March 29, 2007


Jalapeno Chutney is my contribution to Nupur from 'One Hot Stove" blog's "A to Z Indian Vegetables"'s event.This week's letter "J", thanks for hosting Nupur:)

Beautiful Jalapenos:

Jalapenos has Spanish origin,and is named after the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, where it was traditionally produced.Jalapeños contain a substance called capsaicin that has shown to have anti-cancer effects.These are medium hot chillies with thick pulp and easy to seed.They can be used to make Jalapeno Jelly,Salsa,smoked as Chipotle in Adobo sauce and in many other dishes with a great flavor. More info at Wikipedia.

Jalapeno Chutney seasoned with Garlic:

Green chilli chutney is a classic Mysorean dish often made by grandmother which is called "Khara chutney" in Kannada.Of course in India,they use very hot green chillies but in US, I find these jalapenos are perfect for this chutney which has thick pulp and not as hot as the other chillies.
This chutney is almost always served with delicious Ragi rotti(red millet flour)made with onion,cilantro etc. and topped with some Ghee to mellow the heat.These are my absolutely favorite rustic comfort food combo although I don't make it often because Ragi flour is not easily available to me but I do make chutney and keep it in the fridge.This chutney tastes fabulous with just some plain yogurt and rice! YUM!!
(This recipe makes about a cup of chutney which can be stored for 3-4 weeks in the fridge)

You Need:

Take about 15 Jalapeños,clean and slice in to rounds,small lump of Tamarind(not juice),small lump of Jaggery or sugar if you don't have it,salt,Few curry leaves, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds and 1 garlic.For seasoning: 4 tbsp Canola oil,1 tsp mustard seeds,about 6-8 Garlic,peeled and chopped,few curry leaves.

How to make the Chutney:

In a non-stick pan,heat 1 tsp oil and fry chillies,1 garlic,curry leaves and cumin seeds until reddish on the edges.Take it out on a plate and cool.Add to a blender along with tamarind,salt,Jaggery and blend until smooth paste sraping the sides often. Absolutely no water added to this chutney.

To season it:
Heat the rest of the oil left,add all the seasoning ingredients above and fry just the Garlic gets a pinkish color and add to the chutney and mix well.Let it cool completely before you store it in a bottle to keep in the fridge,not more than 3 weeks.

Ragi Rotti with onions and Cilantro:
(Ragi is Red millet)

Make the Ragi flour ball with 1 cup water,little oil,salt and 1 cup or more Ragi flour just like you make for "Rice Rotti" using as much as flour you need to get a firm ball.Cool it.Meanwhile, chop 1 small onion very finely,cilantro,mild red chillies(Optional) and add to cooled Ragi ball and mix well without water well.If it's too thin,add more ragi flour but not too much as it makes rottis hard.

Make four balls out of that,spray some no-stick oil on a foil,and press the ball with your palm to make about 6" roti.Keep it on a clean towel and repeat with others.Heat a Tava or a griddle to medium high and cook the rottis on both sides drizzling with some oil until reddish and crisp.

Cool on rack and serve with Khara chutney and little dab of ghee.Enjoy the delicious taste of Jalapeno chutney.I wanted to some Jowar rotis too,but I ran out of Jowar flour.This chutney tastes great with Jowar roti,Makkai roti or even with plain rice and Yogurt.Hope you try!:)

Ragi Rotti-Khara chutney-Tuppa:
(Translation: Red millet roti with Jalapeno chutney,topped with Ghee(flavored clarified butter!)

Jalapeno Jelly:
One of my husband's patients made this Jalapeno Jelly and gave it to him.It tastes sweet like any jelly at first and then the heat hits you in the throat!:D It's absolutely delicious on toast!! I will have to get the recipe and make my own someday.

Few tips for Jyotsna's "Safety Moments" for March:

Stoves can be the cause of many accidents in the kitchen.Always make sure the pilot light and fan are on when cooking.Never leave pan handles towards you over burners. Keep hot dishes out of reach of others to avoid burns.Use oven mitts when handling hot dishes.Use caution when working with steam or frying to prevent burns.

Enjoy, have a great weekend you guys!:)


Mishmash ! said...

