March 18, 2007


Happy Ugadi to all of you.May this (Hindu) New Year bring you health and happiness!:)

Beet and Avocado Rotis/parathas are my entries to Coffee's Coffee's MBP(March)2007 event! It's all about choosing and cooking dishes from fellow bloggers.This month's theme is "Let's Roll!" Boy, did I roll these beauties?!Thanks for making me Coffee. Deadline is almost upon me,glad I could make it in the nick of time!:)

Cooking anything from other bloggers which involves rolling is the theme this month. I was happy and thought that's easy with all these bloggers rolling out dishes week after week. But NO!! It wasn't easy to choose at all! Aloo, Mooli, Gobi parathas, snacks which are rolled,fried,baked,so many to choose. Then I landed in Maheswari's blog and VOILA!!I found beautiful and unusual Beet Rotis and she also had tried Spice is right's Avocado Parathas.I had hit the jackpot!!!:D

Here they are,my entries for Coffee's MBP!! Enjoy the beautiful colors of Avocado and Beet Rotis:

Please click on the highlighted words to go to the original recipes at "Spice is Right" and "Beyond the Usual" blogs,thank you:)

SR from "Spice is Right" blog inspired me to make these green buttery Avocado Parathas; Thank you SR.


The avocado originated in southern Mexico but was cultivated from the Rio Grande to central Peru before the arrival of Europeans.High in monosaturates, the oil content of avocados is second only to olives among fruits, and sometimes greater.Clinical studies have shown that avocado oil can reduce blood cholesterol.More info about these are at Wikipedia.

Avocado Parathas:

Since Avocado reminds me of Guacamole,I added ground green chillies,Cumin seeds pd,Garlic pd,Onion pd ,cilantro and salt.I served this Coconut Chutney for contrast.Since it has already has spices in it,you can also serve these with plain yogurt too.

Maheswari from "Beyond the usual" blog inspired me to make these beautiful Beet rotis/Parathas;Thank you Mahesh.


The beet (Beta vulgaris) is a flowering plant in the family Chenopodiaceae,native to the coasts of western and southern Europe.Beets contain significant amounts of vitamin C in the roots,and the tops are an excellent source of vitamin A. They are also high in folate,as well as soluble and insoluble dietary fiber and several antioxidants.More info at Wikipedia.

Beet Parathas:

I made these with ground 1/4 of a Beet and squeezed the juice of it into the wheat flour and added garlic pd,onion flakes,salt,ginger pd and coriander seeds powder.You can add some chilli flakes too.I served these parathas with my own delicious "Death by Jalapenos" chutney!!;D I will post the recipe at FH sometimes later.

That's all folks.Enjoy the colorful and nutritious Rotis and see you in two with Eggs for WBB!:)


Chickoo said...

ugadi habbada hardhika shubhashayagalu! Nimagu hagu nimma family gu!


Sig said...

Yummm... wonderful colors! I don't roll much, but you are inspiring me to start rollin'. :)

TNL said...

Hi Ashaji...

those are just beautiful to look at! what a nice entry....

I hope yesterday went well!


Anonymous said...

SIGH!!!!!!! You can never fail to surprize me. :)

I am also making avocado parathas for dinner today!!!! :)

Both look great Asha :) Thanks dear. :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Asha, aside from being pretty colors and very nutritious, I think those are *perfectly round* - especially the beet one!! I think you need a FH/Aroma Museum, and that beet roti should be exhibit #1 :)

Have a great day!

J said...

I bought avocados to make guacamole, but I've changed my mind now that I've seen your post!! Lovely colour! :)

J said...

Hey Asha, I forgot!! Happy Ugadi! Hope the bday party went well :)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Happy Ugadi....Wonderful and healthy entry for the event...

Hope the party would have went in a great way.Did Kid's enjoy the party?Got their gift from parents?

Sharmi said...

Hey Asha, Happy New Year!
the rotis look so colourfull yarr!! so much creativity. has come out well too. Nice entry.


Unknown said...

Wow..Asha..both the rotis looks great..Avacado parathas..i am fully in love with those.They are very rich and healthy rotis that i have ever made.Now you can see avacado's in my fridge all the time...:D.Very colorful entries.Thanks Asha.

FH said...

Thanks Deepa.I was busy this weekend,just got to moderate all this.Hope you are having a great today!:))

They tasted great too Sig.I love colors,glad I found them.Egges are coming up next!;D

Thanks T! It was great and exhausting for me too.Until next year!!;D
Hugs to you too.

FH said...

Hi Coffee,I almost forgot to send the URL to you,too busy and had lot of things on mind.I will do right away.Thanks for MBP Coffee,I really enjoy surfing for recipes!:)

Hi Linda!HeHe! Thanks.
Secret is ..drum roll...biggest cookie cutter I can find!!!;D

FH said...

Hi J! Hope you try.You just need one Avocado for 4-6 rotis,tends make them very very soft and buttery!

Hi Usah,thanks.Hope you are having a great time on Ugadi!:))
Yes,party went well and got loads of presents too!:))

Thanks Sharmi.Thanks to Coffee,we all make an effort to find something new from the bloggers!:)Enjoy! Happy Ugadi to you too.

Mishmash ! said...

WOW, great colours ! I am waiting for Wednesday's post :) Hey liked the new look of ur page :)


Latha said...

