March 5, 2007


TS has launched a wonderful monthly blog event called "Little Chefs in the Kitchen"! We are supposed to cook something simple and kid friendly which involves kids to participate in cooking something they like.Thanks TS!:)

Well..this time my daughter Trisha would like to present a Chaat or snack which is very popular in India, called "Masala Puri".Trisha loves these kind of crispy and tangy quick dish to snack on when she comes back from school. Like me,she is a snack lover too!I keep all the ingredients ready so she can mix it up in the evening.Of course,this snack for older kids who loves spicy tangy snacks and can make it for themselves.

Trisha is hard worker,a great student, and an honest person.A teacher's pet,(hope she doesn't read this!;D) sometimes she skips lunch at school and utilizes that time to study in the library for a test.Unfortunately,she is not into cooking that much now,hopefully that will change! I am very proud to be her mom.

Tortilla-Potato snack,her portion:(Easy Alu Masala Puri)

Instead of frying flour crisp or Puris,I bake or saute some flour Tortilla rounds until crisp and make it the easy way without the fried Pooris and spicy Greenpeas gravy,unlike the authentic one which takes a little a time to prepare.Here is our quick Masala Puri.

Trisha mixing her snack as she likes it:

How To Make quick Masala Puri:

Take 1 or 2 Flour Tortillas,cut circles and fry,saute or bake until crisp.Cool and set aside.Boil 1 large Potato,peel,cube,place in a bowl.Boil 1 cup frozen Greenpeas until soft,drain,add to the Potato.Add salt,1 tsp Chaat masala,pepper and a little squeeze of lemon juice and mix well,set aside.

In a plate,place one 1 Tomato chopped,4 tbsp cilantro minced,4 tbsp minced red onion,1 cup Sev, a fried Indian snack made of Chickpea flour,1/4 cup beaten Yogurt to sprinkle on top.
You also need sweet chutney,hot green chutney,or any sauce you like.I used store bought Delhi Chaat,Green hot sauce and Tangy PaniPuri chutney.

To make Masala Puri,place few crushed or whole Tortilla rounds on a plate,add 3-4 tbsp Potato mix on top,sprinkle enough onion,Tomato,cilantro,some more Chaat masala,Yogurt,Sev or flour snacks and sprinkle some of all 3 sauces over the top and enjoy the sweet,spicy,tangy and crunchy Masala Puri.

Masala Puri,my piled up portion.Oh yeah, that is my lunch!;D

For people who don't have the ready made sauces,here is how to make them at home:
Green Chutney:Blend few Green chillies,cilantro,lemon juice,salt,mint leaves(Optional),Garlic to a smooth paste.
Sweet and Tangy Chutney:Grind few dates or raisins,sugar,Tamarind Juice,salt,chilli pd,garlic pd,onion pd to a smooth paste.
Chaat Masala: Mix Mango powder(Amchur),Ginger pd,cumin seeds pd,small amount of coriander seeds pd,salt,pepper pd(optional).



Sia said...

even i was not into cooking when i was studying. i actually started cooking after i got married n came here;) i guess like me even trisha will inherit "cooking" genes from you:)
love chat... yum... tell trisha that she has done wonderful job here:) way to go girl:)
hugs to u ashakka:)

USHA said...

Hi Trisha,

Wonderful job by you.So, got to know more about your studiousness through your beloved mom.Nice to hear.All the best dear.

Hi Ashaji,
Nice blend of colourful chat....

FH said...

Hi Sia,we all grow up like spoilt kids in India!:D
I didn't cook either before marriage but I was very curious and read a lot about cooking.Trisha is VERY career oriented and says she is not interested!!My son makes his own noodles but Trisha can't to save her life!;D
She made mashed potato once with WATER and threw it all out!!!!:P

Thank you Usha.She is indeed good in studies and is in Early college right now.She will graduate one year early from HS. Her 16th birthday is on Mar 16th!!:))

TNL said...

Wonderful entry Trisha! Hugs to you and your mom!


Chickoo said...

Hi Trisha,
Great job girl! Don't worry, cooking is not everything :) I know Ashakka will be ready to beat me up :)

Trisha is a very bright girl, she has your genes, she will surely take up cooking with gusto at some point of time. Until she can eat the food cooked by you :)


FH said...

Thanks Trupti.I will show your comment to her!She will be thrilled.She is at school right now!:))

Hi Deepa,yeah,get ready for eating!;D
Thanks.It's okay by me, if she never learns as long as she likes what she is doing in life.You are right.But when she is lives alone in college and get hungry,I think she will pick up that pan and start cooking without mommy!Right now,it automatically comes infront you,why bother,right?:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha, what a great-looking chaat!! Great accomplishments, in and out of the kitchen! I can see why you're so proud, Asha :) Now I must run away before I am too tempted by all those crispies!!!

