I don't get these often,glad I had these just in time for "T"!:))
I loved your's too.

Roopa,I wish I had a Tondekai plant growing in my backyard but in us it's illegal to grow them bcos they just take over everything!
I accidentally published instead of drafting yesterday,didn't realize until somebody commented onit.Ah..!:D I am still typing that for next post.

FH said...

I am glad too that I don't have to do multiples here!:D
It's just one dish and I can type this in a jiffy.It feels great!:)

Coffee,akki rotti are made everyday at Grandma's.I make it occasionally,little hard work than making chapatis:))Try once.

Hi Anh,I get them only at Indian grocers here.Give it a try.Select green colored Tendlis,yellowish or reddish ate mature and tough.Enjoy:))

Kribha,you can add rasam or Sambhar pds too.I have one with little clove pd added,it's so yummy.Try it:)

Seema Bhat said...

Oh I love thondekai palya too. And I have never tried adding lemon juice in the end. Gottu do it your way next time. I have always had thondekai palya with anna thuppa...Never tried it with akki rotti.

FH said...

Raaga,I will check it out.My mom and husband both are from Coorg area in K'taka(coffee plantations).Akki rottis made of cooked rice+rice flour there every day, unlike the regular rice flour rotti:)

Sig,I have posted Plantation style Akki rottis.You can find it at recipe index "rice breads".I will link it here in few mins.I should have anyway.
Tendlis do have little metallic taste,got to get used to it to like it!:))

Deena, yesterday blogger was acting up a little,try today.If not,go to Dining Hall to get some suggestions.There are tech experts there.Hope it works out for you:)

Hi Sia,I hate red ones too.Eeks!!I get only in the Indian grocers once in a while.I have Tondekai palya at FH for Chapatis,try it.
Trisha is done with 10th grade and Tushar is graduating from 6th grade today.Got to go school for the "ceremony".From today,2 kids hanging around here until Aug. 25th!:D
Vacation is in about 3 weeks,going to visit the house of "King"
Can you guess?;D

FH said...

Seema,I have Tondekai palya for chapatis too at FH.Try it.
I have it with anna saaru too sometimes but best with rotti,can eat that anytime of the day!:))

Susan from Food Blogga said...

You always pique my curiosity with your unusual ingredients. I've never had this, but I look forward to trying it. Thanks for the idea!

FH said...

You are welcome Susan.Hope you are familiar with the Ivy Gourd!Enjoy:)

rayshma said...

i love tondli/tendli! :)
was d first recipe i'd asked ma to mail me! :)) now that i've found ur space, i guess i can give her some rest!

Suganya said...

Hay this looks so good....It is a different recipe....love it..

FH said...

Hi Rayshma,good to see you!
yeah,now that you found me, you don't anybody else for everyday recipes!:))Enjoy.

Thank you Sukanya.This is easy if you can Tendlis easily.Getting them is the hard part:))

Anonymous said...

They look yummy Asha :) Haven't been to the Indian store in a couple of weeks. I need to stock up on veggies! Have a great weekend :)

FH said...

Hi Linda,you are luckier than us here.I go to Indian store once a month! Enjoy the weekend:)

Sheela said...

wow, asha, wish i had a piece of that rice roti to wrap thee tendli sabji in and just chomp away... tendli/tindora/kovakkai is one of my favorites... but i am more interested in your akki roti - feels rustic and appetizing!

Laavanya said...

It looks yummy. My husband usually likes vegetables cooked to death so I make a fry in the microwave which results in a crispy, chewy version with just a tsp of oil. Must try this one day.

FH said...

Hello Sheela.Rice rottis tastes fabulous with almost any spicy dish.Try the plantation style rottis,my grandma's recipe!:))

Hi Laavanya,it's true. We do tend veggies until shapeless and tasteless!:)
Hope you try this,it's really and crunchy.