WOW...That jelly colour is quite captivating....and too much of info on jalapeños :) But were your kiddos able to eat such hot chutneys and jellys ?


Nupur said...

The chutney looks totally tempting, and the combination with the ragi rotis really puts it over the top! Thanks for participating, Asha!

Anusha said...

oooh, a spicy post! I can almost taste the heat!!
this time I am bookmarking your ragi roti recipe - I have lots of flour and don't know what to do with it. (am willing to ship to you in exchange for some mint from your garden!)

ps- kidding abt the exchange part!

FH said...

Hi shn,nope.Kids don't touch that or most Indian food for that matter.It's strictly for us parents!:D
I just make four rotis and that's it.Jelly is great,try and get it.Like chutney,you use in moderation too:)

You are welcome Nupur:) This combination for us is like Junka- Bhakri of North.Hope you try.

Hi @.Hope you try.You can make rottis in the same way with any flour you can.Use the flour they before get old and loses all the flavor!:D

J said...

Thankyou Asha!! Lots of tips there!! :) Whoa! Thats a fiery chutney! I'm skeptical about trying the mirchi bhajiyas and here you are devouring a chilli chutney!! Maybe you'd like to try chef Sanjeev Kapoor's chilli icecream :)

FH said...

Hi J! Thanks.I will do better with tips next time.I almost forgot the dead line and added some tips here!:))
I love this chutney. I have heard of Ice cream with chillies but never tasted it though,may be I will make some!;D

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Jalapeno chutney something new,i never heard...its soound great..
Ragi roti ..healthy one..I have in mind from long back that i have to get from store and try roti,after seeing temptation level increased...I had from friends with drumsticks in ragi roti.

Coming to Jelly, its looks great .Ironically it also portrays his /her doctor's kindness and greatness to us...

FH said...

Try this chutney in a small amount with Ragi rotti Usha and see how you like it.For me it's heaven!You add Jaggery,Tamarind and season it with oil too,so it won't be that hot.Hope you do:)
Arvind keeps getting lot of homegrown veggies and cakes too from his patients,they love him!;D

Chickoo said...

Nim ragi rotti recipe nodidde nanu decide madideeni ee sunday idanne madodu antha :)
Great pictures, love your creativity.


FH said...

Hi Deepa,khara chutney nannage modale ishta,adara jote ragi rotti andre mugide hoytu!;D
Enjoy the rotti and Khara chutney and tell me how did you like it:)

Sharmi said...

Hey Asha, Thats a great spicy combi!! I loved the look of the jelly. Besides the safety tip was nice too.


FH said...

Hi Sharmi,enjoy the recipes and the Jelly.Isn't that color great?Tastes good too:))

Suma Gandlur said...

Lovely combo and delicious looking dishes. Never heard of this chutney though my husband loves and buys the green chili pickle. He sure going to love this.
I am scared to eat even mirchi bajjis but I am also planning something with jalapenos.:-))

TorAa said...

hahaha - you know? I love to eat them fresh. Every bite is unforgetable;)

happy weekend:)

Sig said...

Asha, this is one hot post. :). 15 japaenos in one dish, omg, can't imagine the heat. I am making a chicken curry right now, and I put two in it :D.
BTW, Jalapeno Jelly goes very well with grilled lamb chops, one of my favorite combos, I buy jelly from the store, my man doesn't have such a fanfare as Arvind. :(

Gattina Cheung said...

Can't agree with you anymore Asha! Jalapeno in cooking a dish, I feel it lacking that mighty oil, but perfect for chutney! You're so clever!
That jelly looks very innocent :D

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Coffee said...

WOHOO!!!! Jalapeno Jelly!!!!!! Catch hold of that recipe ASAP!!!!!

Ragi roti looks neat!!!!! I am gonna try that for sure..... I must hunt for this ragi flour on my next trip to little india!!!!!!!!!

FH said...

Yes Suma,it's a great combo,like Dal roti and Junka Bhakri.Chutney goes well with Jowar rotis too,I didn't have it.Try it:)
Khara chutney is very Mysorean,after frying,with jaggery,tamarind and garlic seasoning ,they lose half the spiciness.I bet your hubby loves it,do make for him:)

YAY!! Toraa, you are better than me girl!:)) I know some Indians eat fresh chillies with their rotis,I prefer this way.With Garlic it's even more tasty.