Anh said...

Asha, what a cute post! My mom is always busy with work, so she taught me cooking through instructions and sometimes on the phone :P. Your daughter is doing a fantastic job! You should really be proud!

Bong Mom said...

I really really like your version Trisha, cutting the tortillas and baking them is a grand idea !!!
Very clever

ServesYouRight said...

Such a nice job - the snack looks delicious! Way to go Trisha and Asha! Thank you for sharing :-)


Unknown said...

That's looks delicious.The way the snack is made, i am sure she will be a good cook when she grows up.

FH said...

Hi Linda,Chaat is our most loved street cart goodies in India.It's little hard to recreate that taste but with whatever we have at home,we try our best! Can't eat that everyday though,wish I could!;D

Thanks Anh.I have to do all the hard job,then she walks in and get to mix it all up!!!:)But then,my mom did that for me too,so no complaints.I think Trisha will learn to cook eventually.

FH said...

Thank you Sandeepa.Trying to cut the calories wherever however we can and still enjoy the Chaat as it should taste is a circus really!But we can do it.Enjoy.

Hi Smitha,thank you,Yeah,she did great job indeed,tasted great too!:)

Mahesh,it's very colorful,isn't it? You need to have all those sauces to make it taste great too!;D

J said...

That was a fantastic job, Trisha! Hugs.:)
Asha, I can visualise you grinning from ear to ear like a proud mom!! :) Trisha will learn to cook when she has to. Surely you have written a recipe book for her, haven't you? And ofcourse she can use your blog and cookery books too! She may even turn out to be a better cook than you, you never know!!:)

FH said...

Hi J! Aw..!! Thank you girl for all that you said.
You never know,she might be better than me although I am betting on my son to be better than me actually!:)
She wants to go to Med. school,so I don't think she will have lot of time to learn to cook but I am writing a note book full of recipes for her just in case!!;D

Mishmash ! said...

Trisha skips lunch to prepare for the test !! I used to do that NOT 'COZ i was studious like her but only when I had a hunch that I am going to flunk and failure was something which I could never accept. Hey I have read ur stories and if U have read my very first intro post, then both of us know that she will pick up cooking when there is a need.Afterall her genes should achieve their birth rights rt? :)) Chaat looks very colourful and I can imagine that tangy crunchy mixture with all that yogurt and chutney...


FH said...

HAHAHA!! Shn, I know we Indians are notorious for cramming at the last minute for exams.I did that too.
Here,schools evaluate student's progress every day!I think schools for us in India is very easy compared to here.Trisha's class rank was #1 for 9th grade and she maintaining that so far this year for 10th grade.
Yeah,I think she will learn to cook in future.As long as I cook for us,she won't!!;D

Priya said...

Wow:)) Just love pani puri!!!

FH said...

Thanks Priya :) You mean Masala puri.I love Pani Puri too,may be next time!:)

Sharmi said...

Hi Asha, rather than replying in my blog I thought I will give a paw print in yours!!
you have such great photo presentations. i too love pic of Gods,temples ect but being a new blogger getting some ideas from you.
the Shaiva Cuisine "OH MY GOD" I am Jawdropped and spell bound!

hey i couldnt post in there the curser was not working on any of the links. dont know! may be mistake with my system. but it worked in this blog


Sharmi said...

oh by the way all are calling you Trisha , can i call Asha? can i please know your name?


FH said...

Hi Sharmi,you can call me Asha.Trisha is almost 16 old daughter ,you see her hands there as a part of this Little Chef's event.
For some people FH links do not work,for most it does!!I don't know why!! You can leave your comment here if you like,I will then transfer it there like I do for some!:))
Thank you,I love that Shiva pic too.Beautiful.Good to see you here Sharmi,hope you come back!:))

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,

Trisha is an all rounder.. Good in studies and good in making delicious looking chat...The chat looks crispy and fantastic


Deepak Gopi said...

:)alothough I have taken lunch ,I feel hungry now :)

FH said...

Hi caught me just before the new post!;D Thanks, she is a good student.She will be happy to know all the nice comments from you gals!:)

Hi Deepak,we all love Chaat, don't we?! :D Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for Fenugreek Leaves Fritters(Methi Vadas) from

where can I find your Methi Vadas

FH said...

Anon, sorry you didn't get the right one, I will check what's wrong. Here is the fritters in the March archive.