Hey Asha,
Happy ugadi to you and u're family too!
Hope the birthdya bash went well!
The parathas look delicious!

Manasi said...

Wow... very nice and so round-round! looks very appetizing!

FH said...

Thank you for Beet roti Mahesh,loved it!:))I love Avocado roti too,they become sooo soft and taste buttery.YUM!!Spice is right needs an award!:D

Thanks shn.I was meddling with the Template again on Sunday!:))
Nothinhg much on Wednesday,some photos and few dishes,little tired this week.

FH said...

Hi Latha,happy Ugadi to you too!:))Yeah,party was great,little exhausting for us parents!;D
Thanks girl,have a great day.

Hi Manasi,round round rotis because of the cookie cutter!:D I don't always get round parathas like some do,it's hard,so I use the easy way.
Thank you,hope you try:))

Deepa Hari said...

Happy Ugadi

Parathas luk colourful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
Ugadi shubhashayagalu.
the rotis are looking very colourful.


Pinki said...

Yummoooo and very new to me! Avacado in a paratha..will sure give it a try. Love your detailed stlye of presentation.Hugs..

FH said...

Hi Deepa,thank you.Hope you try them:))

Hi Shalini,nimagu ugadi shubhashayagalu:)Hope you made some sweets today.These rotis are easy to make as much as they are pretty to look at!Hope you try, thanks.

Hi Pinki,thanks girl.Hope yu are having fun today.Try these chat pataa rotis,taste great too.Thank you.Hug you back:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
happy Ugadi!!!!!
Roti looks like sunrise and sunset!!! Now I will try avacado...
I need one info.. How to choose avacado????Thanks

KF said...

Haaaaaai..Colourful,Rotis look perfect..Happy Ugandi to u and ur family.

Deepak Gopi said...

may ganpati bring all d happiness in ur life


Mona said...

Asha???...& pray whoese birthday it has been & when???
Anyway...Happy birthday to you if it is yours otherwise to whoever's it is. are a marvel! your blog really shines out..never have I seen such a dedication!Atta Girl!!!

FH said...

Hi MT.That's a good discription for Rotis!;D Thanks.
Avacados come in two colors; green(raw) and Purplish(Ripe).You need to get light purple one for the roti.When you press Avacado,it feels little soft,that's what you want.Don't get the one too raw or too soft(very purple).You just need a single fruit to make 6 rotis,it tends to get very soft.Do not add water until mashed Avacado is mixed with the flour and then add water to it to make a firm dough.Hope it helps:)

Hiiiiii KF! Hope you made some sweets to start the New Year!:))Thanks girl.

FH said...

Hi Deepak,thank you:) It's Ugadi,Ganesha is here already!I guess we need to worship him too for New Year.Thanks man:)

Mona,thank you.I love to create something and gratification is instant,which I like!:D
Both my kids had Birthdays last week and party was on Sat!:))
I have changed Foodie Hope's Template,now you can get in there.I put up all the info there last week,try and log in there too Mona.Last template was faulty,so lot of you couldn't get in,now they can!

Anonymous said...

wow Beet roti!!!

I like beet in any form...and see this color of the roti...even after frying....asha, pls parcel me na?

FH said...

Isn't that a beauty A?!
I loved it.To keep the color,I didn't cook too much like a normal roti,just lightly to avoid specks of brown!
Parcel to aarahi hai aapke paas,any time now!;D

Anonymous said...

Wow what a beautiful combination... perfect round chapatis in green and red...

Just wondering how did the beetroot chapati tastes..

Also, I tried the Bisibille bhaath this weekend and it is a sure hit...what a blend of flavour and tasted incredible...I am gonna be cooking it more often..thanxs so much for sharing Asha :-)


FH said...

Hi Sushma,thanks girl.Glad you enjoyed the BBB,it's authentic!:))
Beetroot rotis are lightly sweet if you skip the masalas,but great with pickle.Try it once,see if you like it.

Sreelu said...

oh my my !! you are on a roll girl ,love avacoado parata's ,never in my wildest dream did I think of this combination , thanks for the recipe ,I will give this a sure try.

Also thanks for comments on my blog , just got started on blogging so this means a lot of fuel to me to keep going


Seema Bhat said...

Oh my god I love the colors. Red and cream my fav color Asha.

FH said...

You are welcome Sreelu.I love to visit new blogger and encourage them to give me more traditional recipes:))

Hi Seema, thank you.Baree ishtapatre aytaa athava Avocao and beet rotti madi ellarigu hotte tumbisodalva!:)

Prema Sundar said...

Nice entry for the MBP Asha.. Beet parathas look perfect.. in shape too.did u roll it to that perfect round???.. lovely colours for the parathas.

FH said...

Thanks Prema.Nah! After 20 yrs of cooking I still can't make perfectly round Chapatis!I used a biggest cookie cutter I could find!;D

VidyaK said...

Hi Asha,

I am crazy of chapatis and this Beetroot chapatis, they looked very relishing... yummy ... and try maadidhey, soooperaagithu :-)


FH said...

Hi Vidya,glad to hear that you enjoyed the beet chapatis.It does taste very good:))
Thanks for the feedback.Matte banni illige:))

FH said...

You are very welcome G, enjoy and hope you try these too! :)