Hi Sig,this chutney makes a cup and last 3-4 weeks stored in the fridge and used as condiment.If you eat all these at one go,you need more than Antacid!!;D
I bet Jelly goes well with meat,sweet and hot.
Arvind gets lot homemade stuff,some even from Pakistani patients.They love Hindi speaking doctors and they aren't many here!

FH said...

LOL @ innocent looking Jelly.It does until it hits in the throat!;D
I didn't know you like spicy food too,I know you love desserts!:)Hope you try.

Coffee,every time I see your comment I smile!!:) All those exclamation marks and Woo Hoos makes me imagine you jumping up and down with delight!;D Thanks girl,it's morning here and I am smiling!Hugs.Enjoy the roti.

Thank you Cyber Guru:))Usually I don't let ad remain here but herbal ghee sounds good,so I will,just in case if somebody wants to check it out!

sunita said...

The chutney looks mouthwatering...thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
I am really eager and happy whenever U post kannadiga recipes.Nanu saha ide reethi khara chutney madutene akki or ragi rotti jote.(U know I am from mysore) idara jote badanekai fry(amma neeru kayiso valeyalli sudutidaru)madi koneyalli mix madi course hagi grind madidare badanekai chutney. You can add 5-6 peppercorns to it(optional). I know u like badanekai,

FH said...

You are welcome Sunita,hope you try:)

I LOVE Badnekai!!Are you kidding?!;D
Badnekai chutney sounds good.Sikkidaaga madi nodutteni.Thanks for recipe.I love this chutney and Ragi rotti,can't have enough!!:D
Innu varakke Kannada recipe post madtteni FH nalli.
Check out FH too Mamatha,Tomato rice recipe is so good.Thanks for the recipe:)

Harmony said...

hey nice girl...this really helps us..ha ha.thnx for the meal.

TNL said...

oh my...Jalapeno Chutney, Ashaji. I'm getting an Ulcer just by looking at it. My K would like this..I guess I can muster up enough courage to make it for him... ;)

Hey, I don't see you on Dining Hall,are you aware of the forum? Many interesting articles there.

Have a terrific weekend,

FH said...

Hello nice boy!(?),
thanks and yes it does help all pukka Mysoreans.As authentic as you can get man,wanna try making this weekend?!;D

FH said...

Hi T! You know ,I thought of you after posting this since you like spicy food but K likes it better I see!:))
Make it for him with Corn meal rotis,I bet he loves it.It's not that spicy after all the seasoning.

I just left a comment for Sunita's post at DH but don't want to be involved in too many things,so didn't become a member.I do comment if I find something is interesting there.I just saw Hairy Biker's red palak in rava paneer!;D

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
My mouth is watering seeing the pictures of ragi rotti and jalapeno chutney.


FH said...

Me too Shalini.You are making me crave for some more!:D
Make some this weekend and enjoy.Don't eat too much if you can help it!;D

Pravs said...

Oh now i can make ragi roti.Thanks for this recipe.My mother makes idli, dosa, puttu with ragi.
Jalapeno chutney is new to me....jelly made of!
How creative is that, huh ?

Richa said...

jalapeno jelly, now that is something to be tried, pretty color too.
I've seen jalapeno pickle in restaurants here, chutney must be real hot!

Anonymous said...

Asha, jalapeno chutney looks fantastic and I love that ragi roti!! I have to find that flour and try it. Jumps right off the page, that whole combo! Perfect "J" :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,

The Jalapeno jelly looks really magnificent.....and the jalapeno chutney, you always come up with great new recipes....

So, your husband is a doctor


Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
WOW………..You have always a great idea with any letter of A to Z.
You are very creative. I like your chutney and jellys. I never heard about this jalapeno. Thanks for sharing new recipe.

Deepak Gopi said...

every thing is new to me.
thanx for the info
enjoy a nice week end

FH said...

Yes Sushma,he is.He graduated from Jawaharalal Nehru in Belguam,K'taka.That's where we met!;D
I never Jelly myself,got to try sometime.Enjoy.

It's fun Kajal, to come up with letters for dishes!:)) It makes me think than just posting some dishes.I love it.Hope you make it.

Hi Deepak,thanks man.I don't see you in Foodies hope anymore.Do you have trouble getting in?Last Template was bad ,I changed it.You might be able to now.Hope to see you there too:))

FH said...

Hi Pravs,if you are familiar with Ragi,then it's easy to make roti.Hope you try:)My FH post is out btw.
People who like the taste Jalapenos make anything out of it!Ice cream too:D

Hello Richa,it looses half of of it's heat as fry,and season them.Give it a try.Jelly is equally hot too!;D

Hi Linda,if you like Jalapenos in the dishes,this chutney is a delight!You can make small quantity and see how you like it.Secret is in balancing the heat,sour and sweet.Hope you try:))Thank you.

Latha said...

Hey Asha,
Your ragi roti looks delicious! And the chutney with it sounds yummy! Nothing to beat the taste of hot ragi roti with ghee (or fresh homemade butter!)

Prema Sundar said...

Haven't tried jalapeno chutney Asha.. Sure must be hot!!!!
I make ragi rotis a slightly different way..Next time Iam going to try yours for sure..

FH said...

Ooh!! Fresh butter on hot Ragi rotti!!YUM!!! You made my mouth water Latha!:)))

Hi Prema,final product is not that hot,hope you try with Ragi riottis!;D

Anh said...

Asha, this looks great! :) I wonder if I can take the heat, though. :P

FH said...

Anh,if you can take a Antacid, you can surely have some of these!!HeeHee!
Seriously,little tsp of chutney do good for your body than harm.Jalapenos has some good stuff in it which stimulates the brain work faster!Really!!!!:)

Prajakta said...

I love chutneys. And this one sure looks mouth watering!! And the Jalapeno jelly looks fascinating, do post the recipe for the same if you get it...

Anonymous said...

Hi asha

Wow ragi roti i just love it, but sad to say my kids and H are not for it, so foreever anything i make with ragi i have to finish it myself:( unless for Ragi mani.

menasu chutney khara ilvenri?

FH said...

HI Prajakta,I love this chutney.Of course,I don't eat that everyday but on a rainy,it's fabulous:))
I still haven't got the Jelly recipe,I will post if when I do and if I am successful at making that!:)

Hi Roopa,Arvind and I love it but kids don't even look at it!;D
Ragi roti,khara chutney classic alva,like ragi mudde,avarekal saaru!;D
Menasu chutney gottilla nanage hege madodu anta.Yarannadru keli nodutteeni:)

Seema Bhat said...

Looks like I did miss a lot of wonderful dishes here at aroma. I made Ragi rotti too last week but without any veggies in it. Will post it soon. Loved your picture. Nange iga nachge agatte to post mine.

FH said...

Seema,STOP that! You are great cook,don't ever say that.We all have our own recipes and I would love see your version too.Hope to see it soon.
Nachige yakamma,nanaginta neene chennagi adige madutteeya!!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Had this for dinner tonight,very great combo! I always used to make coconut chutney with masala rotti,but jalapeno chutney was yummy!! Thanx for sharing!!

FH said...

You are welcome Deepa.I always eat Ragi rotti with this chutney with ghee.Love it.Thanks for trying:))Enjoy.

Arun Shanbhag said...

Hi Asha:
M just made Raagi Roti following the recipe you had and also looking at the one from Latha's Yum blog; you mention 'cooling it down'; did you mean to make the dough in "hot water"? Just clarifying.
M made it in cold water and it was delicious - very heavy though!
I needed that to power me for my Half-marathon run on Sunday morning! :-))

It was so delicious and I did not need any chutney with it. I wil add the tuup/ghee next time!

and thanks for the recipe

sharada Toodi said...

I liked the recipe. I make these frequently. When we fry chillies and mixing with other spices(Thamarind & jagry)the chilly chetney wont hot. I add little bit roasted fenugreek poweder. When I make Ragi and Jowar rotties I add little at time warm water that way you will get rotti consistacy.

Sharada Toodi